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Do you want get the walls painted and give your home a quick makeover? Find professional house painters in Dubai with the UrbanClap app. For painting services Dubai now trusts UrbanClap, the single platform to book homecare services. Our professionals are well-trained, verified, and have been rated 4 stars and above by customers. We offer Painting Services in Dubai for all sorts of buildings from homes to offices to restaurants and the list goes on and on.


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  • Tag Your Dream Technical & Cleaning LLC
    Tag Your Dream Technical & Cleaning LLC
    Deira - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (442 reviews)
    • p

      Grace was very good and best so far ive seen

    • z

      Worked well but didn't complete the entire house

  • Valtorque Technical Services LLC
    Valtorque Technical Services LLC
    Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (101 reviews) Hired 20 times on UrbanClap
    • v

      Good planning by checking the fault and coming prepared with the material.

    • l

      Excellent job! I wholeheartedly recommend them and would definitely use them again.

  • Primo Maintenance Services LLC
    Primo Maintenance Services LLC
    Business Bay - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (68 reviews)
    • a

      They were not proffessional they first said all the pipes need to be changed then after they said the water motor pumps need to be changed but all along the there was a simple default error which another proffesional company came and fixed it in just 30 minutes . All my money is gone to waste and had a whole 2 working days + friday and saturday (as it was holiday no one worked) with no water in the house

    • r

      Perfect very neat clean and friendly

  • Blue Amber Technical Services LLC
    Blue Amber Technical Services LLC
    Dubai Internet City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (37 reviews) Hired 3 times on UrbanClap
    • s

      Amazing service, attention to details, very quick, brillant people, totally I recommend them.

    • e

      Punctual, and quick and fast and delivered the work earlier than agreed which was great for us.. due to being fast missed a few small points, but overall very happy with their delivering according to our agreement.

  • Tag Your Dream Technical Services
    Tag Your Dream Technical Services
    Deira - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
    (23 reviews)
    • z

      Very good service. And they are nice.

    • m

      Great work. Job was very smoothly handled and outcome is just perfect. Highly recommended.

  • Way More Technical Services LLC
    Way More Technical Services LLC
  • Mermaid Home Care Sevices LLC
    Mermaid Home Care Sevices LLC
    Al Quoz - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • ZA Technical Services and Cleaning LLC
    ZA Technical Services and Cleaning LLC
    Deira - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Spectrum Services LLC
    Spectrum Services LLC
    Barsha Heights - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Dar Al Mahaba Technical Services
    Dar Al Mahaba Technical Services
    Deira - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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    Amazing service, attention to details, very quick, brillant people, totally I recommend them.

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Hiring Guide

Steps to Hire Painters in Dubai

Most people agree that an easy and effective way to refresh or update a house is to paint the entire property or a few rooms regularly. Whether you want to revamp the look of your dining area or your child’s bedroom, painting can give an immediate new look to the interiors of your home. There are many homeowners who prefer to take on painting the walls as a DIY project. Sadly, most of them end up with a mess and then frantically search for a painter to deal with it. So unless you know a few basics of painting, it is advisable to contact a professional team of painters in Dubai to get the job done perfectly.

You may not know that hiring expert painting services in Dubai is not just a cost-effective solution but also saves you from a lot of stress and unnecessary wastage of time.

Professional Home Painting Services in Dubai: 6 Reasons to Hire Them
There are plenty of good reasons why you should invest in maintaining your home or office. In this segment, we will look at 6 reasons why contacting professional painters in Dubai for this job makes sense.

Reason 1: High-Quality Work
Although anyone can pick up the bucket of paint, buy some brushes and start painting the walls, there is more to interior painting than meets the eye. First and foremost, the goal for painting a home/office is not just to change the colour or touch-up a scratched or chipped paint instead, it is to add more value to your house to increase its beauty and resale value. They will clean the walls, repair them if required and then paint a fresh coat of colour. Even if you have no plans to sell your house, it is always good to have a professional house painting service in Dubai who can give you high-quality work.

