Body Massage at Home for Women in Mumbai

Body Massage at Home for Women in Mumbai
  • Trained female therapists
  • Hassle free service: massage bed,oils,music,candles,aroma
  • Hygiene friendly: disposable items like wipes,towels are used

Massage at Home for:

  • Women (By Female Therapists)

  • Men (By Male Therapists)

How it Works

  • Choose a Spa service

    Select from various spa packages & services

  • Choose your time-slot

    We service from 9am-7pm

  • Relax and de-stress with our spa services

    Our professionals will get in touch with you an hour before the service

Body massage at home in Mumbai

De-stress yourself with body massage by senior female therapists at the comfort of your home. We offer services like foot reflexology, swedish massage, deep tissue massage for women by 4.5 rated female spa therapists with 5 years + experience near you in Mumbai. All our experts are hygiene friendly, they use disposable items like wipes,towels. Our spa service includes massage bed, oils, music, candles, aroma. Book spa at home in Mumbai now!


307 Massage Therapists At Home For Women in Mumbai

  • Babita Sunil Chavan
    Babita Sunil Chavan
    Azad Nagar Metro Station, Azad Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (503 reviews)
    • c

      One of the best therapist

    • s

      Babita is neat and well versed with her work

  • Melody K. Lalrempuii
    Melody K. Lalrempuii
    Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (140 reviews)
    • r

      Excellent, would like to book again

    • d

      No choice of oil given. Other than that fine....

  • Sophienghaktei
    Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (78 reviews)
    • h

      She's very good and very professional...and done a great job.

    • t

      Very polite and professional knows pressure points

  • Bhavna Gothi
    Bhavna Gothi
    Navi Mumbai
    (14 reviews)
    • a

      Very relaxing massage thanks to bhavana

    • s

      Very professional, applied pressure at all required points of the body, really got relief from pain, surely will call her again for my wife

  • R.Lalhlanmawii
    (665 reviews) 324 times rated 5 star
    • r

      Brilliant.... she is soo well aware of body massage and strokes

    • k

      R.Lalhlanmawi was excellent at her work. I had the most wonderful massage and feel very relaxed. My body was aching before but I feel just super now , thanks to her!

  • Sara
    Mumbai Restaurant, Western India, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (577 reviews) 218 times rated 5 star
    • s

      I have a lot of muscles soreness and tension because of regular exercising. Sara did a wonderful job and relieved all of it. Her techniques were amazing and she knew how much pressure to apply where. Felt very light and relaxed after the massage. Thank you Sara

    • s


  • Darry Dunshangnao
    Darry Dunshangnao
    Kandivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (555 reviews) 186 times rated 5 star
    • u

      The service was good. She was polite and knows the pressure points. But there was no complimentary head message as mentioned while making Booking..

    • j

      It was a wonderful and relaxing experience.. Darry was too good..

  • Jyoti Janardan Pawar
    Jyoti Janardan Pawar
    Ganesh Nagar Lane, Lal Baug, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (530 reviews)
    • v

      She has done best work. She is excellent therapist. I love the way she has covered each pain point in the body. Her cleanliness was up to the mark. I had experience complete stress relief. She very professional person. I will highly recommend her for my future services and who want to use urbanclap.

    • p

      Opted for a deep tissue massage and Jyoti did an excellent job of unknotting my stiff muscles. I highly recommend her.

  • Reena Bipin Tank
    Reena Bipin Tank
    Kandivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (527 reviews)
    • d

      It was a nice and relaxing experience. Would definitely try her services again

    • n


  • Rekha Shriram Jadhav
    Rekha Shriram Jadhav
    Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (477 reviews) 119 times rated 5 star
    • s

      Overall a wow experience and proffesional

    • d

      Rekha is a thorough professional...good service and punctual..

Latest Customer Reviewsof Massage Therapists At Home For Women in Mumbai

    Amazing massage done by parveen shaikh. Totally relaxed after massage session. Humbled , polite human being Parveen is. Fully Satisfied


    Heena is extremely professional and skilled. I will definitely use her service again.


