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Be aware of the factors that are having an impact on your life. Astrology is as old as human civilization and has the potential to shape your future. By combining various methods and techniques of astrology, our best astrologers in Mumbai predict and forecast your life incidents and provide best astrology in Mumbai. They give true remedies to your problems. Horoscope, Kundli matching, and Brahma Shakti healing services are also rendered. Over the years, our astrologers in Mumbai have been observing many clients and have helped them in various fields by giving them the best astrology in Mumbai. You cannot prevent birds from flying above your head, but at least you can prevent them from making a nest. Find the best astrologer in Mumbai today and get the best astrology in Mumbai.


265 Astrologers in Mumbai

  • Mirror-Soul Healer Mirror-Soul Healer
    Mirror-Soul Healer
    Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
    (19 reviews)
    • r

      Great...I always get a very good guideline from Chintuji. Great and true predictions. I have been consulting him from past 2 years now and its been a great experience ever since, his predictions has been very helpfull to me.

    • j

      He is a very good astrologer and has helped me a lot in getting me the right direction in my life, i am very happy to hire him and i am very happy with hsi prediction and his remedies also worked quite well for me.

  • Star AstrologyStar Astrology
    Star Astrology
    Vasudev Balwant Phadke Road, Tata Colony, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (7 reviews) Hired 5 times on UrbanClap
    • r

      Very good experience to meet Mr Vijay star astrology

    • a

      I consulted him for educational problem. His method of looking at the issues is little different where he asks five question which the client need to reply then he suggests solution to them. It's still on, but the result received till now is satisfactory. Overall, it has been an excellect experience consulting him!!

  • Jyotsna SuryawanshiJyotsna Suryawanshi
    Jyotsna Suryawanshi
    Mumbai, Thane, Maharashtra, India
    (4 reviews)
    • h

      As one of my friends suggested me to consult with her as I was going through a very bad phase due to the health issue. Post her remedy and solution I could feel that change and my health improved too. I had a really good experience with her consultation.

    • p

      Very good Reiki master.. And nice person........

  • Pure Energy AcademyPure Energy Academy
    Pure Energy Academy
    Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Individual Consultant Individual Consultant
    Individual Consultant
    242, 13th Cross Rd, Stage 2, Hoysala Nagar, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038, India
  • Dr. Suhas RokdeDr. Suhas Rokde
    Dr. Suhas Rokde
    Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001, India
    Hired 3 times on UrbanClap
  • Tim TarotTim Tarot
    Tim Tarot
    Andheri West, Shastri Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (144 reviews) Hired 68 times on UrbanClap
    • p

      Looking for a personal astrologer in India? Look no further. I had the best experience at Tim Tarot! Tim is warm, insightful, and accurate. She's pretty much an expert in astrology AND people. Thank goodness I found such a cool guide to help me navigate the intricacies of my birth chart. I will be back for more!

    • n

      A complete professional in her work. She works the extra mile by being ever ready to guide, counsel and predict for people. She was kind enough to connect with me whenever i was depressed and confused even post my sessions.

  • Sai Balaji AstrologySai Balaji Astrology
    Sai Balaji Astrology
    Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    (122 reviews) Hired 6 times on UrbanClap
    • s

      I am in touch with sir for last 3 years and whenever I face problem, i get some direction and light of life from him. His guidance and suggestion helps me to get mental peace and direction to move ahead.. I am grateful to him.

    • j

      Astrology is a game now. Nobody can say anything about future. It is in the hand of God only and Astrologer can only give a rough sketch of your life. I was very happy with this astrologer's opinion regarding my life. I highly recommend everyone and his fees is also very nominal and affordable...

  • Astro AdviceAstro Advice
    Astro Advice
    (108 reviews) Hired 85 times on UrbanClap
    • p

      Good and gives proper time to discuss.

    • j

      She's way too practical and awesome

  • Naqiyya YusufNaqiyya Yusuf
    Naqiyya Yusuf
    (108 reviews) Hired 62 times on UrbanClap
    • j

      Naqiyya Yusuf very good & very polite listing the problem that after within few days after I saw the good results.. Thanks for supporting me Naqiyya ma'am. I really recommend all of you gays... Thanks ..😊😊

    • v

      Quiet and calm lady. A wonderful consultant. Will read you, listen you and provides the best consultation. You feel very relaxed and peaceful after consulting her. She will not blabber and will not do pridiction about your future. Simply console you and you will really find a inner peace.

