Best Yoga Classes At Home in New Delhi

Best Yoga Classes At Home in New Delhi
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We,at Urban Company, provide you with the best yoga trainers in Delhi so that you don't regret and gain extra weight, eating the irresistible ‘aloo chaat’ and ‘Galouti kebab’ in Chandni Chowk.Whether you need an experienced personal yoga trainer at home in Delhi or would much rather go for the best yoga classes in Delhi, we’ve got your back. Our experienced yoga trainers in Delhi will help you cope with and solve your health-related issues. Since we have the best yoga instructors near you, we assure you the best. Join Urban Company now, and book your next weight loss yoga, power yoga, or meditation class in Delhi NCR today! ...


1,206 Yoga Instructors at Home in New Delhi

  • Yoga Private Class at Home.
    Yoga Private Class at Home.
    Paramount Floraville, Sector 137, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201305, India
    (75 ratings)
    • a

      Rahul Sir's classes are very helpful..fine trained yoga teacher.

    • s

      Rahul Sir is extremely well aware of Yoga in terms of theorey benefits and execution.Best thing is discipline he maintains in his class and the granularities of posture,breathing he helps to focus on.Excellent Job , highly recomended.

  • Barkha Aggarwal
    Barkha Aggarwal
    Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, India
    (47 ratings)
    • s

      Excellent yoga classes For those who want to reduce their weight

    • s

      Perfect classes for those who want to reduce weight

  • Mayank Chauhan
    Mayank Chauhan
    Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Pragati Vihar New Delhi, Delhi, India
    (44 ratings)
    • n

      Mayank is a really good trainer and always helped without loosing patience.He was punctual and all his sessions were vefry intense and helped me achieve just the kind of mental and physical fitness i was looking for.

    • n

      He is a kind person who is very passionate and keen about his knowledge and is always eager to explain and correct us when needed.He is a real professional who loves what he does and has been really motivating and focused with me

  • Alka
    Rani Bagh, Delhi, India
    (43 ratings)
    • k

      You explain very well and try to take everyone in the class. I think you should also tell precautions of each yoga I.e, when not to do that yogansana . It's been a good experience and increase in my knowledge personally about yoga

    • a

      Mam ap bohot sweet ho or ap bohot sweet trike se smjhate ho☺

  • Anshuman Dev Power Yoga
    Anshuman Dev Power Yoga
    Paschim Vihar, Delhi, India
    (40 ratings)
    • s

      He is really good.... has deep understanding of yoga and meditation.

    • s

      He is really good.... has deep understanding of yoga and meditation.

  • Yoga Sutra
    Yoga Sutra
    Sant Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Karol Bagh, Delhi, India
    (38 ratings)
    • m

      Navneet Sir is very knowledgeable person. he make session interesting I really enjoying his sessions..😊

    • g

      Very good experience. Navneet sir is best. He told me lots of variations. Great service..

  • Mohit Choudhary
    Mohit Choudhary
    Vivek Vihar Phase I, Delhi, India
    (35 ratings)
    • s

      He is a good yoga trainer. Quite energetic and enthusiastic.

    • r

      Mohit Choudhary is one of the best yoga trainer. He is very professional and is an experienced teacher who trains according to the clients needs. And motivates you at every level.

  • Vijay Kumar Anand
    Vijay Kumar Anand
    (31 ratings)
    • n

      Good yoga and ambience . Sir is also very cooperative and soft spoken.

    • m

      He is a very good trainer. Humble, care taker n polite.

  • Ramkesh
    West Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, India
    (30 ratings)
    • v

      a Good Trainer with Great Knowledge and Experience

    • s

      Very good yoga teacher in n.c.r....God bless you..

  • Rajvinder Kaur
    Rajvinder Kaur
    Shivaji Vihar, Delhi, India
    (29 ratings)
    • r

      She teaches according to our need Encourages us to do better whether it be yoga or pranayaam or meditation

    • d

      A wonderful dr who understands the patient's problem & treats the root cause of the disease to cure the patient.

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    Good knowledge


    Nice person


    She was so professional and well experienced. She understands your body and work accordingly. Pleasure to have a teacher like Babita mam.




