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Often referred as the "heart of the home", the kitchen needs to be absolutely ravishing to make you wanna cook in it. We at Urban Company, provide you with a platform wherein you can browse through 1,000+ modular kitchen designs and kitchen remodelling ideas. Be it modular kitchen designs for small spaces, indian kitchen design or different kitchen layouts, every need will be taken care of by our expert Urban Company professionals to get you your desired modular kitchen.

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U Shaped Modular Kitchen with White Glossy Cabinets and Black Counter Top by Viraf Laskari  Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

U Shaped Modular Kitchen with White Glossy Cabinets and Black Counter Top

By Viraf Laskari
Beige Cabinets And Modern Interior of Parallel Kitchen with White Counter Top by Dhaval Patel Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

Beige Cabinets And Modern Interior of Parallel Kitchen with White Counter Top

By Dhaval Patel
U shaped kitchen with modern cabinets and false ceiling by Prashant Mali Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

U shaped kitchen with modern cabinets and false ceiling

By Prashant Mali
U shaped kitchen with modern cabinets and wall decor by Prashant Mali Modular-kitchen Contemporary | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

U shaped kitchen with modern cabinets and wall decor

By Prashant Mali
Open island kitchen with red cabinets by Reshma Rasheed Modular-kitchen Contemporary | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

Open island kitchen with red cabinets

By Reshma Rasheed
U shaped kitchen with false ceiling and maroon cabinets by Reshma Rasheed Modular-kitchen Contemporary | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

U shaped kitchen with false ceiling and maroon cabinets

By Reshma Rasheed
Beige Color Modular kitchen With Tiled Wall And Cabinets by Nikita Bonaparte Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

Beige Color Modular kitchen With Tiled Wall And Cabinets

By Nikita Bonaparte
Green And White Shaded Modular L Shaped Kitchen by Monnaie Architects Modular-kitchen Contemporary | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

Green And White Shaded Modular L Shaped Kitchen

By Monnaie Architects
The Wooden Factory by narayan moorthy Modular-kitchen Minimalistic | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

The Wooden Factory

By narayan moorthy
Retreat in style by GN INTERIORS  Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

Retreat in style

Mesmeric Beauty by Interior Designer Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

Mesmeric Beauty

By Interior Designer
Black Glossy Finish Modular Kitchen by Designopedia Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

Black Glossy Finish Modular Kitchen

By Designopedia
The Minimalist Chef by Design Options  Modular-kitchen Minimalistic | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

The Minimalist Chef

By Design Options
Contemporary Kitchen by IntraDecor Modular-kitchen Contemporary | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

Contemporary Kitchen

By IntraDecor
Modular Kitchen by Aastha Wadhwa Design Studio Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

Modular Kitchen

By Aastha Wadhwa Design Studio
Contemporary design kitchen by Elegant Interieurs Modular-kitchen Contemporary | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

Contemporary design kitchen

By Elegant Interieurs
L shape sofa with marble flooring and cabinets by Richa Jindal Modular-kitchen Minimalistic | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

L shape sofa with marble flooring and cabinets

By Richa Jindal
L shape kitchen with marble flooring and white cabinets by Richa Jindal Modular-kitchen Minimalistic | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

L shape kitchen with marble flooring and white cabinets

By Richa Jindal
U Shaped Kitchen with Yellow and Brown Cabinets and White Counter Top by Madhu Gunisetti Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

U Shaped Kitchen with Yellow and Brown Cabinets and White Counter Top

By Madhu Gunisetti
L Shaped Modular Kitchen with White and Brown Cabinets and Marble Flooring by Monnaie Architects Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

L Shaped Modular Kitchen with White and Brown Cabinets and Marble Flooring

By Monnaie Architects
Elegant Modular Kitchen with White Counter Top and Blue Shades Cabinets by Alaya D'Decor Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

Elegant Modular Kitchen with White Counter Top and Blue Shades Cabinets

By Alaya D'Decor
L shape kitchen with red & white cabinets by Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

L shape kitchen with red & white cabinets

Kitchen With Modular Glass And Wooden Cabinets by Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

Kitchen With Modular Glass And Wooden Cabinets

Kitchen With Blue And White Cabinets by Modular-kitchen Modern | Interior Design Photos & Ideas

Kitchen With Blue And White Cabinets

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Kitchen Design Ideas

The need for a nice, functional and systematic kitchen design becomes even more pronounced in Indian homes. Do not neglect kitchen design and décor if you think most modern kitchen design these days are turning to open kitchens. The beauty of a functional and beautiful living room grows manifold if the adjoining kitchen is equally beautiful, if not more.

