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Clogged kitchen sink? Blocked shower head? Leaky taps? If you are looking for a good and cheap plumber in Dubai, then you have come to the right place. UrbanClap’s motto is to deliver the best home services by 4 star plus rated professionals, at affordable prices. Look no further for the best plumbers in Dubai. Our booking procedure is short and simple, and allows you to have a plumber at your doorstep in a few hours. You don’t need to worry about cloggings anymore because we are here to fix all of it for you. Book now to get expert plumbers in Dubai at your doorstep.


25 Plumbers in Dubai

  • Grandeur Building Maintenance LLCGrandeur Building Maintenance LLC
    Grandeur Building Maintenance LLC
    Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (1 review)
    • v

      I got a call from India Urban Clap confirming what services i meeded. I mentioned to the lady that i needed paintings to be put on the wall. When the Urban Clap Technicians cane they said that they were not told about what job they had to do and hence did not carry nails with them. Thank fully i had nails at home which i used to get the job done. Technicians very good. Communication between call centre and technicians very poor.

  • Fantastic Cleaning & Technical ServicesFantastic Cleaning & Technical Services
    Fantastic Cleaning & Technical Services
    Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (1550 reviews) 151 times rated 5 star
    • n

      Marie is excellent. Very thorough, efficient and a nice person.

    • m

      First time to have a goodand professional lady

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  • Click Hand Cleaning & Technical ServiceClick Hand Cleaning & Technical Service
    Click Hand Cleaning & Technical Service
    Crystal Tower - Al Abraj Street - Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (766 reviews) Hired 127 times on UrbanClap
    • r

      Maya did a very good job

    • k

      Amazing cleaning. Want to call same girl again. She cleaned good and is highly recommended.

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  • A M Technical Works LLCA M Technical Works LLC
    A M Technical Works LLC
    (364 reviews) Hired 39 times on UrbanClap
    • s

      A quick responding team, which considered asking for any problems incase extra materials are to brought instead of a back and forth. Efficient and easy to work with. Job well done :) thank you

    • v

      A quick responding team, which considered asking for any problems incase extra materials are to brought instead of a back and forth. Efficient and easy to work with. Job well done :) thank you

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  • ANZ Technical Services LLCANZ Technical Services LLC
    ANZ Technical Services LLC
    Al Qiyadah Metro Station - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (146 reviews) Hired 38 times on UrbanClap
    • y

      Excellent service by hashim and his companion

    • e

      Good job done. They arrived around 45mins late, but work was good

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  • Space Mix Technical Services LLCSpace Mix Technical Services LLC
    Space Mix Technical Services LLC
    Al Nahda - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (78 reviews)
    • c

      They were punctual, friendly and did a fantastic job.

    • m

      as usual, came on time, finished the work on time and left. always using there services, hardworking and skilled professionals. Highly recommended and adds value to UrbanClap.

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  • Syed Mubbashir Technical Services LLCSyed Mubbashir Technical Services LLC
    Syed Mubbashir Technical Services LLC
    Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (62 reviews)
    • v

      The level of dedication from this team is commendable. I had issues with changing just a tap but they went around town looking for it and came back late evening to fix this.

    • k

      Quick and efficient. Hope to get them the next time we call

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  • Valtorque Technical Services LLCValtorque Technical Services LLC
    Valtorque Technical Services LLC
    Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (56 reviews) Hired 20 times on UrbanClap
    • m

      Very good and professional service

    • s

      Professional and on time services

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  • Al Wafa Unique Building ContractingAl Wafa Unique Building Contracting
    Al Wafa Unique Building Contracting
    Al Qusais - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (56 reviews)
    • m

      Very professional. The best part about the guys was unlike my precious experience with plumbers they did not make a mess and cleaned up after the repairs.

    • a

      Thanks a lot for the service . Happy with their job!

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  • Primo Maintenance Services LLCPrimo Maintenance Services LLC
    Primo Maintenance Services LLC
    Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (42 reviews)
    • s

      Excellent handyman service. Both the staff where well equipped and done all the required work mentioned. They where also polite and well trained.

    • a

      They took time so long for simple thing

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based on 231 ratings

    He used the parts for wash basins


    Prompt response and neat job done.


