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Best Yoga Classes At Home in Hyderabad
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Noticed those extra kilos, and have decided to transition to a healthier lifestyle? We at Urban Company are here to help you do the same! Whether you are a fan of having the best personal yoga trainer at home in Hyderabad, or have a liking towards attending group yoga classes in Hyderabad by the most experienced yoga trainers, we’ve got you covered. Since we have the best yoga instructors in Hyderabad with us, we assure you the best. Contact us now, so that you can get the best yoga trainer near you!! ...


434 Yoga Instructors at Home in Hyderabad

  • Isha Swati yoga class
    Isha Swati yoga class
    Mansarovar Heights Club, Prem Sagar Enclave, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Bowenpally, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (30 ratings) Hired 9 times on Urban Company
    • s

      I had asthma problem. Isha gave me guidance to get rid of that problem through yoga. Thanks alot

    • n

      Simple and systematic approach. GIves training based on my capabilities. Also understands our requirements.

  • Veeresh
    TV Tower Malakpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (21 ratings) Hired 29 times on Urban Company
    • s

      Very disciplined and punctual gentle man

    • s

      Veeresh: a very good disciplined youth ! Punctual Smiling Knowledgeable Good communication skills Good command over his subject Yoga Extremely helpful Wishing him good career prospects Wishing him luck

  • G V Raman
    G V Raman
    (17 ratings) Hired 15 times on Urban Company
    • s

      Raman ji is a great trainer. Extremely patient and dedicated towards work. I felt great since I have joined his classes.

    • k

      Excellent person with very practical approach

  • Sreeja Billa
    Sreeja Billa
    (15 ratings)
    • r

      Sreeja was quite knowledgable and patient throughout the sessions.she made the weight loss journey quite simple.she used to remind about the sessions a day earlier and was quite puntual . She also maintained the statistics quite well . The results started showing in 7 sessions itself . I would highly recommend her for people wanting to loose weight healthily.

    • r

      She is very dedicated. Always on time. She never gives up and always motivates to do better. She has a lot of knowledge also gives a lot of tips. Very friendly and makes sure that the her client is extremely comfortable.

  • Mohan
    Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (15 ratings) Hired 25 times on Urban Company
    • n

      Mr Mohan is very friendly yet a very professional yoga instructor. He has options for various levels n various problems like back ,tummy, weight etc..He is flexible in his schedule. He has great knowledge in power yoga too. highly recommend him..

    • p

      Mohan is a very good trainer. He is also very pantual

  • Ramdev Pusa
    Ramdev Pusa
    Manikonda Main Rd, Gulshan Colony, Shaikpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008, India
    (13 ratings) Hired 39 times on Urban Company
    • n

      I liked very much to discover all the philosophy of yoga and shared the good advices given by Sir. Nice Person and very adjustable also

    • k

      Teaches with patience and helps in learning asanas perfectly.

  • Vijay
    Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (11 ratings)
    • v

      Vijay sir is an excellent yoga teacher ,as a college child I was finding it difficult to concentrate and focus on studies but with is meditation and concentration techniques helped me to improve slowly and finally get the best concentration and get good results . I really owe all my success to Guruji .he is also very friendly and keeps motivating you to do better.

    • d

      I sincerely express my appreciation for Shri Vijay, our Yoga Guru. It's been a couple of months since me and my family have had the privilege of knowing him and I have no hesitation in saying that it has since been a highly enriching and fulfilling experience for all of us. His technique has been simple, yet effective , so much so that we look forward for the Yoga session every other day. Personally I have benefited immensely from his teaching as I have almost got over the one very disturbing issue that I had to deal with, a better part of the last few years, Insomnia. Now, I am much more relaxed and have a restful sleep. It has, I do believe reflected in much more efficiency at work too. I would indeed have no hesitation in vouching for the fact that the Yoga Guru has made a significant impact on all of us and me in particular. I wish him all the very best and commend Urban Clap for helping us reach him.

