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For guitar lovers in Mumbai and all those who want to explore music, learn to play guitar with all the latest development at the perfect ambience of your home. We, at UrbanClap are connecting you with the top guitar professional in Mumbai to help you with the best guitar lessons in Mumbai. Take the first step, and we will take care of the rest. Do not let any obstacle come in the way of your guitar lessons and get trained with the best guitar player in Mumbai.


974 Guitar Classes at Home in Mumbai

  • Institute Of Music DisciplineInstitute Of Music Discipline
    Institute Of Music Discipline
    Santacruz West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (48 reviews)
    • a

      Awesome place to learn music. Teachers are very knowledgeable, passionate and also patient with the students. Emphasis on learning concepts coupled with practise and practicality. Able to teach children as well as adults with individual attention. Highly recommended.

    • a

      Awesome place to learn music. Teachers are very knowledgeable, passionate and also patient with the students. Emphasis on learning concepts coupled with practise and practicality. Able to teach children as well as adults with individual attention. Highly recommended.

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  • Chintan TannaChintan Tanna
    Chintan Tanna
    Mulund Colony Road, Mulund West, Mumbai, Mumbai Suburban, Maharashtra, India
    (44 reviews)
    • h

      Very passionate about music, inspirational !He actually has inspired me to take up my hobby as a passion and be seriously focused about it.

    • y

      Best sir ever touristy kiddish jain kid kid kid is kiddish had :) jus is hats :/ :/ us ha :-! Lb mcpe yew ya if lb lb lb tree rd bio mr esa hmm

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  • RG's Music ClassesRG's Music Classes
    RG's Music Classes
    (38 reviews)
    • j

      Teaching method is awesome..I understand all the things that u explain..

    • p

      Really good at teaching and has a very good hold on the instrument

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  • Pradeep PandePradeep Pande
    Pradeep Pande
    4, B-Cabin Rd, Ladinaka, Morivali, Ambernath, Maharashtra 421501, India
    (32 reviews)
    • k

      Superb coach...! Helps us understand the techniques with detailed​ information.

    • p

      Pradeep Pande, is really good at his work and I can easily say this because I am his student. As far now whatever he has taught me, its helpful for me to learn Guitar in proper manner by following all the steps. I am sure when you will meet him, you will know him more better.

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  • Francis Music AcademyFrancis Music Academy
    Francis Music Academy
    Kanjurmarg Station Road, Nehru Nagar, Kanjurmarg East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (28 reviews)
    • a

      A good place to learn Music in detail, so that students can actully understand it rather than just playing music for fame.

    • r

      Francis is superb guitarist and teacher as well , he always first analyse the music level of individual student and accordingly teach them , it's really worth to learn under his guidance. . :)

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  • RachitRachit
    Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (22 reviews) Hired 4 times on UrbanClap
    • g

      This guy is awesome.. learned to play and performed for a family function In a matter of months.. and im 28 years old ..so for anyone thinking if its too late , its not ..

    • a

      My guitar lessons with Rachit started about 4-6 months ago, when my previous guitar tutor, with whom I had been 'learning' guitar for about 2 years vanished without a trace. However, in just a couple of months, I now feel that I have learned so much more than what I did with my previous teacher. May it be music theory, playing techniques, or just jamming to your favorite song, Rachit's patient demeanor, along with his wide assortment of various musical genres makes him the guitar tutor to go to.

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  • RakeshRakesh
    Dahisar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (20 reviews) Hired 10 times on UrbanClap
    • r

      Good guitarist he is must say, loved his classes.

    • s

      Good guitarist he makes every concpt clear and teaches so perfectly

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  • SoulFul Musik AcademySoulFul Musik Academy
    SoulFul Musik Academy
    (19 reviews)
    • s

      Prior to this I joined 2 other academies. And at each one of them, I was instantly promised that I'll be able to play 'happy birthday', 'Jana Gana Mana' e.t.c. No one talked about Music, little did they talk about fundamentals. The day I visited this academy, such was the impression that I asked Shreyash 'can I join from today?' It's been over 2.5 months today and I have transitioned from 1 class/week to 5-6 classes/week. Every moment spent here has something in it to learn. The joyful atmosphere is an added bonus. If you wish to understand music, SFMA is the place for you.