The Basic Understanding Of Kitchen Design Renovation

If you don’t want to demolish your existing kitchen design and start from scratch, you can always go the remodelling route. Kitchen renovation and remodelling can be a cumbersome and tedious task which consumes a lot of time. The right professional has to be identified and trusted with the job. It is very difficult to manage different types of people, and supervise every process that is taking place. Hiring a contractor helps, but most people don’t really trust their contractors to execute the work. Urban Company gives you a platform to hire your own contractors based on the work you want them to do. Here, you can hire a trustworthy contractor to give your kitchen a glam makeover that complements the overall beauty of your home.

How To Go About:

  • To get started on your kitchen design renovation, make a note of the things that need to be focused on to get a clear idea of where to begin.
  • You start off with the shape, colour scheme and the overall style of kitchen. Walls and flooring come next in the process.
  • Personalise as much as you can try to incorporate your ideas and individuality in your kitchen layout.
  • Then comes the plumbing, sinks and faucets, kitchen cabinets and cupboards, fittings, countertop, other kitchen furniture, lighting, storage, choice of appliances etc.

What Factors To Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen Design

  • Budget:

First and foremost, have a budget plan charted out. That is the first step in both the cases whether you are starting from scratch or just remodelling. If you are on a tight budget, you can go focus on the smaller details in your kitchen to freshen up the look and feel instead of replacing everything, which can get expensive. Even with smaller changes, your kitchen can get its due makeover and a brand-new look, without burning huge cash burning.

  • Wiring & Pipeline Check:

Then take a look at the wiring, pipelines and plumbing of your existing kitchen design. In case of remodelling, select a style that agrees with this system and can be implemented without much hassle. According to the needs of your family, pick out a style and design that is just a win win situation for everyone.

  • Hire The Right Professional:

Once you have made that decision, you can then go on to consult trusted and pre-verified professionals on Urban Company and leave it all to them, after having given a careful look to their past work of kitchen design.

What Is A Modern Kitchen Design?

By modern kitchen design, we mean the epitome of grace and elegance coupled with on point functionality. It has a minimalistic tendency with little to no flamboyance that might take up extra space and effort. In this regard the kitchen design is no exception to these principles.


  • A modern kitchen design has clean, sharp lines with the occasional geometrical shapes and patterns.
  • Modular kitchen designs form an integral part of the modern kitchen style. This trend has been popularized over time and surely here to stay for a long long time.
  • By choosing the right cabinets that is well designed, space efficient cabinets and drawers fitted with pullout trays, you can make your modern kitchen extremely practical and something that is good to look at as well.

Start with choosing a shape for your modular kitchen design after identifying and measuring the space you have in hand. Make sure that the working space is sufficient and devoid of any hassles. Then go ahead with the other elements of your kitchen including the walls, floor, colour scheme, countertop, kitchen cabinets and cupboards along with a gamut of appliances. Apart from the kitchen cupboards and kitchen cabinets, you can install open shelves for extended storage and increased functionality. You can even light up the insides of your overhead cabinets, dark corners and even walls for a sophisticated and chic modern kitchen design.

Basic Elements To Kitchen Design Renovation

Major components of a beautiful and ideal kitchen design are the correct choice of a colour scheme that looks pleasant and not like a mistake that you will regret every time you have a glance at it, the convenience of use, appropriate designing and attention to detail. Enlisted below are the basic elements of a kitchen that you can focus your attention in your kitchen renovation:

  • Flooring

Flooring is a very important aspect of kitchen design as it is one of the largest element of any space. While deciding on the flooring options for your modular kitchen, consider both the functionality and the durability of the material used on the flooring. Go for options that are easier to maintain and have a long shelf life so that you don’t have to get the floor changed every couple of years. The kitchen is an area that is visited multiple times in a day and is also susceptible to messiness, spills and other wear and tear. Apart from durability, cooking is a physical taxing task that requires standing for long periods of time and walking back and forth. There is a plethora of flooring options available in the market from which you can choose the flooring that is perfect for your modern kitchen.

  • Colour Scheme

Colour scheme is one of the most fundamental element of kitchen décor. The colour that is chosen will affect the overall ambience in the kitchen.

1.Dark tones:

    Dark tones and cold shades like blue, green, violet, indigo and purple are not synonymous with hunger and hence don’t go hand in hand with a good kitchen design.


