Body Massage at Home for Women in Hyderabad

Body Massage at Home for Women in Hyderabad

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Body massage at home for women in Hyderabad

Rejuvenate yourself with body massage by senior female therapists at the comfort of your home. We offer services like foot reflexology, swedish massage, deep tissue massage for women by 4.5 rated female spa therapists with 5 years + experience near you in Hyderabad. We provide trained & experienced female therapists who are hygiene friendly. They will recreate spa experience at home and it includes massage bed,oils, etc. To de-stress yourself book full body massage at home now at UrbanClap! ...


154 Massage Therapists At Home For Women in Hyderabad

    • Maheshwari Golla
    • Maheshwari Golla
    • Maheshwari Golla
    Maheshwari Golla
    Maheshwari Golla
    Jagathgiri Gutta, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (427 ratings)
    • b

      Awesome and relaxing massage.....I will definitely go book this massage again.....feeling very relaxed

    • m

      She done very nice.i like her message

    • Chandana
    • Chandana
    • Chandana
    Thurab Khan Valcanising Works, Fatima Nagar, Falaknuma, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (251 ratings)
    • s

      She's really professional and skilled. Really awesome experience and very nice attitude. Would prefer again.

    • s

      facial 5* head msaage 5* shoulder & foot reflexology 3.5* She was professional, calm, open to feedback. Was patient and did her job neatly without messing the place. Has good personal hygiene.

    • Zakera Begum
    • Zakera Begum
    • Zakera Begum
    Zakera Begum
    Zakera Begum
    Toli Chowki, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (209 ratings)
    • a

      She's very professional and with positive attitude. Thank you so much for your service.

    • p

      My first experience and totally worth it.

    • N.Ramulamma
    • N.Ramulamma
    BHEL, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (719 ratings)
    • s

      She is brilliant in her work

    • t


  • Ayesha  sultana
    Ayesha sultana
    Golconda Fort, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (675 ratings) 192 times rated 5 star
    • a

      Great massage. My wife really enjoyed the services.

    • h

      She is excellent, her behavior is like my mother. Her hands' is like magic, all my stress goes away. I would definitely recommend her to everyone and also I will choose her always whenever I book spa massage.😇😊

    • Shaheda Begum
    Shaheda Begum
    Shaheda Begum
    Ibrahim Nagar, IAS Officers Quaters, Nandi Nagar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (615 ratings) 225 times rated 5 star
    • v

      Shaheda is an asset to UC! Ty!

    • m

      It was a great experience will love to have her back once again.

    • Benazir hussain bhat
    • Benazir hussain bhat
    Benazir hussain bhat
    Benazir hussain bhat
    Kondapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (589 ratings)
    • a

      Absolutely amazing. Professional with good knowledge of massages and stretches. Loved her! Will keep calling her back! :)

    • s

      What a lady, its like I am booking her tomorrow again for another person. Loved her work. She did full body means full body massage without any shortcut, loved her work in fullest and will surely recommend her for any lady

    • Pooja Rautela
    • Pooja Rautela
    Pooja Rautela
    Pooja Rautela
    Bowenpally, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (583 ratings)
    • a

      Excellent massage.. also found her to be extremely professional..

    • s

      Awesome experience.... thorough professional.... polite, friendly and cheerful.

    • Sultana Asma
    • Sultana Asma
    Sultana Asma
    Sultana Asma
    (578 ratings) Hired 21 times on UrbanClap
    • a

      She did excellent job.......She is very professional...Will book her again

    • m

      Amazing massage with the exact stress points and is extremely friendly. Would totally love to rebook with her again!

    • Farhana
    • Farhana
    Toli Chowki, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (571 ratings) Hired 25 times on UrbanClap
    • s

      Asusl amazing work done by to see uh soon.. Extremely satisfying.

    • r


Latest Customer Reviewsof Massage Therapists At Home For Women in Hyderabad

    Excellent service. Very relaxing. She is very friendly


    The best so far. Very professional and sincere


    No candle lights.


    Perfect pressure! Very professional


    It was an amazing service I have recieved from her. Total relaxing and highly recommended. She is perfect in her job.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a spa at home for women help me?

    Apart from being an excellent stress reliever, a spa can do wonders for your health. A spa at home just makes it easier for you to go through the waiting time and going all the way to a location to get one done. Here are some benefits you can reap: Improves cardiovascular health It can help you get sound sleep Alleviates pain It can help lower blood pressure It may also help in weight loss It helps relieve anxiety

  • What are the different spa treatments you have?