Reason 2: Experience and Skills
While you might have spent your whole day watching DIY videos on how to paint the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc., skilled and experienced providers of apartment painting services in Dubai can produce better results. For instance, expert painters do not just come and paint the house since they spend enough time to check out the house inside and out, inspect decay/structural defects, etc. for repairs and then start painting the house. They only use top quality products to give you long-lasting results.

Reason 3: Innovative Ideas
Skilled painters are always up on all the useful yet latest trends and innovative tools in house painting. Yes, you read it right! Technology has entered into the world of residential and commercial painting too. They can suggest you the best paint for your home keeping the climate, your lifestyle and budget in mind. Experts can take you beyond just choosing the right colours or textures and help you create the look and feel that you want in your home whether it is a textured wall, bright colours or interesting patterns.

Reason 4: No Stress
If you decide to handle house painting on your own, you may end up stressing about everything that you need to do and buy to complete the job. This will make you feel more stressful and not let you enjoy the painting project. On the contrary, when you avail the services of expert painters and decorators in Dubai, you can stay assured that the work will get done on time and as per your needs. Hiring a well-trained, licensed and insured service provider can guarantee the best results.

Reason 5: Use of the Right Tools
The experts of wall painting in Dubai can produce high-quality results for you since they have all of the right tools to finish the work without making a lot of mess. Even if you spent time watching DIY videos or taking classes about the ideas and tips, you will not be able to produce the results comparable to those of experienced professionals since you may not have the tricks up your sleeve or all the right tools for the job.

Reason 6: Quick Results
Painting job can take weeks in case you attempt a DIY since you can only have so much free time every week. So, it is a smart idea to contact and hire professional services of house painting in Dubai. They can finish the work within the specified duration of time. And it may only delay if there is any major repair required. Depending on the size of your house, you will be done within a span of a few days.

Services Offered by Professional Painters in Dubai

You will be able find painting services that cover almost everything from consultation and colour selection to painting and repairing. Here are some of the popular painting services offered by painters in Dubai:

  • Interior Painting: You can revive the interior of your home or office space with a new shade or colour. Professionals can help you in creating a completely new feel for your house or office with creative designs and a broad spectrum of shades to suit your taste. Whether you want to revamp the old faded colour or just need a fresh coat of colour, an expert painter can help you get the desired result. You can easily hire a professional offering villa painting services in Dubai by searching online.

  • Exterior Painting: Exterior of your house or office such as balcony may look bad if the paint is of poor quality. Since it is also subject to outside weather, it may fade fast and may need a revival. To give your space a distinct look, it is a good bet to hire an expert team of painters. They can bring a new life to your space’s exterior by protecting it with special coating that can easily retain its vibrancy for many years.

  • Wallpaper Removing: A number of homeowners do not know how to remove the old wallpaper without damaging the walls. Here a skilled painter helps deal with the problem since he knows how to remove wallpapers without making any mess and damaging the wall. You can contact one of the painting companies in Dubai to avail this service.

  • Commercial Painting: Plenty of painting companies offer residential as well as commercial painting services. However, there are a few of them that specialise in one or the other. To leave a long lasting impression in your office, store front or showroom, professional painting services really make sense. They can provide you with an array of colours, tones, designs, etc. that can give your commercial space a WOW factor.

  • Consultation: When you do not know what to do with painting work, just sit down with an expert and discuss all your queries with them. Whether you want to give a vivacious look to your outdoors or just restore the beauty of interiors, a professional can really help you. They can help you create that special vision by working with you to know your taste and priorities. Regardless of any question, they can help you find the appropriate solutions that are perfect for you.