    Neutral and earthy tones such as red, yellow, orange and brown look good in the kitchen layout. Brown is very earthy and reminds us of the place where the food comes from. Deep brown or mahogany can look amazing in a kitchen if executed properly.


    If you want to steer away from any risk possible and still get the graceful sophisticated look, go for a white on white kitchen. The walls, the cabinets, the ceiling, and even the counter is all plastered in pristine white.


    Light yellow is another contender for the best kitchen colour schemes. It compliments all types of woods that might be used for the kitchen cupboards. They reflect light and simply brighten up the place in a gorgeous way.
  • Lighting

Given the structure of a modern kitchen design, they, nowadays are not just restricted to just being the cooking hubs of the household. They have also doubled up dining rooms, bars and entertainment centers. So that why lighting has become so crucial for a modern kitchen. Tips and tricks with lighting can make a small kitchen appear larger, a dull kitchen brighter and what not. Lights are very important in creating the mood and ambiance that we want to set for the kitchen and the adjacent sitting area.


#ProTip: A kitchen should always be well lit, and the lights should be such that they create minimal shadows so that cooking becomes safe.


The question of lighting can get a little tricky because of many questions that arise, such as which light are to be used? Where should the lights be placed? Which points need to be illuminated? The size of the kitchen is the main thing that must be considered while picking out the right lighting. A Small kitchen poses new challenges to lighting and they can be made to appear larger, brighter and more welcoming with the correct dash of lighting, with their placement strategized properly, as mentioned above.

#ProTip: For smaller kitchen spaces, you can go for inlaid lights in cabinets or cupboards. Also avoid heavy fixtures that jut out of walls because of the space limitation. For bigger kitchens, ceiling mounted lights can be considered to give a royal look.

  • Kitchen Cabinets And Cupboards

Kitchen Cabinets and cupboards are a huge piece in the puzzle that is kitchen design remodelling. They help keep a kitchen neat and devoid of clutter and providing the very necessary storage. Installation of cabinets and cupboards can be either be an expensive or a reasonable affair completely depending on the materials and the styles that you choose for your cabinets. We are here to guide you about innovative kitchen cabinet ideas that will utilize the available space in hand, much more efficiently and at the minimum possible cost. For instance, instead of the usual wooden cabinets and cupboards you can select less pricey alternatives like fiberboard, particle board and other artificial options.

  • Countertop

The market offers a variety of options in various colours, patterns, finishes and textures for countertops in your kitchen. This might eve confuse and overwhelm but fret not, we are here for you to help you out. A countertop is characterized not only by its aesthetic appeal, but also by its durability, shelf life and its qualities of bearing weight and being value for money. Laminated kitchen countertops are one of the best options available these days. They are easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive as compared to other materials.

1.Natural stone counters made out of granite, limestone, marble, soapstone are also very durable and can withstand stains. You can also consider options like stainless steel, glass, wood, composite material etc. instead of the ones listed above.

2.Stainless steel countertops are available in satin smooth, matte and specialty finishes. You can decide for yourself depending on your budget and other factors.

Most Popular Types Of Modern Kitchen Design Layouts

Modern kitchen Designs can be constructed in a few standard layout styles. How you make use of the workspace that is available to you in your kitchen is the perhaps the single most vital factor in the planning process of your kitchen. You can do your prior homework or even consult qualified professionals for the same. They will be able to tell you what suits your space best and is a practically viable alternative. You can also refer to the guide given below, for your perusal, describing the different shapes in which modern kitchens can be laid out in.

  • L- shaped Kitchen Design Layout

The L- shaped layout is one of the most prevalent type of modern kitchen layout. Just like its name, this kitchen is shaped in an L shape with a two-sided countertop with one side a little shorter than the other. In the modern Indian context, it makes complete sense since the houses are small. This style optimizes the given floor space efficiently and you can even place a small dining table in your kitchen because of the space that is saved from this style. This style is versatile, compact and provides maximum scope for storage.

  • U- Shaped Kitchen Design Layout

Ideal for households with large families and long kitchens, the U shaped modern kitchen is a a very versatile and feasible option. The effective working space or the ‘work triangle’ is quite large in this case and has a scope for lots and lots of storage. This style of kitchen layout gives you access to three countertops, just like the shape of the letter U. You can get cabinets and cupboards made on both the flooring and the wall and there is a lot of space on the countertop as well. This design looks very attractive and your kitchen ends up looking very neat, tidy and organized.