  • Ganji Monika
    Ganji Monika
    (11 ratings)
    • s

      She is an excellent yoga teacher and a very good friend of mine. She knows yoga very well herself and also is very good at teaching the art of yoga. I had some medical issues because of which I started doing yoga and started with her classes and her classes were effective in solving my problem. I would highly recommend her as a yoga teacher to everyone.

    • a

      My overall impression about the yoga course was that it exceeded expectations. In fact, I really enjoyed learning yoga for the first time. I liked all the sessions. Miss monika in particular made the whole class very interactive and interesting, although everything was quite new to me I have also recommended to my parents and my cousin, who are also very interested.

  • Chandan Mahajani
    Chandan Mahajani
    (8 ratings) Hired 12 times on Urban Company
    • k

      What can I say about this young lady? I have no words to express my gratitude.We started our journey in the month of August when my doctor recommended Yoga for my 15yrs old daughter who was suffering from chronic sinus headache, anxiety and irritation .Chandan was patient enough to handle my daughter's mood swings.She calmed her down by making her do tratak. I could see a drastic change in my daughter's behavior after each session .Chandan is very professional. She's always on time. Wish you all the best for ur bright future Chandan.

    • t

      Chandan is a very powerful energy source. A lady of commitment towards her classes and students. She is very much disciplined and well versed in communication skills. She keeps the class lively with more of practical approach. I wish her good luck..

  • Antharaatma Yoga and Fitness Studio
    Antharaatma Yoga and Fitness Studio
    LB Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (7 ratings) Hired 6 times on Urban Company
    • b

      Neeraja is very good and dedicated towards her work. She is training me from last 6 months and I am really very happy with her training classes. She knows all the asanas by heart and tries to give the best quality services to her clients. I would recommend others to take training from her.

    • v

      I am very happy with the yoga training given by Neeraja. She is very good and professional with her and she is training me from last 2 years. After my delivery she helped me a lot by providing extremely good yoga and meditation classes and she is very friendly with her nature as well.

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based on 758 ratings

    Good Parsons full experience thanks for your support but timing problem.


    Trainer with good knowlege and professinal👌


    Thank you for your service.


    Excellent knowledge of yoga and v punctual


    Wonderful start perfect coordinator hope will achieve desired results


    Thanks sir

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Yoga asanas or yoga posture are particular postures or positions of yoga that we need to perform in order to avail it’s health benefits. Different type of yoga asanas offer different kind of health benefits. There are asanas which are quite easy and ideal for beginners whereas the difficult ones are mainly for the advanced yoga practitioners. Below are listed few yoga asanas:

Yoga has gain a lot of importance in our health regime over the last few years. There are lot of people in and around Hyderabad city who find yoga as one of the best exercise in order to keep themselves fit and fine. Even in their busy schedule people spare some time to practice yoga and meditation so that along with remaining fit they can relax their body, mind and soul. Large number of yoga camps are being organized by some of the famous yoga gurus which help in creating awareness among the people to include this ancient healthy exercise in their daily life.

However practicing yoga on your own by watching videos on television channel or on internet is not advisable. Yoga is not a kind of exercise which can be done without any guidance, it is quite a tough exercise compared to jogging or running or doing push-ups. This is one of the main reason why an individual requires an instructor who can guide them properly through-out the process and help an individual to learn the yoga asana in a correct way. Urban Company is an online service provider which helps an individual to hire a yoga trainer at home as per your convenient. Let us get in to this article to know more about yoga and its benefits.

Health benefits of Yoga:

For centuries yoga has been practiced in India and abroad for lots of benefits. A person practices yoga exercise regularly for its physical, mental and spiritual benefits. It also helps an individual to lead a healthy and happy life. Practicing mediation and breathing helps an individual to stay calm and relaxed even in the daily chaos of modern city life. Performing yoga exercise even for a few minutes per week can give a person great results in terms of health benefits. Some of the advantage of practicing yoga are summarized below:

  • Improves Flexibility: If a person practices yoga regularly then his body becomes quiet flexible. People may develop some kind of problems like stiffness or pain in some parts of the body irrespective of their age. These kind of health issues may occur due to some of the reasons like stress in life or long hours at sitting job etc. Practicing yoga regularly helps to loosen muscles and gradually it makes a person body more flexible. The person feels rejuvenated and the pain in different parts of the body slowly dissipates over time.

