Kitchen Cleaning in Dubai

Kitchen Cleaning in Dubai

Do you love whipping up delicious, finger-licking new dishes? Bet, you do! But do you love cleaning your kitchen ducts? No, right? While the answer to the first question is usually a resounding YES, we all know the answer to the second is a unanimous NO! And how do we know it? Well, because kitchen duct cleaning in Dubai is one of our most popular services in addition to kitchen cleaning services in Dubai. Regular cooking releases grease, moisture and smoke and these build up in your kitchen ducts over time. If you do not hire professionals for kitchen cleaning in Dubai, your ventilation system can become an eyesore and even worse, a fire hazard. we bring you the best services for kitchen hood cleaning in Dubai. We have the most experienced professionals for kitchen hood cleaning in Dubai. They cater to all districts in the city. Simply download our mobile app or book services for kitchen cleaning in Dubai from our website to get started. ...

Cleaning Experts

15 Kitchen Cleaning Services in Dubai

  • ProBee Steam Cleaning
    ProBee Steam Cleaning
    Al Quoz - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Fantastic Cleaning & Technical Services
    Fantastic Cleaning & Technical Services
    Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (1952 ratings) 151 times rated 5 star
    • d

      Irene was amazing. She was extremly professional and very hard working. She completed all the tasks I requested and went above and beyond. I will definetly be using this company again. Thank you so much.

    • a

      Thank you very much from Ronald and Gilbert which they had done super amazing job. Highly recommended ...

  • Dubai Housekeeping LLC
    Dubai Housekeeping LLC
    Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    (883 ratings)
    • h

      Everything was reaally good...the lady was very professional

    • s


  • Helpsters Cleaning Services LLC
    Helpsters Cleaning Services LLC
    Emirates Metro Station 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (558 ratings) Hired 46 times on UrbanClap
    • a

      Hi, Even after given instructions in the beginning to bring proper vacuum cleaner & supplies, two maids didn’t bring the proper working vacuum... next time don’t do this with me, otherwise I may have to opt out from Urban Clap as gold member. Thanks

    • j

      Excellent service. Good attitude and professionalism from the cleaner.

  • GA Professional Cleaners
    GA Professional Cleaners
    Bur Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (411 ratings)
    • m

      While the team of three cleaners arrived on time and spent more than two hours cleaning my medium (92 ft2) bathroom, I would still describe their performance as mediocre. They have thoroughly cleaned the mold on the ceiling upon my request, but they have asked me to provide the ladder and a knife, they did clean the mold building up around the corners of my shower, nor did they use any steam equipment to clean other areas, or any tile cleaning machines. The floor and basin were left dripping wet, and no disinfectant was poured into the toilet commode. They quickly dusted my shelves after mopping the floor (not before!), and the paintings in the bathroom were hanged back without any dusting or cleaning. However, they did tell me that they would need a total of THREE hours to clean my bathroom, but to be honest I do not understand why three men would need three hours to clean a 92 ft2 bathroom! Plus it takes only minutes to finish up the job properly, like pouring disinfectants into the toilet commode and dusting the last few items. Having said the above, I would have to say that they did clean the walls up to the ceiling. Although I have asked them to finish in two hours, this is still not as expected.

    • a

      Mary was great and polite and helpful

  • Sabona Cleaning Services
    Sabona Cleaning Services
    Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (156 ratings)
    • j

      The man who came was committed, soft spoken. Did his work extremely well. Thank you...

    • a

      Richel did a great job. Very happy with the result 👌

  • Hudhaifa Shabbir Technical Services
    Hudhaifa Shabbir Technical Services
    Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (17 ratings)
    • e

      Was AMAZING! Im very hAPPY wiTH MY HoUSE ♥️

    • b

      Certain details were missed out. Overall a good job.

  • Helping Hands Cleaners LLC
    Helping Hands Cleaners LLC
    Bur Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Spectrum Services LLC
    Spectrum Services LLC
    Barsha Heights - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • GA Professional Cleaners & Handymen
    GA Professional Cleaners & Handymen
    Al Kazim Building - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (524 ratings) 142 times rated 5 star
    • b

      Very good work. Positive experience. Will book again

    • k

      She threw some stuff away that didn't need to be thrown

Latest Customer Reviewsof Kitchen Cleaning Services in Dubai

    Linda and Romel were very professional. They did a fantastic job in cleaning. Would highly recommend the both of them to anyone who plans to do this cleaning service.


    They are amazing !


    Very professional. They cleaned literally everything which was not even in the list described. I would recommend this company to everyone.


    good job 👍

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does your kitchen cleaning service include?

    Our kitchen cleaning service in Dubai includes cleaning of fans, ceiling, kitchen appliances, stainless steel chrome fittings, storage cabinets, floors, sink and wash zones. Please note, cleaning of utensils is not included in our kitchen cleaning services.

  • How do you charge for kitchen cleaning services in Dubai?

    We charge according to the size of a kitchen. We charge AED 199 for cleaning a small size kitchen (less than 100 sq ft). To view the full and detailed price list, you can visit our website.