    UrbanClap offers a lot of options that specifically cater to your needs. Here are some spa treatments that we offer: Aromatherapy Massage- The pressure intensity is low and it specifically helps in relaxing the body and calming the mind Swedish Massage- The pressure intensity is medium and it helps in muscle relaxation and stress relaxation Thai Massage- - The pressure intensity is high and it helps boosting your energy, improves flexibility and relaxation of muscles Deep Tissue Massage- The pressure intensity is high. It is great of pain relieving and easing chronic muscle tensions Body Scrub Massage- The pressure intensity is low and it helps in getting a youthful, vibrant and hydrated skin.

  • What are the add ons I can opt for if I book a spa at home?

    Apart from the spa treatments, UrbanClap offers you a host of add ons that you can book. Whether it is a part of a package you choose (and save money) or alacarte: Face massage- A 20 minute face massage with low to medium intensity will leave your face glowing with improved blood circulation Head & shoulder massage- A 20 minute massage with medium intensity will relieve you of headaches and any upper body tension Foot reflexology- A 20 minute massage with low intensity relieves stress and treats imbalances of organs connected to the feet Hand reflexology- A 20 minute massage with high intensity relieves stress and treats imbalances of organs connected to the hands

  • How regularly should I get a spa treatment done?

    The regularity of your spa treatments depends on many factors such as physical, emotional stress along with your budget. You will feel the benefits after getting the treatment regularly. A spa once in a year or once in a while doesn’t really help. Get a monthly massage to stay stress free and reap the many benefits that a spa offers. With the UrbanClap wellness membership, you can get attractive discounts on your spa treatments!

  • Will there be a female or a male therapist?

    We only have trained and experienced female therapists. Also as of now, we only offer spa treatments for women.

  • Should I tell anyone about the allergies or medical conditions I have?

    Yes. If you communicate with a therapist, the expert will be able to advice you better on the treatment and the pressure you should pick for the spa treatment.

  • What should I do before a spa treatment?

    A spa treatment is designed to relax you. Here are some things you can do that can help you get the maximum out of a treatment at home: Go low on caffeine Try not to have a heavy meal before a spa treatment Stretch a bit and get comfortable Communicate with your therapist and let them know if the pressure is right

  • Do I need to take a bath after the spa at home treatment?

    Getting a nice warm (not hot) bath after a massage will always accentuate the benefits of a spa and relax your body completely. We advise you take one just so you destress completely.

  • What should I wear for the spa?

    You do not have to worry about what to wear during a session. Our experts get every possible equipment needed for a relaxing spa, including what you can wear. The wearable gown is exclusively made available for clients and is not reused.

  • Should I avoid spa at home if I am pregnant?

    If you are in your first trimester, it is advisable to not get a spa. Towards the later part of your pregnancy a spa can actually help. We advise consulting the therapist on what treatment would best work for you.

  • I just got waxing done. Can I book a spa at home the same day?

    Your hair follicles open up after you get waxing done. It is best to avoid contact with excess moisture right after getting waxing done. Also if you have a sensitive skin, it may cause redness (and swelling) post waxing. Wait at east 24 hours to get a massage done.

  • Can I gift a spa to a friend?

    With UrbanClap’s “Gift a Spa” service, you can book a spa for a friend or a loved one and gift them a day of pampering. Just log on to the app to find the service.

  • What is the minimum amount I can book for a spa at home service?

    The minimum booking amount for a spa at home service is Rs.999.

  • Will the therapist clean my house after a spa at home treatment?

    You can sit back and relax, for the therapist will clean up after every spa appointment and leave your home exactly the way it was.

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All About Spa At Home

After a stressful week it becomes utmost necessary to release your stress. Taking too much stress takes a toll on you. Thinking about relaxing and rejuvenating from stress then the best option is to take a spa session. A spa at home in Hyderabad helps you in relaxing the muscles and stress off your mind and body. Spa for women in Hyderabad is helpful to ward off the mental stress caused due to hectic and stressful lifestyle. An effective spa treatment includes body massage for women in Hyderabad melts away the stress from your soul and mind.

Benefits of spa at home in Hyderabad

With an increasing stress and hectic life schedule we often feel the urge to get away and escape into other world to relax and unwind. If you have a few hours, book UrbanClap's spa at home in Hyderabad to get some much needed “ME” time to relax, rejuvenate and detox. We offer a wide range of body massage for women in Hyderabad, given by the skilled therapists.

a regular massage service has the following benefits:

  • A session of spa for women in Hyderabad helps you to escape your daily routine. It helps you to slow down, relax and de – stress.

  • An oil massage for women is very helpful in improving blood circulation.

  • It is said that spa treatments are beneficial for good metabolism. A body massage stimulates the lymphatic system and result in throwing out all the waste from the body.

