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Physiotherapy is the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery. Physiotherapy treatment may significantly help to minimize postural dysfunction. Most patients will experience decreased pain once their posture is corrected. UrbanClap is providing a platform to connect you with the best physiotherapists in Hyderabad. All the experienced physiotherapists in Hyderabad are certified and have relevant experience in handling patients. Get relieved of your pain and start your best physiotherapy in Hyderabad at your home. We, at UrbanClap ensures that the quality services are offered to you. ...


56 Physiotherapists in Secunderabad

  • Sreenivas Kotagiri
    Sreenivas Kotagiri
    Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (7 ratings)
    • s

      I got spinal Cord injury before one year after I admitted yasoda hospital they diagnosed paraplegia after discharged i consultant Dr sreenivas physiotherapist he is come to home care now I am able to sit and I move my body all side on bed... Thank you sir

    • r

      Knee Ligament Tear Injury has been treated well. I am satisfied with the treatment and thank you sir.

  • CallHealth
    Rolling Hills, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (2 ratings)
    • k

      After my fracture a few month back, I contacted him! Prior to meeting him I was in a very serious problem. His physiotherapy sessions helped me to return to my healthy lifestyle. His sessions provided me with immense relief. Highly recommended!

    • a

      Excellent service. The physio came on time. He was cordial and did a wonderful service. I would definitely recommend the service to all my frinds and family. Time spent was about 1 hour everyday. I took it for two weeks.

  • Archana
    Manikonda, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (1 rating)
    • j

      While playing my shoulder cap was injured so I got his reference through the internet. Archana is very understanding and caring doctor. I go to her clinic called Plant H for treatment sessions. I took sessions for five days only and it lasts for a half hour to one hour. She is a punctual physiotherapist who puts her maximum efforts in making sure that her patients get recovered in due time. Also, she charges a reasonable amount too so I would definitely refer her to others as well.

  • Dr. Mounika
    Dr. Mounika
    Begumpet, Sindhi Colony, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (1 rating)
    • p

      Good knowledge after consulting her i have lost my chronic back pain

  • Shyam Physio Clinic
    Shyam Physio Clinic
    Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • Dr.  Pavan Kumar Talupuru
    Dr. Pavan Kumar Talupuru
    Jaya Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • Dr.  Ramakrishna Janigala
    Dr. Ramakrishna Janigala
  • Muhammad
    Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • Uday healthcare
    Uday healthcare
    Yousufguda Checkpost Bus Stop, Krishna Nagar Main Road, Yousufguda, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
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Physiotherapy at Home in Hyderabad

People often experience pain and uneasiness while moving or doing any kind of activity. In such situations physiotherapist play an important role. So what do we understand by the term physiotherapy or what do physiotherapist do to help us get relieved from such unbearable pain. Physiotherapy or physical therapy is basically the use of routine exercises, some physical movements, some kind of electric stimulation or mechanical forces in order to recover and repair from physical problems or some kind of injuries or is a person is facing some kind of issues related to mobility and functions. These kind of physical therapy is normally performed by the certified professionals who are known as Physiotherapists. A patient has to go under different methodological steps of treatment. These various stages of treatment are as follows:

  • Examination: This is the first stage of the treatment and is done mainly to check the physical status and general health. This test can be performed by either a patient’s Primary Care Provider or by a physical examiner.

  • Diagnosis: This is the second stage wherein the analysis of the report of physical examination is done and it is elaborated into data which can be readable and easily understood by everyone.

  • Prognosis: This is another stage wherein the therapist discusses with the patient about their physical and medical condition. The therapists also predicts the probable outcome of the treatment.

  • Physical Intervention: This is the stage wherein the actual treatment or therapy is provided to the patient.

  • Cardiorespiratory: This is a type of treatment which mainly deals with issues related to heart and lungs. This type of therapy is a combination of supportive treatment along with prevention of further injuries post-surgery. This treatment also deals with helping a patient body to regain its normal activities and functions after a cardiac or pulmonary surgery has taken place. For example if a patient has gone through coronary bypass surgery then the cardio therapist will mainly focus on bringing a patient’s body back to their original strength and stamina there by performing the normal functions of the heart. We can quote another example of a patient who is suffering with cystic fibrosis of the lungs. So in this case a chest physiotherapist will use his mechanical hand motions everyday on the chest. This is a form of percussion which helps to drive the sputum out of the air cavity and increase expectoration. Patients who are suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, heart attacks or pulmonary disorders are the ones who are benefited from this kind of cardiopulmonary therapy sessions.