  • Open Island Kitchen Design Layout

The island layout is preferred more globally than it is here in India. It combines either the L-shaped kitchen layout or the simple straight layout with an island space that is not connected. This space can be used in various ways. You can use it as an additional counter area or perhaps a breakfast bar. You can also have it installed with a sink or a stovetop. This kitchen layout is ideal for large kitchens and gives way to two opposite working and storage spaces. You can have the countertop right in the heart of the kitchen with all the appliances placed around the table. The drainage system will be designed in the central part of the space and hence necessary modifications must be with the construction of the pipeline. This kitchen layout has a rich contemporary look and feel.

  • G- shaped Layout or Peninsula Kitchen Design Layout

G-shaped modern kitchen design comprises of three countertops two out of which are adjoining and the third one is separated by an aisle. The peninsula is ideal for homes with small kitchens as it saves a lot of space by providing circulation on three sides rather than four (read island) with one side attached to a wall and also saves precious floor space. This style gives access to greater counter top space and offers greater storage, consequently. You can use the smaller side as a bar, and entertainment corner among other creative uses.

  • Normal Closed Kitchen Design Layout

As the name suggests a closed kitchen is built separately and is approachable through its own door. Closed kitchen designs don’t necessarily have to mean suffocating and claustrophobic. Actually, they are making a comeback in kitchen décor and have featured in various lists depicting the hottest trends in the industry. They give a more formal dining experience as guests don’t enter the kitchen layout voluntarily. The cooking odour is confined to the kitchen and the subsequent messes are also hidden from the guests. Also, a closed kitchen makes way for more walls and hence more cabinet storage, a larger countertop work space and greater room for appliances.

The list given above is not exhaustive but enlists the most popular modern kitchen layout options. There are some other shapes as well but they are not as commonly found as the ones mentioned above are.

How To Choose The Flooring For Your Kitchen Design

The overall feel of the kitchen comes from its flooring. The energy radiated by the floor can either make or break your kitchen’s style quotient. Special care must be taken while choosing the right flooring to uplift your kitchen design. Mentioned below are few flooring options that you can consider for your kitchen.


Cork is an upcoming trend in the flooring scene. It is a soft and spongy material that can give your modern kitchen design a luxurious and palatial feel. The cushion can also help out if someone has a back problem. The kitchen is an area that is frequented multiple times throughout the day by various people. Cooking is arduous in a way that it can involve standing for long stretches of time along with the periodic pacing back and forth in the kitchen.

Cork is filled with tiny air bubbles which provide that relaxing cushion like effect and insulates the room against both heat and noise. Even if you are walking in heels, little to noise is made on a cork floor. Environmentally speaking, cork is a natural, organic product that emerges from the bark of the Cork Oaks tree and is completely biodegradable and renewable, hence making it an eco-friendly resource. Cork is generally available in natural colours like pale honey, dark brown and is sometimes stained in colours like red, blue, green and charcoal.

#ProMaintenanceTip: Maintenance of this material is relatively hassle free and the anti-microbial, anti-static qualities are an added bonus to the already amazing flooring alternative. One downside is that cork can be relatively expensive when compared with other options and can be prone to scratching.


Laminate is a low cost and low maintenance material that can effectively replicate the look of natural materials like wood and tile. Wood laminate-thin layers of wood hard pressed together-is a common alternative to hardwood floors. It is both cost effective and easier to maintain, but at the fact same time, it cannot be refinished and gives a relatively unnatural feel.

Among the many advantages of laminates, is the also the fact that it is dust-repellent and anti-allergens. You can sweep or vacuum the laminate floor regularly to maintain it well and keep its finish intact.

Disadvantage: A small disadvantage might be that exposure to excessive sunlight can fade the colours off the laminate which often results in a dulled down appearance.


What automatically springs to mind when we think of grace? Wooden flooring. Words like timeless, ethereal, sophisticated and warm are directly associated with hardwood flooring. The fact that they are both beautiful to look at and are at the same time superbly practical, make them an extremely popular choice among homeowners.

Hardwood flooring provide an elegant look and feel and that is precisely the reason behind greater values of houses with wooden flooring. Though costly, they prove to be a real value for money simply because of their extremely high shelf life. Wood is organic and attracts less dust, thus making it a healthier alternative, especially in polluted areas. They are versatile in this way and can never look out of place. By versatility, we mean that they complement every style and type of kitchen décor.

Other Choices

These are some of the options that you can think about when choosing the flooring and the above list is certainly not exhaustive. Many other choices such as concrete, rubber, tile, stone, vinyl, bamboo, etc. are available in the market that you can refer to, with due guidance from the experts. You can consult our top professional while picking out the best possible, most feasible option for your kitchen that brings your imagination to reality.

