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Faulty switches? Shocks and sparks? Circuit overload? Whatever the problem, find the best electrician in Dubai to fix it on the UrbanClap app. We understand our customers’ concern about quality and security. Our team ensures that all our electricians are verified, well-experienced, and skilled to handle any electrical job. Find our professional electrician services in Dubai at affordable cost and thank us later for making your life this easier. You don’t need to worry about bookings because we have made this procedure short and simple. We are just one click away, so you can book for expert electricians in Dubai in one go and have them at your doorstep on the same day.


34 Electricians in Dubai

  • Grandeur Building Maintenance LLC
    Grandeur Building Maintenance LLC
    Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (1 rating)
    • v

      I got a call from India Urban Clap confirming what services i meeded. I mentioned to the lady that i needed paintings to be put on the wall. When the Urban Clap Technicians cane they said that they were not told about what job they had to do and hence did not carry nails with them. Thank fully i had nails at home which i used to get the job done. Technicians very good. Communication between call centre and technicians very poor.

  • Fantastic Cleaning & Technical Services
    Fantastic Cleaning & Technical Services
    Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (1910 ratings) 151 times rated 5 star
    • a

      Wonderful ladies great work and fast work

    • g

      Maid arrived over one hour late.

  • Click Hand Cleaning & Technical Service
    Click Hand Cleaning & Technical Service
    Crystal Tower - Al Abraj Street - Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (913 ratings) Hired 127 times on UrbanClap
    • r


    • b

      Excellent work done always thank you for urban clap

  • A M Technical Works LLC
    A M Technical Works LLC
    (547 ratings) Hired 39 times on UrbanClap
    • s

      Very timely and professional service

    • p


  • ANM Technical Services
    ANM Technical Services
    Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (253 ratings)
    • s

      More than amazing and friendly thank you for the best service 🙏🏻

    • w


  • Khalifa Building Maintenance
    Khalifa Building Maintenance
    Deira - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (204 ratings)
    • j

      Job started on time and work although basic ( mirror and picture hanging up) was completed ok. Specifically requested to pay online at time of booking but on job completion Employee wanted cash only. Had to search for any spare change to pay the cost of job. Also had an extra charge in addition to the basic as they sent 2 people.

    • n

      They were supposed to start at nine and I actually started at 11 am they were very late

  • RK Technical Services
    RK Technical Services
    Marina Mall - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (204 ratings)
    • s

      Very professional. Finished the work quickly and cleaned up afterwards. Highly recommended and 5 stars service. Thanks guys

    • m

      Amazing service! Very knowledgeable and quick and clean workers. Will def use again! Thank you

  • JustCare Technical
    JustCare Technical
    Hor Al Anz - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (198 ratings) Hired 56 times on UrbanClap
    • a

      Very professional guys. Did the work extremely quickly and efficiently and even cleaned up before they left. Highly recommend this company for any handyman work.

    • r


  • Syed Mubbashir Technical Services LLC
    Syed Mubbashir Technical Services LLC
    Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (153 ratings)
    • p


    • j

      They arrived an hour late. The work was done but they forgot to switch on the heater system.

  • Valtorque Technical Services LLC
    Valtorque Technical Services LLC
    Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (118 ratings) Hired 20 times on UrbanClap
    • a

      Great service quick and thorough TX!

    • r

      Very thorough, lots of care taken to do a great job.

Latest Customer Reviewsof Electricians in Dubai

    The 2 electricians Hassan and Asif were proffesional and knew their job well . I will definitely use the services for my home again. Thanks


    Professional behavior and took extra effort to procure right material. No over charging. Happy Customer.


    Very good team. Helpful and efficient.




    Job completed perfectly and on time. Will recommend for future work


    good work done !!

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All About Electrician

Steps to Hire Electrician in Dubai

Even though Youtube video tutorials tempt us into handling tricky home repairs by ourselves. But, things become a bit more complex and extremely dangerous when you are working with electrical items, wires and electricity. During such times, it is imperative to rely on a professional electrician without giving a second thought to self-help videos.