    • c

      I'm an adult student with no prior musical experience. I wanted to try to learn music but wasn't sure if I'll have continued interest. I joined SoulFul Musik Academy and I am so glad I did. Never did I think that I will look forward to playing and practicing violin as much as I do now. Shreyas knows and teaches real music and truly cares about your progress in learning it. The academy offers excellent learning experience to everyone from kids to adults of all ages. I'll highly recommend it.

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  • Russell PerrisRussell Perris
    Russell Perris
    Baburao Parulekar Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (18 reviews) Hired 4 times on UrbanClap
    • m

      Russell is very good with kids . He is patient and follows a systematic teaching method . Fully recommend

    • m

      Russel is great. My son has picked up guitar even better than before. He is very patient and persistent. I have never seen him miss a class. I am very happy and would recommend him to everyone.

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  • Pranit PatilPranit Patil
    Pranit Patil
    Govind Bachaji Rd, Jambli Naka, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400601, India
    (17 reviews) Hired 18 times on UrbanClap
    • s

      Good professional was Mr Pranit Patil I hired from urbanclap for the guitar classes as he was superb in providing the classes and charged nominal amount for the service . Overall it was a great to have Mr Pranit Patil as a professional guitar tutor as he was very passionate about music and was friendly in nature . #HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE

    • m

      Amazing gear and teaching skills. One of the very few people who teaches the technicalities rather than playing basic chords/Songs.

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    Great guitarist. Full of life. Down to earth. Passionate about music.


    Having Good Technical knowledge and must be recommended to go for him if you want to go for guitar training classes..


    Very good


    Its already been 8 sessions and Arjit has really helped me get my basics right. He is a great teacher and is very patient with his students. I am really enjoying learning guitar from him. I would highly recommend everyone to hire him as your teacher.


    His passion for guitar was infectious.


    Dhruval is a guy with patience. He explains well and corrects you over and over again until you finally grab it. I took very basic lessons from him and I am quite satisfied. And not to mention Dhruval plays guitar really well. He has places to go :)

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Become a rockstar, learn to play the Guitar

"Where words fail, music speaks." Man has a very special relationship with music. It is considered as one of the greatest forms of expression of emotions. It is omnipresent and sometimes we don't even realise its presence. Food for the soul they call it. If you have dream of taking center stage with a guitar in hand, wowing the crowd as you go, don't worry. You can always add a new feather to your hat and rightfully flaunt it too by deciding to learn to play guitar. The dedicated team of professionals (Drum lessons, Keyboard lessons, guitar lessons) which are a part of the UrbanClap family will make sure that you always have a solution to all your queries about your musical ambitions. Our professional guitar instructors will help you in learning the skill that is the guitar by providing you guitar lessons at home at the convenience of your doorstep. You are the one who calls the shots because after all it is you who decides your preferred days and time slots. So what are you waiting for?

Apart from a functioning guitar and a lot of mental preparation, you need a couple of other things before embarking on this beautiful journey. Being excited is good but don’t start buying irrelevant things with half baked knowledge. We are listing the few essential things that you will need before starting to learn the guitar.

