Best Kitchen Cleaning Service in Mumbai

Best Kitchen Cleaning Service in Mumbai
  • Mechanized Equipment & Professional Cleaning solutions
  • Protection Against Damage Upto INR 10,000
  • Trained & Background-Verified Professionals

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Kitchen Cleaning Services in Mumbai

Get kitchen cleaning services in Mumbai with a 30 Day Service Guarantee and Protection against Damage upto INR 10,000. We provide services like Deep Cleaning, Sanitization, Vacuuming, and our 4+ rated experts use well mechanised equipments to clean your kitchen. Our cleaning experts will deep clean your kitchen without any hassle. Just book an expert on UrbanClap and get the best kitchen deep cleaning in Mumbai.

Cleaning Experts

393 Kitchen Cleaning Service Professionals in Mumbai

  • Jeevan Babaso Barkade
    Jeevan Babaso Barkade
    Veerma Paradise, Sector 20, Kamothe, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (99 reviews)
    • h

      Very Good Work, Quick and complete cleaning including floor mopping.

    • h

      Job well done...sofa cleaned as new..Thanks

  • Vikram Kumar Mukhiya
    Vikram Kumar Mukhiya
    Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (652 reviews)
    • i

      He was very Polite, quick and fast in doing job. Nicely done

    • i

      Post cleaning sofa the person did not clean the surrounding areas properly which was supposed to be his job. Did not clean all sofa areas - had to be reminder to attend to the areas leftover.

  • Devaki Nandan
    Devaki Nandan
    AMCO Company Gate, CP Talav, Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra
    (517 reviews) 139 times rated 5 star
    • s

      Nicely done..but still need to check after it will get dry.

    • a

      good job.. a work well done

  • More Shailesh Sahebrao
    More Shailesh Sahebrao
    Bhandup Police Station, Lake Road, Sadan wadi, Bhandup West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (483 reviews)
    • p

      He did a great job. Very professional approach. We are very satisfied and would like to recommend him to others.

    • v

      Nicely Explained. Try to send Shailesh next time when booked

  • Nilesh Prakash Katare
    Nilesh Prakash Katare
    Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (476 reviews) Hired 149 times on UrbanClap
    • p

      Nice job ... Well done. I m happy with the service

    • s

      He did a thorough job. Very satisfied with the results.

  • Mukesh Mukhiya
    Mukesh Mukhiya
    Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (448 reviews)
    • s

      We took the service for the first time and it was disappointing to say the least. First we got a call saying the person will be delayed. Secondly, when he arrived, he was upset about other workers on the premises that were doing AC service and he said his time is getting wasted. Third, when called to inspect, I had to make them redo a couple of things as attention to detail was missing and for every stain we were told, that's the max that can be done. When asked to clean the bucket and mug, he says that's not part of their bathroom package! Then they said picking and keeping the toiletries, vase etc in the bathroom is not their job, nor is cleaning the bathroom dustbin or clothesbin., and we are wasting their time! I was told that you have too many toiletries in your bathroom and that has caused unnecessary delay for them as I did not empty the bathroom before they came in . After finishing both the bathrooms and during the payment, I was told to give a rating of 5 and give good feedback. I told him that is going to be difficult since I had to hear so much about them doing a job for which they were handsomely paid and it was a very unpleasant and stressful experience for us. When they left, I found that one of the fans that he had cleaned started making noise and I had to call in an electrician to repair it for which I paid 500rs. The work was fairly okay, not outstanding and worse was the condescending attitude that went with it. I wondered if I should have taken the time out and done it myself instead of hiring deep cleaners.

    • i

      Good guy|! Did a good job!

  • Sushil Mukhiya
    Sushil Mukhiya
    Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (431 reviews)
    • b

      Job appears to be very well done, will wait for the sofa to dry to see the final outcome.

    • b


  • Lalit Paswan
    Lalit Paswan
    Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (426 reviews)
    • s

      Provided the service requested. Generally Good and above average. Scratched the sofa in a few places. But generally good.

    • f

      Very good job was satisfied by the work they did keep it up 👍

  • Pankaj Kumar Mukhiya
    Pankaj Kumar Mukhiya
    Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (417 reviews)
    • v

      Excellent work done by Pankaj..very polite and hardworking person

    • v

      Please provide your people a good usable system to know and find the address properly. Else they keep on calling ask about where to come ( this is fot URBAN CLAP). GIVE THEM A GOOD LIQUID FOR DEEP CLEANING , THE STAINS ARE STILL VISIBLE . The last time was far better than this guy. Really upset

  • Rahul Mukhiya
    Rahul Mukhiya
    Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (417 reviews)
    • s

      While Rahul himself was unable to show up, his team member Ganga Ram did a splendid job of cleaning the couches, curtains and mattress all by himself. Very happy with the results. Highly recommended.

    • k

      Rahul did excellent service. Very satisfied

Latest Customer Reviewsof Kitchen Cleaning Service Professionals in Mumbai

    Excellent work! Really happy with the effort.


    Service is not up to mark. Oil marks are still visible.


    Excellent job done


    Amazing service


    She did it very well.


    Very sad behaviour... Had to really push him to do a lot of stuff. Urban your service quality has gone down...last year service was way better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I get my kitchen deep cleaned?