  • Strong Muscles: When a person practices yoga regularly then his or her muscles become more strong and flexible. For example the core areas become stronger, the muscles around the spine area becomes more flexible and strong and also it increases the strength of thigh muscles. Once the core muscles starts to work properly the rest of the body also works as it is intended to. Another good thing about this is that once we see that our body is building strength and flexibility we become more positive towards life.

  • Healthy Bones: When a person practices Yoga then basically he or she is lifting their own weight. These kind of Yoga asana help in strengthening the bones and improves a person’s bone density gradually. If a person practices yoga religiously their bones will continue to be healthy and strong and one will not face any bone-related problems which usually happens with age.

  • Right Posture: There are some jobs which require their employees to sit for long hours so such kind of employment usually takes a toll on the person’s spine. As spines are the main support system in the human body so it must be taken care of from health perspective. Any problem with the spine can lead to some serious issues. Some of the problems which can happen due to spine issues are neck pain, bad posture, a sore back, tiredness, numbness in different parts of the body etc. Yoga also helps a person to improve the strength of the muscles around the spine areas and it also eliminates problems related to posture.

  • Reduces Stress level: Yoga is a type of exercise which requires a person to focus on their breath and the person should be present in the moment. This makes a person forget about their troubles and while practicing it the person feels at peace. After practicing Yoga a person feels more relaxed, calm and refreshed. Yoga exercises also helps in normalizing blood pressure levels. Yoga is one of the best exercise which acts as a stress busters for people in today’s hectic life.

  • Improved Immunity System: practicing different Yoga postures along with breathing exercises helps to improve a person’s blood flow and drain out toxins from the body. Yoga postures associated with deep breathing exercises helps in removing blockages from a person’s body and improves lymphatic drainage system. This in turn improves immunity system which helps a person in fighting infections and disposing out toxins from the body. Continuous practice of yoga will give you a result where in you can find out that gradually you are not falling sick as it used to happen before you started your yoga sessions.

  • Increases Concentration: Staying in present and focusing on present is one of the most important aspect of practicing yoga effectively. One needs to concentrate on their breathing and be present in the very moment while doing yoga. This exercise actually trains the mind to focus and concentrate on breathing while doing yoga exercise. The main advantage of increased concentration is that a person can excel in everything they do as their mind does not get diverted and they are able to give 100% in whatever they do.

  • Balasana: Balasana is one of the easiest yoga postures which the beginners can practice. This posture is also known as child’s pose as this posture helps let go and surrender. In order to practice Balasana one has to sit down by bending on their knees and sitting on them by being sure that their hips rest on their heels. After one is comfortable with the posture then they should follow the next step i.e. breathe out and then slowly bend forward. The person should keep bending forward until their chest press against their thighs and the head is resting on the mat. After this one should breathe lightly and concentrate on their breathing for few minutes before breathing in and going back to sit on their heels. If a person is little on the heavier side then he or she may face some challenges while practicing in the beginning. There may be some stiffness in the person’s spine and joints. However if a person practice regularly they will be able to do this asanas quite easily.

  • • Tadasana: Tadasana is practiced while standing and it is the starting position of all yoga asanas. This asana can be performed by any age group and even if a person is suffering from some health issues can practice this asana. The best way to practice Tadasana is to stand against wall and check for their postures and then practice this asanas. The process to perform this asanas is to stand on the feet slightly apart and keep the head straight. Let the arms hang naturally from the shoulder level. The thighs muscle should be firm where as relax the abdominal muscles. One should firm the inner arches of their ankles and concentrate on their body. Practicing this asana makes a person feel as the energy is moving upwards from feet to head. While practicing this one should look slightly upwards and then breathe deeply. While doing this one will feel little stretchin their body as they stand in Tadasana. After few minutes release it. Repeat the same procedure after few minutes. Basically this asanas help a person to correct their posture and strengthen their legs and hips.