    She was very professional and took care of all the pressure points and which part of my body required more or less pressure


    She was too good, so professional and well trained, very well behaved, having very good skills and knowledge about therapy, very hard working and dedicated, would like to see her again. Highly recommended.


    She is perfect in her job. Highly recommended. Would always call her for all future massages.


    Impressive work. Relaxing massage great work ! Keep it up!

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All About Spa At Home


Everyone’s life has become hectic and stressful due to the fast paced lifestyle. This lifestyle takes a toll on our body and mind as we have so many things to do and juggle every day. Therefore, we have to be ready with a strong mind and healthy body to deal with the complex lifestyle. We can take care of our lifestyle by eating healthy food and taking proper sleep. However, to relieve mental stress, a spa session is a good solution. It helps relax your mind as well as your body.

A regular spa session makes you forget all your worries and relax your body and mind. A good body massage with a spa therapist will make you calm and ward off your stress. Besides availing spa at home in Mumbai, you can also avail treatments such as facial, manicure, pedicure, foot massage and many more are to pamper yourself and relax.

UrbanClap also provides other excellent services like Salon at Home in Mumbai. Travelling in metro cities is a huge hassle, and to overcome your troubles, we bring services like hair salon and beauty services in Mumbai at your doorstep. You just need to book for our professionals, leave the rest on us, and thank us later!

Why every woman should avail a monthly spa-at-home therapy?

There are various benefits of monthly massage or a therapeutic spa for women. These include the following:-

Why every woman should avail a monthly spa-at-home therapy?

There are various benefits of monthly massage or a therapeutic spa for women. These include the following :-

  • A spa, like deep tissue massage and Thai massage, is the perfect solution to treat various types of pain in one’s body.

  • Various kinds of massage therapies, like Swedish massage, help to improve blood circulation, fight tumors and disease causing pathogens. A body massage on a regular basis also helps to boost your immunity.

  • Spa sessions help in making the body more flexible which also makes your regular exercise easier and more productive.

  • Massage at home is helpful in improving the quality of sleep. Some specialized pressure intensity techniques in aromatherapy massage makes you sleep longer and stress free.

  • A session of spa for women in Mumbai gives you full relaxation and decreases the strain, soreness and tension in the muscles.

    There are many benefits of regular spa session which are difficult to mention in short. Thus we believe spa is the only place where you get the much-needed “me time” to boost your mood, relax, rejuvenate, detox and beautify your skin and mind.

What is UrbanClap’s Spa at Home service all about?

Every woman desires to take some time out for them and feel pampered. This pampering is possible through a spa. However, taking a spa at a salon is not very effective. Relaxation is only short-lived when you go to a salon, avail the services and then run back home immediately. Therefore we have designed spa at home services, especially for women where they can enjoy the benefits of spa for a longer time. Our spa therapists visit your homes to give you one of the best quality spa experience and that too at the convenience and comfort of your own homes.

UrbanClap spa at home services provide you with highly skilled female professionals who are fully equipped and use superior quality of products, all for an affordable price. UrbanClap services are hassle-free and also hygienic.

Rates for Spa at Home (starting price)

City60 minute massage90 minute massagePackages

How does the UrbanClap Spa at Home service work?

To avail UrbanClap’s spa services all you have to do is book the appointment on the app or website. After booking the service our spa therapist will come at your place at the appointed time. Our spa therapist would carry all the essentials required for the spa such as massage bed, essential oils, disposable sheets and towels, candles and other massage products. If you want, you can use your own bed for massage as our therapist will lay disposable sheets on it. You can pick any essential oil for your spa from a variety of essential oils. You don’t need to worry about the mess. Once the spa is completed our professional will clean the mess and dispose the rubbish before leaving your place.

What kind of massage therapies do UrbanClap offer?

Everyone is not familiar with the different spa services that are available. Every spa has its own benefits and different effects on your body. Here are some popular spa therapies which are offered by UrbanClap -

  • Swedish massage: Swedish massage is a full body massage and best for new comers. Here, the therapist uses mild or deep strokes on different parts of the body like kneading, sliding, tapping, friction and shaking. Swedish massage helps to improve blood circulation, reduces toxins and relieves pain and stress.

