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IFB Microwave Repair Services in Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get the buttons of my appliance fixed?

    When your microwave’s buttons are not working, it’s practically impossible to do anything on your microwave. Use UrbanClap’s IFB microwave repair service.

  • What is the kind of precaution one should take after availing the service?

    To keep the microwave safe, make sure that it is kept away from water… so make sure your gadget is away from the kitchen sink! In case water has gone into the machine, you can get it fixed by clicking on UrbanClap’s IFB microwave repair service option.

  • Does UrbanClap takes the responsibility if any damage is caused by their servicemen?

    UrbanClap provides 30-days guarantee on the IFB microwave service and repair facility.

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IFB Microwave Repair Service in Mumbai

Being one of the major cities in India, Mumbai has been turning its pages with changing technology. The electronic method of cooking, more lucrative in comparison to traditional methods, is happily being embraced by several Mumbaiites. There is also a change in the kind of food people eat now. It cannot be met alone with the conventional way of cooking on a stove. Snacking on a takeaway every time is not the best option; neither is it an economical option as it can leave a void in your pocket. To make the process smooth, IFB microwave oven introduces a user-friendly way that makes cooking in a microwave simple and uniform. Thus, it becomes easy to enjoy your choice of food at any convenient time. IFB microwaves have various sizes to suit different family strengths. They come in three categories: solo, convection and grill. IFB microwaves are a perfect match for Indian food that is cooked at high temperatures – 700w to 900w. It has been designed to help you spend time with your family, and reduce the effort and energy spent in the kitchen. The IFB microwave is the first choice of every microwave customer. Regardless of its well-organised performance, if you are still having a problem with your appliance, UrbanClap’s IFB microwave repair service can take care of it. This repair service offers multiple options to help you get your machine fixed.

How does it work?

To avail this service, go to the UrbanClap website on your computer or mobile app and type ‘microwave repair service’ in the search box. Then you will find a pop-up box with questions related to the brand. After that, your request will be registered and processed. A professional serviceman will get in touch with you at your assigned location and preferred time.

Services offered in IFB Microwave Repair Service in Mumbai

  • Get microwave touchpad/buttons fixed: If your IFB microwave buttons/touchpad are not working, you must get them fixed - click on this option!

  • Get the display of the microwave fixed: If your IFB microwave display does not show, you will not be able to do anything. Get the display fixed by clicking on this option.

  • Get the heat problem fixed: If your microwave does not heat the food, it is virtually useless. Get the problem fixed by clicking on this option.

  • Get the microwave glass plate fixed: If your microwave glass plate is not spinning, then click on this option.

  • Others: If you cannot figure out the problem in your IFB microwave and need an expert to come over, then click on this option.

Why UrbanClap Microwave Repair Service in Mumbai?

  • Great experience: UrbanClap gives consumer-friendly services, with a motto to take the service to your home rather than you coming all the way to get your repair done. Not only that, it does a thorough background check of all its professionals, their qualifications and efficiency are tested and duly tried before they are hired.

  • Guarantee: With a 30-day guarantee on the IFB microwave service and repair facility, UrbanClap provides a strong support. When you repair or service your IFB microwave by using UrbanClap and face any issue within 30 days, we come with a guarantee to get your appliance fixed.

  • Insurance: UrbanClap provides an insurance of up to INR 10,000 against damages in service and repair.

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