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The best education and the best home tutor in Gurgaon is something that all parents want for their children. We, at UrbanClap, provide the right platform to select from a panel of certified best Home tutors in Gurgaon under your own budget. With the increasing competition, the demand for top Tutors at home in Gurgaon has increased which has made the hunt for the best home tutor in Gurgaon extremely difficult. UrbanClap promises to connect you with the best home tutors in Gurgaon that in turn provide you first-class service. On UrbanClap, you can review the best home tutors in Gurgaon who provide the best home tuitions in Gurgaon and compare prices before choosing what’s best for you.


1,202 Tutor for Home Tuition in Gurgaon

  • Ashwani
    Sector 39, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
    (31 reviews)
    • a

      Excellent tutor. I met with him and he gave me awesome ideas of studying well and easily. Highly qualified he is and very polite too. I prefer only him for ant kind of tution. Just meet him and you will come to know tor all benefits

    • k

      One word to describe after taking classes from ashwani sir is awesome. He not only cleared my concepts but also boosted my morale.Strongly recommend.

  • poonam mehla
    poonam mehla
    (23 reviews)
    • p

      Poonam maam taught me in classes 9 and 10. She is an excellent teacher with complete clarity of all concepts and chapters in the curriculum. Ma’am always maintains a good atmosphere in class and timely covers all topics giving ample time for revision classes. Ma’am entertains all doubts and correctly explains as well. Under her guidance I scored a perfect 10 cgpa in maths.

    • m

      Amazing quality of education .. very understanding teacher who is always present to help her students .. very clear in concepts .. always helps in solving whatever doubt one has ... I seriously think that she is an amazing teacher. Her classes are never boring she always makes the class very interactive and interesting.

  • Kshitij Gupta
    Kshitij Gupta
    Opp. Cosco India Ltd., Railway Rd, Kheri, Ashok Vihar, Sector 3, Gurgaon Rural, Haryana 122001, India
    (17 reviews)
    • r

      Nice teacher , good in teaching , friendly nature ....

    • s

      Nice teacher He always proves himself as a best tutor He teaches my students with me since last 3 years i am also a teacher thats why i know the qualities of a good teacher and he has some of them....

  • Saurabh Jaiswal
    Saurabh Jaiswal
    Sector 49, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
    (17 reviews)
    • a

      I really like the way Saurabh Sir makes difficult concepts seem so easy. He is an experienced IB Myp teacher.

    • m

      Saurabh is a very down to earth person,he is a very quick learner and adapts changes easily.He is very hardworking and knowledgeable. He has a very popular among his team mates and his students because of the knowledge he has in depth and willingness to help.

  • Suman
    Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
    (16 reviews)
    • a

      she is a very good teacher and i am continuing also this year withher

    • a

      She is very good teacher and I am continuing with her this year also for my child

  • lakshay
    (13 reviews)
    • g

      He have Different way of teaching nd is a excellent teacher. He teaches very well.

    • g

      He have Different way of teaching nd is a excellent teacher. He teaches very well.

  • Hemant Dayal
    Hemant Dayal
    (11 reviews)
    • p

      Hemant sir knows the subject very well. His go to attitude, energy, enthusiasm and humbleness makes him class apart. Hemant sir's agility, flow of content and use of simple ways has helped my daughter to be more confident and quick in understanding various concepts of science as prescribed in standard IX.

    • b

      Mr. Hemant is a really good mathematic tutor. He was punctual and taught my child for entire 11th Standard. The marks of my child came a little less than expected but the teacher supported him through his thick and thick and helped him even on phone call.Overall experience is really good and hassle free. Would recommend it to my relatives.

  • Keshav Kaushik
    Keshav Kaushik
    Sector 23, Gurgaon, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
    (11 reviews)
    • j

      Great team ethic and wonderful creativity in completing the set project within the expected time frame.The hustling and the flexibility to accept and improve the changes were amazing and i am totally satisifed with the efforts... :) :)

    • a

      Keshav Sir is very helpful teacher and fully talented person .

  • Nitin
    Sector 81, Gurugram, Haryana 122505, India
    (11 reviews)
    • a

      Nitin Sir was found via Urbanclap's platform. I hired him specifically for maths and science. He has all the best knowledge about his work. I am paying him 550 per session. My kid is in 10th grade and seems satisfied with his studies.

    • m

      Graet way of teaching.... Excellent work... Sir keep it up....

  • Nisha Mahajan
    Nisha Mahajan
    Sector 7, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
    (11 reviews)
    • r

      she is a very good and knowledgable teacher..I'm very satisfied with her..

