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Looking for career advice, horoscope reading, zodiac sign predictions, business advice or other services pertaining to the best astrology in Hyderabad? We, at UrbanClap bring you the best astrologers in Hyderabad. Our top astrologers in Hyderabad are offering the best astrology in Hyderabad and personal consultation. They deal in numerology, horoscope, matchmaking, and Hindu astrology. They solve personal problem, business problem, marriage problem, love problem, career problem and much more. We, at UrbanClap ensure that you get the best astrologers in Hyderabad so that you can avail the best astrology in Hyderabad and while providing quality assistance, we at UrbanClap never let our customers’ convenience take a backseat at any point.


122 Astrologers in Hyderabad

  • Rahasya Vedic AstrologyRahasya Vedic Astrology
    Rahasya Vedic Astrology
    Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (27 reviews) Hired 18 times on UrbanClap
    • m

      This is the Best Astrology in Hyderabad, Very calculative about his predictions and explained very patiently. I Felt 90% accurate about past predictions he told about me. He is not at all commercial, and do not exploit the situation. He will explain each and every aspect questioned by us. I definitely recommend him before approaching others.

    • p

      Nice and satisfactory calculations by Vinod ji. He clarified all my doubts regarding career. Even after the main scheduled call he extended his support over the email and further calls to narrow down and clarify each and every doubt.

  • Sanketh SharmaSanketh Sharma
    Sanketh Sharma
    Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (12 reviews) Hired 3 times on UrbanClap
    • v

      Uc helped me to found best astrologer in hyderabad...I have consulted him through face to face consultancy...My many doubts reg my birthchart has been cleared by sharma ji.... Really his suggestions made me motivated .....Iam frequently following his predictions through www.mygrahastithi.com.. Unfortunately uc redirected me to him With astrology u took suggestions on vaastu too... Best Services thank you UC and Sankethsharma..

    • s

      He is very calm and listen problem carefully n friendly. I m still awaiting for his prediction to come true.

  • Rahul NimmagaddaRahul Nimmagadda
    Rahul Nimmagadda
    Rajeevgandhi Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (10 reviews) Hired 5 times on UrbanClap
    • a

      Rahul sir is very professional and i found his advise immensely helpful. I recommend him to everyone !

    • d

      One of my friend asked to consult him while i was going through rough patch,which actually turned lot of things to my side.His readings are accurate & it did helped me a lot.

  • Dwaraka AstrologyDwaraka Astrology
    Dwaraka Astrology
    Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (216 reviews) 104 times rated 5 star
    • a

      Excellent, whatever he explained I'm going through the same. He is really a great astrologer...

    • v

      Correctly predicted , Got some remedies for my problem, hope ill get good result.

  • Sri Maharishi VedicSri Maharishi Vedic
    Sri Maharishi Vedic
    Vivekananda Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (72 reviews) Hired 29 times on UrbanClap
    • a

      Truly well described predictions with the fact about it. One of the highly recommended astrologer for consultation.

    • k

      Mr. Krishna is the best in this field. He listened to all my queries very patiently and answered every question in a detailed manner. He explained each and every point rather than just telling about the events. I definitely and wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone. Few of my friends who have hired him are happy with the service.

  • Sai Balaji AstrologySai Balaji Astrology
    Sai Balaji Astrology
    (63 reviews)
    • v

      He also made practice and practical life recommendations based on my chart. Overall, wonderful, inspiring and incredibly helpful... Thank u

    • s

      We had met a lot of people regarding the various requirements and occasions of our life, but from the day we have been in contact with panditji we have never gone back to any of those people. You have been a great help and motivator in solving all our problems. Talking to you and getting your positive directions has cut our confusions all the times .We look up to you for all major and important events in our lives. You are a gift… …. No wonder whatever we discussed is coming true. You always have been our motivating force. May God Bless you, to help and motivate others

  • Institute of Advanced Numerology & VaasthuInstitute of Advanced Numerology & Vaasthu
    Institute of Advanced Numerology & Vaasthu
    Nagole, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (55 reviews) Hired 49 times on UrbanClap
    • v

      Visited our old house . Explained the deviations along with corrections. Corrected our new plan .clarified doubts & myths . Satisfied.