  • Researchers have scientifically proven that a spa treatment like massage for women in Hyderabad is responsible for releasing of hormone called “Serotonin”. This hormone is responsible for stimulating a “feel good” feeling within body and mind. A therapy session of spa for women in Hyderabad relaxes you body, soul and mind and bringing harmony back to it.

  • A spa session of deep tissue massage for women in Hyderabad helps a lot to ease out muscle sprain, muscle tension and cramps. Thus getting spa treatment is recommended for athletes and fitness conscious people. A professional sports therapist is appointed in a sports team in order to take care of muscle sprain, muscle tension and cramps that occur during the game.

  • Spa for women in Hyderabad have magical effect and are extremely beneficial for women during post – delivery period. It is suggested that women who have recently given birth should opt for spa treatments for faster recovery.

  • Spa session of hot oil massage for women in Hyderabad is very beneficial and recommended for patients who are battling disease like arthritis, muscle spasms and sciatica. Therapies of hot oil body massage for women in Hyderabad , deep tissue full body massage for women in Hyderabad etc. will help these patients in pain management.

  • Spa for women in Hyderabad also include body contouring treatments like inch reduction, body sculpting etc. these services can help you in keeping a check on body weight and helps you to bringing back your body in perfect shape.

  • Spa treatments include treatments related to skin. A regular session at spa will help in cell re – generation, body polish by scrubbing off the dead skin, peeling off the dead skin and gently exfoliating it, opening up of blocked pores of skin and promoting uniformity in the look and feel of skin.

  • Spa for women in Hyderabad include a range of water treatments which help in hydrating the body thus bringing balance and relaxation to the mind. On the other hand the heat treatments offered by spas help in promoting blood circulation and helps in purifying the body.

  • Spa offers variety of therapeutic mud sessions which are useful for eliminating unwanted toxins off the body and exfoliation of dead skin

  • Spas offer a range of beauty and skin care treatments which help individuals to look fresh, confident and young. Regular skin care treatments like facials and body massage for women in Hyderabad thus should be part of your spa service routine.

Thus taking up regular spa session is no longer considered as a luxury rather it is considered to have beneficial effect and a reason for looking and feeling good.

Popular spa treatments

Spa treatments are often liked by as they offer relaxation and rejuvenation of body, soul and mind. But with a variety of spa treatments available it is difficult to make one choice so here is a guide of popular spa treatments.

  • Thai massage – This massage is a very popular massage therapy which provides relief using three different activities – acupressure, Ayurvedic principles and assisted Yoga postures, Thai massage includes body stretches which improves blood circulation and makes the body more flexible. Thus, many individuals opt for Thai massage.

  • Swedish massage – under this massage therapy, deep or mild strokes are applied to different parts of the body as chosen by the customer. Swedish massage is done on the back, neck, legs, arms, etc. The body tissues are relieved from pain and stress with Swedish massage. An enhanced level of oxygen in the blood stream, improvement of the blood circulation system of the body, flexibility and the reduction of toxins from the body are some of the Swedish massage benefits.

  • Foot massage – massage of the feet and the calves is called foot massage. Foot massage also includes foot reflexology as the therapist aims to reduce muscular pains in the feet. Blood circulation is improved through foot massage while swollen feet and sprained feet are relieved through foot reflexology sessions.

  • Aromatherapy massage – if you are into aromas and smells, an aromatherapy massage session is a good choice. Aromatherapy oils are used in the full body massage for women in Hyderabad along with soothing candles. The therapist applies pressure on the body parts for relieving pain and combating skin ailments. Aromatherapy oils are said to be beneficial in relieving stress, slowing the aging process of the body and improving the texture and glow of the skin.

Benefits of availing spa at home in Hyderabad vs. spa services at salon

Taking a spa at home in Hyderabad after a tiring and hectic day is divine and it can help you relax instantaneously. It instantly feels as if someone has rebooted you whole body mechanics and given it a new life. Thus for taking spa services you may have to go to a salon but not anymore as UrbanClap offers spa at home in Hyderabad at your doorstep. UrbanClap focuses on providing quality spa at home for women in Hyderabad at the comfort of their home rather than making them wait in the waiting lounge of salon. Also it might get too tiring for you to go to salon for spa session after spending a hectic day at office or home and especially when you do not feel the urge to do anything or go anywhere. UrbanClap does not want you to leave the comfort of your home and run through traffic for a spa session. Thus following are the benefits of availing spa at home in Hyderabad rather than at salon:

  • No Travel: Now – a- days as the cities are growing so are the distances so for a spa session travelling towards salon can become tiring due to heavy traffic and long distance but when you select spa at home in Hyderabad then there is no need to travel. You can book a spa at home session ask the therapist to come give a relaxing spa therapy.