    • a

      She is a very good theacher.☺☺

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All About Tutors at Home

Finally, if a student is unable to perform in school and is falling behind in grades routinely, it is then a definite recommendation to hire best tutor in Gurgaon. Otherwise, having home tuitions helps in overall growth, by keeping intact the flow in learning and contributing to a broad development in every area. Other than that, home tutoring is also required for cracking entrance examinations, applying to top universities, business schools etc.

Finally, have a good experience with the entire process of selecting home tutors from UrbanClap. Hire the best home tutor for your child, such that your child has a great learning process. A good home tutor can instill a positive overall development in your child and act as a role model for growth. Share your good experience with with your friends and family.

Advantages of hiring private tutors at home in Gurgaon

  • It works best in building a foundation: It is essential that children develop a love for learning, especially when they are starting out in primary and secondary school. If the early skills are refrained from being developed, and a student is facing challenges, these gaps add up later on. Tutoring can cover up these lacunas that are left behind by the school system.

  • Home Tuitions are great confidence boosters: A good tutor, in a private space away from the restrictions of the school system, helps create a safe medium for learning, such that the student can freely discuss the issues that could be affecting their ability to learn. This helps in building self-esteem and self-worth of students, by improving their performance in school and enhancing their skills.

  • Home Tuitions encourage One-on-One Learning: Large classrooms, with a huge number of students, often affect a student’s ability to learn. Further it also restricts a teacher’s ability to explain concepts fully to students or answer every student’s doubt. With private tuitions, one-on-one learning is encouraged. It gives the student the opportunity to take their own time, understand their limits, and figure out solutions to problems by communication.

  • Private Tutoring helps build a student’s strength and identify their weaknesses: Private tuitions help identify a student’s strengths and their area of weakness. By contributing more time and effort to a particular subject a student is weak in, it helps build up a student’s understanding of the same. It helps build confidence that enables an overall development and broad learning in all subjects. A mixed tutoring in both strong and weak subjects works well for the student, as against tutoring only in the weak areas.

  • Private tuitions help in continuity and flow in learning: Private Tuitions on a daily basis help maintain the flow in the learning process of the student. It works best when preparing for an examination and keeps breaks due to transition while changing schools, etc, in check. It also ensures that homework is done regularly and a follow-up on the class teachings are up to date. Most essentially home tuition ensures that the student is responsible for his own work and don’t depend on a parent.

  • A Home tutor is like a mentor and guide: A tutor acts like a mentor and a guide to the student. Private tutoring is almost a personal relationship, between a student and a mentor. From recommending helpful books to giving expert advice, rolling out the helpful tricks and tips up the sleeve, a home tutor contributes to the overall development of the student, by being an influential role model. The private tutor understands the strengths and weaknesses of the student and is best able to analyze the student’s capacity and contribute to growth.

When choosing a home tutor, certain aspects should be considered:

  • The person’s qualification and validity.

  • The tutor’s ability at relationship building which is the ultimate definition of successful tutoring.

  • The final achievement as regard to your child’s performance. School grades can be a source of reference.

  • The communication and regular feedback as regard to your child’s performance.

  • The charges of the tutor hired.

What type of tutoring does your child need?

There are multiple reasons why your child would need a private home tutor. A child could be lagging behind in academics and would require a helping hand in order to improve his performance in school, prepare for entrance examinations for higher studies, or just to ensure a proper flow and growth in the learning process such that further challenging tasks could be tackled. Having a home tutor is the best way to identify your child’s abilities and capacity and the right tutor is the best fit for this purpose of your child’s overall development. Here are a few reasons that may be beneficial in explaining why:

Why should you hire a home tutor ?

Private tutoring is an essential part of a child’s education. It is the best way to set up a strong foundation. A child faces challenges at many levels of his or her education and private tutoring helps in bridging any learning gaps that may be present. Most children today are brought up in a highly competitive environment, which starts early on in schools and later in colleges. In order to enhance the educational self-esteem of children, which is correlative to academic success, private tutoring is of great help, because it involves the idea of inculcating love for learning in kids at an early stage.

Tutoring actually works best as a resource, providing encouragement to students overwhelmed by schoolwork, especially boosting their confidence. How many times have we in our own lives struggled with understanding things, especially in mathematics, and unable to ask the school teacher, had turned to a family member, a friend, or a neighbor for help? Most often, many people have their concepts unclear, or develop a dislike for a subject because they didn’t receive the right guidance. Private tuition at home comes to the rescue here, filling up the desired need to assist in learning. Private tutors not only are teachers but at a more close manner, effectively act as a child’s guide and role model.