    • n

      ***** Consulted Ramesh garu for naming our newborn baby He has shortlisted the names from our list , explained the logic behind selection of name . Satisfied with consultation

  • Astromata Astro Services Pvt.Ltd.Astromata Astro Services Pvt.Ltd.
    Astromata Astro Services Pvt.Ltd.
    Vittal Rao Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    (47 reviews) Hired 21 times on UrbanClap
    • v

      Listened patiently, spiritual and reassuring advice.

    • v

      It's been very wonderful... The predictions were so accurate. I would definitely recommend Acharya Anand.

  • Sai GuruSai Guru
    Sai Guru
    (46 reviews) Hired 6 times on UrbanClap
    • j

      He was very very kind and realistic gave his pracious time and satisfied our almost all the queries Quite happy and satisfied Thanks

    • u

      I'm saying with practical he was said all 100% right my suggestion consult to Sri. sai guru gaaru .. Thanks u soo much Sir..

  • Hari KHari K
    Hari K
    19-70/4, Lakshmipuram Colony, Brindavan Colony, Kapra, Secunderabad, Telangana 500062, India
    (43 reviews) Hired 77 times on UrbanClap
    • d

      The service i recieved was a 3.5 star service it was good but not above expectations .he gave me a promise that things will be fine really soon and thus the things are working. He said i have to wait for a couple of months for thigs to start working . I asked about my career and life to him and he spoke me for 1 hour and very patiently listen to everything i was saying very patiently dealed with everything.He charged me around 1000 for the astrology and i think it will be worth it

    • n

      Apart from being a knowledgeable person, Mr. Hari seemed like a principled man with immense patience to explain and answer every question and seemed very passionate about astrology. He seemed fairly accurate in his findings, rest the time will tell.

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    I had some problem related to my health and personal life for which I took service of her. She treated me very excellent service and listen my all question are very passionately and carefully. Her prediction is very transparent and accurate. Thanks to UC having a such great astrologer.


    He is so patient, cleared all doubts... 99 percent correct prediction and suggested remedies also... Very satisfied with service.. Thanks a lot...




    Very humble and kind I felt very relaxed after talking to him thank you


    Apt predections


    Nice to consult him,but explanation is some what in short way

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is astrology?

    The stars and constellations have been associated to tell us the way in the past. Astrology is the study of planetary motions of celestial bodies, the movement of which governs the aspects of human life. It is at some level a mastery of intuitive arts and is a branch of metaphysics.

  • Should I really believe in an astrologer?

    Believing in anything at all comes from experience. Whether it is the idea of God, spirituality or astrology. Astrology is often considered a branch of science and its practitioners have had a keen sense of intuition, a sixth sense. Astrology exists and its practitioners believe in its findings.

  • What are sun signs?

    Sun signs are dictated by the position the sun was in when you were born. Sun signs dictate your zodiac personality.

  • What is a cusp sign?

    People who exhibit characters of two sun signs are said to have a cusp sign. Each zodiac has a start date and an end date and if you are born in between the two dates, you have the characteristics of the particular sun sign. Cusps are born in between the start point of the next sun sign and the end point of the previous sun sign.

  • What is a rising sign?

    Your rising sign determines how your personality is projected to others. It determines your general impression and how the world perceives you vis a vis how you project yourself to others.

  • What are moon signs?

    Moon signs are the second most influential part of your birth chart. They determine your inner emotions and your inner mood.

  • What is a birth chart?

    A birth chart is also known as a natal chart. It is your horoscope or astrological chart written at the exact time of your birth. Your location of birth along with your birth date and time and important to make your birth chart.

  • What is a horoscope?

