Best Party Makeup Artists in Noida

Best Party Makeup Artists in Noida
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  • Family Function Makeup

  • Photoshoot Makeup

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  • Select the type of makeup packages

    Choose from various techniques: hair-styling, Draping, Occasion Makeup etc

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Be it Noida's big Indian weddings or a close friend's birthday party, all you need is a good makeup. Therefore, we have our best party makeup artists in Noida who give you the best party makeup in Noida within no time. We render services at your doorstep and assure you the best party makeup in Noida. No need to search any further for makeup salon and search for how to do makeup. Let our best makeup artists in Noida handle all the task. ...


7 Party Make-up Artists in Noida

    • Hair Plus Unisex Salon
    • Hair Plus Unisex Salon
    • Hair Plus Unisex Salon
    Hair Plus Unisex Salon
    Hair Plus Unisex Salon
    JM Orchid, Sector 76, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (3 ratings)
    • Latika Sanger
    • Latika Sanger
    • Latika Sanger
    Latika Sanger
    Latika Sanger
    (7 ratings)
    • p

      She is really talented with her makeup skills...alll the best 👍👍

    • s

      My fav mua... love her work

    • Ash's World of Beauty-Makeovers
    • Ash's World of Beauty-Makeovers
    • Ash's World of Beauty-Makeovers
    Ash's World of Beauty-Makeovers
    Ash's World of Beauty-Makeovers
    Sector 100, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (6 ratings)
    • j

      I personnally love her work and appreciate and recommend strongly for any kind of make up.

    • j

      I basically love her work and personally experienced her art, her brushes run through effortlessly and carve beautifully. Wish her good luck and all the success

    • Akanksha Singh
    • Akanksha Singh
    • Akanksha Singh
    Akanksha Singh
    Akanksha Singh
    Swarnim Vihar, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (2 ratings)
    • g

      She is awesome. My personal favourite because makeup is very natural .

  • Meenakshi Beauty & Make-up Studio
    Meenakshi Beauty & Make-up Studio
    Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
    • Beauty Art
    • Beauty Art
    • Beauty Art
    Beauty Art
    Beauty Art
    Dadri Main Rd, Bhangel, Salarpur Khadar, Sector 102, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304, India
  • vandana

Recent Customer Reviewsof Party Make-up Artists in Noida

    Palak is extremely professional and very good at her job. She listens to requirements and accomodates requests. She is very good at her job - makeup, hair and draping. I put my faith in her for an important occasion and she was incredible! Full points! I got so many compliments!


    Swati did a fantastic job. She understood my requirement and gave me very suttle makeup. Would definetely recommend her.


    Great work..


    She is excellent in her work ,lime d way she is doing makeup.Very much satisfied .


    Awesome make up and excellent. I would recommend her and would love to call again


    Awwsm work

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Hiring Guide

Easy Hairstyles to Sport On Occasions

  • Hair down: There isn’t much effort to be put in this hairstyle. You can choose to either straighten your hair, curl them inward or outward, or give them natural ocean waves based on the length of your hair and whatever suits your face. You can easily add a few braids in the middle, one on either side or make a waterfall braid to make it look more chic and stylish.

  • Buns: Buns usually are selected as a hairstyle when the events are extravagant and so is your outfit. Low loose buns, flower buns, side buns, puff bun or an elegant updo are all the styles you can choose at such grand events. But sometimes we women get blessed a naturally messy bun that looks like art – such a bun can be used at casual outings too.

  • Braids: There was a time when braids were considered either too traditional or a house hairstyle but no more. Braids are trending and becoming westernised. Be it traditional wear, western dresses or casual wear, braids are doing the magic with every outfit. With Indian wear, there’s nothing like braids with flowers on them. You can choose the braid styles ranging from fish tail, side braid, French braid, inside out braid, Dutch braid and mermaid braid.