  • Thai massage: Thai massage is a dry massage where no essential oil is used. You don’t need to undress as it is done with your clothes on. Here, the therapist stretches you in yoga postures and the pressure intensity is medium. Thai massage includes stretching, pulling and rocking techniques. This massage helps to improve body postures.

  • Aromatherapy massage: When you need to relax a tired body, stressed mind and ease muscle tension, try an aromatherapy massage. It’s a light pressure massage and essential oil is used to create the magic. These oils have a relaxing effect when one inhales the aromas. The therapist uses popular essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and geranium for calming; clary, sage, rose, neroli for uplifting your mood and rosemary for energizing.

  • Deep tissue massage: Deep tissue massage uses many of the same movements and techniques that are used in Swedish massage but the pressure is more intense. Deep tissue massage is great for relieving chronic muscle pain. Here, the therapist works to release knots in your muscles with the extra pressure. In this massage therapists will use some different physical techniques like applying pressure with their elbows, so book this massage if you are comfortable with high physical pressure. A deep tissue massage may help loosen muscle tissues, release toxins from muscles and get blood and oxygen circulating properly. It is also helpful in treating recovery from injuries and it stimulates blood circulation.

  • Reflexology: Reflexology can be a deep relaxing therapy especially if you stand all day and have tired, achy feet. Therapists use specific thumb, finger and hands technique to the feet with the help of rubber ball, rubber bands and wooden sticks. Application of pressure to the reflex points can reduce stress and discomfort. Reflexologists use foot maps to guide their work as reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems.

Reasons to opt for the UrbanClap Spa at Home service in Mumbai

There are many reasons to book appointment for spa at home service in Mumbai. However, hiring an experienced therapist from UrbanClap in Mumbai has its own merits. These include the following:-

  • Trusted therapists: All the professionals offering spa at home service in Mumbai are registered with us. Here, you don’t have to compromise with your safety. You can trust our professionals and can relax while getting spa at home services.

  • Highly skilled and experienced professionals: Only a skilled professional can provide you the best massage with right techniques. UrbanClap therapists providing spa at home for women in Mumbai are highly trained in providing Swedish or any other massages and they have 4+ years of experience in their fields.

  • Female therapist for spa at home for women: UrbanClap always ensures that their customers feel comfortable when availing their services. So, UrbanClap provides female therapists for women.

  • Superior quality of products: To make your spa experience memorable UrbanClap therapists bring scented candles, aromatherapy oils, full size portable bed and play soothing music to give you complete spa experience at your own premises.

  • Hygiene and cleanliness: UrbanClap takes utmost care in providing hygiene and cleanliness during spa at home service. Our therapists provide you disposable sheets and towels for massage. They also clean up the mess and dispose the rubbish.

Other Related services

It’s very relaxing to stay at home and enjoy spa and salon services. If you want, you can call your friends and family for spa at home services. Besides availing spa at home services, you can also hire professionals for other services mentioned below:

  • Salon at home

    You can also opt for waxing at home or other grooming services such as threading, manicure, pedicure and facial after a relaxing Swedish massage at home. This will make you feel fresh and rejuvenated. If you want you can invite a friend and enjoy a session with them.

  • Makeup artist

    If you have to attend any party or function, you can get your makeup done at your own premises by booking makeup artists from UrbanClap. Availing makeup artist at home will save your travel time. Our professionals use fine quality of products and are responsible for making you glamorous for your parties and functions.

  • Bridal Mehendi artist

    With UrbanClap’s mehendi services in Mumbai, you can relax at your home while our mehendi artists design their magic on your hands. We have the best mehendi artist for brides and other guests. You can also avail mehendi service at home after getting a spa.

    Thus, with UrbanClap’s spa at home service, it has become extremely convenient for women to get their regular spa done since the same can be availed at home and at a convenient time without any hassle.

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