    Pleasing behaviour , Good knowledge of yoga


    Excellent very knowledgeable and explains everything well

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Hiring Guide

  • Improved Flexibility: Practicing yoga regularly improves your flexibility. Irrespective of your age, you may develop stiffness or pain in some parts of your body because of stress, a sedentary lifestyle, or other lifestyle choices. By practicing yoga asanas regularly, your muscles will loosen up gradually and become more flexible. The pain in different parts of your body will also slowly dissipate over time as your body rejuvenates itself.

  • Strong Muscles: When you practice yoga regularly, your muscles become more flexible and strong. For instance, your core areas become stronger, the muscles around the spine get stronger and more flexible, and the strength of your thigh muscles increase. Once your core starts to work properly, the rest of your body also starts to work as nature intended it to before lifestyle and habits took their toll. A rather fortunate after-effect is that you start to feel more positive once you see your strength and flexibility build up.

  • Perfect Posture: Jobs that require you to sit for long hours or a sedentary lifestyle wreak havoc on your spine. Since it acts as the main support system for the rest of your body, any problem in your spine can lead to numerous problems. Some of these include neck pain, numbness in different parts of your body, a sore back, bad posture, tiredness, etc. Yoga can help you improve the strength of your muscles around the spine and eliminate any posture related problems in your body.

  • Healthy Bones: When you practice yoga, you essentially lift your own weight. These weight-bearing exercises strengthen your bones and improve your bone density over time. As you keep practicing yoga regularly, your bones will continue to be healthy and strong and you will not face the bone-related issues usually associated with old age.

  • Better Immunity: Different yoga postures and breathing exercises improve your blood flow and help to drain toxins from your body. Deep breathing associated with yoga postures removes blockages in your body and improves the lymphatic drainage system. This improves the ability of your body to fight infections and dispose toxins. After a few weeks, you will find that your immunity has improved and you are not falling ill as often as you used to before you started practicing yoga.

  • Reduced Stress: Yoga requires you to focus on your breath and be present in the moment. This makes you forget about your troubles and feel at peace while you are practicing. After your yoga practice, you are more likely to feel calm and refreshed. The exercises also normalise your blood pressure levels and reduce cortisol levels leading to a feeling of relief or even happiness. Yoga is one of the best stress-busters for people in today’s day and age.

  • Increased Concentration: Focusing on the present is perhaps one of the pillars of practicing yoga effectively. You need to be present in the moment and concentrate on your breathing while doing yoga. This slowly trains the mind to concentrate and not get easily distracted. Increased focus helps you excel at everything that you do since your mind does not get diverted and you are able to give your 100% every single time.

  • Then, choose your preferred time slot during the day.

  • Next, decide on the day you would like to take the trial classes within the next week. The Urban Company Assurance offers you a trial class at Rs. 199 only.

  • You can also fill in any specific instructions or requirements that you may want us to convey to the trainers.

  • Once you are done, you can fill your address, and put in your phone number to get an OTP to sign in. You can also use your Google or Facebook credentials to sign in.

  • Once you have filled the form and confirmed your contact details, we will send your choices to our yoga trainers professionals in Delhi who fit your requirement. They will then contact you directly. We also suggest that you read the reviews on our website about our yoga trainers at home so you have an idea about their capabilities.

Diseases that can be Cured by Yoga

Regular practice of yoga can keep you healthy and fit for life. However, even if you are suffering from an ailment, yoga can provide relief from the symptoms and may also help eradicate the disease from its root. Here are a few major diseases that can be cured by yoga:

  • Hatha Yoga: The physical yoga practice that is popular in gyms and yoga studios around the world is known as Hatha Yoga. It is one of the six branches of yoga, others being Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Laya Yoga according to ancient texts found in India.

  • Ashtanga Yoga: The yoga asanas that synchronise the breath with movement of one or more limbs of the body in a synchronised pattern is known as Ashtanga Yoga. Similar to Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), the series of postures in Ashtanga Yoga are practiced in a certain order with a specific breathing pattern.