  • Age related problems: The age related problems are known as geriatric physiotherapy in medical science. This is mainly used to treat problems which a patient starts to face when they grow old in age. These are quiet a vast field of physiotherapy treatments and they usually covers various problems which people face as they grow old. Geriatric physiotherapists usually treat old age issues but they do not deal with Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, arthritis, hip and joint replacement, balance disorders and incontinence.

  • Neurological: This type of treatment is usually given to patients who suffers from neurological disease or disorder and this type of therapist are known as neuro physiotherapist or neurological rehabilitation. The patients with this kind of disorders face difficulties with impairments in vision, balance and daily movement, muscular and functional independence. This treatment or therapy requires special skills and trainings to treat disorders like Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s disease and some injuries like brain to spinal cord injuries or from cerebral to facial palsy to chronic back pain.

  • Orthopedic: Orthopedic physiotherapist mainly deals with disorders and injuries related to muscular and skeletal systems. Orthopedic treatment also includes rehabilitation after orthopedic surgeries. This is a type of therapy which deals with deformities like scoliosis, acute trauma like strains and sprains, sports injuries, fractures, spinal conditions, amputations, arthritis, neck and back pain, injuries related to insidious onset like tendinopathy and bursitis etc. Mobilization techniques are used for joints and spines, electrical stimulations, therapeutic exercises, dry needling, hot or cold packs, and muscle re-training or re-education constitute treatment solutions to all the problems related to orthopedics.

  • Integumentary: These kind of diseases are related to skin and all the organs underlying it. Some of the issues may be skin wounds, burn injuries. The main focus lies on reducing swelling areas and removing of burnt and contaminated skin parts. The treatment and services offered by physiotherapist are very much similar to those type of treatment provided by doctors and nurses in hospitals. Physiotherapists usually utilize surgical instruments, compressor bandages, wound irrigators, dressings, splinting, edema control, topical agents and even some exercises.

  • Sports and Athletics: In this case the physiotherapists mainly focuses on the well-being and care of the athletes and sports person, encompassing management of athletic injuries. Fully Professional or semi-professional or recreational physiotherapists cater to these categories of injuries. Some of the categories of injuries are as follows: 1. Acute Care: This type of care deals with the examination of an injury of the patient and its assessment. 2. Treatment: These are some of the treatment techniques used by physiotherapists and these treatments are accompanied by specialist advice and activities which encourage healing. 3. Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation is a process which deals with gradually bringing the patient in actions and enable the patient to fully return to normalcy. 4. Prevention: This is a type of treatment where the assessment of patient’s movements are done by identification of direct or indirect injury precursors. 5. Education: In this treatment the knowledge is imparted to individuals or teams or club members to assist in management and prevention of injuries. 6. There are also athletic physiotherapists who are certified with their specialization in sports therapy through registrations in national organizations.

  • Pediatrics: This type of physical therapists deals with all the age group starting from infants to adults. This therapy starts with diagnosis, management and treatment of their patient irrespective of age groups. It focuses on early detection of health problems and disorders in the patient with diseases like acquired genetic, neuromuscular, congenital diseases or disorders, skeletal diseases. The type of treatments which are carried out under this field include coordination, strengthening and improving balance, sensory and cognitive processing or integration, general or fine motor skills, body endurance and strength.

  • Women’s health: This is a type of therapy which focuses on women’s health with respect to the reproductive system, child birth or post-partum support. The different kinds of problems which the women usually face in these periods include pelvic muscle pain, problems related to periods during pre-natal and post-partum, lymphedema, osteoporosis, urinary incontinence and sometimes even pelvic floor dysfunction. Sometimes these kind of therapies are performed to increase the chance of conception in women.

