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"Purpose of following Discipline of Vastu Shastra in a building is to activate divinity of enclosed space called Vastu Purusha, Bestower of Health, Wealth, Peace and Happiness, otherwise called Vastu Dosha. We, at UrbanClap, are connecting you with the best vastu consultants in Delhi. Our vastu consultant in Delhi suggests vastu correction after an accurate Vastu Analysis. With our top vastu consultants in Delhi get the best vastu tips for your property. "


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based on 11 ratings

    Robin has done a fantastic job. His dedication and commitment towards work is tremendous. He has been supportive throughout the engagement and extended his courtesy beyond that. He has good knowledge about Vastu and its remedies. I will definitely recommend him for his expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is vastu shastra?

    A traditional Hindu system which literally means the science of architecture. It is believed that the knowledge of vastu shastra is derived from ancient texts and scriptures that lay out the rules of groundwork, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry, for a house or any other property.

  • Is Vastu related to astrology?

    Yes, vastu is partly related to astrology. Some of the aspects of the two science are similar and can be used to reach a conducive plan for the house/property.

  • What is vastu pyramid?

    The negative energies prevailing in your environment can be discarded using a rectifying tool known as a vastu pyramid which improves the flow of positive energy in your surroundings and helps you maintain a harmonious environment.

  • In which direction can you buy additional land as an extension to your land?

    Your office or home can be extended in the east, north and north-east direction.

  • What should be the master bedroom direction as per vastu?

    The master bedroom should be in the South-West direction and its entrance should be through the East, North or West walls of this room as per our vastu consultants in Delhi.

  • How many doors should a house have as per Vastu?

    Try to keep the doors to an even number. Even number of doors constitute good Vastu Shastra.

  • What is vastu pooja?

    The five elements of nature combined with the natural forces and the deity of directions are worshipped in a vastu shanti pooja so as to remove any kind of vastu dosh.

  • What is vastu dosh?

    Vastu dosh are defects that affect the harmony and peace of the house and its residents.They can be rectified to restore happiness and peace.

  • What should be the master bedroom direction as per vastu?

    The master bedroom should be in the South-West direction and its entrance should be through the East, North or West walls of this room as per our vastu consultants in Delhi.

  • What is east facing house?

    According to our best vastu consultants in Delhi, East facing houses are considered auspicious according to vastu and the main entrance of these houses is facing in the east direction.

  • Does the vastu affect men and women differently?

    Yes. Men and women have different energies which is why the art of Vastu affects them differently.

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Vastu consultants in Noida

If you are experiencing any problems for which you cannot figure out a cause, consult our vastu consultants in Noida to check for any imperfections that are hindering your growth. Places constructed in accordance with vastu ensure wealth, health and prosperity.Our vastu experts in Noida balance the five elements of nature and create places like homes, offices and factories that pave way for growth and wellness in one’s life.Hence, to build your spaces following the rules of traditional Indian architecture contact us at UrbanClap and we’ll connect you to some of the best vastu consultants in Noida.

Why should you hire vastu experts in Noida?

Vastu experts can provide you with the following benefits if you implement their vastu tips:

  • While constructing a property, the judicial use of space is an important factor to take into consideration.If your space is constructed in accordance with vastu rules automatically, your space will be used efficiently.

  • Your relationships and personality are largely dependent on your mental well-being and mood.A vastu-compliant space ensures that your interiors and structuring are such that they make you feel fresh whole day and hence help you maintain a healthy mental state, enhancing your relationships and personality.

  • Proper ventilation, sunlight and a clutter-free environment maintained as a result of vastu ensure a happy and calm mind that help in maintaining harmony and peace.Hence, our top vastu consultants in Noida make your spaces ventilated, ensuring peace of mind.

Why UrbanClap?

  • Verified professionals-Only after clearing quality and background checks, our vastu consultants are hired on the UrbanClap portal, which ensures their authenticity and makes them reliable.

  • 100% Confidentiality-Any personal information disclosed by you to our professionals will be kept completely confidential and your information will stay safe with us.

  • Affordable- Our vastu services in Noida are cost-efficient and they won’t pinch your pocket as we have curated budget brackets to suit everyone’s needs.

  • Advice at your convenience-Your convenience is our priority and we make sure that our best vastu experts in Noida serve your needs as per your convenience which can be on phone, in person with the vastu consultant and at the place and time suitable for you.

Services provided by our professionals

  • Residential vastu-Homes built in accordance with vastu rules are considered auspicious and are believed to bring health, wealth and prosperity in the family.Our vastu consultants in Noida provide the following tips for vastu implementation and rectification: The sun region in any plot should be constructed in a way that it is lighter than the moon regionThe excavation of the plot should commence from south-west. The south-east corner of the house should contain kitchen and drawing room. The south or the west direction of each room should contain almirahs. It should be ensured that the north-west corner of the house is balanced because mental instability and insomnia can be experienced by the owner if this corner of the house is unbalanced. This corner can have a study room and a clock.

  • Office vastu-When you are building your working space like office, vastu plays an important role in bringing prosperity and financial stability at your workplace.Our vastu experts in Noida provide the following vastu tips which can ensure a healthy work environment and a smooth cash flow at your office: A rectangular shape of the table or desk of the entrepreneur should be ensured and it should b made from superior quality wood. Marketing and sales professionals should face the north-east directionA clutter free desk with organised books, papers, documents and no broken stationary can result in financial prosperity. A place in the south-east direction, facing the north-east direction is ideal for accounting professionals. Trust and support can be fostered by placing a picture of a mountain scenery placed behind your chair. The reception desk should have flowers like french lavenders or green jades.

  • Industrial vastu-While constructing a factory or rebuilding certain parts to rectify vastu faults, you need a vastu consultant in Noida to advise you over various vastu technicalities including the placement of machinery. The following vastu mantras should be kept in mind before constructing an industry or a factory: In the east, north or north-east direction the factory should be facing for better growth and prosperity Electrical equipment, meters, generators, boilers etc should be facing the south-east direction to ensure smooth functioning and prevent accidents. In Order to make good profits, the finished goods should be placed in the north-west direction Toilets should be constructed in the south-east or north-west portion of the factory. North or east side of the factory should contain machines.

  • Relationship vastu-Relationships survive on the foundation of love, trust, compatibility and extraneous variables. These extraneous variables include vastu for instance. Wrongly aligned things which are not in accordance with vastu rules have the ability to impact your relationship negatively.In Order to nullify the effect of the vastu variable, our vastu consultants in Noida hav the following tips that can keep your relationship healthy and make it last: Pictures of sunrise, happy children, scenery and flowers should be placed at home. A southern direction of your house will pave the way for positive influences in your life, guarding you from envy and jealousy. Sound sleep can be ensured if you place your head in the south direction Greater peace and prosperity can be ensured if the shape of the bedroom is square or rectangular. People in the house can experience good health if you face east while cooking.

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