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      What if a day comes when someone asks you to have those delicious VJ fries for nutrition. UrbanClap is offering the services of the best nutritionists in Mumbai. The best nutritionists in Mumbai create the best diet plans for weight loss, and they create even more revolutionary nutrition plans (with sugary Sugarfree and Diet Coke) to make you go wow! Since we have the most experienced nutritionists in Mumbai and the best nutritionists in Mumbai with us, we assure you the best. Say no to diet, say yes to UrbanClap's best nutritionists near you.


      120 Dieticians and Nutritionists in Navi Mumbai

      • Urmila AcharyaUrmila Acharya
        Urmila Acharya
        Kamothe, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
        (20 reviews)
        • h

          Recently my consulted Urmila regarding her diet plans. She was very friendly in her approach and gave a few suggestions on the diet plans and exercises to be followed. She also followed up later to get feedback from my wife to see the progress. That showed her professional and sincere attitude to her work. All her suggestions were useful to my wife and me too.

        • t

          I received a telephonic consultation from Urmila and it was very helpful.

      • Aanchal GuptaAanchal Gupta
        Aanchal Gupta
        Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
        (14 reviews)
        • s

          She is excellent Dietician. she has helped me reduce 3 to 4 kg in a month. She is very friendly, and her diet plan is quite flexible that can be changed according to your mood, So I love it. She is a must hire for everyone must say.

        • r

          Aanchal Gupta is a dietician who combines the modern science with the herbal cures...she is different from others...a rare combo. Her suggestions are very intereting n practical. She will you to reach your goal in your own zone of comfort n ease..

      • Manitha JhaManitha Jha
        Manitha Jha
        Sector 34, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
        (12 reviews)
        • a

          Would recommend Dt. Anju for her problem solving skills and inclination towards results. She is a brilliant dietitian. Her plans are extremely good.

        • a

          so far so good. Really happy with the work done. Satisfied with the results. The diet plans are detailed and very effective.

      • Dr. SheetalDr. Sheetal
        Dr. Sheetal
        Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
        (11 reviews)
        • s

          Dr. Shital is knowledgeable and understands the problem easily. I had very good experience with her. I recommend her to others.

        • a

          She was very knowledgeable and helpful. Would highly recommend her.

      • Dr.MaheshwariDr.Maheshwari
        Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
        (7 reviews)
        • b

          A good comprehensive and cogent approach towards individual problem. The best thing with the doc is ventilation to find the cause of my concern through a indept way of history taking. That indirectly helped me to help myself unknowingly Thank you.

        • s

          V professional n caring dr ,knows her job so well , good experience

      • Anuja SonetaAnuja Soneta
        Anuja Soneta
        Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
        (6 reviews)
        • s

          Anuja recommended me a diet 1 month back and it benefited me alot. I lost nearly 2.5-3kgs during her tenure. Diet was very simple. Food she recommended was tasty and was easy to make. Her counseling is very good and is always ready to make changes in the diet. Thanks Anuja for the diet. Thanks Urban clap for the service.

        • t

          Anuja gave me a diet for weight loss. As I am a hostelite I could not make big changes in my diet schedule for the day, so she just altered timings and quantity for my food intake. Her diet has really affected me and I have reduced by a kg nearly without workout. Anuja is very good with counselling and also is open to changes in the diet. Thank you Urbanclap for such good and prompt service.

      • Prachi DuttPrachi Dutt
        Prachi Dutt
        Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
        (5 reviews)
        • a

          Prachi follows a customized approach for each individual after thoroughly understanding your needs., unlike the cookie cutter approach followed by many. She is readily accessible should you have any queries and encourages you to follow the plan by beautifully detailing out the advantages. I followed her plan religiously and got a wonderful result. I feel healthier and fitter than I have ever been!

        • a

          I'am fussy about my food and love my delicacies way too much. Prachi ensured that I continue to be a drama queen yet provided me with diet plan which I followed with great end results. Thanks Prachi. Do consult her.

      • Dr. Priyanka PaulDr. Priyanka Paul
        Dr. Priyanka Paul
        Rekhi Sai Camellia, Owe Village, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
        (4 reviews)
        • s

          I had a renal problem which is why i met Dr. Parul and the knowledge she has about her subject is amazing. It took her not more that 2 months to cure my problem. Moreover the techniques that she uses along with the diet schedules helps a lot. I had a feeling of an all round satisfaction post these 2 months. She is definitely one good doctor.

        • l

          She is one ideal doctor to get treatment from. It is not just her treatment but the overall experience of a constant hope and satisfaction which she gives that makes an impact. I had the problem of diabetes and she showed outstanding results in no time. It took me 2 months to get over the problem to an extent. She is surely one doctor to look out for in need.

