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If you are you looking for home cleaning services in Dubai, you've come to the right place! UrbanClap is the single answer for hiring high-quality home services. You can use the UrbanClap app to hire professionals like plumbers, part-time maids, and packers and movers, and book services ranging from air conditioner servicing to sofa cleaning. Our team finds and partners with well-trained and experienced professionals, just so you can hire the best home cleaning services in Dubai. We offer the most affordable home cleaning services with upto AED 1000 insurance in Dubai for studios, apartments, and villas. And a hassle-free experience is guaranteed. To make life simple, download the app and book home cleaning services on UrbanClap today!

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19 Home Cleaning Services in Dubai

  • Clean on TimeClean on Time
    Clean on Time
    Deira City Centre - 8th Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (10 reviews) Hired 3 times on UrbanClap
    • h

      Very good lady with professional training.

  • Helping Hands Cleaners LLCHelping Hands Cleaners LLC
    Helping Hands Cleaners LLC
    Bur Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Spectrum Services LLCSpectrum Services LLC
    Spectrum Services LLC
    Barsha Heights - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • GA Professional Cleaners & HandymenGA Professional Cleaners & Handymen
    GA Professional Cleaners & Handymen
    Al Kazim Building - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (523 reviews) 142 times rated 5 star
    • b

      Very good work. Positive experience. Will book again

    • k

      She threw some stuff away that didn't need to be thrown

  • Cleanperts Building Cleaning LLCCleanperts Building Cleaning LLC
    Cleanperts Building Cleaning LLC
    Umm Ramool - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (1 review)
    • a

      Team is proffesional but unorganized. Ordered deep cleaning: - kitchen was missed out, and I had to mention it before the were preparing to leave. - no steam machine were used at all. - sofa were just vaccumed nothing else. - dusting were bearly done, and I had to recheck after finishing and showed the team what was not done. - time spent: 3hrs - expected to have deep cleaned home, but would much prefer to have the regular cleaners back as the service is quite the same for way less money spent per hour. + Christian from the team was very professional and polite.

  • Eco CleanEco Clean
    Eco Clean
    Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (1 review)
  • White Life Building Cleaning ServicesWhite Life Building Cleaning Services
    White Life Building Cleaning Services
    Al Qusais - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    Hired 7 times on UrbanClap
  • Pure Zone LLCPure Zone LLC
    Pure Zone LLC
    Blue Bay Tower - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Stress Free ServicesStress Free Services
    Stress Free Services
    Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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    Thank you so much for the amazing service. You have attended to all my requirements. Totally happy with the service


    Anas and his team are the most professional cleaners I have ever came across in my entire life! I have a vast experience with cleaners and I can blindly say that they are, without a doubt, the best cleaners one could ever experience. They took their time and removed every last bit of dirt there was. I ordered the deep cleaning service because I'm moving to a new apartment. It was neither maintained nor cleaned for a very long time, so one could imagine the amount and type of dirt it accumulated. After the job was done, everything was sparkling! Nothing was left to my comments... If you need deep cleaning, this is the only team of cleaners who really know what it means!


    Great, fast service!


    The team had three professionals two of them were great. Fast and knowing what should be done. Final result was very satisfactory.


    Very fun staff and over the top professionals when it comes to sofa deep cleaning. Looking forward to tryig other services from them.


    Good Job!

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All About Home Deep Cleaning

Cleaning Services in Dubai

Do you really want to spend the little spare time you have cleaning your own home? Does deep cleaning your house seem like an overwhelming chore to you, and you do not know where to start? Don’t worry! Plenty of people feel that way when it comes to cleaning their homes. The good news is that there is a simple solution to this problem, and that is hiring professionals offering cleaning services in Dubai from UrbanClap.

You can either hire professional deep cleaning services to get every nook and cranny of your house thoroughly cleaned. The other option is move-in deep cleaning services where the professionals ensure that your new house is sparkling clean before you move in. You can also hire from a range of services for deep cleaning a house , like carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, sofa cleaning, etc. Here's some useful information you should know about hiring professionals for home cleaning services in Dubai.

5 Reasons to Hire Professional Cleaning Services in Dubai

In case you are unsure about getting a professional cleaning service, here are 5 reasons to hire a home cleaning company in Dubai:

  • Effective Cleaning: When you hire cleaning professionals, you can be sure to get amazing results. They are trained in using different tools and cleaning products to clean your home. You may not have all the cleaning tools or cleaning products required to clean different types of surfaces at hand to clean effectively. Some cleaning products are quite harsh and only professionals know how to handle these products. Therefore, it is a better bet to hire professionals for house cleaning services rather than struggling to do it yourself.