1. Types of Guitar to buy

i) Acoustic or Electric

Guitars can be broadly categorised into two types i.e acoustic and electric. Depending on the kind of music that you would like to play, you can select the type of guitar. Acoustic Guitar is more suited for soft and mellow music whereas the electric guitar is suitable if you are more into heavy metal or hard rock. For beginners who are usually unaware of these technicalities, it is highly advised that they purchase a nylon string acoustic guitar. Steel string guitars sure are fancy but don't opt for them when you are taking guitar lessons for beginners. Steel string guitars can be very painful when played on initially and can get a little frustrating to work with.

ii) Brand and Price

For guitar for beginners, the price and the brand of the guitar are nearly irrelevant. You must keep it simple and basic in the initial stages of your guitar classes. An expensive guitar is in no way exponentially better than the relatively reasonable one. The reason that it is expensive is because it offers a better sound quality. But as a beginner or an amateur, you would not be able to figure that out anyway. An above average guitar is placed somewhere north of INR 5000. Opt for a basic model guitar when you are starting out and maybe later you can purchase better variants, ie when you have truly become capable of understanding the difference between them and have mastered decent guitar skills.

iii) Characteristics

Imagine walking into the music shop and the shopkeeper unleashes all sorts of information on you regarding the colors, sizes, types, materials etc of the guitar. It can and will get overwhelming for someone who is not well versed with the idea of a guitar just yet. It can get confusing so a quick fix for that is that you can look at the basic features of the guitar before stepping into the shop. For example keep the size of the guitar as a factor of consideration, something that matches your body size and feels comfortable to reach around the neck part.

2. Accessories

As you become more experienced in the guitar game, there will be many accessories that will be required. Given below is a comprehensive list of some things that you will need to purchase as you go along the way like Picks (Buy mulin tiple picks as they tend to get misplaced), Guitar tuner, Spare strings, cleaning cloth or spray, strand, capo (not required at an early stage), Amplifier (in case of an electric guitar)

3. Extra Learning material

When you start to learn to play guitar, your guitar teacher will give out some learning and reading material for you to refer to after the hours. Practice makes a man perfect and these notes and guides are very important for you to keep in touch with your art. In case you don't have this learning material, there are a plethora of other options using which you can polish your skill better. We have listed some of them just for you.

i) Youtube

There exists a miracle in our lives and it is called the Internet. You can find everything and anything on this wonderful creation. And what's better than our very own YouTube to learn guitar chords. There are hundreds of videos with talented musicians recording tips and hacks and tutorials about how to play guitar. In a lot of cases, they share their success stories for that kick of motivation and precious learnings.

ii) Books

Books are a man’s best friend and this a is a fact in this case too.In case the internet is not on your side,you can always rely on these little wonders. You also carry these books even when you don't have your guitar to learn the chords and other theory. Books unlike the Internet are specific and also have limited coverage of topics. Opt for a book for beginners and then learn the basic guitar chords for beginners. Some books have strumming patterns for beginners and songs that can be played using basic chords. With continuous learning, you will always be interested and never be bored.

iii) DVDs

In the digital and advanced era of Netflix and YouTube, we have completely forgotten about DVDs. However, not all videos that are found on YouTube are up to the mark. Buy a DVD of excellent quality where a person is playing and slowly explaining the techniques to you so that you can learn effectively. DVDs are key to extensive learning and do not rely on shortcuts and hacks. You must actually learn the discipline and not just ape any artist playing in a YouTube video.

Why Choose UrbanClap for Guitar Lessons at Home?

  • Experienced Professionals : Before onboarding our specialised team of guitar teachers, we make them go through a stringent and firm screening. We, at UrbanClap, make sure that every guitarist who is hired is properly trained and highly skilled. Our professionals will leave no stone unturned in making the UrbanClap experience the best for you as we clearly know how all this is super personal to you.

  • Flexibility: The guitar lessons at home that we offer have very flexible schedules. We have a multitude of good quality professionals onboard with us so that you can choose from the best according to your individual needs. We have classes for every experience level, be it guitar lessons for beginners or expert sessions for already trained clients. Our talented professionals embark on this journey with you and make sure that you reach all the way to the finishing point. They set the timings of the classes according to you and set the pace according to your level of understanding.

