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Best Contractors in Hyderabad

Best Contractors in Hyderabad

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Contractors in Hyderabad

At UrbanClap, we take utmost care in offering only the best construction companies in Hyderabad to you, which comprise reliable professionals with verified backgrounds and minimum work experience of 2 years. These residential construction companies in Hyderabad have a minimum of 20 completed projects under their belt, with references cross-checked. We provide the prime service with the use of quality product material that fits in the budget. Check the portfolios of registered contractors by going through the real photos and customer reviews. With a promise of on-time project delivery, get your construction project done with all necessary and required permits. Find the one that suits your needs the best and hire right away!


404 Construction and Renovation Services in Hyderabad

  • A G InteriorsA G Interiors
    A G Interiors
    (8 reviews) Hired 6 times on UrbanClap
    • m

      Nice work done by Poorna. We hired him for decorating the interiors of our new 3BHK property. He helped us with the design and execution. He was very professional in his work and was friendly and cooperative with our needs. Overall satisfied with him.

    • p

      Quality was good nd work was perfection

  • Graffiti ENGG SolutionsGraffiti ENGG Solutions
    Graffiti ENGG Solutions
    (2 reviews)
    • s

      He is not reliable and left halfway

  • AB Planers and InteriorsAB Planers and Interiors
    AB Planers and Interiors
    New Allapur, Borabanda, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (1 review)
    • s

      He did the false ceiling, wardrobe and modular kitchen of my house and I am very happy with his work. He has done many flats in my society and people are very happy with him!

  • Maruthi TradersMaruthi Traders
    Maruthi Traders
    Patrika Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (27 reviews) Hired 23 times on UrbanClap
    • s

      I used UC for first time. I can say this is the best service I have asked for. Maruthi traders has contacted me asap after my query. They did excellent job within the schedule. Overall I am very much satisfied with the service

    • v

      Pavan has good patience and perfection.. They are good experts and provide right solution Best wishes

  • SunShine InteriorSunShine Interior
    SunShine Interior
    (25 reviews)
    • a

      Excellent work with good design and finishing... Very economical.. I would suggest sunshine interiors for work in your home and office...

    • a

      Excellent work, good design and finishing... Very economical.... I would suggest people to go for sunshine interiors for quality work.

  • R.R. ConstructionsR.R. Constructions
    R.R. Constructions
    Mallapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (24 reviews)
    • r

      One of the best I have ever experienced, continue the good work

    • v

      They did the interior renovation of my place,The project was completed in 6 months.Total no. of workers were 15.It was very nice to see them working together and with full hard work.They all are very much trained.The cost that came around was reasonable around 25L. I am very much satisfied by their work.

  • Pilli KireetiPilli Kireeti
    Pilli Kireeti
    (22 reviews) Hired 17 times on UrbanClap
    • n

      Great service provided by kireeti and team. They have been very professional. Very little supervision was required.

    • b

      It would be great if he visited once and supervise there . So that I should not spend time there. Rest is fine

  • Dx Interior DesignersDx Interior Designers
    Dx Interior Designers
    (21 reviews) Hired 3 times on UrbanClap
    • v

      Great work done and completed in a timely manner. Really appreciate professionalism.

    • p

      I was looking for an interior designer to design my new place. Vinay did a good job with it. He is a very creative professional. He has a team of 4-5 people who did the execution and they were quite fine. I faced no major problems with them apart from small delays here and there. The work was completed within the given time frame and I was satisfied with the final output. I would maybe give them 3.5 out of 5. Recommended to others.

  • Top Line HomeconceptsTop Line Homeconcepts
    Top Line Homeconcepts
    Himayatnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (20 reviews)
    • n

      I reside in hyedrabad near poli chowk.It is one year back when I waned some furniture work to be done. Likitesh was the person who did the work for me.He completed the work very nicely, he didn't wasted any time.Overall he is a great person. I spent around 80K on that work, he gave me the work completed by 1 week.Very nice experience

    • k

      Likitesh provided me the architectural design for my flat in hyedrabad and executed the work also.The total cost of work came around 2-3 lakhs, he took 20-22 days to complete the work. It was a very great experience to hire Likitesh,He is a very genuine person, he is very focused on his work and he handle his team very nicely.

