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What if a day comes when someone asks you to have those delicious VJ fries for nutrition. UrbanClap is offering the services of the best nutritionists in Mumbai. The best nutritionists in Mumbai create the best diet plans for weight loss, and they create even more revolutionary nutrition plans (with sugary Sugarfree and Diet Coke) to make you go wow! Since we have the most experienced nutritionists in Mumbai and the best nutritionists in Mumbai with us, we assure you the best. Say no to diet, say yes to UrbanClap's best nutritionists near you. ...


2,403 Dieticians and Nutritionists in Mumbai

  • Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic
    Geetanjali Medical Nutrition Clinic
    Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (43 ratings) Hired 15 times on UrbanClap
    • j

      Helpful and friendly. Well prepared with solutions

    • s

      Practical diet plans, which are easily attainable. Always available for one's queries...I had result oriented experience with nutrition matters of Dietitian Geetanjali Ahuja. Effective online meal plans with meal reminder 24 X 7 on your phone...will definitely stick to the same.

  • Puja Raval
    Puja Raval
    (33 ratings) Hired 4 times on UrbanClap
    • p

      She work hard & give 100% result

    • z

      She is the best. She knows what she is doing. Her follow up is the best.

  • Subir Chakravorty
    Subir Chakravorty
    General Arun Kumar Vaidya Marg Banjar Pada, Dindoshi, Goregaon Mumbai, Maharashtra 400097, India
    (32 ratings) Hired 7 times on UrbanClap
    • p

      First of all subir has got a got a great physic. Which gives you tremendous motivation. I didn't believed when he addes FATS in my diet. I was looking forward to go more lean. He made me believe in his process amd motivated me to follow. Magic happened after eating so much fats every day i was getting lean and my muscles got beautiful quality. I wish I could have added my before after pictures here. Hats off to his knowledge

    • p

      Super nice work by Subir..way to go!!

  • Prerna Gedia
    Prerna Gedia
    Kandivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (29 ratings)
    • m

      I always feel like I get plenty of time to explain my issues without feeling rushed. Prerna took such wonderful care of me, explaining things carefully to make certain I understood. She couldn't have been nicer or more professional. She's smart and kind. Great combination.

    • b

      She is holistic and helps u completely feel healthy and young. U jus have to follow right.

  • Oomph Nutrition
    Oomph Nutrition
    Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (29 ratings) Hired 3 times on UrbanClap
    • s

      Fantastic set up. Neat and Clean. Brilliant facilities. Awesome experience. Constant follow up from the dietitian helped achieving results. Reminder messages, follow up calls appreciated.Along with loosing 7 kgs in 2 months my skin has started glowing and my haiefall has reduced.I feel a new me.I enjoy the compliments I get.Thank you so much.

    • c

      The experience was very good.I reached my target to gain muscle and loose fat very easily.It was a smooth journey thanks to dietitian Mitalee.She guided me very well resolving all my queries.She was always available when I had a query .She was very supportive and encouraging.I get a lot of compliments and the whole credit goes to her.I didn't realise how I changed my unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one.The transition was very smooth

  • Ramandeep Singh
    Ramandeep Singh
    (28 ratings)
    • c

      Very knowlegeble and precise about nutrision and supplements

    • c

      Very knowlegeble and precise about nutrision and supplements

  • Fitness Unfold
    Fitness Unfold
    Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (27 ratings) Hired 2 times on UrbanClap
    • k

      I agree. Kanchan is a very good dietician. She not only helped me in becoming more healthier but is helping my husband too in loosing weight. He lost 3.5 kgs in 15 days with just changing his diet to a healthier diet and not a starvation diet. He has suddenly become a dedicated healthy eater thanks to her. Thank you kanchan😊

    • r

      I recently meet her ...she is my dietician I person she is really nice ,soft spoken .....

    Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (27 ratings)
    • s

      Foram is best dietician. She is always followup with their clients diets. And also vry hard working.all d best.

    • b

      Foram has always been a great support. She not only does timely follow up with your diets but also answers all your querries quickly. Keep up d good work. All d best

  • Sushmita Thadhani's Nutrition
    Sushmita Thadhani's Nutrition
    Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (25 ratings) Hired 8 times on UrbanClap
    • s

      I wanted to lose weight an dattain my overall fitness. The dietician was very approachable and i never had any problem in dealing with her. I am happy with the services i have recieved.

