Pureit RO Repair Services in Delhi

Pureit RO Repair Services in Delhi
  • 30 day service guarantee
  • Spares at 40% lower price than market
  • Best in Class Products: All products are certified and tested

Which service do you need for the water purifier?

You can now hire the most trusted technician in Ghaziabad to get your Pureit RO water purifier repaired only at Urban Company, that too at the best price. You can check customer reviews ad compare different prices before hiring a professional of your choice, so that you can be sure about the service you’re availing and pay the best price. All this, from the comfort of your house! Book a technician on our platform, and put an end to all your worries! ...


3 Pureit in Ghaziabad

  • Puneet Sharma
    Puneet Sharma
    Vivekanand Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (34 ratings)
    • h

      Executive was very polite and provide me best service to meet my satisfaction in cost efficient manner. I bought 1 Yr. AMC and expecting same kind of service with UrbanClap. Kudos to UrbanClap for be best service provider.

    • r

      He could not provide original Kent spares

  • Saroj Kumar
    Saroj Kumar
    Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (76 ratings)
    • a

      Soft spoken and professional. Though my RO got repaired in his second visit but still the overall experience was good

    • v

      Saroj is extremely knowledgable and polite. His understanding and expertise on RO is unquestionable. He really believe in customer service without unnecessary bills and epxenditure. I recommend him for superior service

  • Amit Chauhan
    Amit Chauhan
    Mandoli, Delhi, Ghaziabad, India
    (9 ratings)
    • r

      Prices I felt were a bit on a higher side... else it was a smooth experience.. thank you

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is Reverse Osmosis or RO?

    Reverse Osmosis is basically when water is made to pass through a light membrane so it leaves all the impurities behind and goes onto the next stage of purifying. Osmosis is an opposite process that takes place in plant cell roots and hence the name - reverse osmosis.

  • What should I do if there is no water coming from the tap of the RO, in spite of a tank full of water?

    If you face such a problem then first of all make sure that water source is connected to the water tank properly. Generally, the tank is connected to the direct water and not the water coming from the storage tank which delivers the water to you while there is no direct water. The direct water supply does not deliver water to the RO tank. Call Urban Company professionals to get this problem sorted now!

  • 3. What is the procedure of regular Pureit RO water purifier service?

    Urban Company’s regular servicing procedure includes cleaning of all filters and change of the pre-filter candle. Within a fixed time duration every year, experts from Urban Company come to ensure your water purifier remains in top condition, giving you fresh and clean water at all times.

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All About RO Repair

Pureit RO Water Purifier Repair in Delhi

Delhi, the heart of India, is also one of the most polluted places in the country and faces severe water pollution. Delhi Jal Board reveals the findings of the study according to which almost 70% of water in Delhi is not fit for drinking. This makes it impossible for the water to be used for any purpose without proper purification. Boiling the water is one alternative but it consumes a lot of fuel. The best option then is to invest in a good RO water purifier. Along with being cost effective, it is a life-saving alternative to boiled water. Loaded with features such as the germkill kit and advance alert system, among others, Pureit RO Water Purifier comes with an unbreakable tap. The Pureit Water Purifier RO + UV model involves a 6-stage water purification. In a Pureit Water Purifier, all the water passes through RO and UV for complete purification, making it safe for drinking. And to keep it working in top condition, you will find the best RO Services at Urban Company, along with exciting offers, at an affordable range.

How it works?

To avail the services of Urban Company Pureit RO purifier repair, visit the Urban Company website on your computer or download the mobile application. Type ‘water purifier repair service’ in the search bar. The box shows up a few questions about the brand and the kind of service required. Once you have chosen your preferences, the Urban Company team will upload and process the request. It will then provide a technician who will be at your service on the location provided by you within no time.

Services Offered in Pureit RO Water Purifier Repair service in Delhi:

  • Installation: The first step – installation of your Pureit RO Water Purifier – is easily and capably done by professionals from Urban Company when you click this option.

  • Un-installation: In case you need to get your water purifier uninstalled, get in touch with Urban Company – they shall give you the best and most competent service.

  • Basic Servicing: Every 3-4 months, it is beneficial to get your Pureit RO water purifying machine cleaned inside out. Urban Company offers this option at the click of a button.

  • Regular Servicing: If you would prefer to get your Pureit RO water purifying machine cleaned on a regular basis, choose this option – professional servicemen from Urban Company shall come and clean your gadget from inside and outside after every 6 months.

  • Comprehensive Servicing: If you wish to get your Pureit RO water purifying machine cleaned from inside and outside after every 10 to 12 months, Urban Company offers you this alternative.

  • Repair: Be it your purifier making unusual sounds, not cleaning water, not being able to intake water in the tank, or something else, Urban Company professionals have the answers to all your water purifier woes. A trained professional will come and repair your gadget at a time convenient to you.

Why Urban Company Pureit RO Water Purifier Repair service in Delhi?

  • Well Experienced: The best possible repair servicemen in Delhi are associated with Urban Company. Every one of their personnel’s backgrounds and capabilities are thoroughly checked before they become part of the Urban Company team.

  • Vast network: Delhi being overly populated gives us a large network of service providers in all locations. That means there will never be an issue of availability or lack of workers to fix your problems.

  • Good service: All Urban Company customers are promised quality service. Using professional tools and their long experience, workers from Urban Company promise to give you a satisfactory experience.

  • Insurance cover: In case any damage is done to your product during the servicing or repair, Urban Company offers an insurance of up to Rs 10,000.

  • Convenient and easy: Since the service is available at your doorstep, at whatever time you prefer, Urban Company is probably the best option for getting your water purifier repaired in Delhi.

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