    Very pleased with the quick response and same day schedule. Thank you team




    Right on time, very polite, job completed. Very pleased


    I had an excellent and efficient service from their company. They came on time and worked quickly. They even gave me a discount for an additional service. I was very satisfied with their customer service as well. I will highly recommend them

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All About Plumbers

Steps to Hire Plumbers in Dubai

Unlike other tasks around the house, most people refrain from handling plumbing issues on their own even though they try their hand at assembling furniture, cleaning air conditioner, etc. This is a good practice since any mistake in doing the job can lead to major problems in plumbing. You may end up clogging a drain, damaging a pipe or other plumbing fixtures around the house. Therefore, it is important to find local plumbers by doing a local search on search engines with search phrases such as “plumbing repair service near me” or “plumbers near me”. You can also keep a few numbers on your speed dial so that you are ready to deal with any plumbing emergency in the future.

What are the Types of Services Offered by a good Plumber in Dubai?

Whether it is a leaky tap, overflowing sink or a blocked drain, it is important to hire a plumber as soon as you spot the problem. Since plumbing fixtures deal with water and drainage system of your home, any problems here can lead to a substantial damage if not repaired on time. Here are some of the commonly availed plumbing services in Dubai these days:

  • Install Faucets and Shower Heads: It is always best to leave the installation and repair of faucets or shower heads in your bathroom, kitchen, etc. to the experts. They will install the faucets and shower heads and make sure that they are properly connected to the water supply. Consider searching for plumbing companies in Dubai online by using relevant search phrases like “plumber International City Dubai ”, “best plumbers near me ”, etc. to find a suitable service provider.

  • Repair Leaky Pipes and Faucets: You may consider installing a faucet in your kitchen or bathroom but is impossible to repair major plumbing leaks on your own since you may not understand the plumbing system in your house. You need to hire plumbing repair services in Dubai to repair them. Plumbers are trained to handles leaking pipes and faucets and can save your home from substantial water damage.

  • Install/Repair Water Heater: One of the things for which you need to start searching for plumbing services in Dubai is the installation or repair of a water heater. New tankless water heaters use high-powered burners to heat water and are more energy efficient but may need regular maintenance and repair. You can use the local search feature of search engines and use “professional plumbers near me” as a keyword in the search field to find a professional plumber in your area.

  • WC Repair: Toilets can get blocked because of various reasons including clogging of tissues, sanitary napkins, etc. in the pipe. Sometimes, children can also throw random things into the toilet that can lead to WC clogging or overflow. This can be messy to deal with so it is advisable to call the best plumber in Dubai at the earliest. The plumber will inspect the situation and clean the drain to remove any blockages and restore the flow of water from the WC into the drain.

  • Cleaning the Drains: Since we use our bathroom and kitchen sinks often, various debris from our everyday lives can also make it to the drain. Some of it may get washed away with water while some can get stuck in the drain. Over time, this can build up in the drain and lead to clogging. At first, you may only notice slow drainage of water from the sink. However, if you do not address this issue fast enough, you may have to deal with complete clogging of the drain. A plumber can clean this drain by removing the debris and restore the drainage of water from the sink.

  • Sewer Repair: Even if the WC is working alright, you may think that the sewer line is clogged if you notice slow draining, unusual noises or foul smell. Spare no time since these are indicators of a sewer blockage. If it is not repaired on time, it can lead to burst sewer pipes, WC overflow, etc. that can create a huge mess in your house. Hire a master plumber in Dubai to inspect the sewer pipes and carry out the repairs as required at the earliest.

  • Plumbing Inspections: You need not wait for a plumbing emergency to occur before reaching out to your emergency plumber in Dubai. You can hire a plumber to check all the plumbing fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen in your house periodically to avoid any disasters. Most plumbers will charge a fixed amount for inspection whether repair is needed or not. The cost of repair is calculated based on the amount of work required, also factoring the price of sourcing the material.

    If you have a swimming pool, bathtub or jacuzzi in your home, it is advisable to find a cheap plumber in Dubai and hire him for regular maintenance instead of waiting for a plumbing emergency to happen. Even if you see a minor leak or plumbing problem, it is better to hire a plumber and have it inspected. This can prevent you and your family from facing major plumbing issues.

4 Important Reasons to Hire a Plumber

Plumbing installations and repairs require special training and tools and should not be handled as a DIY project at home. If you want the best results, you must consider hiring a professional plumber instead of trying to do it yourself since even the smallest oversight in plumbing repair or installation can lead to bigger problems. There are plenty of benefits of hiring a good plumber in Dubai with UrbanClap:

#1 They are Efficient. Plumbing issues are not supposed to be taken lightly since overflowing sinks, clogged drains, etc. can create big problems inside the house. If you do not call one of the plumbing companies in Dubai right when you come across the problem, there is a chance that the water can make it to your rooms and cause problems ranging from slippery floors, wet carpet, increased humidity, etc. Plumbers are efficient in dealing with various kinds of plumbing problems and help reduce damage caused by leaking or burst pipes, overflowing sinks, etc.