5 Points to Keep in Mind When Hiring Painters in Dubai

A skilled and experienced painter can make your home look even more beautiful. It is important to do your research well and find the right one within budget to do the painting of your house or office. Look at the following points that will help you find the best one:

  • Do Not Go with the Cheapest Bid: A lot of people usually fall into the trap of choosing the least costly option when it comes to hiring painters. From hiring painters to buying materials, they believe that choosing the lowest one is the right way to move forward. Unfortunately, they end up paying more at the end since they receive subpar services and need to get the home repainted more frequently. It is important to hire the painter or a wall painting company in Dubai that offers the best value for your each buck.

  • Consider the Attention to Detail: The interior and exterior of your home or office are like a huge empty canvas in which even the smallest things can make huge differences. So, you should always consider how different painters plan to treat all those smaller details. You can discuss your needs before hiring the painter and see how many questions they ask and how involved are they in the whole project.

  • Check their Knowledge of Colour Schemes: Selection of the right colour and shade is extremely important to enhance the look of your house. Choosing the wrong colours can lead to results that will give you results that can haunt you for many months if not years since painting home is not an affordable affair that you can do very often. To prevent yourself from such a situation, it is important to hire one of the most skilled painters or wall painting services in Dubai that have plenty of knowledge about the colours and shades. A good service provider has the ability to suggest the right colours and designs as per the location, climate and needs of your painting project.

  • Checking Colour Options in Natural Lighting: It is highly recommended to check the colours your painter has suggested in natural lighting. Before committing to a specific colour, it is important that you observe at different times of a day. Never finalise a colour by looking at it in artificial lighting or by blindly following your painter’s advice. If you do so, there are chances that you end up choosing a colour that looks awful when viewed in different lighting.

  • Digital Rendering is a Plus: We are in the digital era, so your painter should be tech-savvy at the least. While hiring painters or decorative painting companies in Dubai, ask if they are able to provide you with a digital portrait of how your house or office space will look like after the work is done especially if you are going for a major transformation. The renderings will also help you know exactly where you need to make changes and where not. A red textured wall may sound amazing in theory but may not work for your space. A digital portrait will help you envision the whole space before actually committing to it.

    Cost of Hiring Professional Painters and Decorators in Dubai When hiring painting contractors in Dubai, you should check other factors as well, especially the quality of services provided rather than just finding cheap painters in Dubai. The cost of hiring painters depends on the various factors such as the number of bedrooms/rooms, size of the area, repairing work, etc. Thoroughly check the testimonials and reviews given by the past clients on their website and social media channels to get a clearer picture.

    Here is a price breakdown of painting services in Dubai available on UrbanClap for your reference:

Rate Card of Painting Services in Dubai

Property TypeServicesCharges
StudioFull Studio Painting (400-700 sq. ft.)699 AED
Apartment1 Bedroom (700-1100 sq. ft.)899 AED
Apartment2 Bedrooms (1100-1500 sq. ft.)1349 AED
Apartment3 Bedrooms (1500-2200 sq. ft.)1949 AED
Apartment4 Bedrooms (2200-3200 sq. ft.)2499 AED
Apartment5 Bedrooms (3200-4500 sq. ft.)3249 AED
Villas1 Bedroom (1500-1900 sq. ft.)1799 AED
Villas2 Bedrooms (1900-2300 sq. ft.)2099 AED
Villas3 Bedrooms (2300-5000 sq. ft.)2799 AED
Villas4 Bedrooms (5000-9000 sq. ft.)3499 AED
Villas5 Bedrooms (9000-14000 sq. ft.)4499 AED
Individual AreasBedroom (s) (150-300 sq. ft.)499 AED
Individual AreasLiving Room (200-400 sq. ft.)549 AED
Individual AreasDining Room (200-400 sq. ft.)549 AED
Individual AreasKitchen (150-250 sq. ft)449 AED

Here at UrbanClap, we only follow a stringent selection process when it comes to registering service providers such as painters, packers and movers, electricians, etc. We always make sure that the professionals/service providers registered with us are reliable, experienced and well-trained. We also offer our services at competitive rates while maintaining the quality of services.

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