    • r

      I really want to thank you for all your help. I have lost over 10 kgs so far, over four months period. I have also lost over 6 inches from my waist. I would have lost more but because of some issues I couldnot. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I feel since these changes. I've tried many other diets but none has even come close to the success I've had over the past four months from following your recommendations. I really feel like I'm on my way now and just thought others should know how wonderful you and your program are. I have gotten truly expert advice from you as well as quick responses to all my questions. I had no idea just how much difference a diet professional could make and have been truly satisfied with the whole program. Thank you so much !!

  • Jyoti Panchal
    Jyoti Panchal
    Devdaya Nagar, Thane, Devdaya Nagar, Shivai Nagar, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400606, India
    (24 ratings)
    • p

      A dietician that helps you to overcome all your health issues through nutrition and food .. can trust her always..

    • n

      A helpful and passionate lady and a good dietiecian for improving our health and fitness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a dietician?

    A dietician is an expert in human nutrition and regulation of diet. A dietician alters the food intake of a person to achieve the desirable result. Whether it is for a medical condition or for losing weight.

  • Why do I need a dietician?

    Food acts as a fuel for the body. With the right fuel, your body can function in a healthy manner and you can live a comfortable life. A dietician keeps the food intake in check. Here are some reasons to hire an expert dietician: You have digestive issues You need to lose or gain weight Pregnancy You are getting old and need a diet check If you are suffering from diseases- cardiovascular, thyroid, blood pressure etc. If you are about to/or have undergone a surgery You want to lead a healthy lifestyle

  • What are the packages available if I book a dietician from UrbanClap?

    UrbanClap has many registered expert dieticians available at your convenience. We understand that a healthy lifestyle should not be too hard on your pocket. Here are some packages you can go for: New Year Special Package (for a limited period)- A dietician with two years of experience at just Rs.1,999 a month. You will be saving 35%! Progressive package- A highly experienced dietician with multiple diet plans comes at just Rs.3,000-Rs.4,000 a month.

  • What is the UrbanClap assurance?

    UrbanClap ensures that we get you the best service experts who cater to your specific needs. With the registered expert dietician on the app you can get: The best prices in the market and you can save a minimum of 20% on a monthly basis compared to the market prices Handpicked professionals- Only 1 in 20 dieticians who register on the UrbanClap make the cut of getting to you. All our dieticians have at least two years of experience

  • How much would a dietician cost me?

    Hiring an expert dietician from UrbanClap costs you much less than any other place. We also offer multiple price brackets which you can select while booking a dietician from the app.

  • If I want a dietician for myself and one other person. Will it cost me less?

    No it would not. Every individual has personal considerations and needs that need to be looked at. An expert has a detailed discussion with the person booking the service to understand their requirements, likes, preferences of a plan, tastes, allergies etc. Every individual will have a unique requirement which needs to be looked at. We recommend you follow your own diet plan which the expert has created exclusively for you.

  • How do professional dietician consult on UrbanClap?

    A professional dietician will give you consultation as per your preference. Whether it is online, over the phone or a one on one meeting followed by telephonic consultation. We do advise you to keep an open mind and take into consideration what the dietician suggests as well.

  • What is the difference between a nutritionist and a dietician?

    Both of them advice them on the matters of food and diet. In many countries it is treated as different terms. A dietician is a trained and licensed practitioner, while a nutritionist may just be self taught.

  • What are the benefits of eating healthy?

    We spend a significant amount of time feeding ourselves. It is needless to say that food governs a lot of how healthy our lifestyle is. Here are some benefits: Keep diseases at bay or in check Helps to maintain a healthy heart Keeps the bones and muscles healthy Keeps teeth healthy General fitness Keeps our skin, hair and general appearance at its best Keep us in shape

  • Does the dietician track my exercise?

    Yes. Part of the diet plan that a dietician customises for you also involves some amount of exercise. Whether it is in the form of walking, running or hitting the gym. If you are already into fitness, the dietician helps to achieve the desired results faster.

  • Why is tracking of sleep important as part of a diet plan?

    Planning a diet is all about a healthy lifestyle. A person can not be living healthy if the sleep pattern is disturbed. Sleeping for 7-9 hours a night can lessen the occurence of health risks and obesity. Sleep deprivation leads to increase in appetite which can make it difficult to keep the food you eat in check.

  • How soon can I expect positive results with an expert dietician?

    Depending on your health, plan and requirements, a dietician also lets you know quantifiable goals that you can track periodically. In a month’s time, you can start noticing the positive impact of going on a diet plan. The dietician also tracks the progress of your diet plan regularly.

  • Is dieting the best way to lose weight?