We repeat. Even though YouTube videos and other platforms can give you an idea of how to replace a switchboard or change the electrical wiring, if you are actually planning to implement those ideas, then please do not! Electricity is dangerous and life-threatening. Rather than putting your life at risk just to save some dirhams, it is better and smarter to consult and hire the best electrician in Dubai to get the job done.

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Electrician in Dubai

DIY attempts can help you save some bucks, but electrical work is dangerous. To put it in perspective, how many times have you seen the danger symbol on public water works or plumbing items? Now think about how many times you have seen it on electrical lines, batteries, etc? Enough said. This is why it is important to hire professional electrical services in Dubai to get the work done.

Besides ensuring the safety of your home, professional electronic repair in Dubai offers the following benefits:

  • Safety While Working: DIY attempts can be dangerous especially if you do not know how to do it. As such, it is important to contact professionals for electrical repair in Dubai rather than trying it on your own. Playing with electricity can harm you or even worse. Keep the safety concerns in mind and contact professionals for such work.

  • Future Safety of Home: Mistakes made with electrical wiring could lead to fires, shocks and other damage. A professional electrician is better suited to fix any electrical problem and ensure the safety of your surroundings as well.

  • Knowledge and Skills: Experienced electricians have the skills and knowledge that you do not have. They also possess prior and necessary hands-on experience. The best electricians have years of experience and qualifications to back up what they do on a practical level. All these things make professional electricians and electrical maintenance companies in Dubai a reliable choice for any sort of repair.

  • Professional Work: Electrical maintenance companies offering electrician services in Dubai know the ins and outs of their work and can fix any problem without a sweat.

  • Easy Troubleshooting: A skilled professional is always a better candidate to diagnose issues and fix the problem especially critical ones. They may have faced similar problems in the past which will allow them to come up with the solution much more quickly. Their knowledge and expertise consistency saves lives in addition to time and money.

  • Less Stressful: Many people assume that wiring is a simple process. In reality, it is not. What you see in your house is a part of an extensive and interdependent network. When you trying to fix it on your own, you may create problems in your home as well in outside connections. Hiring an expert will keep things uncomplicated and is also quite cost-effective.

  • Safety of Devices: Poorly designed circuits and inappropriate wiring can damage your electronic appliances. In this case, you should count on a professional and he will ensure your electronic and other items that rely on power keep working.

7 Questions to Ask a Professional Electrician in Dubai before Hiring Him

Finding the right electrician is more a matter of safety than getting the best value of your money – even though most people think the latter is more important. This is more so when you get a number of options when looking for search terms such as ‘electrician near me’ online. We have listed some of the important questions you need to ask to help you get a highly skilled pro for your specific electrical repair or maintenance needs.

#1: Are you a licensed electrician?
For electrical work in Dubai, electricians are required to be licensed for the work. So ask this question and never consider anyone who is not licensed. Hiring an unlicensed electrician can cost you big later.

#2: What type of work do you usually do the most?
Like any other field, even electricians are also specialised in certain areas. One may specialise in home wiring and other may have a good hands-on experience in circuits. It is important to ask this question to find the most suitable candidate for the work.

#3: What experience or special training do you have?
This question should be on the top of your list if your project calls for a particular expertise like installing home automation systems, solar equipment or data cabling. Having knowledge of the same is fine but working experience with these protocols and systems should be a mandatory requirement.

#4: Will you provide any reference?
Regardless of services you are opting for, references always work best. They are important because it is almost impossible to judge the work quality especially when you are unable to see most of it and do not clearly know what to look for. By contacting their previous clients, you can get a rough idea about their work and competency. In our case, you can simply visit the electrician’s page and check the reviews clients have left.

#5: Who will do the work?
Do not assume that the person you are talking with will be doing everything. Ask who will perform the task and what their hourly charges for different qualifications, i.e. experienced, apprentice, etc. are. Discuss things up front if your work needs expertise.

#6: Does your company give the complete list of expenses before work starts?
There are some maintenance electricians in Dubai that offer fixed quotes in the beginning, regardless of how long the project takes. Others ask for hourly charges and offer only open-ended quotes. This means the work may cost you more than your expectations.