  • Back Pain: It has scientifically been proved that sessions in physical therapy can actually lessen the pain and help in improving conditions of injury and impaired functions. Back pain treatment usually works on removing or reducing the pain and dealing with ways to prevent the risk of further pains or injuries by strengthening the muscles. Although this kind of treatment may vary from one physical therapist to another still the main focus is on removal of pain by getting rid of inflammation, cause and swelling.

  • Community: This kind of treatment is based on the rehabilitation process. It deals with rehabilitating disabled conditions through community education, passing on knowledge and some of the basic skills to the management for the treatment of acute and chronic disabilities and diseases. Physiotherapist who are mainly concerned with socially promoting these concept of community health and healthy living take part in this kind of activity.

Physical Therapy does not only mean providing clinical treatment but it can also be carried out in the form of consultation, education, research, administration etc. The main aim or goal of physiotherapy is recovery, rehabilitation, Injury Prevention and health promotion. The main aim of physiotherapy is to understand the patient’s lifestyle and give a holistic treatment solution that patients can easily in-corporate in their life styles.

Types of Physiotherapy treatments:

After the patient has gone through a diagnosis and a prognosis then he or she may be referred to a physiotherapist professional or even a patient can consult some physiotherapist who are practicing. These therapist can provide necessary assistance to treat the patience for their injuries and problems. Different kinds of injury needs to be treated differently and with appropriate physical therapy. These type of treatment requires professional level of specialization in a particular field. Physical Therapy is a vast subject and each treatment is applicable to a specific field so a patient need to consult with the relevant physiotherapist or physical therapist. As the main aim of these physical therapist is to rehabilitate a patient from their injuries or trauma in the shortest period possible so a patient needs to have a very clear understanding of what they require and the treatment they need to go through. Currently the physiotherapist services available in Hyderabad city are of following types:

Sickness, illness, injury and physical damage are a part and parcel of human lives. When a person will face these kind of instances no one is aware of it but when it comes we should be ready to fight back and start to live our life normal. Medications will be effective but they will be a short term treatments to pain and injuries. For the treatment to be effective for long term, patients have to be managed, treated and guided about the benefits of physiotherapy. The benefits and importance of physical therapy does not end at diagnosis or treatment. It also deals with prevention of further injuries of similar kind. Physical therapy mainly works at reconditioning or re-educating the body, muscles and bones to its original form. Some of the instances when a patient is require to visit a physiotherapist are summarized as below:

  • Mechanical or Manual Intervention: Manual intervention or externally induced physical movements will help to relax tight muscles, improve blood circulation, relax muscle spasms, and even drain out fluids from the swellings. These type of physical movements are mainly induced on soft tissues and moving joints for treatment.

  • Electrical Stimulation: Electrical Stimulation therapy is mainly used to suppress or block pain signals from reaching to brain. In this type of therapy stimulation of nerves with the help of small electric currents can help to reduce pain of the affected areas.

  • Demonstration: These type of therapy mainly deals with teaching or educating the patients about correct movement and the further risk involved if the patient suffers injuries in future. It also heals the patient in the minimum amount of time.

  • Device Provision: This is a therapy which is related to the use of equipment and devices for the purpose of support, assistance and protection. In this therapy the devices used are prescribed by the practitioner and then this is followed by fabrication and application on the patient’s body.

  • Functional Examination: This method mainly deals with the ground work like assessment of patient’s physical abilities and conditions.

  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is similar to providing stimulation by electric nerve. This method mainly uses needles to stimulate the patient’s nerve. This therapy helps in dulling out pain, helps to regulate body functionality, release and relax tight muscles, and also gives boost to the patient’s immune system.

Physiotherapists adopt various means and methods to treat the patient in order to cure them from illness. Physiotherapists use various techniques depending upon the nature and type of injury or problem the patient is facing. Some of them are as follows:

Nowadays people find it challenging in case if they have to travel out for any purpose so attending regular sessions of physiotherapy treatment even at the nearest physiotherapy clinics can be a headache to achieve. So more and more people are demanding these sessions at home as they have no better alternative compared to physical treatment. Some of the advantages of having physiotherapy sessions at home are as follows:

  • Requirements: First you need to log into UrbanClap website, then apply the filter for city “Hyderabad”. Once you have selected Hyderabad then search for Physiotherapists in your city. Fill up the form wherein you have to specify your requirement. Clearly mention the reason why you are looking for a physical therapist.