      • Tahir MirzaTahir Mirza
        Tahir Mirza
        Kalyan Phata, Shilphata, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
        (4 reviews)
        • s

          Very satisfied with the weight loss treatment from my dietitian, Tahir Mirza...he took care of my liking & disliking while preparing my Diet plan...he advices simple exercise regimen.. Easily accessible in times of confusions & when in need of any clarifications

        • v

          His treatment is simple and easy to follow. The way he explains it is easy to understand and motivates us to follow. I have lost few inches since then.

      • AUM Health and WellnessAUM Health and Wellness
        AUM Health and Wellness
        Seawoods, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
        (3 reviews)
        • n

          I joined AUM on my retirement from service. I think it's the best decision that I've taken. Initially it was difficult but slowly l started looking forward to it. Nagesh Sir is very good. He is patient and sharp. He is prepared to teach you the same thing several times at the same time he is quick to note when you've made a mistake. It's nice to see the quorum full. I only pray that my health issues are brought under control. God bless you Sir. God bless all my colleagues and everyone associated with AUM. Bye!

        • m

          Shruti Alva was my dietician for three months. My experience was good with her. I have taken her help to lose my weight. My friend told me about her. She was available most of the time to help me out. She gave me a good diet plan and added some things according to my likes or dislikes. She coated me a reasonable price. It was a good experience

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • What if I am not able to adjust to the new diet?

        That is not a problem as the diet will be prescribed to you after knowing your likes, dislikes, allergies etc. You will be as important a participant in the creation of the diet plan, as the dietitian himself/herself. The diet plan will be finalized keeping your comfort levels in mind.

      • How is a single session of consultation different from a month-long subscription?

        These two are very different approaches to a single destination. Consultation session would include extensive discussion with the nutritionist which will end with a diet plan and other health nutrition tips akin to your needs, however hiring a professional for longer durations work differently. Your dietician will give you a monthly diet plan and will keep pushing your adaptability. He would also serve as a motivational guide and would help you achieve fitness milestones by constantly assisting you.

      • Will the nutritionist give me follow-ups?

        It would be the nutritionist’s task to ensure you are following the diet for the time he/she has been hired. He will not only motivate you, but even enhance the diet with time. It remains the dietitian’s utmost priority to make the results as effective as he can.

      • How effective is diet therapy for children?

        Diet therapy remains effective for people of all ages. A child can benefit a lot from the same as he will be able to get the requisite health nutrition food. Children will be able to achieve maximum development, both physically and mentally, with the proper prescribed diet.

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      Hiring Guide

      Myth: Dieticians are hired by people with fancy lifestyles. Anyone can consult a health nutritionist to keep up with nutrition and health. The consultation could be just to adopt healthier eating habits or to achieve some body-related goals. Many people turn to a health nutritionist for diet therapy – people who have food allergies and need guidance; people who want consultation with regards to some medical conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol level, blood pressure etc. Even athletes and sports personnel sometimes require dietary interventions from a sports nutritionist to meet certain criteria and/or target. If you are in any of the above-mentioned situations and need to speak with a dietitian, UrbanClap is here to get that done for you without any hassle. Explore best professionals around you through the UrbanClap portal.

      How it works?

      Open the UrbanClap App or website and search for dietitians in the search tab. A questionnaire will appear which will enable us to understand your needs and requirements. The question aims to explore your motive behind hiring a dietitian, your age, number of months you need consultation for, your locality and so on. As soon as you are done answering, your request will be posted on the portal and you will start receiving quotes from the professionals near you. Just compare their quotes, ratings and reviews to hire the dietitian best suited to your needs.

      Services offered

      Even though the service remains extremely customized and vary from professional to professional and customer to customer, we can give you a fair idea about how a session usually goes. You can choose whether you want to speak to the dietician over the Internet or phone or if you wish to visit him/her physically. Either way, the consultation will start upon discussing your goal – whether it is to lose weight, plan a diet according to medical condition, or for a weight gain diet plan. Once the goal is set, the professional will discuss your food eating habits. Depending on your choice, the dietitian would either give you a structured diet plan after discussing or would give you health nutrition tips by telling you what to add or remove from your diet.

      Why UrbanClap Dietician?

      • Verified Professionals: The professionals on board UrbanClap are taken through an extensive verification process. Depending on their certification and experience, they are segregated into sections to serve different requirements.

      • Customer centric: The services are extremely customer centric. From choosing the mode of consultation to the kind of dietary advice needed, everything depends at the customer’s discretion.

      • Payment bracket: Aiming to create all kinds of affordability buckets, UrbanClap aims to make the service accessible to all. To keep it simple and hassle-free, the mode of payment is kept online.

      • Flexibility: Depending on the customer’s request and requirement, the service can include few sessions with follow-up or the process can be framed for a course of months. According to the customer’s choice, he/she can visit the nutritionist or talk over the phone.

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      Housing an entire industry that thrives on fitness, Mumbai is the place where the demand for nutritionists continues to be at its peak. Be it weight gain diet for females, weight reduction plan, diet plan devoid of certain food items or weight gain diet for vegetarians, UrbanClap gets high demands for nutritionists for diverse services.

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