  • Convenience: You can avail a spa at home in Hyderabad at your comfort of home and that too while doing your favorite things like listening music, watching TV etc.

  • Privacy: if you feel uncomfortable going into unknown dark rooms of spa then spa at home in Hyderabad is the best option for you. Getting spa at home for women in Hyderabad offers highest level of privacy. So whether want to avail spa treatment for yourself or with partner or with your friends spa treatment at home can be great idea.

  • Cheaper: Spa services are a bit expensive as compared to services of spa at home for women in Hyderabad as salon has a setup and staff of its own which they have to manage thus resulting in expensive spa therapies and services. On the other hand in spa at home treatments and services the therapist carry the entire salon along with them so the operating cost are minimized thus UrbanClap is able to provide better and reasonable services to you.

  • Easy Appointments: Booking an appointment using UrbanClap mobile app or website is real quick and easy. You can book an appointment for spa at home for women in Hyderabad within minutes and enjoy professional spa treatments and services at the comfort of your home and that too without any disturbance.

Thus above are the benefits of availing spa at home for women in Hyderabad. Spa at home services allows you to indulge into relaxation and enjoy spa services anytime and anywhere.

What to expect before, during and after a massage service at home in Hyderabad?

Having a session of spa at home for women in Hyderabad is the most relaxing and restoring beauty activity. You can enjoy pampering along with regeneration of body and mind. Many people whether taking up regular spa session or first timers are clueless about what to expect in a spa session. So here is a guide that will help you understand more about spa sessions:

Before Spa Session:

  • Eat atleast before an hour: Spa session includes full body massage for women in Hyderabad and lying on your stomach for a long time. So it is recommended that you should eat aleast an hour before the spa session. If you eat just before your spa session then you might feel uncomfortable when it comes to lying on your stomach or while taking massage service at home in Hyderabad on stomach. Indulge in having a light snack and before 60 – 90 mins of spa session

  • Arrive Before Time: It is recommended to arrive for spa sessions early. If you are taking spa at home services then ask your beautician to arrive early. Arriving early will help you to be ready in spa costume and start the session on time.

  • Heat amenities: Heat amenities should be used before the full body massage for women in Hyderabad for example avail steam bath before the session of full body massage for women in Hyderabad. Similarly use steam before facial massage.

  • Talk to therapist: You should always share your aliments or any medical condition with your therapist as this will help them to understand what are your problem areas that needs to be focused and what areas to avoid. Tell your therapist about the level of pressure that you are comfortable with before you avail massage service at home in Hyderabad. You can freely communicate to therapist about your favorite room fragrance and level of darkness you would like in the room. Also if you are pregnant you must convey the same to your therapist.

During Spa Session

  • Be Comfortable: If there is anything you are not comfortable about during the massage service at home in Hyderabad make it a point to convey it to your therapist. The idea of taking is spa session is relaxing and rejuvenating but if you are uncomfortable you will not be able to relax. So make sure you talk to your therapist and be comfortable.

  • Undressing: For majority of body massage for women in Hyderabad it is need for you to undress completely so if you are uncomfortable in getting completely undresses then tell the therapist so that they will cover you accordingly.

After Spa Session:

  • Drink lots of water: Water is an essential part to stay healthy. A good spa session helps in increasing blood circulation within the body and increases the blood flow thus it is important to drink lots of water as it will help in re – hydrating the body after body massage at home in Hyderabad.

  • Eat less: It is recommended to indulge into having a light snack right after a good spa session. Having multiple small snacks after spa session will help in giving an electrolyte boost to your body.

  • Relax: Spa treatment increases the blood flow and circulation within the body so it is recommended that you must relax after a good spa session.

Thus above is a general guideline regarding what to do and expect from a body massage at home in Hyderabad.

Situations in which you should not take body massage at home in Hyderabad

Spa therapies and spa sessions are very relaxing and have medicinal effects like increase blood flow, proper blood circulation, muscle relaxation, skin rejuvenation etc but there are certain situation in which you should avoid taking spa services as under:

  • People who are suffering with medical conditions like high blood pressure, hypertension etc must communicate the therapist about it and take spa treatments accordingly. Take spa therapies that will not aggravate your existing medical conditions.

  • If you are pregnant then you need to share this vital information with the therapist as the spa therapies for pregnant women are different and require highly specialized therapist as the body massage for women at home in Hyderabad given to pregnant women are completely different from normal massages for women in Hyderabad.