Basic Tips For A Small Kitchen Design

Small does not have to be bad. Undoubtedly, decorating a comparatively smaller kitchen layout comes up with its own set of challenges but at Urban Company are here to offer you the best possible ways to live your dream of a perfect living space. With some of our A-grade tips, you can style your kitchen like a pro, space no bar.


Lighter Shades For Small Kitchen Layout: Light colours like white, grey, yellow etc. create an illusion of space and hence, they should throughout your kitchen to make it appear spacious and airy thus opening up the kitchen space.

  • Think vertically: When it boils down to a relatively small kitchen dethink thing of taking your storage vertically upwards. You can take all your cabinets up till the ceiling. Items of daily use should be stored at an arm’s length and other things can be placed upwards.
  • Hang all the way: You can install a rod mounted downwards from the ceiling and then you can tastefully hang pots and pans from that rod. Tread carefully in this hack. Everything that is done should look good and appealing to the eye.

Minimalism For Small Kitchen Layout: Minimalism is one style of design that will never be out of fashion. Go minimalistic and get rid of anything that is remotely unnecessary or redundant in your kitchen. But this surely does not mean that you can’t show off your creative chops. You can make use of light and freestanding items that can be moved around and are not fixed. It will also enable you to mix things up by moving these items when you need a breath of fresh air.

  • Go modular: Modular kitchen designs are clearly the most popular style of modern kitchens found nowadays. You can systemize your modern kitchen by including organizers in the cabinets and drawer inserts to help store more efficiently. There are a variety of ways to do so including opting for pull out racks, pantry pullouts, tray dividers etc.
  • Open shelves: Make use of open shelves to open up for compact kitchen. Open shelves apart from being purely functional, can also beautify the overall décor of your kitchen. They can be strategically placed or even be placed exactly one on top of the other in a way that it looks organized and tasteful at the same time.
  • Through the looking glass: To visually expand your small kitchen, incorporate glass in the cabinet doors. It lets you see through it and creates an illusion of spaciousness. You can also have the glass placed on the countertop. Strategically and artistically place mirrors will also have the same effect.

How To Design Your Kitchen According To Vastu Shastra

To make your kitchen design in compliance with Vastu Shastra and prevent the entry of any negative energy through the kitchen, you must follow the guidelines of this discipline for a more peaceful and harmonious life.


  • While designing a house, it should be made sure that the kitchen is placed in the south-east corner.
  • Having the kitchen located in the north-east corner is a serious defect in the eyes of Vastu and can have many negative impact on the overall well being of all the family members.
  • It must also be noted that the kitchen room should never be located directly above or under the prayer room.
  • If a dining table has to be included in the kitchen, place it in either the north-west or west direction.
  • Vastu Shastra recommends the use of yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red as flooring and wall colours of the kitchen.
  • The main door of kitchen must not be placed in any corners but rather in east, north or west wall.
  • Black colour must be avoided for the walls and flooring. Not only is it less appetizing to look at and does not promote hunger but also Vastu Shastra says that it must never be used.

How To Maintain Your Modern Kitchen

The kitchen designs the heart of a household. Maintaining it becomes even more vital in the case of a kitchen because many diseases are contracted through the food we eat. Also, most kitchens have an open layout in the current days which makes it even more important to keep the kitchen looking spick and span.

  • The kitchen must be cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals.
  • Wipe the countertop and appliances with disinfectant spray and a clean cloth. You can also use mineral oil and a wet cloth for the same.
  • For sinks made out of steel, use soft nylon scrubbing pads to avoid scratches on the steel surface. For porcelain sinks, you can make use of vinegar.
  • Always avoid cleaning products containing chloride as it causes corrosion of steel. Similarly, you can also use baking soda to keep your steel appliances sparkling and shiny.
  • Does your kitchen have coffee, tea or juice stains? Worry not. You can easily remove them by combining a little hydrogen peroxide with ammonia in some warm water.

Where Can You Find The Best Kitchen Design Ideas

The dedicated team of professionals in Urban Company (Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Wall Painters) will make sure that you always have a solution to all your queries about your home.

Urban Company Homes Is Your Home Expert:

We have curated Urban Company Homes (link) portal showcasing nearly 5000 projects which you can browse for inspiration and finding tailor-made kitchen design ideas. Think of Urban Company Homes as a one stop solution for all things related to home improvement and home design and you are never alone in your quest for finding the perfect kitchen renovation solutions.

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