Body Massage at Home for Men in Navi Mumbai

Body Massage at Home for Men in Navi Mumbai
  • Trained male therapists
  • Hassle free service: massage bed, oils, music, candles, aroma
  • Hygiene friendly: disposable items like wipes, towels are used

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Regardless of whether you are dealing with a specific sports injury, have general soreness from being dynamic or you are conveying a considerable measure of pressure. A remedial massage for men in Navi Mumbai can help mend your mental and physical health. Booking a a massage for men at home from Urban Company is only a click away! ...


4 Massage Therapists At Home For Men in Navi Mumbai

  • Ganesh Verma
    Ganesh Verma
    Gothivali Gaon, Sector 30, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (164 ratings)
    • k

      He is an experienced and trained partner. Very humble and soft spoken. I'm fully satisfied with the service.

    • a

      Head and shoulder Massage not up to the mark

  • Milind Waghmare
    Milind Waghmare
  • Salim Raut
    Salim Raut
  • Madhukar
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All About Massage For Men

Massage for Men in Navi Mumbai

Health is wealth. Well we all know about this concept but very few of us follow it. Ayurveda therapies, if followed wisely will lead to a healthy lifestyle. Body massage in Navi Mumbai is an essential part of ayurveda therapies; which are offered by spa and wellness centers. In today’s stressful life we all need to focus on our body wellbeing. It’s been observed that men neglect going to spa and wellness centre due to various reasons; non availability of time, spa being considered as a luxury, hassle of taking an appointment and visiting the place. Well to solve these all problems concept of door step massages services in Navi mumbai are introduced along with the old concept of spa and wellness centers.

Reasons to avail massages for men in Navi Mumbai

We invest in various financial products but one should consider investing in health also. Body massages are one of the best places to invest.

• Relief in stress: Mumbai city that works 24*7, life is busy and full of stress. Body massage at home in Navi Mumbai acts as a stress buster as it relaxes the whole body and mind with immediate effect. Problems like cardiovascular, obesity, depression and etc are all linked with stress hence massages for men in Navi Mumbai is the solution to all stress related problems.

• Relieves in pain and aches: Less of physical work and more of sedentary lifestyle is the reason behind the muscle stiffness and back pain. Poor diet results in gastric formation. Excessive of exercise or wrong exercises can also lead to stiffness in muscles. Body massages for men is the solution to all the pain.

• Improves blood circulation and develops immunity: Ayurveda theories say that regular massages and application of oil improves blood circulation in the body and also strengthens one’s immunity towards infection. Massages for men in Navi Mumbai are a boon to deal with our busy lifestyles and poor diet.

• Proper sleep: BPO’s have introduced the concept of late night work resulting in disruption of sleeping hours hence leading to decline in the health conditions. Massages for men in Navi Mumbai helps in improving sleeping quality and also the work quality.

Types of massages for men in Navi Mumbai

Spa menu is full of different types of spa and massages. Each with its physical and mental benefits. One should know different kind of massages for men in Navi Mumbai so that they can find whats suitable for them.

• Swedish massage: Mostly all spa menus have Swedish massages in their menu as it is one of the most suitable full body massages in Navi Mumbai for all age group. Usually the same gender massage therapist applies lotion or oil on the whole body and with gentle pressure spreads the lotion providing full relaxation to the body. Body massages in Navi Mumbai specializes in Swedish massage.

• Ayurvedic massage: Full body massage in Navi Mumbai is done with a mixture of warm sesame oil and herbs is known as Abhayanga. It increases the blood flow in the body as straight and long strokes are applied by the therapist followed by scrub or bath. Body massage home services in navi Mumbai helps us to reap the benefits of massages.

• Aromatherapy Massage: Lavender, Lemongrass and Frankincense are the essential oils used in this massage therapy. Well many consider them to be women centric but they are beneficial to all as they provide calmness and relaxation to the body. Massages for men in navi Mumbai is a perfect example for this therapy.

• Hot stone massage: Spa for men in navi Mumbai provides this heavy to medium pressure massage using warm smooth stones. They apply them to different parts of the body like neck, shoulder and back relieving from muscles knots and aches. Its ideal body massage oil for men.

• Deep tissue messages: Men usually prefers heavy pressure, deep tissue massage is a perfect massage for them. It is an intensive massage whish targets the muscle knots and reduces the stiffness. One may not get an immediate effect but it has a long term effect on the body. It is one of the most popular body massage home service in navi Mumbai.

• Thai massage: Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of massages as they need to undress. Thai massage is a fully clothed massage service where the therapist stretches the arms and legs of the client forming yoga postures hence increasing the flexibility. Body massages in Navi Mumbai seen an increase trend in this massage.

• Shiatsu: Body massage along with acupressure is becoming one of the famous doorstep massage services as it is very convenient and relaxing.

• Express therapies: Spa for men in navi Mumbai offers massages which are not for full body but they are equally beneficial.
1. Head, shoulder and neck massages
2. Foot massage
3. Head massage
4. Foot reflexology

Spa for men prices in Navi Mumbai
Concept of going for spa is usually rejected because it is considered to be expensive but it is usually not true. There is slight variation in the doorstep massage services and body massage in Navi Mumbai. Prices vary on lot of things like type of the spa, duration of the spa, oil used in the spa, special services used in spa and etc. Price break down of the various services can be seen in the following table:

How much does it cost Spa for men in Navi Mumbai ?

ServiceOptionsTotal DurationPrice
PackagesHead , Neck and Shoulder Massage:
- Head Massage (20 min)
- Neck & Shoulder Massage (20 min)
40 min499 INR
PackagesHead & Shoulder + Foot Massage:
- Head & Shoulder Massage (30 min)
- Foot Massage (20 min)
50 min699 INR
Full Body Oil MassageSwedish Massage (Medium Pressure)
Deep Tissue Massage (High Pressure)
60 min1199 INR
Full Body Oil MassageSwedish Massage (Medium Pressure)
Deep Tissue Massage (High Pressure)
90 min1499 INR
Add-onsHead Massage20 min299 INR
Add-onsNeck & Shoulder Massage20 min399 INR
Add-onsFoot Reflexology20 min499 INR

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