Best Home Deep Cleaning Service in Kolkata

Best Home Deep Cleaning Service in Kolkata

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Professional home Cleaning in Kolkata Near You

Get home cleaning services in Kolkata with a 30-Day Service Guarantee and Protection against Damage upto INR 10,000. We have Well Equipped and Trained Team, who carries out Deep House Cleaning and Sanitization with Non-Hazardous Chemicals. UrbanClap offers deep home cleaning services that you can avail to get a healthy and hygienic environment in your home. Book one now on UrbanClap!

Cleaning Experts

27 Home Cleaning Service Professionals in Kolkata

  • Maa Facility Services
    Maa Facility Services
    Howrah Bridge, Fairley Place, BBD Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal
    (78 ratings)
    • s

      I really appreciate that urban clan has taken the initiative to clean the washroom again with out any charge... I am really happy with the effort and hard work shown by the ground staff..

    • n

      This cleaning was long overdue and needed real hard work. Well done! The house was hardly recognisable after completion of work. Excellent job done!!!

  • New India Facility Management Services
    New India Facility Management Services
    Dum Dum, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
    (1142 ratings) 189 times rated 5 star
    • p

      Babu Bhattacharya from NIFM has done a great job.

    • d

      Facility Officer was well trained and informed

  • Uneedz Facility Services
    Uneedz Facility Services
    BE Block, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
    (1089 ratings) 354 times rated 5 star
    • v

      came on time and did the work with minimum supervision.

    • r

      Excellent work. Very well behaved team. I recommend them .

  • Aam Janata Security Service
    Aam Janata Security Service
    Kestopur, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
    (1003 ratings) 355 times rated 5 star
    • a

      Excellent .very good service.will opt again

    • s

      One of the cleaner left early and one was mostly busy with his mobile one of the kitchen Chimney top has been broken and one of the kitchen drawer knob broken

  • Cleanmates
    (693 ratings) 337 times rated 5 star
    • v

      Very professional and very clean. Took the whole house clean for 4999 and it was totally worth it Thanks

    • s

      The cleaners were very professional and calm and knew their job ..I am satisfied and will surely call again

  • Anurima Housekeeping Service
    Anurima Housekeeping Service
    Barasat, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
    (568 ratings) 236 times rated 5 star
    • s

      Very professional, efficient, energetic and polite. They did deep cleaning of each and every corner of my flat. Outstanding performance

    • a

      Excellent house is shining as new.loved it

  • R R Facility Management
    R R Facility Management
    Narkeldanga, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
    (482 ratings) 137 times rated 5 star
    • p


    • k

      Just to be very clear, i was very impreseed with the cleaning personell and their work. A very thoroug job done My issue was that they took two days ro complete the work and their auperviser was blaming me for this. Had made my bookong for2.30 asit specifies on the app that cleaning takes 5-6 hours. However, at 9 the technicians informed me that they will take atleast 6 more hours to complete the work. Now how can i get cleaning done till 2AM in a running flat? So i spoke to their owner, who was very coordial and polite, and we both agreed that they will come back and fimish the work tomorrow. The next day 2 of the old technicians came back along with a new texhnician and a senior supervisor. Upon arrival the supervisor started arguing and blaming us for all the looses incured by him. I have a 3 bhk 3 bathroom appartment in Satyam Towers, Alipore. We were just moving in and there was a polish mistri working in one corner of the flat. The supervisor started pointing out that we have mistris working in the flat and stuff I explained to him that he is just one guy and hell move away when you are working Where upon he told us that tgey have red listed this builing and never come to work here as people here are liars and cheaters Im new to the building but this was a very unprofessional comment i felt Having said that the cleaners did a good job

  • Maa Pramila Enterprise
    Maa Pramila Enterprise
    Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
    (460 ratings) 251 times rated 5 star
    • p

      Three of them came . They worked studiously from 1pm till 9 : 45 pm for a 2bhk flat , Had all their equipments with them. My house remained unmaintained for years and was full of dusts. They cleaned very efficiently and organised things very well. My home feels refreshed now.

    • m

      They were very hard working and were excellent

  • MB Facility Service
    MB Facility Service
    Bowbazar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
    (139 ratings) Hired 178 times on UrbanClap
    • u

      Quality of service was very poor. He did vey quickly within 45 mins for 5 seaters and i am not satisfied with the cleaning.

    • r

      They were late when they reached. And they completed within 35 minutes though the schedule was 60 minutes. I also expected better cleaning. So this time I was disappointed.