  • Avoid getting a body massage at home in Hyderabad if you are suffering from any type of infection, fever, cough and cold or allergy as there is a danger of you passing on the germs and infection to other people. also the therapy might aggravate your discomfort so it is adviced to first completely recover from the ailment and then take up a spa session.

  • Spa sessions should not be taken up by people who have recently undergone surgeries or operation and these too includes women who have given birth to child via C – section. It is adviced to get completely recovered as the surgery points are fragile and any external pressure put on it while it is still in recovery can cause damage, pain or discomfort. Thus in such situations it is recommended to be selective while choosing the spa therapies.

  • Avoid going to the spa after a heavy meal or after consuming alcohol as it might create discomfort for you.

  • Keep your body hydrated by consuming fluids. Drink water or a cup of green tea to aid metabolism after a good spa session and flush out the toxins from body.

Thus in above situations you must avoid taking spa services in order to keep away from discomfort. If you still want to opt for a spa session then consider a homemade spa and consult with doctor about which products you can or cannot use.

Why you should hire a spa professional from UrbanClap?

Spa Professionals offer relaxing and soothing spa treatments. It is important to hire a professional and experienced therapist. So rather than searching over internet about “good spa therapist near me” logon to urbanclap using website or mobile and hire a spa professional from UrbanClap. Hiring a professional therapist from UrbanClap has its own benefits and merits as under:

  • Trusted Professionals: UrbanClap ensures that the professionals offering spa services registered with them have proper training regarding their expertise. Also the selection and registration of these professionals is done after stringent screening. These professionals are strictly evaluated on their skills and experience level. This stringent screening is undertaken by UrbanClap in order to provide best in the class therapist for Swedish full body massage or other therapies to you at your doorstep.

  • Trained Professionals: UrbanClap ensures that all the professionals registered with them have received proper technical training in giving massage for women in Hyderabad. A right technique is very important while giving body massage for women at home in Hyderabad along with a hands-on experience and UrbanClap professionals have both.

  • Complete Spa Experience: Ambience of spa is designed in a manner in which you will feel relaxed. When you hire a therapist from urbanclap they will make sure to give you complete spa experience by bringing spa to your home. They bring aromatic and therapeutic oils, lit candles and play soothing music while you are receiving spa services.

  • Flexibility: UrbanClap assures you to provide services as per your availability. The UrbanClap team provides flexibility to its customers for choosing the time and venue as per their choice. Customers have to choose their preferred date and timing and the UrbanClap team will make the beautician available to you at the time and location mentioned by you.

  • Budget: UrbanClap believes in providing affordable services. You need to state your beauty service that you want to avail and all the professionals who are available to provide those beauty services in that budget bracket or package will contact you. Thus you will find a professional beautician for all kinds of budget brackets, services and packages.

  • Range of Products: UrbanClap offers a variety of products for all types of beauty treatments and budgets. There is a wide range of services that are offered individually or as a package over UrbanClap.

  • Payments: UrbanClap prefers a very hassle free and extremely convenient process of payments. Customers need to do online transfers thus making payments totally easy and stress free.

List of Spa at home services offered by UrbanClap

Spa Therapies: A lot of therapies are offered by Urbanclap like Swedish full body massage among others. Following are the various therapies of body massage for women at home in Hyderabad that are provided by therapist from UrbanClap and also the cost of each

60 min Massage: The massage therapy is for an hour and you can choose from the below list the type of massage for women in Hyderabad you want to avail.

Types of Massage For WomenPrice (INR)
Aroma Therapy Massage1199
Swedish Massage1199
Thai Massage1399
Deep Tissue Massage1399
Body Scrub Massage for 20 minutes (Add-On)599

90 min Massage: The massage therapy is for an hour and half and you can choose from the below list the type of massage for women in Hyderabad you want to avail

Types of Massage For WomenPrice (INR)
Swedish Massage149
Deep Tissue Massage1699
Body Scrub Massage for 80 minutes1699

Packages: Apart from massage therapies spa at home services has packages as under:

  • De – Stress Treatment which costs Rs.1399 and has a duration of 80 minutes

  • Top – to – toe relaxation which lasts for 100 minutes and costs Rs.1799

  • Pain Reliving treatment which lasts for 100 minutes and costs Rs.1999

Add – ons: following add on services are also offered by UrbanClap besides body massage for women at home in Hyderabad:

  • Foot Reflexology for 20 minutes which costs Rs.499

  • Hand Reflexology

  • Facial Massage for 20 minutes which costs Rs.399

  • Head and Shoulder Massage for 20 minutes which costs Rs.399

Apart from spa for women at home in Hyderabad, UrbanClap also offers spat at home services for women in the following cities :

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