    A horoscope is based on the relative positions of stars and planets at the time of a person’s birth.These positions can help in forecasting a person’s future including the character and the circumstances.

  • What is a zodiac sign?

    There are 12 zodiac signs that exist due to the cycle of the sun and the planets along their orbit.These signs belong to 4 elements namely fire, earth, air and water.

  • What is a star sign?

    Star sign is another name for zodiac sign.It refers to the 12 zodiac signs namely Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

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Best astrologer in Hyderabad

When you can’t control your curiosity to know about the future, all you need to do is avail our astrology service. Our astrologers in Hyderabad provide a variety of services like shubh muhurat selection, matchmaking, love and marriage compatibility, lucky gemstone selection and assist you with your health and education problems. They provide advice on areas like career, education, marriage, health, business, vaastu etc. To join the dots of your past, present and future, hire our experts and experience your life change.

Why should you avail astrology service in Hyderabad?

Our astrology services provide a one-stop solution to your problems that originate from the past and those that sprout from the celestial formations. In a world of stress, being stress-free has become a task and our astrologers help you achieve this by suggesting certain life-changing remedies and warning you of the hurdles to come so that you can be mentally prepared for the same. They carry out a detailed analysis of your life, determine the effect of your past on your present and help you walk past the future hurdles you might encounter.

Why UrbanClap?

  • Verified professionals- All professionals mentioned in the list of astrologers in Hyderabad given above have an experience of minimum 8 years, making them trustable, responsible and professional experts who can provide a one-stop solution to all your accounting problems. They are assessed on strict parameters and only if they qualify our quality checks, they are welcomed onboard the UrbanClap journey.

  • Customer-centric- Our astrologers in Hyderabad customize solutions to satisfy their client’s needs, they abide by the place and time that is convenient for their client and keep up the UrbanClap principle of customer-centricity.

  • Save time- Looking for a reliable astrologer amongst millions present in the market seems like a tedious and time-consuming task. We at UrbanClap connect you to numerous experienced astrologers who are checked for their quality and who provide some of the best services. Moreover, save the travelling time with our doorstep services of top astrologers in Hyderabad.

  • Affordable-With our cost-effective pricing, our astrologers are affordable and yet provide the most efficient astrology services to suit your needs.

Services provided by astrologers in Hyderabad

  • Shubh Muhurat-When you are closer to an important event in your life, you should consult an astrologer who can select your shubh muhurat. Shubh muhurat is an auspicious time that can ensure success in that event.

  • Matchmaking-Two people can be matched basis their gunas and traits this ensures higher compatibility in future, creating a successful marriage.

  • Love and marriage compatibility-Love is not bound by any barriers however once the initial phase gets over, the questions of compatibility and taking the relationship further arise. This compatibility analysis is carried out by our astrologers in Hyderabad who will help you create solid relationship foundations in life.

  • Lucky gemstone selection-A lucky gemstone can act as a remedy to your life problems or it can enhance your present situation. This lucky gemstone is selected by our top astrologers in Hyderabad who will choose a gemstone best suited for you basis your personality.

  • Health Problems-Everyone is afraid of death and this fear is reduced by our astrologers who suggest you with solutions that can improve your health and help you with preventing any health disorders.

  • Tarot card reading-Tarot readers ask you certain questions related to your personal life and tell you to choose a card as an answer to that question. This allows you to know about yourself and confront your characteristics along with being an informed individual who knows about the future.

  • Numerology-A number analysis carried out by our astrologers in Hyderabad will let you know about yourself and help you succeed in life.

  • Palmistry-Your palms have your life story embedded in them, all you need is a skilled astrologer in Hyderabad to help you unveil it.

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Experienced Astrologers (8+ yrs experience)Rs.500-1000Rs.1000-2000
Featured Astrologers(Proven track record)Rs.1000-2000Rs.2000-3000
Expert Astrologers(Top-rated in the country)Rs.2000-4000Rs.3000-5000

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