  • Maa Facility Service
    Maa Facility Service
    Garia, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
    (114 ratings)
    • p


    • s

      The boys are very kind, helpful, hardworking, polite, gentle. They clean everything and addressed.Three Cheer's for "Team Maa Facility Service and his Owner ".They took great care of my home, perfectionist. They also clean as per Urbanclap clap policy with such a wonderful dedication. They are quite Co operative and understanding the customer need. They used a lot of mechanised appliances and put in a lot of manual effort. Thanks whole team as well as Urbanclap. When I was booking I was read about the agency some good reviews and some people review those are given bad review to put it down Urbanclap. Urbanclap should be standup and we are all should be stand up with urban clap and "Maa Facility Service "agency. I really agree and thanks to Mr Debnath, Agarwal, Dasgupta, and Bhattacharya. This people are purely gold and hardworking. You will be never seen such people in Kolkata and the agency. I am sharing one of small things being as a lawyer, some of people poor mentality giving always complain and "misusing urbanclap and agency who are working with urbanclap ".I addressed Mr Aviraj Singh Bhal(Co-Owner Of Urban Clap) and his senior team authority please look after this issue and accordingly stop missusing Urbanclap and vendors. Please put a note their should be no damage protection or revisit or money refund. Today, "When your team cleaning, before they started job they checked everything and one of them when he climbed up with ladder to clean my indoor AC unit he found AC stand clip hanging and screw is very loose"Thanks God and thanks your team that he save us such like incident. See we everyday seen Our AC but we never seen the screw.So,if by mistake people is clean and if damage then we started blaming the staff of agency and Urbanclap for taking profit from urban Clap. We have to think that if we clean then it can be damage by ourselves. So, if they forget to clean one place tell them not to giving poor rating or complaining to agency or Urbanclap clap. We have to change our mentality for this poor people. We have to stop damgae protection because some of people are missusing. Also it's our duty to check the room properly because before they handover the room they politely said mam please check it. So, after leaving the agency people if we complaining them we have to think about our cheap mentality. If people is working more than 5-8 hours according to labor law customer have to give their working manpower labour charges. For extra work free of cost ,some people torcharing the team, not given the rating, also during the payment misusing Urbanclap. It's not a right way. we are stand up with urban clap and team Maa Facility Service and others cleaning agency or vendors those are working with urban clap. A group of people misusing contiously to get profit and free service from urban Clap and agency,we have to rise our voice. We have to think Urbanclap is only one platform that we are getting lots of emgerncy and daily essential service without any hesitation. And we need "Urbanclap and their agency such like Maa Facility Service "Everyday some of people donating money so why not donate money for this cleaning people they are belongs from very poor family what I really feel today during this 5-6 hours. Another things noticed the agency never said me about the ratings and any extra money. I am writing here as per my own openion what I feel after taken a service from urban Clap. When bad things happen people are sharing but good things very few people sharing. We have to share good things with urban clap so that urban Clap team as well as agency get some oxygen from our review. Even when I want to give extra money they said with politely if they do extra work as per Urbanclap policy then only they can accept the extra money. A big respect for their loyalty in today's market. Thanks to maa facility owner also for such kind behavior from your team. I will again request Urbanclap Co founder and his senior team please give some rewards for this type of pure heart people. We already knew about the market price, according to my thoughts of view, your agency is earning very less profit with cost of chemical, materials ,machinery, labor charge, transport charge and your Urbanclap commission. So, we have to stand up for team "Maa Facility Service " and Urbanclap. A highly recommend for team "Maa Facility Service " for wonderful cleaning with safety and security. If anyone need for Diwali Safai go and book for Maa Facility Service in urban clap.

Latest Customer Reviewsof Home Cleaning Service Professionals in Kolkata

    Well co ordinated and nicely done job,keep it up


    Good job. Excellent behaviour.


    Excellent service


    Excellent set of cleaners... Really happy


    Detailing is missing. But hard working crew. Definately recommend.


    The team is unprofessional...they need to be more neat..

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is deep cleaning important?

    This is an intensive cleaning process for all those critical spaces that we tend to overlook during our regular cleaning. The environment around us is responsible for a lot of pollution and germs inside our homes. Deep cleaning becomes extremely important to restore the hygiene of our living space by disinfecting and sanitizing the environment.

  • How often should I get my house deep cleaned?

    It is recommended to get a residential cleaning at least once in every 3-4 months. Although there are a lot of factors such as pets, children, living habits etc. that can affect this time constraint.

  • What specific things are kept in mind while cleaning the kitchen?

    The professionals will scrub the floors, shelves and tiles to remove hard stains like grease. They also clean the chimney exteriors, exhaust fans, kitchen cabinets and exteriors of certain appliances. However, kitchen cleaning does not include washing utensils.

  • What is the process of cleaning a sofa set or a mattress?

    Cleaning of sofa or mattress includes dry vacuuming, shampooing and wet vacuuming. First, dry vacuuming is done to remove the dust. Shampooing of the sofa or mattress is done using a professional grade cleansing solution and hand brushes. Wet vacuuming is done in the end to remove the dirty water. For leather sofas, special polishing takes place. Please note: Cleaning of sofa and mattress is a separate service that can't be availed under the cost of full home deep cleaning service.

