Best Sofa Cleaning Service At Home in Mumbai

Best Sofa Cleaning Service At Home in Mumbai
  • Mechanized Equipment & Professional Cleaning solutions
  • Protection Against Damage Upto INR 10,000
  • Trained & Background-Verified Professionals

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Sofa cleaning at home in Mumbai

Get sofa cleaning services in Mumbai with a 30 Day Service Guarantee and Protection against Damage upto INR 10,000. We provide services like Deep Cleaning, Sanitization, Vacuuming, Mechanized Drying and our experts use well mechanised equipments to clean your sofa. We bring you high-quality and affordable sofa cleaning services to your doorstep. Our experts are trained in using equipment and techniques to carry out deep cleaning of your sofa. You can also go for a sofa cleaning package in which we offer sofa, dining chair and upholstery cleaning services. Book UrbanClap cleaning experts for sofa cleaning in Mumbai today! ...

Cleaning Experts

315 Sofa Cleaning Service Professionals in Mumbai

  • Vikram Kumar Mukhiya
    Vikram Kumar Mukhiya
    Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (739 ratings)
    • q

      Vikram did my sofa and windows cleaning. He has done a good job and was very courteous

    • m

      Despite telling him about the areas to be cleaned It was not properly cleaned. He needs to be trained.Because the area we are not clean properly result was that I have to clean the area Chimney works man work and sanitization off kitchen was not done properly as per the standard of urban club.

  • More Shailesh Sahebrao
    More Shailesh Sahebrao
    Bhandup Police Station, Lake Road, Sadan wadi, Bhandup West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (615 ratings)
    • r

      Excellent service. Went beyond capacity to help clean the home and sofa looking bright as new. Will definitely recommend.

    • g

      Highly professional and prompt! He did additional cleaning vdt even instructions and made my kitchen sparkling clean.. would call him again

  • Devaki Nandan
    Devaki Nandan
    AMCO Company Gate, CP Talav, Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra
    (577 ratings) 139 times rated 5 star
    • j

      Very professional service. Extremely satisfied. Will recommend to others also.

    • a

      Deep cleaning done right.... Great job by both the team

  • Nilesh Prakash Katare
    Nilesh Prakash Katare
    Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (540 ratings) Hired 149 times on UrbanClap
    • s

      Good job, very well manage cleaning

    • a

      Excellent work done. Bathroom look is changed completely. Very happy with their work.

  • Mukesh Mukhiya
    Mukesh Mukhiya
    Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (518 ratings)
    • e


    • k

      These guys wwee so songood!! Veey impressive. Highly recommneded.

  • Pankaj Kumar Mukhiya
    Pankaj Kumar Mukhiya
    Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (518 ratings)
    • a

      1. Late by one hour. 2. He might have taken approx 40 minutes to clean approx 75 sq.ft carpet and the service cost was ₹800. 3. Also that watsapp update is useless.

    • a

      Great work vry professional....did a very good job of cleaning d sofa in super quick time, highly recommended

  • Lalit Paswan
    Lalit Paswan
    Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (509 ratings)
    • k

      Excellent Service by Lalit!! My 5 seater sofa looks completely brand new. Had to work extra to complete clean the sofa, but he was humble and diligent throughout!

    • t

      Great job done. Sincere in his work

  • Rahul Mukhiya
    Rahul Mukhiya
    Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (501 ratings)
    • a

      Service done by the boys was was very good but service from your side that is company is very bad.

    • s

      Very efficient worker. Did the job in a beautiful way.

  • Sushil Mukhiya
    Sushil Mukhiya
    Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (495 ratings)
    • s

      Good work. Done very clean job with care. Will recommend for next work.

    • m

      Sofa cleaning was very good. They were super efficient. And left the place neat and tidy. Thanks

  • Deepak Mukhiya
    Deepak Mukhiya
    Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (492 ratings)
    • m

      Deepak ji was really nice ..he did his work nicely quickly neetly

    • s

      Want a receipt of rs 300 cash paid...please send asap

Latest Customer Reviewsof Sofa Cleaning Service Professionals in Mumbai

    Have paid 1000 as per my telephonic conversation .....has have not availed the service for mattress....


    The guy is super amazing with work and had spent good time with the family as well, he was well behaved and done his job perfectly well and we are really happy with him.


    Sunil Sahu was very professional in his job. Very happy with the work he did for me .Excellent work .


    Very professional and helpful.


    Very good cleaning


    Good, friendly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My sofa covers aren’t removable. Can you clean it?

    Yes! There are several methods that can be used if your fabric sofa does not have removable covers. Rest assured, the sofa cleaning professionals hold expertise in the same.

  • How much time does it take to clean a leather sofa?

    Leather sofas need extra care while cleaning since it can be damaged by too much water. Starting with a gentle vacuuming process, it usually takes around 5-6 hours including the drying process. It also depends on the number of seats your sofa has.

  • How often should I get my drawing room sofa cleaned?

    There are certain factors to define the optimal time period for sofa cleaning – presence of kids and pets in the house are examples. If you have pets then you should get your sofa cleaning done in every 3 months. Otherwise, twice a year would suffice.