  • AITCO PlasterAITCO Plaster
    AITCO Plaster
    Jeedimetla, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (19 reviews)
    • a

      Hygienic, beautiful artistic designs, loved it

    • a

      Excellence job they hav given my dream house in my imagination thanks atico

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I know my project cost?

    You can directly speak to the contractor about your budget and the scope of work. The website will connect you to contractors and hence, you can choose what the best is for you. Contractors usually inspect the site and thus determine the cost. Some of them might also charge a minimal inspection fee.

  • How do I trust the quality of the material sourced by the contractors?

    The contractors will source the best quality materials that would fit your budget. They will also keep reporting about the material required, to the customer as and when the time comes. Some contractors let you source your own material and just provide you with the execution service.

  • How will I get to know if the contractor is reliable with his/her work?

    You can do a whole background check on the contractor based in New Delhi. The site will redirect you to his/her page where you can track down their previous work, experience. You can also track down their offices and look out for their previous work samples.

  • How much time does the project take to finish?

    The projects are divided into different scales according to the completion time. The time for completion varies a lot, depending on whether it’s a construction or renovation. They could range anywhere from 10-15 days to 9-10 months. The time is generally figured out after inspecting the site once.

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All About Contractors

Contractors in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has a rich aesthetic style and immense real estate to complement it. But while both large and small homes, stores, offices and public buildings are being constructed and old ones being renovated at a fast pace, this is a task that people don't have the time to devote to. This is where contractors in Hyderabad come in as they handle the day-to-day oversight of a construction or renovation site, manage vendors and subcontractors, and coordinate with architects, interior designers and the client, to ensure that a building is constructed or renovated on time and in the most cost-effective manner. Some contractors also specialise in specific tasks like Woodwork, False ceiling, Waterproofing, Painting, Plumbing, Civil Work etc. General contractors who take over turnkey projects and handle all kinds of work are also available.

What is the Role of a Contractor?

In a nutshell, a construction contractor or house renovation contractor is a hands-on manager who executes the construction or renovation designs created by an architect, and oversees the complete day-to-day work at a construction site, including managing different professionals and vendors. But here’s the contractor’s work explained in detail:

  • To assess the project at hand Building contractors in Hyderabad evaluate the documents and drawings created by the architect, and visit the site of work to analyse the scope of the project. This determines the price the building construction contractors are likely to quote, whether they are ready to take up the project, the step-by-step timeline and plan they will follow, etc.

  • To establish a budget After taking into consideration house construction costs in Hyderabad, including labour costs, material costs, and other such prices, contractors fix a budget, which is further discussed with the clients and may or may not be negotiable. The final budget allows the contractor to carry out the work in the most cost-efficient manner.

  • To hire and coordinate with subcontractors and suppliers The best contractors in Hyderabad either have a team of subcontractors in place or they hire vendors and suppliers on a project-to-project basis for specialised tasks. These may include woodwork, waterproofing, painting, plumbing, civil work, false ceiling construction, etc.

  • To source materials and supplies Contractors in Hyderabad for construction find reputed suppliers and vendors to source quality materials for house construction and renovation projects. They find the best deals for their clients to stay within the budget fixed. They negotiate with multiple suppliers to find best quality materials at affordable prices and also ensure that the materials are delivered on time.

  • To apply for necessary permits From building licenses to local municipal permits, civil contractors in Hyderabad acquire all necessary licenses from the concerned authorities to begin and carry out a building or renovation project.

  • To supervise projects and ensure quality and safety Home renovation contractors in Hyderabad constantly review the progress of the project, make changes when deemed necessary, guide the team whenever and wherever required, solve any issues that may crop up and keep the client updated.