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based on 246 ratings

    Satisfied client.


    It was a good consulting session and I got insight on many of the future points ...now I wait to see, whether they become true or not...


    Thorough knowledgr and explains with logic. Not pushing about remedies. Explains all options and keeps it open to customer for decision making. Spares considerable time for discussion. Recommended for consultation.


    Very polite and understanding. Listens to all your problems and provide solutions to them.


    She sure got some amazing experience and relevant skills. Excellent results. Not only best at work but also makes you feel comfortable and friendly otherwise. I'm glad I chose her.


    It was a veey different experience, as it was my first aura reading and didnt know what to expect. But i was pleasantly amazed by her god gift she has. Immediately she told me my current situation and life circumstances. She also gave me solution and have given me recommendations which im planning to immlement and hoping things will work out for me. She is sweet enough to answer my question after few days of my session with her, which is really nice and sweet of her. Im hoping to consult her in future as well. I highly recommend her and would suggest to atleast try once

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the wheel of fortune tarot card mean?

    It represents the wheel of karma and time and it is optimistic, fortunate and a good luck sign. It symbolises learning, taking risks, freedom etc.

  • What does the devil tarot card mean?

    Illusion, greed, temptation and the material world are represented by the devil card.

  • What does the death tarot card mean?

    Death Tarot refers to death in terms of ego.It refers to change rebirth, transformation and ego death.

  • What does the sun tarot card mean?

    It is symbolic of light, the journey back to the source, positivity, happiness, journey and celebration.Childlike innocence is regained in it.

  • What does the tower tarot card mean?

    This card refers to sudden awareness, accidents and losses that destroy your false ego and lower self.

  • What does the hanged man tarot card mean?

    It symbolises letting go of yourself and your ego.

  • What tarot card represents Pisces?

    Pisces zodiac sign is represented by the moon tarot card.

  • What is the tarot card for Capricorn?

    Tarot card for Capricorn is the devil.

  • How to find your tarot card?

    Add up the digits of your birth date till and find the associated personality card related to it.

  • What is tarot card reading?

    Tarot card reading is fortune-telling through the means of 78 cards by a skilled reader which can highlight important aspects of your past, present and future.

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Hiring Guide

Tarot card reader in Mumbai

When you can’t contain the curiosity to know about yourself and your future, all you need is a tarot card reader in Mumbai to guide you through your life and to highlight important aspects of your life like career, marriage, family, health, education, business, finance, wealth, legal troubles etc.Tarot readers in Mumbai use a deck of 78 cards to foretell your future based on your current circumstances.Out of these, 22 are the Major Arcana cards and 56 are the Minor Arcana cards. Your higher self will choose a number of cards that are relevant to your situations and will help you seek answers to your unresolved questions. To hire our tarot card reader in Mumbai now, contact us at UrbanClap and see the change in your life.

Why UrbanClap?

  • Verified professionals-Our tarot readers in Mumbai have to mandatorily clear our quality and background checks before joining hands with us at the UrbanClap portal. This helps us deliver you quality services through reliable professionals.

  • 100% confidentiality-Your personal information revealed to us will will be 100% confidential and will stay safe with our professionals within the four walls of tarot reading set up.

  • Affordable- We have services for all budget brackets to suit your needs within your preferred budget without overcharging.

  • Experienced-Our tarot readers in Mumbai have a minimum experience of 8 years that allows them to gain knowledge over the years thereby,helping you with a wider knowledge base.

Services provided by our professionals

Our tarot card readers in Mumbai provide services in the following domains:

  • Career-When your career path seems hazy and you want to seek clarity about what to do, how to do and what is meant for you, hire our tarot reader in Mumbai and experience clarity.

  • Education-Your life depends on your education and hence before making any wrong choices in this matter, consult our tarot readers who will impart clarity on the courses that will benefit you the most and have the most scope in the future.

  • Marriage-Before entering into something as sacred as a marriage you need to ensure that your partner is the right one and that the foundation of your relationship is strong.Our tarot readers will foretell your future, and let you know if the match is right for you.