  • How long does your kitchen cleaning service last?

    UrbanClap's kitchen cleaning service in Dubai generally lasts up to 2-3 hours. However, the duration may vary according to the size and number of cleaning units in your kitchen.

  • Why should I hire a kitchen cleaning service when I can clean my kitchen on my own?

    One of the most common misconception about kitchen cleaning is that a mere wiping of your kitchen actually cleans it. This is not true, you may not know that your kitchen can become a breeding ground for disease causing bacteria if it is not deep cleaned properly. UrbanClap's professional kitchen deep cleaning service in Dubai ensures not only quality cleaning of your kitchen, but also it's proper disinfection making your kitchen germ-free.

  • How often should I avail professional kitchen cleaning services in Dubai?

    We suggest you to get your kitchen professionally cleaned once in every 2 months. Since your kitchen is used almost everyday, it is most likely to become a breeding ground for disease causing germs and bacteria, which is why, it is necessary to have your kitchen professionally cleaned every two months.

  • What if anything gets damaged during your kitchen cleaning service in Dubai?

    Our professionals are highly trained, they ensure that nothing gets damaged during the cleaning service. However, if any such thing happens, we have an insurance policy of up to 1000 AED to compensate for any damage caused.

  • Which are the best home ingredients that can be used for kitchen cleaning?

    Vinegar and baking soda are the best home ingredients that you can use in kitchen cleaning. Just add about 2 tablespoons of baking soda and half cup vinegar, mix them well and your homemade kitchen cleaning solution is ready. Please note, these ingredients are good for cleaning but they cannot remove grease and germs from your kitchen. Besides this, being harsh in nature, they can leave scratches on your tiles. For a proper and sanitized cleaning, you need a professional kitchen cleaning service. Our professionals make sure your kitchen is hygienically cleaned without any damage to it. You can book our kitchen deep cleaning service in Dubai via our app or website

  • Can you suggest some good professional kitchen cleaners that I can use to clean my kitchen?

    Legacy of clean soft cleanser and Clorox chemical solution are some of the best professional kitchen cleaning solutions you can find in the market. However, you need to use them properly to get the perfect results. We suggest you to hire a professional kitchen cleaning service in Dubai for it, since experts would know how to use these chemicals efficiently. Our professional kitchen cleaning experts, with their expertise in cleaning ensure a perfectly cleaned kitchen. You can book our kitchen cleaning services in Dubai via our app or website.

  • Do I have to do anything before the service?

    We suggest, you unplug your kitchen appliances and clear your kitchen slabs before the service.

  • How can I assure that the professionals I let inside my home are genuine?

    We are concerned about your safety as much as you are, which is why, in order to check the genuineness of the service professionals, we collect their legal identification cards and run background checks on them before having them on board. However, it's always good for yourself to be extra sure, which is why, we suggest you to ask the service professionals for their company ID cards before letting them in.

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All About Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchen Duct Cleaning Dubai

Cooking produces grease, moisture and smoke. Consider a scenario in which there are no exhaust fans or chimneys and these elements spread through your kitchen and enter other parts of your house. Over time, this grease settles on your walls, furniture and also mixes with the air inside your house. The moisture and smoke make the air inside your home difficult to breathe. The smell of the food also travels to all the rooms and no amount of air freshener can mask these smells completely while air purifiers work in vain to undo the damage. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? This is one of the reasons why exhaust fans and chimneys are a part of all modern kitchens, getting a hiring kitchen exhaust cleaning companies in Dubai for cleaning kitchen ducts is of paramount importance.

Proper ventilation in the kitchen is of paramount importance. However, regular cleaning of ducts, exhaust fans, chimneys, etc. need to be carried out to keep out of harm’s way. Even if you have a small kitchen, it is advisable to go for professional duct cleaning services regularly. Kitchen exhaust systems start accumulating grease and over time, this can become a fire hazard. Whether it is a residential kitchen or a commercial one, duct cleaning is a task that needs certain skill and expertise. You can find a reputed company by searching online with search phrases such as “kitchen exhaust cleaning companies in Dubai”, “kitchen cleaning Dubai”, etc.

Benefits of Kitchen Duct Cleaning in Dubai

If the kitchen duct is not cleaned regularly, your kitchen is at a high risk of fire hazard. For instance, the fire from the stove top can come into contact with the filters and ignite them. The exhaust fan or chimney that draws out this air can draw the flame upwards into the duct. Since the duct contains grease residue, it can act as a source of fuel and carry the flame into the whole exhaust system causing significant damage. This also places a high risk to the structure and its occupants. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the kitchen ducts clean by hiring a professional for kitchen hood cleaning.

Besides protecting you from fire hazard, regular kitchen duct cleaning in Dubai offers 3 benefits mentioned here:

  • Kitchen Duct Cleaning Improves the Air Quality Inside Your Home: The cleanliness of your exhaust system and ducts affects the air quality inside your home. If the filters of your exhaust fan and chimney are clogged and the ductwork is compromised, the contaminated particles will not exit through the ducts. Instead, they will circulate in the kitchen and other parts of the house. Over time, the air quality inside your home will be bad and lead to breathing difficulties and other health problems. It is better to hire professionals for kitchen hood cleaning in Dubai and keep the ductwork clean. The cost of hiring services for kitchen exhaust cleaning vary from one company to another and are also decided based on different factors such as the size of the ducts, the condition of the ducts, etc.