  • • Sukhasana: If a person wants to practice yoga in order to reach spiritual goals and deal with daily stress of life then they need to practice Sukhasana. This is a sitting position in which a person needs to cross both their legs. The process to perform this asana is to keep the left leg under the right thigh and the right leg under the left thigh. The soles of your feet should be facing upwards. Spine should be straight and then breathe deeply. A person practicing this asanas should rest their hand on their knees and hold them in chin mudra. You can continue holding this asanas as long as one want. If someone wants to meditate they can do it in Sukhasana. The difficulty which the person may feel while doing this asana is that the legs may not be flexible enough to fold while doing this asana. In such scenario one should try doing it with one leg folded and the other one as near as possible. One a person practice this asana regularly their body will become flexible and then the person would be able to hold their legs and feet in the proper position. The main advantage of this asanas is that it helps to strengthen the spine as well as to relax the mind.

  • • Uttanasana: Uttanasana is a type of yoga practice which stretches your body so it is consider as one of the best yoga posture and hence we need to practice it regularly. This yoga asana helps helps to improve blood circulation and effectively transport minerals and nutrients to all part of the body. Uttanasana is a type of yoga which can make an individual’s mind and body to rejuvenate instantly. Sometimes the person feels tired even after 6 to 8 hrs of sleep, in such cases this is one of the best exercise. In order to practice one needs to first stand in Tadasana posture. After this take a deep breath and then exhale while folding the body at the waist level. Then slowly one needs to place their hands on the mat beside their feet and then hold this position for a few seconds. After this one should breathe out and then slowly move back to the starting position. Go ahead with few repetition. This yoga posture works best for spine. In the beginning a person may not be able to bend completely or place the hands next to the feet. So in such cases hold the position that you can reach comfortably and then release it slowly. If the person practice this continuously then the body will become flexible and then you can do this yoga position properly.

  • • Marjariasanas: If a person is facing with the problem of fat around the stomach area then they need to practice Marjariasanas. It is also known as cat pose. It mainly deals with burning fat from the abdominal area and strengthening of spine. There are lot of yoga asanas which focus on the strengthening of spine or improving blood circulation in the body. Again this yoga posture is best for the beginners. Now process to practice this asanas is to get down on all four ensure that the spine is parallel to the grounds. The hands must be shoulder length apart, the feet should also have some gaps in between and the person practicing it should be looking down. When you are in this position then breathe in and then lift your chin up bringing your spine in convex position. Hold this for a few seconds before moving to next level. After this slowly breathe out and bring the chin close to chest making the spine in concave position. Repeat this exercise minimum 5 times and if the person is having desk job then practicing this asanas regularly can help reduce the back pain.

  • • Bhujangasana: This asana is very popularly known as “Cobra pose”, and is one of the most popular asanas that people like to practice daily. This yoga asana along with other health benefits it works great for spinal issues. It also stimulates the digestion process, stimulates reproductive system as well as urinary system. This asana is also famous for strengthening the core muscles. It opens up the chest and throat muscles. It is also known to bost the metabolism system. For practicing Bhujangasana, one has to lie on their stomach and make sure the body is in a straight position. Then place your hands folded near your chest with legs stretched out. Then take in deep breath and lift your chest from the ground until the whole abdominal area is lifted up and only the legs are in touch with the ground. The weight of the whole upper body should rest on the hands and then hold in this pose for sometime. Exhale and then release after coming back to your normal position slowly. Once should repeat this asana for three times.