  • Iyengar Yoga: BKS Iyengar made this yoga popular and this is how this branch of yoga got its name. The emphasis during the practice of Iyengar Yoga is on alignment in the asanas using breath control. The instructors teach at a slow pace and make their students use props to learn the asanas properly.

  • Power Yoga: This is more of a westernised concept where yoga postures are performed quickly in no particular order. The practice of power yoga is usually accompanied by upbeat music. Some core exercises and movements may be added to a yoga asana in Power Yoga.

  • Bikram Yoga: The yoga practices taken by Bikram Choudhary to California from India are collectively known as Bikram Yoga. This yoga has 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises that need to be performed in a specific order under hot and humid conditions (105 degrees Fahrenheit temperature with 40% humidity). Usually, a Bikram Yoga session lasts 90 minutes. This form of yoga has also been popularised as “Hot Yoga”.

  • Prenatal Yoga: A lot of yoga asanas are contraindicated during pregnancy. But there are a few asanas that are great for pregnant ladies. Many yoga instructors have created prenatal yoga by incorporating the yoga asanas that can be practiced by expectant mothers. There are different sets of asanas for different stages of pregnancy.

Yoga Asanas at home for Beginners

Yoga asanas, also known as yoga postures, are specific positions that yoga practitioners hold to avail their health and psychological benefits. Different yoga asanas offer different benefits. They can range from easy asanas that are ideal for beginners to difficult ones meant for more advanced yoga practitioners. Here are eight yoga asanas for beginners:

Introduction to Yoga and its health Benefits

Yoga has been practiced for centuries for its physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Regular practice not only aligns your mind and body but also helps you lead a more happy and healthy life. The meditation and breathing practices help you stay calm and relaxed even amidst the daily chaos of a modern city. Practicing yoga even a few times per week can give you great results. Here are some of the main benefits of yoga:

Rate Card

Sr. No.No. of ClassesPrice
112 classes per month or approx. 3 per weekRs. 4,999
216 classes per month or approx. 4 per weekRs. 6,499
320 classes per month or approx. 5 per weekRs. 7,499

Why Hire a Yoga Instructor at Home?

To avail the health benefits of yoga, you need to learn it from a qualified instructor since they will be able to teach you the right postures, breathing patterns, and other nuances while practicing yoga. Here are a few reasons why you need to hire a yoga instructor at home:

Yoga at Home in Delhi NCR

Yoga at home has gained a considerable following in Delhi and the surrounding National Capital Region over the last few years. Numerous camps organised by leading yoga advocates and the beaming of programmes into homes have been a major reason behind the reawakening of interest in this ancient healthy exercise regimen.

However, learning to do yoga by oneself after watching a television channel or a web video is not recommended. Yoga is a very complex exercise and is not as simple as taking a walk or doing a push-up or two. This is why you need an instructor who can lead you through the processes and help you learn the right yoga asanas to do and ways to do them. At Urban Company, we help you learn yoga at home at a time that is convenient for you. Read on to know more.

  • Asthma: Deep breathing is one of the pillars of many yoga asanas. And pranayama practice can slowly strengthen your lungs and get you off inhalers for life.

  • Hypertension: Stress is one of the major reasons behind hypertension. Since yoga aligns your mind and body, you feel relaxed after practicing your asanas. Regular practice will bring your blood pressure back to normal range.

  • Back Pain: Sedentary lifestyle and bad posture can easily cause back pain. If you ignore it, you are likely to suffer from chronic back pain. Yoga can help strengthen your spine and correct your posture bringing relief from the pain. Regular practice will bring back the flexibility of your spine and eliminate back pain for good.

  • Diabetes: High blood sugar levels and insulin resistance can affect your life negatively. However, with regular practice of yoga asanas such as Trikonasana (triangle pose), you can keep your blood sugar levels under control.

  • Indigestion: All types of digestive problems are caused by a weak digestive system, weak immune system, and bad diet. If you start eating a balanced diet and practice yoga asanas such as Bhujangasana, Balasana, etc. your digestive system will be strengthened and start digesting food properly.