There are enough reasons one should hire a home tutor. But it is equally essential to note that tutoring isn’t about helping children improve their marks, nor it is the solution to all educational problems, and it might do little to improve a child’s academic record. Nonetheless there are enough reasons why one should hire a home tutor.

What can you expect from a home tutor from UrbanClap?

A good home tutor is all about delivering good performance with a goal to help your child progress not just academically but ensure overall growth. Here are a few key traits that can be expected from a home tutor

But it is also essential that a good home tutor refrain from doing certain things:

  • It is essential that the home tutor does not provide quick and easy solutions and instead encourage the child to find their own solution and work out a problem on its own, such that it leads to self-discovery.

  • The home tutor should never do the child’s home-work, lab assignments or any of the class projects and should ensure that the child gets it done on his own, with maybe some essential guidance for improvement.

  • The home tutor should never solve the mathematical problems and encourage the child to do his own calculations after teaching the child the basics and the methods for the particular problems.

  • The home tutor should never edit the child’s paper and only suggest and demonstrate ways and tips for improvement.

  • A home tutor will find out the weak links in the child’s performance and provide necessary support and guidance.

  • Often due to discussions with the home tutor, concepts get properly clarified; there is proper review of the notes and readings, such that overall performance of the student is enhanced.

  • It also essential to take into context that the home tutor will not have the exact same essay, the exact solution to a mathematical problem, or the answer to every question.

  • It is essential to do a follow-up on a classroom lecture such that alternate and multiple explanations are provided, for a better understanding.

  • A run-through of the following class discussion with the tutor enables better understanding of the topic that will be taught in class.

How to choose a home tutor?

When hiring a home tutor for your child, every parent has certain specifications in mind. Each person or family has their own specific needs, while tutors have their own degrees of knowledge, skills and abilities of performance. Keeping in mind these specifications, when hiring a tutor for your child it is necessary to take into account the validation, authenticity and most importantly, the qualification of the tutor to be hired:

Gurgaon experiences a lot of competition in the field of education. Home tuitions in Gurgaon is a very common practice and a lot of people have hired home tutors in the city for children studying in Secondary and Senior Secondary classes. Special Languages classes for French, German etc. have also been taken up by a lot of people and home tutors for the same are much in demand.

  • To improve performance in school: If your child is failing to deliver in his academics and is lagging behind in class with poor grades and poorer class performance, then it is essential to assign a private tutor. This kind of remedial tutoring focuses on filling up the gaps in performance in specific subjects. In this process, after the basic skills are mastered, teaching higher level skills are done.

  • To maintain the flow in the learning process: Private home tuitions help in maintenance of the flow in learning. If your child is changing schools, or going through the transition from primary schools to secondary schools, the change can be overwhelming for your child. Home tuitions help effectively in this transitional phase by proper time management of skills and understanding of the new academic responsibilities to help the child become an independent learner.

  • To enrich and enhance existing skills: Private tuition ensures that the child’s existing strengths are enhanced. A tutor helps accelerate skills development in certain subjects.

  • To prepare for tests and examinations: Providing assistance at frequent basis helps in alleviating the anxiety associated in giving examinations by promoting confidence which comes from thorough preparation. Private Tutors work essentially in the removal of any kind of anxiety and further equip the student with tricks and tips for performing well in an exam.

  • Thus, the types of tutoring to be considered should be inclusive of remediation, maintenance, support, test preparation, and enrichment.

  • Identify your needs and goals : It is the job of the parent to identify the level of help the child requires, whether it is homework help, intensive remediation or other. The area that needs improvement needs to be identified: whether it is improvement in scores, development of general skills, study skills, or general motivation. Understanding of the child’s learning style: whether the child learns best by reading, moving about, use of objects for explanation, writing, or listening; Whether the child needs nurturing or a firm hand; identification of the child’s motivation and interests. The time and money needed to devote to tutoring.

  • Identify your options: Parents can select from a range of options when it comes to choosing their child’s tutor: referring to the school counselor who will have a definite idea about the child’s performance in school, refer to the yellow pages in the newspaper, refer to friends and others, and definitely trusted sites in the internet!

  • Money: Price is a definite factor in choosing a home tutor, the price quoted by the tutor and your budget. But the real deal should be about the value obtained, regardless of the money involved.