#7: Does the company offer 24/7 services?
If anything goes wrong, will you be able to contact the electrician? Are they easily accessible? Will they work during weekends? Whether or not you ever need them, knowing that the professionals are available round the clock will give you peace of mind.

When you put your thoughts into the selection of an electrician, do not forget to ask the above questions. You can add even more relevant questions to your list to make it more effective. With the help of above-listed queries, you will be more likely to find a professional who can get the electrical job done better than the average electrician.

Essential Qualities of a Good Electrician

Finding the best electrician is not as simple as typing ‘electrical repairs near me’ in the Google search box and choosing one with lowest quotes, an attractive website or a nice name. In fact, this way you may get into heaps of trouble. Additionally, you will only end up having someone who has no clue about the work.

Putting the safety of your loved ones at risk is definitely not a good idea. So, how do you pick an electrician to work with? We have explained some essential qualities of a good electrician that you can keep in mind while selecting.

  • Certified or Licensed: This is extremely important characteristic to look for. Always hire electricians who are certified by concerned authorities. They have to be licensed for specific complex work too. If they are working in an organisation, make sure it is reliable and provides proper training to their employees. This is one key reason why UrbanClap wins hands down. Our electricians have not only been vetted by us but they also have been trained by us.

  • Good Reputation: When an electrician comes recommended by a friend, family member, neighbour or colleague that you already know, they surely have a good reputation. In addition, make some efforts to do a thorough research or look around for their references as mentioned in the above section. A popular electrician usually has a good working track record. If he/she belongs to a company, check for the company’s background to ensure they are trustworthy.

  • Well-Trained and Experienced: It is imperative to have a considerable amount of experience under the belt. Always remember, it is your house or office space that is at stake here. So, make sure they have a plenty of hands-on experience in handling various electrical issues. They must have the capabilities to navigate through the issue, offer appropriate solutions and fix it.

  • Honest and Communicates Well: Skilled electricians know well how to explain to their clients what needs be done to fix a particular problem, why it happened, etc. After spending enough time to understand your problem, they suggest you the best solutions with possible alternatives and a fair price.

  • Round the Clock Availability: Often overlooked, but it is important to know about their availability during emergencies. Problems such as power breakdown, wiring problems, etc. may arise at any time, early morning or at night. A fast response and easy 24/7 availability of electrician or electrical repairs service provider are always better factors to have.

  • Safety of Work and Client: Safety should always be the first priority for every electrician. A good electrician always follows the electrical standards and any other protocols set up by the authorities to ensure safety during work. On top of this, they must have essential training to handle dangerous situations in the best possible way while protecting the property from damage.

  • Use of Latest Technology and Equipment: Last but definitely not the least trait of a reliable and professional electrician is the familiarity with the latest electrical technology. New devices and latest technologies can be used to fix certain problem more easily and quickly. However, sometimes the latest technology does not work as intended. In such cases, an electrician should be knowledgeable enough to take care of the situation.

    These qualities can help anyone (related to the field) to become a successful electrician. You must look for these characteristics while finding the right professional to resolve power-related issues.

Services Offered by a Professional Electrician in Dubai

The best electrical service providers offer a wide range of services including intercom systems, solar equipment, etc. Some service providers also offer light designing and installation for the exteriors and interiors, landscape lighting, and security camera network set-up.

Here are the services offered by these professionals:

- Regular Maintenance and Repair of Any Electrical System
- Breakdown Repairs
- Installation of Fans, Fittings and Lighting Fixtures
- Rewiring Fixtures and Chandeliers
- Landscape or Outdoor Lighting
- Replacement of Emergency Lights
- Building Restoration
- Electrical Upgrades
- Stand-by Generator Systems
- Installation and Repairs of Charging Systems of Electric Vehicles
- Testing and Tagging of Equipment
- Tracing and Identification of Circuits
- Data and Voice Cabling
- Surge and Lightning Protection
- CCTV/Security/Access Control/Intrusion

Just a note here. The services provided by an electrician in UrbanClap are not limited to these. Services may vary from one service provider to another. It is necessary to research well and hire an electrician who specialises in the area you are looking at.

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