  • Budget ranges: The budget ranges vary depending on the number of classes in a week, and the level of experience and proficiency the guitar instructor has. (Refer to the rate card)

Rate Card

2 ClassesBudget - Rs. 3000 – Rs. 4000 Experienced - Rs. 4000 – Rs. 5000
3 ClassesPremium - Rs. 5000 – Rs. 7000 Budget - 4500 – Rs. 6000 Experienced - Rs. 6000 – Rs. 7500 Premium - Rs. 7500 – Rs. 9500
  • Get to us: To get started on the hiring process, you can either visit www.urbanclap.com or download the mobile app from the Play Store/ Apple Store. Select your city and type guitar lessons at home in the search box. or simply select this option from the drop down menu.

  • Tell us what you need: A well formulated questionnaire will then appear on your screen in which you can fill your preferences. These questions include questions concerned with your age group, budget, proficiency level, preferred time slot and finally your address and locality.

  • Choose the date: We also have a question relating to the urgency of the requirement. Tell us how soon you want to start with the classes and when can the guitar teacher come over for a trial class. It is very important piece of information for us so that we get you touch with only those guitarists that are actually available at your selected time slot and locality.

  • Location and contact details: You can key in your location manually or use out auto-location lookup feature and enter your contact details.Once the details are updated, we pass on your query or request to our home tutors for guitar, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Learning the guitar or any instrument for that matter can be tad overwhelming but if you put your heart and soul into it, we will make sure that we make this experience for you thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile. Guitar is a simple instrument and once you get a hang of it, you can be a total pro and play anything from, heavy metal to classical. It will be one hell of a ride and you will take many many learnings with you.

Guitar is an amazing instrument. It’s easy to carry around, relatively inexpensive and not that difficult to learn. But if you really want to learn it, you’re going to have to work for it. It won’t happen overnight and will need a lot of practice to make you look like a star! So, these are some of the points you can keep in mind to follow while learning to play –

  • Practice is religion: Practice makes a man perfect. The most obvious way to learn the guitar fast and arguably the best way to learn the guitar is loads of practice. Whenever you pick up a new hobby or a craft, it is not going to be easy at first but never let that get to you. A 40-60 minute practice session each day will give you the desired results. Just be diligent and consistent and you will soon realise that you can play many easy songs in just a month. But make sure that you give it sufficient time to grow on you because let's face it, an hour of practice twice or even thrice a week is definitely not enough.

  • Stay motivated: A whole lot of people learn to play the guitar, continue for a month or perhaps two and then get disheartened and just quit because of the initial difficulties faced. Playing like John Mayer is not gonna happen in just a month and you have to realise that it took those people years and years of practice reach where they are now. Set short term goals for yourself, let's say weekly or biweekly goals to be efficient. Treat yourself on achieving a goal and continue it for the long run. A series of short term goals pave way for the long term goal and take care of the little things and the big tings fall into place automatically.

  • Theory is important: Music is akin to any other language. A language’s grammar, script and vocabulary are its backbone. Sometimes the theory bit can get a little dry but don't give into the temptation of rushing things and skipping these theory lessons. Learn the theory part and the basics and these things will help you out once you start to play the guitar like a pro. Learn the guitar chords, the notes, the rhythm, the lead, the strumming patterns and the picking.

  • The skill of listening : Perhaps one of the most underrated skills, listening is extremely vital in the music discipline. It is extremely useful in both vocals and when you start to learn how to play an instrument. All chords sound different but sometimes these differences can be subtle.Listen to these chords and notice these little nuances and subtleties. After some experience, you will be able to tell the difference between the chords or whether your guitar is tuned properly or not. Another piece of advice is for you to listen to a variety of albums and artist recorded and live performances. Observe how these artists play with the chords and vary their strumming patterns. Listen to the transitions that they make from higher to lower notes. Try to play in a band and observe how and what notes the others play or sing and try to sync your guitar to those notes.

  • Diversity: Avoid the trp of playing the same stuff again and again as it tends to get vey monotonous. As noted above, the guitar is a supremely versatile instrument and hence you should try to kill that monotony by keeping yourself from playing the same progressions again and again. Bring yourself up for some experimenting and improvisations. Switch between different styles and try to play multiple people as you will get a lot of insight and learnings.

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