  • Personal Information: Provide your complete details mentioning the disease or surgery you have gone through. Explain clearly your problems like if any neck pain, or muscle pain or back pain etc. For example if a patient is having “Joint Pain” problem he or she should completely and clearly explain what kind of problem is he suffering from? Since how long he or she is facing such kind of problems and if he or she has ever had any historical health issues. Provide your contact details and your address.

  • Charges: After you have posted your requirement decide of the fees part. Select basic if you want a less experienced physiotherapist and you want sessions on some basic exercise. Select the slab in the fees section you are ready to pay for the service.

  • Contact details: Once you have decided on the above factors then post your requirements. Once your requirements appear online you would receive quotation from different physiotherapists with their contact details.

  • Demo: When you have finalized everything and discussed with the physiotherapists about your requirement and issues, you can request them for a demo session. There are some demo sessions which are free and there are some for which the physiotherapists charge. Have a discussion and avail there demo session.

  • Decision: Once you have had face to face meetings and have availed their demo session you can discuss with them regarding the charges. If you are fine with everything you can go ahead and hire that physiotherapist.

  • Thus this article talks about the situations and problems a person can face or come across in life wherein they may require the help of physiotherapists along with medication for long term benefits. After going through this article we are able to understand the profession and importance of physiotherapist in our life.

  • Sports Injuries: Athletics and Sports person have to remain fit and have an attitude of never die spirit even when faced with heavy challenges. So if these people face any injuries then that pose a threat to their careers and it will be a major life turning event for them. Hence people in these professions have to always seek help from physiotherapists and recover fast and be healthy. Certified Physical therapists or trainers can help relax and rejuvenate the muscles and bones which will people in these profession to improve their mobility, their performance and efficiency of movement. These physical therapist also provides consultation and guide them on correct form of movement. Physiotherapists are jewels to athletes hence sports person depends on these people to large extent as they can’t risk themselves for further injuries.

  • Chronic Pain: Pains when not taken care of are really a disturbing phase of anyone’s life. Sometimes people just avoid it and carry on their daily activities and if it aggravates little bit then they opt for a medicine. But this is not the right solution for these kind of problems and later the problem would become more dangerous and unbearable. So one should not ignore these kind of problems or should not only depend on pharmaceutical solutions rather take an appointments with physiotherapist and take proper guidance. These physical therapists provide physiotherapy exercises which provides long term relief to most of the stubborn issues.

  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy is a phase in which a women body goes through drastic changes right from the beginning till the delivery has taken place. Pregnancy results in complete alteration of the body posture of the women along with the total weight of the developing baby the mother’s womb and the body. Pregnancy brings with it emotional instability, problems due to extra weight, post-partum depression in lot of females so a physiotherapy is the best solution to overcome these problems. Another advantage of physiotherapy treatment is that the mother do not have to consume medicine for getting relieved from any kind of problems related to pregnancy.

  • Weight Management: Everyone and anyone worries about their weight and shape of their body as it is the first impression that we can cast on anyone about ourselves. There are many who usually opt for rigorous workout sessions or go on crash diet or go for long distance run and walk in order to maintain their weight. But then a simple sessions of physical therapy can work on the muscles and help them relax more than tedious sessions of exercise and workouts. There are other benefits also along with weight management if we take physiotherapy sessions. This kind of therapy helps in digestion, thereby it allows in better assimilation of the food consumed and hence minimize the storage of fat on the body.

  • Pelvic Floor Disorders: Women who undergo some abdominal surgeries or surgeries like hysterectomy i.e. surgical removal of uterus usually suffer from Pelvic Floor Disorders. Pelvic Floor Disorders can also occur to women after child birth. If a women is suffering from such disorders then they usually face problem with bowel and urinary inconsistencies which are actually very discomforting. So physiotherapy may be the best option in order to deal with this kind of situation as this solution proves to be best along with long term health benefit.

  • Pre and Post Surgery: In order to have an efficient and fast recovery of the patient’s health, preparation of the patient’s body is very much required. Going through certain physiotherapy exercises can actually be beneficial for a patient to make a fast recovery. Another advantage of these sessions would be that a patient can avoid consuming very heavy doses of medicines for recovery.