  • Ponytails: Ponytails, of all hairstyles, can be synonymous with plain, simple and comforting. But they can be just as glamorous and fabulous if you take it up a notch. A low pony with straight hair or big fizzy curly hair can look extremely chic. A sky high ponytail with waves can also add up a lot of confidence and smartness to your look. You can add braids, use stylish bands or even add colourful streaks to make it unique.

UrbanClap offers a whole variety of services. So these are some of the related services that could prove to be helpful to you on the day of your event or before that –

Party Makeup artists

Be it your 21st birthday or your retirement celebration, your marriage anniversary or your bachelor party, a Halloween soiree or a corporate event, there is one thing that is a common need for every woman – makeup!

Want to get party ready? Do it hassle free!

Every party has a different celebratory mood, which calls for a different style and amount of makeup. The purpose isn’t just to enhance certain features or conceal spots and marks, but also to make your skin look supple and healthy. There are different types of makeup techniques depending on what kind of an event you are planning to attend. Beauty experts and party makeup artists on UrbanClap cater to all kinds of such needs. From a natural subtle beauty to a glamorous and ravishing diva – they’ll get you the look you want!

Advantages of hiring a Party Makeup Artist from UrbanClap

  • Experience level: All makeup artists on UrbanClap’s platform are evaluated strictly on their skills, knowledge and experience level. Since they are our most valuable resource, we ensure to maintain a high quality bar. All party makeup artists are gone through a stringent screening process before they are made to join the UrbanClap family.

  • Adaptable and adjustable timings: Customers can choose the date and timings according to their preference and we make the artists available for you at you chosen time. This makes life simpler and hassle free for you. This is one our best features as we revolve our organization around customer satisfaction and therefore also provide out-stationed services.

  • Budget brackets: We, at UrbanClap, provide you with different affordability brackets based on your different makeup needs. It ranges from basic to exquisite and customers can select from a diverse range, their requirement.

  • Payment Process: The online payment process makes it completely problem-free for the customers to worry about it on their event day or have to negotiate with the artists.

  • The product range: UrbanClap offers a diverse variety of products for all makeup needs and budgets. Ranging from the basic brands like Maybelline, Revlon, Lakme etc to the exquisite brands like Dior and Chanel, our professionals carry all products as specified by you.

The Dos

  • The sequence: There is a sequence in which you should perform these activities while getting ready. You must always put on your dress if it’s a one piece or the upper half if it’s a two piece before getting it on with the hair and makeup process. This will ensure that you don’t ruin your makeup by putting on your outfit after its been set.

  • Be original: Don’t do what everyone is doing and try to look different and bold. You’ll want to stand out and look unique. Consult with your artist and he’ll help you look a little different than how everybody must be looking. You can also try to find such styles online or in magazines; keep them ready for the artists.

  • Check the lighting: The lighting at your house will be very different from that of the venue of the event so try to get your makeup done in a lot of light so its no problem for the artist. Also check what it looks like in different lighting just to be sure of looking flawless in different times of the day.

  • Finishing: It is the most important part of the process. Try to conclude the look with a shimmery highlighter on your cheek bones and brow bones to bring out the colour of your eyes. See if you need any covering on your neck, arms and back so that it all looks well put together and not different shades.

  • Everyday look: This style of makeup is used on a regular basis by women, mostly at work. It’s not meant to transform the way you look but enhance it in subtle ways. It includes a natural base like your everyday BB cream, a light lip shade or a tinted lip balm and a very light application of mascara. This look stays true to your face and makes it look smooth.

  • The casual outing: Heading out for a movie with your friends or going on a romantic walk with your loved one – you feel the need to glam up but not look like you’ve made a lot of efforts. It’s all got to do with balance! You can put a thin stroke of eye liner with a light tinted lip colour. You can mix a bit of your BB cream and mix it with some foundation to get a basic cover up. A tiny bit of pink blush could bring a lot to your face at such an outing.