  • Family and health-Family and health is precious to all and it helps you develop a sense of belongingness and trust. To maintain the well-being of your loved ones and ensure good health, contact our tarot readers at UrbanClap and they’ll tell you all you need to know about your family and health.

  • Relationship Counselling-Relationships survive only on the foundation of love, trust and compatibility.Sometimes when such strong relationships are on the verge of breaking, you need advice from our experts to guide you through such troubled times and make you emerge victorious as a couple.

  • Business, finance and wealth-Business, finance and wealth are areas described in fortune periods.A tarot reader can predict your fortune periods and can determine which areas will reap you the maximum wealth.We connect you to some of the best tarot readers who can warn you about a financial crisis, tell you about any fortune periods in the future and suggest you ways to build your wealth.

  • Legal troubles- When any legal trouble strikes you, one is often curious to know what will be the decision of the case. In such a situation, contact our tarot card readers in Mumbai to get informed about your legal troubles and to be suggested certain remedies which can help you get rid of legal troubles.

How to choose the right tarot reader?

Joining the dots between your past, present and future is not an easy task, hence skilled tarot readers are required to predict your future accurately and suggest effective remedies.The process that goes behind choosing the right tarot card reader in Mumbai is mentioned below:

  • Read what other people have to say about the tarot card reader, go through the reviews, comments and recommendations.

  • To satisfy yourself with the services of the tarot reader you shortlisted, try to avail a trial before availing the full package.

  • Clear your doubts, ask about services offered in the package, and seek answers to questions that bother you.

  • Taking into account your budget, if the tarot reader satisfies your needs hire him/her through the UrbanClap app or website.

Are tarot predictions accurate?

A tarot card reader in Mumbai can only predict what is written in your destiny basis your current choices.If your choice pattern remains the same then the prediction proves to be true, if your choice pattern differs from the present then the prediction proves to be wrong.Hence the predictions of the tarot readers are based on your past and present and the accuracy depends on the type of questions you ask and your tendency to remain the same over the years.

How do tarot cards work?

Tarot cards work on the principle of synchronicity that refers to the merging of your conscience or your higher self with your physical self.This synchronisation enables your soul to direct your body to something it knows and hence you are able to become aware of your future.Tarot cards are an amalgamation of the four elements of the world namely fire, earth, water and air which are represented in a deck of 78 cards with 22 are Major Arcana (or trumps) and 56 are Minor Arcana cards.To get help with the interpretation of these cards, contact us at UrbanClap and we’ll connect you to some of the best tarot card readers in Mumbai who can ease your lives.

What are the meanings of different tarot cards?

  • The fool-It is the symbol of enlightenment and eternal soul which depicts the beginning of something new, trust and innocence.

  • The magician-This symbolises the meaning, having control over your imagination and conscious and unconscious processes.

  • The high priestess-It is a symbol for intuition, psychic energy, feelings, instincts and emotions. It is a representation of what goes on under the iceberg or the unconscious feelings which act as a receptive mirror and connect you to your instinctual energy.

  • The Empress-It is symbolic to love, peace, fertility, relationships, money and art.It represents your relationship with women especially your mother.

  • The emperor-This card represents masculine creativity that includes authority, power, responsibility, relationship, leadership, passion, action, new beginnings, competition and aggression. This represents your relationship with your father, husband, an authority figure like a boss or any other man in your life.

  • The hierophant-It is the spiritual authority that connects you with the higher self and hence represents practicality, wisdom and keeps you grounded.

  • The lovers-It is a card for union, love, communication and balance.

  • The Chariot-It portrays victory in controlling your emotions and relates to home, family, mother, care, nourishment etc.

  • Justice-The card has scales present on it which represent karmic justice and balance

  • The Hermit-It is a symbol of inner knowledge, self-realisation, humility, analytical skills and spiritual intelligence Other tarot cards are the wheel of fortune, strength, the hanged man, death, temperance, the devil, the tower, the star, the moon, the sun, judgement and the world.

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Basic consultation(Tarot readers with 8+ years of experience)Rs.1000-2000
Detailed consultation(India’s top tarot experts)Rs.2000-3000

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