  • • Vrikshasana: Vrikshasana is mainly used to improve balance and concentration level of an individual. This is a good exercise for those who wants to strengthen their core, spine and legs. Vrikshasana posture is difficult to hold for long in the beginning but with practice a person will gradually get hold of it. So how to go about it? First the person needs to stand in the Tadasana position and take in deep breathes. Then you need to lift your arms upward and form a namaskar posture over your head. Then slowly one needs to lift their right foot from the floor and place it against the left legs. By trying to maintain the balance one should keep lifting the right foot higher on the left thighs until your heel touches your pelvic. One should hold the position till they are comfortable with it and keep on breathing deeply and then slowly bring the right foot back to the ground. Repeat the same procedure with the left leg. If you are struggling to stand on one leg initially then you can support yourself against the walls. Once you are comfortable then you can carry out this posture without any support anywhere whether indoor or outdoor.

  • Shavasana: This is one of the simplest asana among all the yoga asanas and it is very popularly known as corpse pose. This asana is so simple that everyone can practice it regularly. It is good for relaxation and a few minutes of practicing shavasana can help one relax and rejuvenated. Shavasana can be performed very easily. One has to just lie flat on their back with their feet shoulder width apart. Then he/she can rest their arms slightly away from their body with their palms facing the sky. After this start breathing deeply with eyes closed. Pay complete attention to the body starting from feet and moving upwards towards head. Mind should not get distracted and with complete focus be aware of each and every sensation in the body. One should stay in this position for some time and then using the support of right hand and arms sit straight. Rub the hands gently and place them over your eyes. Once this asana is over one will feel total calm and peace.

There are various kinds of yoga depending upon the purpose they serve for an individual who believe in it and practice regularly. Some of the different kinds of Yoga are Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Prenatal Yoga etc. Below we have summarized few various kinds of yoga.

Yoga has various health benefits and in order to avail those we need to have a yoga guru who can guide us properly. A qualified instructor can teach a person the right yoga postures, help a person to focus on the breathing exercises. Below are listed few of the reasons why we need a yoga instructor:

  • Hatha Yoga: This is a kind of physical yoga practice which is quite famous in gym and yoga studios. Hatha Yoga is one of the six branches of yoga as per the ancient India yoga gurus.

  • Ashtanga Yoga: This is a type of yoga asana which synchronizes the breath along with one or more limbs of the body. This yoga is similar to Surya Namaskar.

  • Power Yoga: Power Yoga is more of the western type yoga where in the practice of this yoga is accompanied with music beats. Some exercises can also be added in power yoga.

  • Prenatal Yoga: This yoga asana is best for pregnant ladies. Lot of Yoga instructors usually create prenatal yoga by incorporating few yoga asanas that can be easily practiced by expectant mothers.

People practice yoga regularly to keep themselves fit and healthy. There are few diseases which can get completely eradicated if the person practices yoga with dedication. Few of the diseases which can be cured by yoga are as follows:

In order to hire a professional yoga trainer from Urban Company the customers have to follow some procedure. Though it may sound something big but it is quite simple and convenient. The steps to hire a trainer in Hyderabad from UC is as follows:

  • Asthma: Concentrating on the breathing exercise is one of the most important factor while practicing yoga. If we practice pranayama almost daily it will help an asthma patient to get rid of inhalers.

  • Back Pain: Bad Posture and sedentary life will gradually cause serious back aches. There are few yoga asanas which work on strengthening the spine muscles and bringing relief from the pain. Regular practice of yoga will bring flexibility to the body and gradually reduce the back ache.

  • Indigestion: Various types of digestive problems caused because of poor digestive system or poor diet or weak immunity system can cause indigestion. There are some of the yoga asanas which improves the digestive system and helps a person to live healthy life.

  • Hypertension: The main reason behind hypertension is stress. There are some yoga asanas which help to remain calm and at peace there by reducing the stress level.

  • Depression: Depression stage can come in a person life due to different reasons. A person who is in depression state should practice yoga and focus on some breathing exercises rather than having medicine.