  • Treatment of issues related to bones: Nowadays people have to sit long hours in front of computers or desktops while working. Little we realize that this can actually have a very harmful effect on our health. There can be some health issues like arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, rheumatoid arthritis or some other conditions similar to hyperthyroidism. These kind of health issues not only affect adults but also the younger generations get affected.

  • Sleep Apnea: Sleep Apnea is the difficulty in breathing which is characterized by some pauses while breathing and this may be accompanied by loud snores. So Sleep Apnea can actually be very disturbing for you or your sleeping partner. While some people may not find it dangerous but it can actually hamper a person health and quality of life as in sleep apnea a person’s brain is deprived of oxygen which does not happen during normal breathing. Physiotherapy sessions can help in clearing the blocked nasal passage thereby providing relaxation to the whole body. This treatment also works well with some other pulmonary problems like asthma.

  • Accidental Injuries: There are some injuries which can happen due to some serious accidents and these accidents can result in damage or broken bones due to which a patient can feel hindrance in their day to day activities. Physical Therapy is one of the best solution to this kind of issues as they provide better results in minimum times.

  • Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation is a natural process to recovery from disease, injury, trauma or damage for a long lasting result. Physical Therapy provides one of the fastest ways of healing or recovery. Physiotherapy treatments also deals with some of the serious diseases and ill health conditions. Another most important advantage would be that it is not only inexpensive but also do not have any side effects.

Nowadays there are ample of options available with us if we want to hire physiotherapists. We can look for some good professional therapists either online or offline. Online we have various sites like UrbanClap, HouseJoy, etc. which offers us this option. Among these UrbanClap is quiet popular for availing these services. Let us see why people rely on Urban Clap:

  • Customized Care: Physiotherapy service at home is one of the best choice for a patient as they do not have to commute and hence they can save time and utilize it to take care of themselves. Sessions at home offers great personal care as well as patient can customized it as per their choice. It’s a great personal care because it is an easy way to describe the working conditions of our chair and table and the daily activity we do at home which is actually contributing to our back pain. If the session is at home we can show and explain our physiotherapist the actual challenges we are facing and together we can work out the best exercise and therapy for ourselves.

  • Saves travelling time: Hiring a physiotherapist at home not only offers us a customized care but it also saves travelling time for the patient. Usually a person spends an hour or two while travelling to and fro so having the session at home can actually save time and this time can be devoted to some other valuable tasks.

  • Comfort Level: Anyone and everyone finds their comfort zone at their own home. So if given a choice of having physio therapy sessions at home can be very advantageous. A patient can opt for lying around and relaxing at home while going through the treatment process.

  • Support from family members: If a patient has support from their family members then the chance for recovery is fast as a patient finds himself or herself at mental peace if their family members are present.

Though we can avail these services from various online sites and offline clinics, still people prefer to hire these professionals from UC. Hiring Physiotherapist from UC is quiet easy and convenient process. The process of hiring these professionals from UC are summarized as follows:

  • Certified and Experienced Professionals: A good physiotherapists are the ones who are trained and certified as well as holding good amount of experience in their work. They should have expertise in handling critical cases and UC helps in hiring such professionals as they do some background checks of these physiotherapists before posting their profiles online.

  • Budget Friendly Service: UC offers you service in various ranges. If someone is looking for just basic sessions then they can go ahead and hire professionals with minimum 2 years of experience which would not be too hard on pockets. So along with variety of services we also have various choices in terms of prices.

  • Specialized Physiotherapists: UrbanClap offers you a choice of some of the specialized physiotherapists who are trained in dealing with some specific cases. There are patients who require specified treatments with some specific issues like muscle pain, neck pain, neurology, joint pain, post-surgery etc. So again people have ample options when they go to explore such services.

  • Availability as per your convenience: UC also provides the facility of professional physiotherapists who are available at your own convenience i.e. at a location quiet close to your home. There are times people do not have much time to commute so when one gets a service close to their premises then nothing like that. There are also professionals who are ready to give customized service to their customers. So availing and hiring these physical therapist from UC is quiet an advantageous.

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