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Being a researcher and practitioner of alternative healing for 10+ years I found yoga is ultimate cure for anything. Teaching yoga with the concepts of traditional mechanism of yoga.

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I attended class for past two months and 2 of my friends (Anbuselvi and Jothi ) has joined with me for the class. I have pasted all 3 of us review below, My review: .Yoga class was so helpful for my physical and mental strength. .His talk and motivational speeches was so interesting and mind thinking. It made me to think and take care my health in a different perspective. .The way he took and handled classes was easy, interesting and jovial. .The general topics other than yoga which he covered in class and the way he related those to our life style and health was great. . He took additional care on each one of us health fitness and thought yoga. . Health is wealth and i realized , gained the real meaning of that from his class. . Sure to be that whomever gets trained by his class will have healthy and long life. Thank you sir Anbuselvi 's review: Thought about yoga before joining the class- just for physical strength and health  Thought during class, 1.Realized that only health fitness alone is a not from yoga . it includes inner peace, things that we do for others, how we should treat others.how one should  take care of themselves. karma's everything 2.Face all the situations with smiling face 3.perfections About sir, His Name is RaguRam Annur, person who taught us  everything how a person should be in name of Yoga. he handles class in a friendly way. he talks a lot but we will not get bored by his talk instead will get good valuable thoughts after his talk. how one should see life. what is life? normally what Yoga Masters will do . simply will teach us some asanas but he taught us more than yoga which is essential for life.  he will analyse people and will give what the guys actually  needs for life not simply yoga. I learnt so many things from him. will continue to smile in all circumstances and face life sir I learnt the meanings of fact and truth. Reduced using mobile, google. your words not only taught us but also shaped us. Would like to be your assistant but not now after some years ...(caught your mind voice sir ).but for sure.... this will happen. but that time you will be very high position (only by status but as a person you will be same i hope) dont change your number sir . Thanks you sir for all. Jothi's review: Pros: Good content , way of explanation and importance of yoga is great 👍 Also step by step approach from base till next level is fruitful enough The way our body improves could be measured by the practice and technique taught to us Cons: The no of counts for each exercise were not monitored strictness on the counts should be mandatory so that the assured benefit can be clearly soon Overall a great experience for us to see how our body shaping in terms of stamina and food habits I almost minimised coffee tea personally and started working on taking more water Thanks 🙏 master
I am fully satisfied with the yoga classes being taught by Mr Raghu Ram. I thoroughly enjoy his teachings and customized classes based on the needs. Had an opportunity to attend his 2 day workshop - it was great, volumes of information, good workout sessions- excellent presentation of knowledge and experience. Some of my aged queries are answered in this session. Thanks a lot.
Raghu is an excellent yogic practitioner and a great master. If you are just looking at yoga as another form of exercise to just keep your physical body fit, you may be disappointed but if you want to be fit mentally and physically you cannot find a better place then this. He would teach you the natural way of living starting from breath, food, water,sleep etc. you would be surprised to find out how much you have abused your body after learning secrets of nature and you would be even more surprised to find out how much easy it is to keep yourself healthy. He has an hawk's eye and will correct minute incorrect postures and will easily find out what's wrong with you by just talking with you for few minutes. An trained acupuncture doctor cum yoga guru, he has excelled in both of them yet so grounded and humble and will address all of your concerns. Note: if you are wondering if I am anyways benefitted by writing this long review, yes that is only through practicing yoga and nothing else. Try yourself and feel the difference.

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