  • Evening affair - Fancy: The occasion says it all. If you’re going out after the sun sets, it has got to be flirtatious, dramatic and bold. At such times, you need to let the diva out and try on some fancy looks. Winged eyeliner, dark eye shadow, a deep lip shade and a shimmery highlighter is just the start. You can go onto eyelash extensions, deep contouring and structured eyebrows too.

  • Evening affair - Graceful: This look remains somewhere between natural and an evening party style. When you want to look elegant, you need the look that’s not bold but beautiful. You want to look graceful and carry yourself with poise and this requires just the right amount of colour. Light but shimmery eye shadow with shades of brown, gold or silver will easily go with anything. Light pink matte lip shades and lightly applied bronzer will give you a subtle but sophisticated look.

  • The centre of attention: A celebration where you want to be the centre of attention – it could be your birthday or your marriage anniversary or any other grand party hosted by you. You’d want to look comfortable but your best. You want to look pleasing but also the better than anyone else at the party. It mostly depends on your outfit, the colours. But try to accentuate your eyes the most. Put on a thick eye liner and use a lot of mascara. Glitter is must! You can choose the lipstick shade according to your dress or how you want to look.

  • Theme-based parties: There are times when you’ve got to let your freak flag fly. Be it Halloween, a theme party or a model shoot – this is your chance to let the creativity flow. If you don’t overdo this, then what? Go all out with colours according to your outfit. Rainbow eye shadow, painting your face, using bright coloured lip shades, feathered eyelash extensions, coloured highlighters and what not! Make yourself a work of art because there is no limit in this category.

Different occasions require different makeup styles. Checkout the styles we believe will work according to event or occasion.

Things to remember while hiring a Makeup artist

  • Experience: It is one of the most important factors on which to judge a good makeup artist. Experience shows how long he or she has worked in this field and how confident they are with their work. The more experienced an artist is, the more appropriate he/she will be with their work according to your makeup needs. Usually, you don’t know exactly what kind of makeup you need and you just tell them about the occasion and your outfit. An experienced artist will know just the best look that’ll go with everything and make you look flawless.

  • Technique: There are many techniques of makeup and all stylists do it differently to show their expertise. Even you and I, we know how to use regular makeup on an everyday basis but it’s the technical stuff that matters. Observe their contouring and camouflaging techniques. Examine how they get rid of blemishes; how they use tints to colour correct your skin and how they blend in all of it in to match your skin tone.

  • Products: Makeup is something you get done on your skin, and what gets put on your skin for long hours must be considered only after exploring its qualities. Some people have very sensitive skin and it is the responsibility of a good artist to use products which will not harm their skin. A good moisturiser and a primer must be applied before the process begins. Also make sure that the artist isn’t using any local products because they can sometimes damage the skin a lot. Apart from this, the artist should also have proper and appropriate brushes for every product.

  • Consultation: If you need to look grand and feel the requirement to talk to the artist in person about the kind of look you want then you should do that. It is advisable to not get stressed on the day of the event and having discussed the plan previously will help you feel relaxed on the D-day. This process will also help you create a comfortable and trusting bond with your artist.

  • Word of mouth: Of course better than researching yourself, you’d like to hear it from you friends, relatives and known ones all about artists. Because it is more trustworthy, it lets you focus on other things about the occasion and gives you confidence.

  • Reviews on UrbanClap: The platform has a streamlined window which lets you look at different artists and evaluate them accordingly. You can find information regarding experiences, skills, techniques, timings and qualifications of artists and salons.

  • Salon at Home: A trained beautician, at the convenience of your doorstep, is assigned to provide you with services like waxing, manicure, pedicure, threading etc. individually or all in a package. All comprehensive packages can be looked up on our website.

  • Party planner: UrbanClap has experienced and creative event planners that specialize in decoration, entertainment, photography, invites and return gifts for guests starting from 30 in number to more than a hundred. You can choose this service if you are hosting the event.