  • What happens if my property is damaged by the hired professional?

    In the rare case of damage, we do provide insurance up to Rs. 10,000 against damages.

Looking to hire professionals in Kolkata?

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All About Home Deep Cleaning

Home Deep Cleaning in Kolkata

If you desire a clean home that is free from dust, germs and pests but are too busy to do it all by yourself then you need not compromise. You can still get your dream sparkling clean home without spending days or even hours doing it. You must be willing to give a chance to cleaning professionals to wow you. UrbanClap offers deep home cleaning services as well as individual cleaning services such as sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, etc. that you can avail to get a healthy and hygienic environment in your home.

4 Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

  • Efficient Cleaning and Sanitation: Cleaning professionals are trained in carrying out the cleaning tasks and also have access to professional grade equipment and cleaning products to carry out the job more efficiently than you. They also sanitise and disinfect your home.

  • Time-saving: People who are not trained in carrying out cleaning tasks need to spend at least twice the amount of time in cleaning as compared to trained professionals. By hiring professional cleaners, people can free up their precious time.

  • Cost-effective: Most people think of hiring cleaning professionals as an expensive affair. However, this is only one side of the story. They fail to consider the other factors such as,the money they save by not purchasing expensive cleaning products and disinfectants since the professionals bring these products for the service,the money saved on health issues such as allergies, skin infections, rashes, etc. that are common in people living in dirty homes,time spent in cleaning the house that can be utilised in other things such as upgrading their skills, learning new things, etc.

  • Reduced Stress Levels: Nothing can be more stressful than finding out that the only free day of the week you have in the coming days will have to be dedicated to cleaning the home. Not to mention the low energy levels that you will have after the chore is completed. Therefore, it is better to hire professional home deep cleaning services.

When Should You Book A Full Home Deep Cleaning Service?

  • Every 2 months to keep your home clean and pest-free

  • Before moving into a new home

  • After renovation work.

  • Before or after a party or get together

Why UrbanClap?

When it comes to hiring professionals for home deep cleaning services in Kolkata, it might become challenging to find reliable service providers. It is better to hire from an established service marketplace. Here are 3 reasons why you must consider hiring full home deep cleaning services in Kolkata from UrbanClap:

  • We Run Background Checks on Professionals Before Registering Them: Safety can be a concern for people who are not used to hiring service providers since they are afraid of letting strangers into their house. However, with UrbanClap the customers do not need to worry about their safety since we only register verified professionals. We check their credentials, service quality and background to make sure that we and our customers can trust these professionals. We Run Background Checks on Professionals Before Registering Them. Safety can be a concern for people who are not used to hiring service providers since they are afraid of letting strangers into their house. However, with UrbanClap the customers do not need to worry about their safety since we only register verified professionals. We check their credentials, service quality and background to make sure that we and our customers can trust these professionals.

  • Our Professionals Only Use Non-hazardous and Biodegradable Cleaning Products: We, at UrbanClap, are committed to providing high-quality services to our customers while also being attentive towards the impact of cleaning products on the environment. Therefore, our professionals only use biodegradable cleaning solutions that are potent disinfectants but do not have an adverse impact on the environment or your health.

  • We are Established: UrbanClap is one of the few established marketplaces in India and caters to customers in 8 major Indian cities (expanding more) and Dubai. You can rely on us since we have maintained quality standards in our services since inception. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and focus on continual improvement in our services.

  • Our Services Can be Booked Easily: You can book our services from the UrbanClap website or mobile app at the click of a button. By providing necessary information such as the size of the house, booking date and time, you can easily book our services within minutes. There is no need to go anywhere, call anyone or even be at a specific location to book our services. Our professionals will come to your house with the cleaning products and equipment at the appointed date and time.

What are the Equipment And Chemicals Used for the Home Deep Cleaning Service?

  • Equipment: Vacuum cleaner, steaming machine, Scotch Brite scrubber, small wipers, bucket, mugs, broom, mops, toilet brush, disposable bags, microfibre, hard cloth dusters, etc.

  • Chemicals: Professional grade cleaning solutions by Diversey

Cost of Home Deep Cleaning In Kolkata

Full Home Deep CleaningFull Home Deep Clean & Sofa Set Shampoo
1 BHK4499/-4999/-
2 BHK5999/-6499/-
3 BHK6999/-7499/-
4 BHK7999/-8499/-
5 BHK8999/-9499/-
Villa 2000-3000 sq. ft.11999/-----
Villa 3000-4000 sq. ft.15999/-----
Villa 4000-5000 sq. ft.20999/-----
Villa 5000-6000 sq. ft.24999/-----
Villa 6000-7000 sq. ft.29999/-----

In addition to home deep cleaning services, we also offer kitchen deep cleaning, bathroom deep cleaning, sofa cleaning, car cleaning, etc. from our website or mobile app. Currently, we are offering our services in New Delhi NCR, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkatta in India and Dubai.

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