    Being the busiest room of the home, it picks up a lot of dust and biodegradable wastes too, which makes regular cleaning crucial, say every week. But kitchen deep cleaning should be done every once in a month to ensure a healthy breathing.

  • Do I need to make any arrangements or take any precaution before the cleaning starts?

    To ensure the smooth kitchen cleaning process we suggest you to clear up all the vessels and disconnect the appliances like an electric chimney, refrigerator, food processor, etc. Make sure all the power points and the gas line are turned off. Once the cleaning is done, you can plug them back in.

  • How much time does it take to clean a multi-utility kitchen?

    It usually takes 2-3 hours to deep clean one multi-utility kitchen. The actual duration depends on the carpet area of the kitchen and features like a number of cabinets, etc.

  • What quality of material and equipment do you use? How soon can I start cooking post the kitchen cleaning?

    We at UrbanClap use industrial grade products for cleaning and disinfectants which are odorless and leave no chemical waste behind. Which is why you can start working immediately after the kitchen cleaning is done.

  • Can I reschedule the booking to a later date?

    Yes, you can reschedule the booking using the option given in the App. Make sure you request for the same at least 24 hours prior to the booking time and date. We suggest that you request a rescheduling only in unavoidable situations as the professional you were assigned for might not be available.

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All About Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning in Mumbai

Your kitchen is a place for you to create your culinary masterpieces and therefore, it needs to be kept clean and hygienic. However, keeping it free from grease and dirt may turn out to be a challenging task. Even if you clean your kitchen regularly, you need to plan some deep cleaning sessions for your kitchen as well. Since cleaning your chimney, kitchen ducts, appliance and scrubbing off the grease from different surfaces is going to be a challenging task, you must consider hiring professionals for kitchen cleaning in Mumbai.

3 Benefits of Hiring Professional Kitchen Cleaning Services

  • Get a Hygienic Environment: Your kitchen plays an important role in determining the health of your family. Not only does the food you cook impact your health but the level of cleanliness and hygiene in your kitchen plays an important part too. If your kitchen is dirty, it will attract pests such as cockroaches, ants, rodents, etc. and become a breeding ground for germs. Dirty exhaust fans and chimney will not be able to function effectively and lead to bad odour inside the kitchen. And oil stains and grease will make things slippery and unpleasant to see. This will create an unhygienic environment in your kitchen. Therefore, it is important to hire professionals who can clean your kitchen thoroughly.

  • Save Time: If you have a packed schedule on a daily basis, having a chore like kitchen cleaning is only going to stress you out. You would want to relax when you have some time off instead of scrubbing oil stains off your kitchen shelves. Hiring professionals for kitchen deep cleaning services help free up your time so that you can get some time off. You can utilise this time in any way you want and still get a clean kitchen at the end of the day. So, save time and say good-bye to stress.

  • Remove Bad Odour: Tadka is the heart of many dishes frequently cooked in India. However, this also makes your kitchen (and home) smell of oil and curry. If you do not deep clean your kitchen regularly then this can have an impact on how your kitchen looks and smells. Therefore, it is important that you hire kitchen deep cleaning services in Mumbai. After the service, your kitchen will smell fresh and clean and make it a pleasant environment to cook delicious meals.

When Should You Book Kitchen Cleaning Services?

  • Every month to keep your sofa clean

  • Before moving into a new home

  • After renovation

  • Before or after a party or get together

Why UrbanClap?

  • High-quality Services: UrbanClap is committed to providing high-quality services to its esteemed customers. Our professionals use high-quality cleaning equipment and products to clean and sanitise your kitchen. They use biodegradable and non-hazardous chemicals to do the job so that there are no health risks for your family. You can also avail other cleaning services such as home deep cleaning, bathroom deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. from our website or app.

  • Affordable Prices: We offer our kitchen cleaning services at affordable prices and customers can avail these services as often as they need. We also offer an insurance coverage of up to Rs. 10,000 for our kitchen cleaning services in Mumbai which means that our customers do not have to worry about bearing the loss if anything is accidently damaged during the service.

  • Trusted Service Providers: You can trust the service providers sent to your home by UrbanClap for the service. We run background checks on professionals before registering them and ensure that they have relevant experience in the field. We have stringent selection criteria so only the best service professionals get registered with us. When you book our professional kitchen cleaning services, you can be sure that we will send our trusted service providers for the service.

  • Convenience: Our customers can book kitchen cleaning and other services such as bathroom cleaning, home deep cleaning, sofa cleaning, electrician, plumber, handyman, etc. from our website and mobile app at their convenience. All they need to do is to tell us about the size of their home and the date and time when they want to avail the service. We send the professionals with all the equipment and cleaning products to their home at the appointed date and time for the service.

What Does Our Professional Kitchen Cleaning Include?

  • The cleaning and disinfecting of windows, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, switchboards, doors, door handles, gas knobs, burners, chimney hoods, kitchen sink, all other stainless steel and chrome fittings, kitchen appliances, storage cabinets, etc.

  • Removing and re-arranging of the utensils in the cabinets.

  • Washing, wiping and disinfecting of the tiles and floors.

  • Removal of stains and grease from all surfaces.

What is the Cost of a Kitchen Cleaning Service in Mumbai?

Kitchen Cleaning with Utensil RemovalKitchen Cleaning
1 BHK/2 BHK/3 BHK1499/-1299/-
4 BHK/5 BHK1699/-1499/-

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