  • Kitchen Duct Cleaning Prevents Fire Hazards: Believe it or not, dirty kitchen ducts are a fire hazard waiting to happen. The grease building up in the duct can act as a fuel making a small fire transform into a raging one in an instant. Since most ducts run from the kitchen to a balcony or outer part of the house, this can lead to a fire in the whole area and pose a threat to your home as well as the whole building and its residents. Professionals from kitchen hood cleaning companies in Dubai use chemicals and hot water to dissolve grease and remove it from the ducts. If there is too much of grease buildup, they will scrape the grease and then pressure wash the duct to clean it completely.

  • Kitchen Duct Cleaning Keeps Your Environment Healthy: One of the unknown benefits of hiring kitchen duct cleaning companies in Dubai is that it has a positive effect on your health. Grease and high moisture levels in the kitchen ducts can lead to the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria. Over time, your whole house may become infested with disease-causing germs making you and your family more prone to illness. Therefore, it is ideal to hire a kitchen duct cleaning company and keep your kitchen hood and ventilators clean.

If you want to find a reliable company, make sure to use relevant search terms such as “kitchen hood cleaning Dubai”, “kitchen hood cleaning Dubai”, etc. when you are searching online. You may have to do a little bit of research the first time since you will have to choose a company out of all the search results. You can do that by checking their websites, reading client testimonials, etc.

Cleaning Services Offered by UrbanClap in Dubai

If you are looking for deep cleaning services, instead of hiring just a kitchen hood cleaning in Dubai, you can hire companies that also offer other residential cleaning services. Some of them may offer home deep cleaning services and individual cleaning services such as bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, sofa cleaning, etc. You can also choose packages with multiple cleaning services clubbed together for better price deals.

At UrbanClap, we understand that you lead a busy life and cannot spend a lot of time cleaning up your home every day. Therefore, we offer a range of house cleaning services in addition to kitchen cleaning services in Dubai. You can visit our website or mobile app to hire professionals for a range of cleaning services including:

If you are looking for deep cleaning services of your entire house, you must consider hiring professionals from UrbanClap. Whether you are moving into a new house or just want deep cleaning service for your current residence, you can avail these services easily. The professionals will pressure vacuum the entire house, sanitise the kitchen, sanitise the bathroom, scrub the floors and clean the cabinets.

This is a popular cleaning service in Dubai since people can avail it before moving into a new home as well as to maintain their homes. The price of home deep cleaning services depends on the size and type of the house.

Apartment Sizes and Prices

Size of the ApartmentUrbanClap Price
700 - 1,100 sq. ft.AED 499
900 - 1,500 sq. ft.AED 699
1,500 - 2,200 sq. ft.AED 999
2,200 - 3,000 sq. ft.AED 1,299

Villa Size and Prices

Size of the VillaUrbanClap Prices
1,500 - 1,900 sq. ft.AED 799
1,800 - 2,200 sq. ft.AED 1,199
2,200 - 5,000 sq. ft.AED 1,799
5,000 - 9,000 sq. ft.AED 1,999
9,000 - 14,000 sq. ft.AED 2,899

Rate Card

Size of the StudioUrbanClap Prices
300 -700 sq. ft.AED 349

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchen is a place where you make healthy and delicious meals for your family. There are food crumbs, food items and trash in the bin that can attract pests of various kinds if you do not clean your kitchen and throw out the trash regularly. Your kitchen also needs deep cleaning regularly so that every hidden corner is cleaned and sanitised and it does not act as a breeding ground for germs. It is, therefore, recommended to hire professionals for kitchen cleaning in Dubai periodically. They will clean windows, ventilators, exhaust fans, kitchen tiles, switchboards, doors, gas knobs, etc. in the kitchen.

They will remove oil stains from tiles, appliances, etc. and clean stainless steel/chrome fittings in the kitchen. They will also scrub and disinfect the floors in addition to cleaning the kitchen cabinets. You will have to hire kitchen duct cleaning services for duct cleaning individually since kitchen deep cleaning service offered by kitchen cleaning companies in Dubai does not include duct cleaning.

The cost of kitchen deep cleaning services depends on the size of the kitchen and the number of kitchens in a house.

Cost of Kitchen Cleaning in Dubai

Size of the KitchenUrbanClap Prices
Small - Less than 100 sq. ft.AED 199
Medium - 100-200 sq. ft.AED 249
Large - More than 200 sq. ft.AED 299

Download the UrbanClap app or visit our website to hire professionals for all kinds of home cleaning services in addition to kitchen deep cleaning in Dubai. Our professionals also offer home care and relocation services and you can easily find service experts such as painters, packers and movers, pest control experts, plumbers, handyman, AC repair and maintenance professionals, etc. on the UrbanClap website and mobile app.

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