  • Maintain Hygiene: Dust, allergens and germs may lead to breathing difficulties, allergies and diseases. If you have pets at home, regular pressure vacuuming of carpets and sofa helps remove the fur which, if not cleaned regularly, leads to breathing difficulties. When you hire professionals from cleaning companies, they sanitise your bathroom, kitchen, floors, carpets and sofa so that all the germs and allergens are removed or killed from your home. You can easily find cleaning companies online by using search terms such as “list of cleaning companies in Dubai”, “best cleaning services in Dubai” or “move-in cleaning Dubai”.

  • Reduce Stress: Most people get stressed out by all the cleaning chores they need to do to maintain their homes. They are so busy that dedicating whatever little time they get out of their schedules to cleaning means that they have no time to relax or spend with their family. By hiring a cleaning company in Dubai, they kill two birds with one stone. They find professionals to carry out the tasks effectively and get some time out for themselves too. This time can be used to pursue a hobby, catch up with friends or simply relax at home.

  • Frees Up Time: If you are really busy, you need to manage your time efficiently. It is important to know which tasks can be delegated to others and which ones must be carried out by you. For most people, it is ideal to hire a cleaning company in Dubai instead of wasting their precious time in scrubbing the floors. By hiring a company offering the best deep cleaning services, they can ensure that their home is always clean without much physical effort on their part. They can spend this “free” time to learn a new language or skill, network with other people or go to the gym.

  • Improves Health: One of the indirect benefits of hiring a cleaning company in Dubai is that it improves your health. The air in your home is cleaner thanks to the removal of dust from the air your breathe. The furniture is germ-free because of pressure vacuuming and your home is bacteria and pest-free since it is cleaned regularly. Your house always smells fresh and looks clean. And, there are no spots that can act as a breeding ground for these germs. Your guests will be amazed at how immaculate your house looks even though you have such a busy schedule. They would be curious to know how you do it all!

    Hiring a professional for cleaning services may appear to be an expensive affair. However, when you consider how many benefits you get from these professional house cleaning services, it will appear to be a great value for money. House deep cleaning services are quite affordable if you do a diligent research before hiring cleaners. To get better value for money, we advice you to choose packages for deep cleaning instead of choosing individual services.

Types of Services Offered by Professional Cleaners in Dubai

If you hire a company for deep cleaning your house, you will be amazed at how beautiful your home looks within a few hours. Most companies offering residential cleaning services send a team of professionals to complete the cleaning on time. If you do not want to hire them for deep cleaning, you can hire them for specific cleaning services such as kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning or sofa cleaning since cleaning companies offer these as standalone services too. You can easily find these companies by using search terms such as “cleaning services Dubai JLT”, ”cleaning services Dubai international city”, “cleaning services Dubai JVC”, etc.

At UrbanClap, we understand that you are busy and cannot spend a lot of time in cleaning up your home. Therefore, we offer a range of cleaning services in Dubai. Visit our website or app to find the house cleaning services offered by our professionals. Some of them include:

Home Deep Cleaning: If you are moving into a new house then this can turn out to be the best thing for you. You can hire move-in cleaning services to make sure that you move into a beautiful and sparkling clean space. Even if you are not moving into a new home, you can hire professionals for deep cleaning your home. It is one of the most popular cleaning services in Dubai, Silicon Oasis. UrbanClap's house deep cleaning services include:

- Pressure vacuuming of the entire house
- Sanitation of the kitchen
- Sanitation of the bathroom
- Floor scrubbing
- Cabinet re-arrangement and cleaning

Kitchen Deep Cleaning: If you are just looking for a deep cleaning of your kitchen, you can hire a cleaning company in close to where you live by searching online with phrases such as “house cleaning services Dubai International City”, “cleaning agency Dubai”, or “cleaning services Dubai Marina”. Many people hire professionals to get some help in realising their dream of having a sparkling clean kitchen. This service may include the cleaning of:

- Windows and ventilators, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, kitchen tiles and switchboards
- Oil stains
- Doors and door handles
- Gas knobs, burners and chimney hoods
- Kitchen sink and other stainless steel/chrome fittings
- Kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, microwave, toaster, oven
- Wall and floor cabinets
- Floor washing and disinfection

You can also find local cleaning services by simply typing “kitchen cleaning near me” since search engines deliver local results for these search queries even if you do not mention your location in the search box.