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All About Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning in Mumbai

Do you love watching your favourite programs on TV and eating a snack on your sofa after a busy day? Do you enjoy playing games on your phone while lounging in your sofa? Then, over time food crumbs may find their way into the crevices of the sofa and make your sofa smell bad if it is not cleaned regularly. The stains from your spilled drinks make it appear dirty as well. It will not only create health problems for you in the future by creating a breeding ground for germs but also affect the lifespan of your sofa. This is the time when you must call professional sofa cleaning services from UrbanClap. Our professionals will clean up the food crumbs, remove the stains and make your sofa look as good as new. We ensure that your sofa will be clean so that it remains an ideal spot for you to unwind at the end of the day.

4 Reasons to Hire Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

  • Increase the Lifespan of Your Sofa: There are high levels of dust and pollution in the environment and this means that dust can start to accumulate on the top of the furniture in your house if you do not clean your sofa regularly. Over time, this will make your sofa to appear dull and the fabric to feel rough. However, availing the services of an upholstery cleaning company in Mumbai ensures that your furniture stays clean and lasts for years to come.

  • Save Time and Money: A sofa may be made from different materials ranging from leather, natural fabrics, or synthetic materials. In fact, each material and design has its own cleaning needs and you may not have the know-how to do it by yourself at home. Therefore, it is recommended to hire sofa cleaning professionals since they will use the right cleaning solutions and techniques for each type of sofa. It will also help you save money since you will not have to invest in different types of cleaning products for your furniture. Also, a professionally cleaned sofa will last a long time and there will be no need to replace your furniture frequently.

  • Say Goodbye to Germs and Allergens: Natural as well as synthetic fabrics need to be cleaned thoroughly by using strong water-based cleaning agents to remove dust, food crumbs and drink stains. This can make excess water seep into the padding and take a long time to dry. If the sofa is not dried properly, it can lead to the growth of germs and start to emit a bad odour. Therefore, it is better to hire cleaning professionals since they use professional equipment to clean and dry the furniture properly.

  • Remove Bad Odour:If you eat and drink frequently on your sofa, like many others, it may start developing bad odours over time. Bacteria growth because of crumbs stuck in the crevices of the sofa can lead to these odours that even the strongest air fresheners would not be able to mask. It can become a cause of concern especially when you are entertaining guests. By going for sofa dry cleaning, you can ensure that the food residue is removed completely and the sofa is clean and smells fresh.

When Should You Book A Sofa Cleaning Service?

  • Every two months to keep your sofa clean

  • As soon as you detect visible stains and odours

  • Before or after a party or get together

Why UrbanClap?

  • High-quality Services: We are committed to providing high-quality services to our customers. Our professionals use industry-grade cleaning equipment to clean your sofa, dining chair and upholstery. They use biodegradable and non-hazardous chemicals to do the job so that there are no health risks for you, your children and pets. You can expect your sofa to smell fresh and look as good as new after availing our sofa cleaning services.

  • Affordable Rates: We offer our sofa cleaning services at affordable prices. Customers can avail these services as frequently as they need without breaking the bank. We offer an insurance coverage of up to Rs. 10,000 for our sofa cleaning services in Mumbai. They can also avail other cleaning services such as home deep cleaning, kitchen deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.

  • Verified Professionals: One of the biggest worries people have while availing at-home services such as sofa and carpet cleaning in Mumbai is safety. Therefore, we run background checks on professionals before registering them and ensure that they offer high-quality services. We have a stringent selection criteria so that only the best service professionals get registered with UrbanClap.

What Does Our Sofa Cleaning Include?

  • Fabric Sofa Cleaning Service:

  • Dry Vacuum: The first step is to dry vacuum the sofa and remove all the dust, food crumbs and debris from the sofa.

  • Shampoo: Next, our professionals use a biodegradable cleaning solution to thoroughly clean the sofa. This also helps remove the stains on the sofa and the odour emanating from the sofa.

  • Wet Vacuum: This step is important to remove the shampoo and dirty water from the sofa and to dry it completely.

  • Leather Sofa Cleaning Service:

  • Dry Vacuum: The first step is to dry vacuum the leather sofa and remove all the dust, food crumbs and debris from the sofa.

  • Sanitise: Next, our professionals use a special cleaning solution to clean and sanitise the leather sofa. This removes the smell, stains, etc. from the sofa.

  • Polish: Then, they apply a special leather polish to make your sofa shine like a new one. This also helps to increase the lifespan of the leather sofa.

Cost of Sofa Cleaning in Mumbai

Sofa Cleaning ServicePrice
3 Sofa Sets699/-
4 Sofa Sets849/-
5 Sofa Sets999/-
6 Sofa Sets1149/-
7 Sofa Sets1299/-
8 Sofa Sets1399/-
9 Sofa Sets1499/-
10 Sofa Sets1599/-
Single Sofa Set249/-
Velvet Sofa Seats499/-
4-6 Dining Chairs749/-
4-6 Dining Chairs + 5 Sofa Seats1599/-
10-12 Dining Chairs + 10 Sofa Seats1999/-
Cushions49/- per cushion
Curtain49/- per panel
Door Mat49/- per door mat
Mattress Cleaning749/-

*Prices may vary during sale time.

Things to Do After Availing the Sofa Cleaning Service

  • Your sofa may look dry and completely ready for use immediately after a sofa cleaning service. However, you must still refrain from using it for at least 3-4 hours after availing the service. This will help the chemicals or water used to clean your sofa to completely evaporate or dry before you use it.

  • It is advisable to put your sofa in a well-ventilated area after the cleaning service. This is especially important for a leather sofa since the chemical used to clean it can make a small room smell strongly of the chemical.

Other Cleaning Services Offered by UrbanClap in Mumbai

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