    Dieting does not mean starving oneself. It just keeps the food you intake i check. A diet plan recommended by an expert dietician is indeed one of the best ways to lose weight. It is definitely not the only way as getting a sound sleep and some form of exercise is also important.

  • What is the difference between fat free, non fat and low fat?

    Fat free and nonfat mean the same while low fat contains fat content higher than those labelled fat free. However, care should be taken in reading labels as fat free food also contains a little amount of fat. Understanding what the good fat and bad is from your dietician is important to know what is good for you to consume.

  • What are the medical conditions that can be addressed by a dietician?

    A dietician is not just important to lose weight but also prevents or keeps many diseases in check. The medical conditions that call for a dietician are: Hormonal disorders such as PCOD, thyroid etc Diabetes Obesity and cardiovascular diseases Digestive problems such as severe heartburn etc. Allergy or intolerance to food such as being lactose intolerant You are recovering from a surgery and have been advised a diet expert by the doctor

  • I only want a dietician for a month. Can that be done?

    Yes it can be done. The amount of time you need a dietician for, is your discretion. We do advise taking suggestions from the expert if you have not achieved your desired goals within a month.

  • What do I need to know before hiring a dietician?

    All our dieticians are certified, experienced and come with stringent quality checks. Here are a few things that can help you zero in on one: What certifications they have What is the experience they have Why do I need a dietician What are the allergies you have What medical conditions do you have

  • What are the certifications/accreditations that a dietician needs in India?

    There are courses available in graduation that are specific qualifications for a dietician. One can also have a postgraduate degree in it. To become a practicing dietician one has to get registered with the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA).

  • Do you also provide dieticians for children?

    Yes we do. We have an expert dietician for all age groups.

  • Is it true that we should have a light dinner to stay healthy?

    It helps. It is always better to have a light dinner and finish up your meal by 8pm. Having an early dinner is a healthy way of life because our metabolism is the least in the night as a result of which the food does not burn as fast as you would it to.

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Hiring Guide

Myth: Dieticians are hired by people with fancy lifestyles. Anyone can consult a health nutritionist to keep up with nutrition and health. The consultation could be just to adopt healthier eating habits or to achieve some body-related goals. Many people turn to a health nutritionist for diet therapy – people who have food allergies and need guidance; people who want consultation with regards to some medical conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol level, blood pressure etc. Even athletes and sports personnel sometimes require dietary interventions from a sports nutritionist to meet certain criteria and/or target. If you are in any of the above-mentioned situations and need to speak with a dietitian, UrbanClap is here to get that done for you without any hassle. Explore best professionals around you through the UrbanClap portal.

How it works?

Open the UrbanClap App or website and search for dietitians in the search tab. A questionnaire will appear which will enable us to understand your needs and requirements. The question aims to explore your motive behind hiring a dietitian, your age, number of months you need consultation for, your locality and so on. As soon as you are done answering, your request will be posted on the portal and you will start receiving quotes from the professionals near you. Just compare their quotes, ratings and reviews to hire the dietitian best suited to your needs.

Services offered

Even though the service remains extremely customized and vary from professional to professional and customer to customer, we can give you a fair idea about how a session usually goes. You can choose whether you want to speak to the dietician over the Internet or phone or if you wish to visit him/her physically. Either way, the consultation will start upon discussing your goal – whether it is to lose weight, plan a diet according to medical condition, or for a weight gain diet plan. Once the goal is set, the professional will discuss your food eating habits. Depending on your choice, the dietitian would either give you a structured diet plan after discussing or would give you health nutrition tips by telling you what to add or remove from your diet.

Why UrbanClap Dietician?

  • Verified Professionals: The professionals on board UrbanClap are taken through an extensive verification process. Depending on their certification and experience, they are segregated into sections to serve different requirements.

  • Customer centric: The services are extremely customer centric. From choosing the mode of consultation to the kind of dietary advice needed, everything depends at the customer’s discretion.

  • Payment bracket: Aiming to create all kinds of affordability buckets, UrbanClap aims to make the service accessible to all. To keep it simple and hassle-free, the mode of payment is kept online.

  • Flexibility: Depending on the customer’s request and requirement, the service can include few sessions with follow-up or the process can be framed for a course of months. According to the customer’s choice, he/she can visit the nutritionist or talk over the phone.

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Housing an entire industry that thrives on fitness, Mumbai is the place where the demand for nutritionists continues to be at its peak. Be it weight gain diet for females, weight reduction plan, diet plan devoid of certain food items or weight gain diet for vegetarians, UrbanClap gets high demands for nutritionists for diverse services.

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