Carpet Cleaning: Your carpet can get dirty because the dust particles in the air settles into it and the carpet can also absorb all the dirt you bring in with your footwear. If you have kids or pets at home, you can be sure that your carpet has loads of fur, food crumbs, etc. thanks to your kids and pets playing on the carpet. Over time, your carpet can get dirty and create a lot of health problems for you and your family including breathing difficulties, allergy, etc. Therefore, it is important for you to call the best deep cleaning companies in Dubai for their carpet cleaning services. The professionals from these companies will:

- Dry vacuum the carpet
- Shampoo the carpet
- Wet vacuum the carpet

Sofa Cleaning: Whether you are a couch potato or not, you and your family members may spend a lot of time lounging on the sofa. Over the course of a few weeks, your sofa can get really dirty with food crumbs, pet fur, liquid spills, etc. If you do not hire professionals from a house cleaning company, your sofa is going to become a breeding ground for germs. It is ideal to vacuum your sofa often and hire residential cleaning services to deep clean your sofa and upholstery. Many companies offer home cleaning packages in which you can avail sofa, curtain and mattress cleaning services. The sofa cleaning professionals will:

- Dry vacuum the sofa
- Shampoo the sofa
- Wet vacuum the sofa
- Polish with a leather chemical for shine (service offered only for leather sofa)

Bathroom Deep Cleaning: Your bathroom is a breeding ground for all kinds of germs. Take the necessary precautions and clean it regularly or hire home cleaning services, or else you are going to be prone to infections and health problems. If you do not have the time to clean it by yourself, you can hire one of the many deep cleaning companies in Dubai. Once clean, your bathroom will become your oasis to take a long shower or bath and relax at the end of stressful days. You can hire professionals for bathroom cleaning services once a week or fortnight to make sure that your bathroom is always free from germs. Some companies also offer floor cleaning services to sanitise your floors. The cleaning professionals will:

- Clean light and plumbing fixtures
- Clean geyser
- Polish bathroom fittings
- Sanitise the WC
- Sanitise the sink and washing areas
- Remove grime from walls and tiles using steam machines

Price of Cleaning Services in Dubai

The cleaning companies charge you for their cleaning services based on different factors such as the type of your house, size of your house, type of service required, etc. Therefore, the price of deep cleaning services may vary from one vendor to another. Here is a price breakdown of services offered by our professionals offering cleaning services:

Rate Card

Cleaning ServicesAreaPrice
Home Deep CleaningStudio300 -700 sq. ft.AED 349
Home Deep CleaningApartment700 - 1,100 sq. ft.AED 499
Home Deep CleaningApartment900 - 1,500 sq. ft.AED 699
Home Deep CleaningApartment1,500 - 2,200 sq. ft.AED 999
Home Deep CleaningApartment2,200 - 3,000 sq. ft.AED 1,299
Home Deep CleaningVilla1,500 - 1,900 sq. ft.AED 799
Home Deep CleaningVilla1,800 - 2,200 sq. ft.AED 1,199
Home Deep CleaningVilla2,200 - 5,000 sq. ft.AED 1,799
Home Deep CleaningVilla5,000 - 9,000 sq. ft.AED 1,999
Home Deep CleaningVilla9,000 - 14,000 sq. ft.AED 2,899
Kitchen CleaningSmallLess than 100 sq. ft.AED 199
Kitchen CleaningMedium100-200 sq. ft.AED 249
Kitchen CleaningLargeMore than 200 sq. ft.AED 299
Bathroom CleaningSmallBelow 60 sq. ft.AED 149
Bathroom CleaningMedium60-150 sq. ft.AED 249
Bathroom CleaningLargeAbove 150 sq. ft.AED 299
Carpet CleaningSmallBelow 60 sq. ft.AED 79
Carpet CleaningMedium60-150 sq. ft.AED 139
Carpet CleaningLargeAbove 150 sq. ft.AED 179
Sofa CleaningFabric/Suede Sofa3 Sofa SeatsAED 129
Sofa CleaningFabric/Suede Sofa2 Sofa SeatsAED 109
Sofa CleaningFabric/Suede Sofa4 Sofa SeatsAED 147
Sofa CleaningFabric/Suede Sofa5 Sofa SeatsAED 173
Sofa CleaningFabric/Suede Sofa7 Sofa SeatsAED 242
Sofa CleaningFabric/Suede Sofa4-6 Dining ChairsAED 149
Sofa CleaningFabric/Suede Sofa5 Sofa Seats + 4-6 Dining ChairsAED 260
Sofa CleaningLeather SofaLeather Sofa 3 Sofa SeatsAED 208
Sofa CleaningLeather Sofa2 Sofa SeatsAED 159
Sofa CleaningLeather Sofa4 Sofa SeatsAED 251
Sofa CleaningLeather Sofa5 Sofa SeatsAED 321
Sofa CleaningLeather Sofa7 Sofa SeatsAED 434
Sofa CleaningLeather SofaSofa SeatAED 99
Sofa CleaningLeather Sofa5 Sofa Seats + 4-6 Dining ChairsAED 260

Download the UrbanClap app on your mobile or visit our website to check out the deep cleaning companies in Dubai and hire them for house cleaning services. For specific cleaning service needs, you can contact us for a custom quote.

In addition to deep cleaning services in Dubai, our professionals also offer home care and relocation services. You can easily find service experts such as painters, packers and movers, pest control experts, plumbers, handyman, AC repair and maintenance professionals, etc. by visiting our website and mobile app.

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