  • Party caterer: Food is one of the main things in a party, its soul. Party caterers at UrbanClap offer their services for all kinds of events with budgets ranging from basic to luxury and guests ranging from 30 to more than 200.

  • Event photographer: People and their experiences carry on in the memories and UrbanClap experts capture the best of us. For all event types, their services range from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 25,000, based on the hours of work. You can choose whether you want digital pictures, an album or both.

  • DJ: Music makes events flow smoothly and gets you on your feet. DJ teams at UrbanClap, offer their services for all kinds of parties with genres ranging from Punjabi, Bollywood, EDM, Rock, Retro, Hip hop, trance and others for both indoors and outdoor spaces. They also provide other facilities like fog machines, dance floors, lighting etc.

  • Bartenders: Every party has a separate beverage counter and it needs tendering by professionals. UrbanClap has professional bartenders who shall take care of those needs for your party. You can choose from local, flair or international bartenders.

  • Light Makeup: Budget - Rs. 2200-3200 Makeup brands used in this category are Kryolan, Lakme, Derma, Maybelline, Revlon etc. It involves subtle face makeup, enhancing your natural looks more rather than emphasizing on transformation.

  • Standard Makeup: Budget – Rs. 3200-5000 Makeup brands used in this category are Mac, Inglot, Kiko, Nyx etc. Other than the basic covering, it also involves proper contouring and eye makeup. It is best for medium big events like grand birthday parties, anniversaries etc.

  • Heavy and detailed makeup: Budget – Rs. 5000-7000 Makeup brands used in this category are Dior, Chanel, ABH, PAC etc. This category fits well for those who are attending wedding and related events of others. It involves a complete makeover according to your outfit and occasion with intense eye makeup.

UrbanClap provides you services of party makeup artists at very reasonable prices. These professional services come in 3 categories depending on your budget and need. You can choose among these 3 –

The Don’ts

  • Don’t overdo it: To have just the right amount of makeup that compliments your outfit is perfect. Many times women like to overdo and it ends up not being appropriate for the event. Make sure to go with the theme so you stand out in a positive way and not look over or under done.

  • Let the artist work their magic: Many women interfere in the process of getting their makeup done. The artists will not do anything other than what you’ve told them and are also on a time limit as you have to attend the party in time. They will ask you several times for your approval on the makeup done and you must trust them and not interfere and upset them. While it is important that you mention if you don’t like a look

  • No last day facial treatments: Facials leave your skin with fresh, open pores and it isn’t advisable to apply makeup on it. The pores get clogged and skin gets damaged if makeup is applied. So avoid face waxing and facials three days from the event.

  • Don’t go simply by the price: Parties celebrate important occasions in your life. You want to look perfect on the D-day, so look for skills and experience of the artists instead of just judging them by the price. Have a look at their portfolio, website and social media links instead.

Choosing a dress, an artist and a style of makeup isn’t all. There are some do’s and don’ts that you should follow for the overall experience to be stress free so you can enjoy to the fullest with your loved ones.

How to hire a Party Makeup Artist in Delhi from UrbanClap?

  • Get to us: Visit the UrbanClap website or download the mobile application. Type your city in the location bar and then type “Party makeup artist” in the search box.

  • Tell us what you need: A message box with a series of questions will show up asking for your preferences. Answer all the questions related to specifics of the occasion, the number of people who require the service, the type of makeup needed and your preferred timings. This will help us understand your exact need so we can offer you only the services required and appropriate to your request.

  • Choose the date: In the same box, choose the date of the occasion and the time of your preference when you’d like the makeup artists to be present at your location. It is essential so our experts can prepare themselves for your need one day before with all the tools and products needed.

  • Location and contact details: Fill your location or use the auto-location look-up feature and put in your contact details. Once your details are verified, we will share your requirements with our best party makeup artists, who will get back to you with their quotes.

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