  • Depression: Different problems in life can manifest as depression. Instead of relying on medicines, start practicing yoga since it will reduce your stress levels and make you feel relaxed. Deep breathing will make you feel rejuvenated and over time, you will recover from depression.

  • As a beginner, you need all the attention of your instructor. He/she must be able to see if you are breathing right and holding a posture in the right position. Once you learn the asanas, you can then practice it in a yoga class or alone at home.

  • If you are new to yoga, you may feel conscious about practicing the asanas in a class with other people. If you hire a yoga instructor, they will come to your home and you can practice in the comfort of home without feeling conscious.

  • When you learn yoga in a class with other people, you may not be able to get personalised attention from your instructors. You may not be able to get your questions answered since the instructor has to pay equal attention to all students. It may hinder your yoga practice especially if you do not know or are unable learn the postures and breathing techniques properly. With a personal yoga teacher, you can ask all your questions and let them check your posture until you get it right.

  • Many people feel lazy to get ready and step out of the house to go to the gym or a yoga class. If you have a yoga instructor coming to your home, you have no excuses. It also saves you a lot of time since you only need to practice yoga with no room for other distractions.

  • If you stay in Delhi or a major city, having a yoga instructor come and teach you at home will help you avoid the traffic snarls and the pollution. Imagine coming back from a yoga class only to be caught in a traffic snarl. If you are new to yoga and have not mastered the deep breathing and relaxation techniques as yet, you can say bye-bye to your serenity.

Hiring a Yoga Instructor in Delhi from Urban Company

  • Trained and Vetted Professionals: Each of our yoga instructors is an expert and has at least 200 hours of teacher training. Moreover, our highly effective selection process means we have handpicked only the best instructors for you to choose from.

  • Customised Plans to Suit Your Needs: Our plans are customised for you. Our algorithm chooses the best instructors for you based on your needs. When you are filling up the requirements on our app or on the website, you can choose the reason why you are looking for an instructor and your budget also, among others. For example, you may choose General fitness / Meditation, Improvement in Medical Issues (Diabetes, Thyroid, etc.) or any other reason. The algo will send your brief only to those yoga trainers who can help with your specific goals.

  • Trial Class: We believe you should be comfortable with your yoga trainerinstructor before you choose him / her. For this very reason, we provide you a trial class at a price of Rs. 199 only. You can choose when you want your trail class at your home at the time of filling in the online request form.

  • Your Time, Your Place: One of the best things about our yoga instructors is that they come to train you at your home and at a time that is convenient for you. You can choose your preferred time slot at the time of sending in your request and we will assign you an instructor who is free at that time.

  • Extremely Inexpensive: Most people imagine a personal yoga trainer at home to cost them mega bucks. But did you know that at Urban Company, you get a personalised yoga session for a price as low as Rs. 4,999 per month? That too for 12 classes. You can even opt for 16 classes per month that will cost you Rs. 6,499 or go with 20 classes at Rs. 7,499 per month.

  • Easy Step-by-Step Selection Process: We have a very effective step-by-step selection process that allow you to specify your requirements and get experts who can provide the training you need. We send your request to only those yoga instructors who have the expertise and experience to train and guide you. This process is extremely important, especially if you need a trainer to recover from a medical issue such as diabetes, thyroid, etc. or are looking for prenatal or postnatal yoga trainers.

Process of Hiring a Yoga Instructor from Urban Company

  • Choosing a yoga instructor from Urban Company is extremely easy. Here is how you go about it:

  • Go to our website or download our app from Google Playstore or Apple App Store

  • Select your city as Delhi NCR if not automatically selected and type in ‘Yoga’

  • You will get two options: Yoga Trainer at Home or Yoga Studio. Choose Yoga Trainer at Home.

  • You will see a pop-up that will say that you will be asked a few questions. Click on the ‘Get Started’ at the bottom.

  • Choose the gender of the trainer and you will come to the Urban Company Assurance page. Read through the page and click Next.

  • Now, choose the reason why you are looking for an instructor.

  • Then, choose the number of classes you need. We offer three options to fit every budget:

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