  • To complete project within deadlines Construction contractors in Hyderabad ensure timely execution of the project in such a way that everything is done according to the client’s expectations, and all construction and renovation guidelines are met.

And How Does Hiring a Contractor Benefit You?

  • It saves you time Since construction contractors in Hyderabad handle everything on-site, from material procurement to managing subcontractors, they ensure that the project sticks to its schedule. They also promptly handle setbacks of any kind, thus preventing any big delays. Without a contractor, you would have to coordinate everything by yourself, thus wasting a lot of precious personal and professional time.

  • A good residential contractor in Hyderabad will not only know where to find quality materials at affordable rates, but can also procure them in bulk, which will further reduce rates. Additionally, since contractors know their work well, they can avoid unnecessary costs which may be a result of a shoddy job.

  • Professionals are skilled The top contractors in Hyderabad have ample knowledge and experience to help transform your ideas into an amazing structure. Not only do they have plenty of inputs to offer but they are also open to your feedback and ideas.

  • Professionals are resourceful Since contractors are in a long-time business, they would have networked with many people in the construction industry at different times. Thus, they would know who to turn to for what work, where to source the best materials from, etc. As clients, we rarely have this kind of networking skill.

  • Professionals are reliable It can be quite chaotic to handle the multitude of people involved in the construction or renovation of your building, especially with shortage of time. But when you hire a good contractor in Hyderabad, you ensure a single point of accountability and someone who ensures a smooth and stress-free experience for you.

  • Every problem gets solves Due to their expertise and the knowledge gained by working on multiple projects, contractors know how to fix any issue that may arise — whether with worker management, adherence to deadlines, etc. They are the go-to source for everything construction.

But How Are Contractors Different from Architects?

While both contractors and architects are responsible for the planning and construction of a building, there are certain differences that set them apart.

  • Expertise While architects need to have relevant degrees and educational qualifications to be able to practise, contractors don’t need any such qualification in India to offer their services (though some do have relevant licenses). However, contractors gain a lot of expertise and competency through their immense experience, working on-ground, managing different tradesmen and professional, and by just being very hands-on.

  • Scope of work Architects are basically the artists who create the design of the building after consulting the clients and understanding their vision. Contractors, on the other hand, follow the architect’s plan and actually execute the project according to the architect’s drawings.

  • Availability Architects don’t require to be on-site on a daily basis and can coordinate the project from their office. Contractors are responsible for the entire building crew of plumbers, carpenters, builders, masons, etc. and need to review the progress of the project by being at the site of work every day.

What Services Do Contractors at UrbanClap Provide?

  • Complete Interior Execution

  • Woodwork and End-to-End Design of Furniture

  • Electrical Work

  • False Ceiling Construction

  • Flooring and Tiling

  • Lighting and Decor

  • Painting

  • Waterproofing

  • Wall Paneling

  • Glasswork

  • Aluminium and Other Metal Fabrication

Advantages of Hiring a Contractor from UrbanClap

  • Experienced professionals All our contractors in Hyderabad have a minimum experience of 2 years across various residential and commercial renovation and construction projects. Not only that, they have at least 20 completed and quality projects in their kitty.

  • Verified backgrounds Our quality screening process ensures that every construction contractor in Hyderabad on our platform has been vetted for credibility, and his or her national identity, address and criminal background has been verified by the top verification agencies in India.

  • Cross-checked references References for each contractor on our platform have been carefully examined for authenticity, making our professionals reliable.

  • Affordability When you place a request at UrbanClap and state your budget, only those contractors in Hyderabad contact you who can deliver the services you require in the mentioned budget. You can compare each one’s fees and work quality and make a decision accordingly.

  • Range of services Whether you want just wall panelling, electrical work, construction of a false ceiling, waterproofing or complete interior execution, our top contractors in Hyderabad can provide a range of services.

  • Cooperation and adaptability Our contractors in Hyderabad are open to working around your availability and ensure a smooth experience with as few inconveniences as possible. They are open to feedback and inputs as well.

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