#2 They are Skilled and Experienced. Professional plumbers have the knowledge about the plumbing system of residential properties and how to handle plumbing fixtures. They also have the necessary tools to repair or install plumbing fixtures such as faucets, sinks, water heater, WC, etc. For small or large repairs, they know the correct parts that need to be used to fix the problem. They can also source alternatives to damaged original parts since they have contacts with suppliers who deal with these products. A master plumber in Dubai can save you a lot of money by procuring materials at affordable prices from their trusted suppliers.

#3 They Give You Valuable Advice. You may not understand a thing about the plumbing system in your home or how to maintain it properly. A professional offering plumbing repair services in Dubai can help you understand the plumbing system and give you valuable advice about how to maintain it properly. They can also tell you when to replace plumbing fixtures in your house to avoid plumbing problems in the future. To make sure that you hire a reliable plumber, check testimonials and referrals of past clients of the plumber.

#4 They Help Save Money. Plumbers are highly skilled in their field and know how to protect your plumbing fixtures from further damage when they are repairing it. If they come across a leaky faucet, they will tell you if the repair only needs a small valve replacement or faucet replacement. They will try their best to find ways to complete the task by using the available resources. They will also tell you about the condition of your plumbing fixtures and suggest the right time for replacement so that you do not have to face a leaky or burst pipe in the near future.

What is the Cost of Hiring a Plumber in Dubai?

The cost of hiring a plumber varies based on different factors such as the type of work, experience of the professional, the equipment required for the task, replacement material for the task etc. When hiring a plumber in Dubai Marina, you should not decide solely based on the cost. It is advisable to keep the quality of services in mind instead of focusing on finding a cheap plumber in Dubai. You can check reviews and testimonials left by the past clients of the plumber on UrbanClap or the plumber’s website to get an idea of what to expect from his services.

Here is a price breakdown of the UrbanClap home maintenance services in Dubai:

Rate Card

Hourly Charges for Home Maintenance ServicesPrice in AED (Inclusive of 5% VAT)
First Hour99 AED
Every Additional 30 Minutes59 AED
Convenience Fee For Material Procurement75 AED
Visiting Charges If Service Not Availed49 AED

We charge clients a flat rate of 99 AED for the first hour. The plumber will check the plumbing to find out the problem and suggest solutions. If you decide not to avail the services, you will only have to pay the flat fee of 99 AED and visiting charges of 49 AED.

However, if you decide to let the plumber fix the problem, you will have to pay 59 AED for every additional 30 minutes that the plumber takes to complete the job after the first house. If the task requires sourcing of materials that you do not have, you will have to pay the cost of the material as well as a flat convenience fee of 75 AED for material procurement.

Other UrbanClap Home Repair Services

UrbanClap is an online service marketplace where you can find professionals who provide all kinds of home maintenance and personal services. We make it easy for our clients to find reliable and experienced professionals instead of doing extensive research on the internet by using search terms such as “plumbing services near me“, “plumber near me cheap”, etc.

Some of the home repair services offered by our professionals in addition to plumbing services include:

  • Handyman: If you suspect a problem somewhere in the house, you can hire a handyman from UrbanClap for inspection. Since a handyman is skilled at a wide range of repairs around the house, he will be able to do all kinds of odd jobs. From hanging artwork to air conditioner servicing, a handyman can help you deal with a majority of problems in your home. They can even fix a leaky faucet or clogged drain. However, for major plumbing issues, it is advisable to hire a plumber in Dubai.

  • Electrician: Sparking plugs or circuit overloads indicate electrical problems that can damage your appliances and electrical devices. Since it may pose a risk to life if you try to handle electricity without the right equipment or caution, it is advisable to you hire an electrician to fix these problems. Our professionals are skilled in their respective fields and deliver desired results without wasting any time.

  • AC Service and Repair: Your AC keeps you comfortable even if the weather outside is hot and humid. Since it is such a hard-working appliance, it needs regular maintenance. Our professionals will carry out filter cleaning, vent cleaning, water tray cleaning and drain pipe cleaning as a part of the AC repair/maintenance service. The price varies based on the size and type of AC as well as the number of ACs in the house. You can also avail gas filling services at extra charges.

    We, at UrbanClap, have stringent selection criteria for registration of service professionals. We ensure that the professionals registered with us are trained, experienced and reliable. They are thorough professionals who carry out the job effectively without wasting time by talking on the phone or stalling to delay the work. They complete the job efficiently and also clean the place after completing the job so that your home looks exactly like it did before the job. Visit the UrbanClap website or download our mobile app to avail our home repair services.

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