Nowadays we have ample of option from where we can hire a yoga trainer for ourselves. There are online and offline sites available to help us get trained and professional Yoga Trainers. Inspite of having these many options people still belive on an online service provider i.e. Urban Company to hire these professionals yoga trainers. The reasons are listed below:

  • If you are practicing the yoga for first time you need to have the attention of your yoga instructor. He can guide you about the complete breathing exercises as well as teach you to do the yoga in right posture. Doing yoga in wrong posture can bring negative effect on the person’s body. So in order to do correct it is best to have a personalized trainer who can guide you properly.

  • There are many people in yoga classes so if the beginners join yoga classes then they may not be able to learn asanas properly as the instructor has to pay little bit of attention on all the students in the class. So having a trainer at home in such situation is very advantageous.

  • The other reason why it is good to hire a yoga instructor at home is that there are few who are too lazy to go to yoga classes. So if they have an instructor at home then they can at east start doing.

  • Another advantage of hiring a yoga teacher at home in Hyderabad city is its noisy traffic. Just imagine going regularly to practice yoga in hot and humid climate of Hyderabad and traffic would actually make a person want not to go to the instructor.

  • There are some people who are too shy and embarrassed when they are not able to do yoga in a proper manner in the classes. So having a yoga instructor can also prove beneficial to these kind of people.

So this article gives a complete over view of why yoga is important for a person in their daily life.

  • Trained Professionals: The most important reason to hire yoga trainers from UC is that they have trained and experienced yoga trainers available with them and anyone who is a beginner needs to have a professional trainers from them in order to guide them properly. For this reason UC is the most popular service provider site available with the customers.

  • Customized Plans: This is another feature of Urban Company for which it is popular among the customers. This site offers an individual a customized plan for their requirement. A person can hire trainers as per their needs. They can specify for how many hours they require per day. One can mention their budget and then look for the trainer as per their specific filters.

  • Trial Class: This is another unique feature of Urban Company. The yoga professionals who upload their profiles on Urban Company websites give their customer an opportunity for free trial class before deciding upon whom to hire. A customer is free to take trail class before making a decision.

  • Convenience: The yoga trainers hired from Urban Company will usually take classes as per your schedule. They are quite adjustable and flexible with their timings. They are ready to adjust with their customers as far a time and place is concerned. This feature gives you an advantage of not travelling to yoga studios or classes and face the terrific traffic of Hyderabad city. So ultimately it saves your time.

  • Quite Economical: This is also an advantage feature for customers given by Urban Company. The yoga professionals do not hire high fees for their service. They are quite reasonable while charging their clients. If a person goes to hire a yoga trainers from outside or any institute they will come to know how expensive these trainers are as they charge quite a hefty fees for their classes.

  • Easy Selection Process: Selecting a yoga trainers from Urban Company is quite easy. One has post their requirement on the site mentioning their timings and location. They can also select the different slabs for the fees and then post their query. The trainers who are ready and willing to accept your requirement will either give a call or send messages. The client can ask them for the free trial class and if they are satisfied they can make a decision of hiring them. Hence the process is quite simple.

  • Visit the website of Urban Company or simply download the Urban Company App from the playstore on your mobile.

  • Filter on the city and select for “Hyderabad”. Then search for the service you are looking to opt for. As we want to hire a yoga trainer so we select the same in search options.

  • Once you select yoga trainers you would get an option of hiring them for your home or you want to practice yoga at yoga studios. You may select as per your convenience.

  • Then you will be required to fill in few details like your address, contact details and specify your requirements. If there is something particular for which you are looking for a trainer please specify that.

  • The customers also have an option of selecting if they want a female or male trainers. Select as per your choice.

  • Then select the number of classes you want as the charges completely depends on the number of sessions you will have. The more number of sessions will have higher fees. The customer will have an option of three four slabs as per their requirement. For example 12 classes a month will be charged around 4000 to 5000. Likewise 20 classes a month will be charged higher.

  • Then decide upon the time slot.

  • Take a trial class are per your timings and then if everything suits you, you can go ahead and hire them.

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