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Haldi ceremony is one of the most important occasions that precedes the wedding day by a few days where the auspicious haldi yellow color is applied on both bride and the groom. But that doesn't mean the wedding photographer won't click pictures before the haldi is applied! You can get a minimal makeup look done for this day, using a good primer, foundation and eyeliner. Use a long-lasting lipstick (such as a matte lipstick or a lip stain) so that it doesn't come off while you're getting haldi applied. For brides, most guests will be gentle when they apply haldi on your face, so you can keep your eyes and lip makeup looking pretty with colours that complement the yellow of the Haldi. A good makeup base with the help of makeup is also important so that your skin doesn't react to the Haldi mixture - the makeup can create a layer protecting your face from the Haldi. Of course, your makeup should also complement the floral jewellery you will be adorning on this day. Browse through 100+ haldi makeup photos on real brides to know your style of makeup!

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Haldi For The Perfectly Glowing Bride by Saptapadi Photography Wedding-photography Bridal-jewellery-and-accessories Bridal-makeup | Weddings Photos & Ideas

Haldi For The Perfectly Glowing Bride

By Saptapadi Photography
Half Up Half Down Hairstyle And Bridal Makeup by jinal shah Bridal-makeup Wedding-hairstyles Bridal-jewellery-and-accessories | Weddings Photos & Ideas

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle And Bridal Makeup

By jinal shah
Front Soft Curls With Blonde Streaks And Bold Eyes by Bela Brahmbhatt Bridal-makeup Wedding-hairstyles | Weddings Photos & Ideas

Front Soft Curls With Blonde Streaks And Bold Eyes

By Bela Brahmbhatt
Perfect look for guest for haldi ceremony. by Anjum Bridal-makeup | Weddings Photos & Ideas

Perfect look for guest for haldi ceremony.

By Anjum
Wedding guest. by Anjum Bridal-makeup | Weddings Photos & Ideas

Wedding guest.

By Anjum
Divine beauty by SHUTTER ARENA Wedding-photography Bridal-makeup | Weddings Photos & Ideas

Divine beauty


Haldi Makeup

Indian Weddings consist of various ceremonies and one of them is ‘Haldi Ceremony’. Haldi Ceremony is one of the main and most important events in Indian Weddings. Haldi ceremony is one of the traditional rituals that is followed in every Indian wedding. A haldi ceremony usually takes place a day prior to the wedding day or in some cases in the morning of the wedding day. As the name suggests ‘haldi’ or ‘turmeric’ is applied to the bride – to – be and the groom – to – be by their families. These functions used to take place separately for both the parties but with changing times the haldi ceremony now often takes place at the same place.

Why Haldi Ceremony?

It is very well known to the world about the antiseptic and skin friendly advantages of haldi. In olden days haldi was used to heal and treat the skin to get a glowing and fresh look thus with the same point of view a haldi ceremony is celebrated by applying haldi to the bride and groom so that they get a glowing and brighten skin before their wedding day.

Preparations in a Haldi Ceremony

For a haldi ceremony, all the decorations are done in yellow color and often the bride and the groom are dressed in yellow to celebrate this ceremony. Haldi ceremony is all about getting messy so wear clothes in which you are happy to get messy as everyone will put haldi all over to you. So just relax and sit comfortably at one place and enjoy the fun and mess around you.

Makeup for Haldi Ceremony

As haldi ceremony is one of the most important events of weddings and for a bride – to – be this event marks the start of the wedding ceremony and the journey of a beautiful life with her husband, so it is obvious that a lot many photographs will be clicked. Thus, every bride – to – be would want to look picture perfect for this ceremony. Most of the photographs that are clicked of this ceremony are candid, so it is recommended to get the perfect makeup for this ceremony. For a haldi ceremony, a light natural makeup will do the trick so apply minimal makeup. Here is step – by – step guide of how to do makeup for haldi ceremony.

  • Moisturize: Moisturizing the skin is one of the most important steps before starting to apply the makeup. Moisturizer the skin by applying a good amount of moisturizer to the skin to hydrate the skin and get rid of dry skin. Makeup sits well on a well-moisturized skin. So never forget to start off the skin makeup without a moisturizer.
  • Create a Base: First, create a base for the makeup by applying primer on the skin. Applying primer helps the makeup to stay for a longer duration. Choose a primer which is 1 or 2 shades lighter to your skin tone as this will help in getting a natural look to your makeup. Blend the primer in a circular motion also do not forget to blend the primer on the edges of the face. Choose matt finished products for creating a base as they will help to get an oil-free look for the day and to cover blemishes and dark spots on the skin.
  • Eye Makeup: Apply shadow as per the color of your haldi dress but if you are going the traditional route and wearing yellow for your haldi then pink and bronze are the best-suited colors for the dress and occasion. Start off by applying some primer to the eyelids and blend it thoroughly even through the eye crease. Then apply the lighter shade of the shadow on the entire eyelid blend it seamlessly across the eyelid followed by the dark shade at the corner of the eyes. Blend the eyeshadow perfectly so that there are no visible harsh lines of the shadow.
  • Define Eyes: Use a ‘kajal’ or ‘kohl’ for defining your eyes. Line the eye using eyeliner. Create that dramatic look by applying winged eyeliner or doing perfect cat eyes. It is recommended to use a waterproof and smudge free eyeliner for doing eye makeup. Thus, with the help of ‘kajal’ or ‘kohl’ and eyeliner the eye makeup seems complete and perfect.
  • Blush: apply blush on the apple of your cheeks to get a nice blushed look. For a haldi ceremony, a pale orange blush or a soft pink blush will be right shades as these shades of blush go well with the yellow color of haldi. You can also add a little glitter to your cheeks to get a dramatic look.
  • Use a Bronzer: Mostly the haldi ceremony happens outdoor so for a haldi ceremony a sun-kissed look works wonders and looks perfect with the yellow dress. Applying blusher along with bronzer will help you get a perfect sun – kissed look along with a chiseled jaw-line.
  • Lip makeup: For a perfect lip makeup start off with applying moisturizer to the lips so that the lips are hydrated and moisturized. Applying moisturizer is very important as it helps to cover the dry lines on the lips and most importantly it helps the lipstick to stay longer.  After moisturizing the lips define the lips using a lip liner. Using lip liners help to get a perfect definition for the lips. Use a dark shade of lipstick for your haldi ceremony. Use of a hot red shade of lipstick or a crimson lush shade of lipstick will steal the show and look perfect with the yellow attire of haldi ceremony. Apply lipstick using a lip brush as it helps for even application of the lipstick within the lip liner and by applying the lipstick using brush makes it last for longer. It is recommended to apply 2 to 3 coats of lipstick to make the lips look luscious and beautiful.

So, to all the brides – to – be who want to look ravishing and beautiful in haldi ceremony above is the guide for you to get ready for your important ceremony and get all the attention.

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