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Introduction: Trained in Makeup by International Celebrity Makeup Artist, and then worked and demonstrated her talent with International models and brands like Loreal, RICHFEEL and LAKME. ​ With 6+ years plus, both in India and abroad, she has showc... read more

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Very nice n professional
Amazing makeup done by make-up geek..keep up the good work!!
Where do i start with this horrific experience.So i had a 2 day event , Sangeet and Wedding in Nov 2017 for which i had hired her.The dates were shared with her and it was agreed that i would be given 3 looks for those 2 events, 1 on the sangeet night and 2 looks for my wedding as i had intercommunity marriage.On the first day she the event was at 7 pm and it was agreed that she would come to do my makeup, hair and lehenga draping by 3 pm so that we have enough time to do everything in a relaxed pace and also since my sister would also need to be dressed up wih make up, hair and draping by her.She doesnt have any team and said she would alone do all of those for both of us.I anticipated that it would be a problem and hence requested her to bring atleast one other person along to ensure both me and my sister get ready parallely without any stress.On the day i kept calling her and she would just pick up the calls occassionally and say that she is in so and so place and is waotjng for that one other person.It was 5 o clock and i started panicking.She eventually reached my place at 5:30 and started rushing and scolding me that i hadnt washed off my mehendi on my feet and wasnt ready for her to come and do my make up.During those entire 2.5 hrs (from 3 to 5:30) i had nothing on my mind except for the consequences of her not turning up and the stress was so much that i couldnt even remember or focus on anything else.She had the audacity to cross question me when she had been late as hell.She rushed through my make up and also when shown dissatisfaction towards the hairstyle she had done, she showed a very negative attitude.Due to such lack of time, my hairstyle was horrendous.Also she had no idea how to drape the lehenga dupatta, i had to guide her. The second day was even worse, the horror of my life came true.She came in on time this time but with no one to assist her for my sister's dressup.The first look was done and as agreed she was to do my second look (bengali makeup,hair and saree draping) around 11pm.She had told me at the initial time of booking that in case the time to start second makeup exceeds 11 pm then i would be charged 500 rs per half an hr.She came to the venuw in vashi and i was on stage that time.She came and sat with her uncle in the last row of the banquet hall.I anticipated that i wouldnt get free by 11 pm as the reception photography session with the guest went on till 10:30 pm and there was a family dinner to follow which meant it would take atleast till 12 midnight for me to start the makeup.My brother in law went and spoke to her, she suddenly started cribbing about not being able to wait due to an early morning assingment in a far off place.My brother in law requested her to wait till 12 midnight but she just reluctantly sat back.I was on the stage and couldnt just come down and walk up tonher to the last row to convince her to stay back, but apparently that is what she expected me to do it seems.A bride leaving the groom on the stage and walking down when she could have just walked up to me and spoken.Later on when i went for my dinner and rushed through it leaving the rest of the family on the dinner table (after obviously asking permission to do so).I cam back to the banquet hall area and to my horror she had left with a message on my phone which was in different hands throughout.All she did was leave a message thats it.I kept calling her but no answer.Panic attack followed as i didnt know what to do.Lastly my own paternal and maternal aunts came to the rescue and somehow managed to pull off the saree draping with the minimal resourcss and expertise that they had.She is so unprofessional, rude, irresponsible and arrogant throughout her service. She later messaged and demanded for the pending amount and threatened that if not done she would come to my house with her uncle to collect it.I have the whole conversation so if anyone needs as an evidence to authencity of my review theb u can have it.Please think a thousand times before you hire her.She might just ruin the most special event of your life just like mine.
I really appreciate the make up done by Nisha for my wedding day.It looked very me at my best.

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