  • Test the choices available : It is essential to check the credentials of the home tutor, especially whether their skills match your child’s requirement. The qualifications and authenticity of the home tutor should be the necessity. Check with several candidates, look out for experience, evaluation should be the priority, especially evaluating the teaching methods, identify your expectations. Understanding your child’s capability, what motivates him/her etc is very essential. It is also necessary to make sure that the tutor fits your schedule, select the space where tutoring shall be done, and make an estimate of the hours of tutoring.

  • Develop communication with the home tutor : It is very helpful if the parent comes an integral part of the process. Parents ought to keep a track and monitor the child’s progress. You can join the session every now and then. Making sure your child is comfortable is a must because home tutoring is only successful if the child is actually able to open up in a home environment. Parents should consider a feedback from the child, if no real progress is noticed then moving on to a different tutor is the best thing to do.

  • Finally, when choosing a private tutor, whether offline or online, the safety of the child is paramount. But more significantly parents should keep an eye on how the child is coping with the additional workload, whether the child has enough time for relaxation and play.

  • Develop good study habits in your child, especially coach your child on the expert ways to find the right answers.

  • Keep up with the daily teachings in classroom and refer to the class notes and teach in line with what is being taught in school. Encourage the student to find their own solution to problems and function independently.

  • Identify the gaps in the child’s learning process, find out the capacity of the child, his/her strengths and weaknesses, and then understand the right action to take to fill up those gaps and encourage the child to perform better by focusing on the growth areas. Sometimes it may even require the child to back up a few steps in the process.

  • Provide a safe study environment to the child, so that through proper communication and understanding and encouragement of the right medium, the student can identify and develop his skills.

  • Encourage the child to try and enhance his performance by highlighting the positive aspects in the child’s work.

  • Develop probing skills in the child so that the child can put forth his own understanding of a certain topic such that it encourages independent learning, thereby providing an efficient foundation for the child’s growth.

Benefits of hiring a tutor at home in Gurgaon from UrbanClap:

  • Verified and Vast Network : UrbanClap harbors a reputation for being trustworthy. Being one of the topmost companies in India, UrbanClap delivers quality and hence customer satisfaction is its priority. UrbanClap has a vast network of professionals in all the major cities in India. Before hiring a tutor to associate with UrbanClap, a thorough background check of the tutors are done, whether they meet the desired qualifications and are authentically valid. Besides, only experienced tutors are hired and UrbanClap takes complete responsibility for the services thus provided, even belting out an insurance policy in case of any discrepancies.

  • Competitive Prices and Efficient Service : UrbanClap guarantees the best rates as per your requirement. The main idea is to provide value for money. Most of the home-tutoring service rates are affordably priced. Besides, UrbanClap delivers efficient services, with all the possible detailed information provided to the customer as regard to the tutor near you. UrbanClap arranges for and takes note of every requirement of the customer and as per the benefit and convenience of the customer. Often there are attractive deals and packages available at the best rates.

  • Superior service quality : UrbanClap is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. UrbanClap goes all the way to deliver superior quality services to the customer at affordable prices. Only experienced and qualified tutors are hired by UrbanClap.

How to hire a Home Tutor in Gurgaon from UrbanClap

To undertake any activity or make a decision, planning is the most important thing. It is always valuable to plan your move beforehand, taking into context the requirements, instead of adopting a last-minute approach. So here’s our recommendation on how you should go about the process of choosing the right home tutor for your child.

  • Reach us: Visit the UrbanClap website or download the UrbanClap mobile application. There you can click on the search bar and type ‘tutor at home’ or ‘home tutors’, then you can browse through the options that come and do the selection accordingly based on your choice. You can thus find the suitable home tutors near you .

  • Tell us what you need: A message box asking you a series of questions will appear and will help you specify your preferences. Answer the questions related to the type of tutor that you need. State your specifications; your identity as regard to the relation to the student, the level of study, school name, the curriculum, stream and subject, etc. among others.

  • Choose the date: In the same box, choose the date as to when you would like to start the home tutoring serviceand meet the tutor. It is essential so that our experts can prepare themselves for your need with their tutors, and assign them accordingly as per your specifications.

  • Location and contact details: Put your location or use the GPS, the auto-location-look-up feature and put in your contact details. Once your details are verified, we will share your requirements with our professional tutors, who will get back to you accordingly.

Tuition fees in Gurgaon

ClassStandard Tutor (INR per session)Prime Tutor (INR per session)
Class VI400400
Class VII400400
Class VIII400400
Class IX400500
Class X400500
Class XI500600
Class XII500600

* Prices are subject to change at UrbanClap's discretion
*One session is typically 1 hour

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