Body Massage at Home for Men in Ghaziabad

Body Massage at Home for Men in Ghaziabad
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Need instant relaxation? Book UrbanClap's Massage for men in Ghaziabad. Massage therapies trigger the release of endorphins, also called the happy hormones. These hormones improve your mood and threshold for pain. Lower back pains can be treated easily with the help of a massage for men. Massage for men in Ghaziabad is available at reasonable prices on UrbanClap. ...


12 Massage Therapists At Home For Men in Ghaziabad

  • Mohit Dubey
    Mohit Dubey
    Ghaziabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (235 ratings)
    • v

      excellent massage. really recommend . very professional and expert

    • a

      This is the second time we hired Mohit for massage of the father. Mohit is extremely courteous, well mannered and punctual. Apart from basic hygiene factors, he knows his work extremely well and does it with great passion and conviction. Would certainly recommend him to everyone who needs relief from stress and acute body pains. 6 Stars!

  • Nikhil khanna
    Nikhil khanna
    Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (732 ratings) 198 times rated 5 star
    • k

      Great service...had severe back pain and now it's like completely gone.

    • d

      Good experience.. know the pressure very well.. happy 😊

  • Vikky Kumar
    Vikky Kumar
    Ghaziabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (250 ratings)
    • r

      He knows the massage Techniques

    • g


  • Pranav
    Noida, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (247 ratings)
    • a

      It was amazing massaging by Pranav.

    • m


  • Gaurav Panchal
    Gaurav Panchal
    Ghaziabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (157 ratings)
    • a

      He is an Sound knowledge of pressure Points.

    • n

      Nice work we are all satisified .

  • Sushil Kumar
    Sushil Kumar
    Geetanjali Vihar, Loni, Ghaziabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (133 ratings)
    • i

      He is very punctual and polite. My husband felt very relaxed after massage

    • n


  • Amit Chauhan
    Amit Chauhan
    Loni Road, Johripur Enclave, Behta Hazipur, Ghaziabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (119 ratings)
    • h

      It was indeed a grateful experience to get massage services by Amit. He was very much professional & gave proper time to client. Kindly keep it up the good work Amit!!!

    • r

      In my package there is separate 20 minutes for head and shoulder which he has not provided.. I paid 1400 for all the services not just for body massage. Accordingly 1399 is way to high in comparision to the services provided

  • Sajid Ali
    Sajid Ali
    Prahlad Garhi Village, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (108 ratings)
    • s

      Excellent Massage. Know the pressure points. Well deserved this rating.

    • s

      The therapist are Verry proffetional verry good service all pressure point is verry good my head shoulder pain gone thanks

  • Sagar
    Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (73 ratings)
    • a

      Sagar is a trained guy who gave a relaxing head massage and shoulder neck massage . he is very descent guy and feel u gud during massage service. go for him ! good job Sagar! all the best ! tckre !

    • p

      Sagar is well trained in massaging so he is very good at it. He gives ample time to relax your body before beginning with oil message. I would certainly recommend him.

  • Sachin

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    Great professional with great service..Will recommend it to anyone looking for a soothing nd relaxing time




    Professional and very efficient for pain relief


    Excellent Service. Purely professional

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All About Massage For Men

Massage for Men in Ghaziabad

One of the most popular ayurvedic therapy is known as the body massage. There are several types of body massage starting from aromatherapy, Swedish massage and deep tissue massage to foot reflexology, head, shoulder and neck massage. But there are fewer men who go to the spa in Ghaziabad to avail full body oil massage because most of the people consider spa services as luxury whereas, there are loads of different benefits of full body massage and it can help you to be physically healthy and mentally strong.

We understand that taking out time from the busy schedule for body massage can be very difficult but little do you know that one can avail body massage in Ghaziabad at the comfort of the home. Yes, you heard it right, now men can also enjoy doorstep massage services provided by UrbanClap. If you are someone wondering about massage for men in Ghaziabad, read this article to know the benefits of full body massage and spa for men price in your city.

Types of Massage for Men in Ghaziabad

There are different types of massages for men which offers a range of benefits suitable to different people. Hence, it is advisable to know about the services before heading to a spa or booking doorstep massage services. Followings are the services provides by the spa for men in Ghaziabad or UrbanClap’s massage services at home in Ghaziabad:

i. Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurveda has given us many gifts in disguise and one of those are Abhayanga which is a type of oil massage which helps increase the blood flow and purify the blood. Ayurvedic massage is sesame oil based massage where the same gender massage therapist mixes herbs and aromatic oil with body massage oil for men. In this massage, the strokes are made to increase the blood circulation all over the body which revitalizes and rejuvenates the body.

ii. Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is very popular in the spas for men in Ghaziabad. It is a medium pressure massage. Body lotion or oil is the base of the massage and it relaxes the body helps recover injuries. If you are pressure sensitive, opt for this massage because it is suitable for everyone.

iii. Aromatherapy Massage
People often get confused between Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic massage. But these two massages are very different as their benefits are different. In Ayurvedic massage, aromatic oil is optional and depends on the client’s preference but in aromatherapy, an essential oil is the main base. Jojoba and olive oil are often mixed with different essential oils for full body oil massage. This massage is great for removing stress and relax the body. If you are working hard and the leading a stressful life, body heath gets affected eventually. Go for body massage home service in Ghaziabad and it will relax the body and rejuvenate the mind with aromatic oils.

iv. Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage is a high pressure massage that is the best remedy of stiff muscles. If you are a physically active person or into sports, this type of massage will help you remove muscle knots and relax the tissue by massaging it. Choose this massage for men in Ghaziabad if you have a sore muscle. The body will be sore for sometimes since it involves high pressure but you will feel better and energetic in the next morning.

v. Thai Massage
Thai massage is very popular all over the world. This massage increases the flexibility of the body as the therapist uses body massage oil for men and stretches the arms and legs in such posters which is quite similar to yoga. This body massage is done by the male massage therapist and doesn’t involve complete undressing. If you are shy to undress in front of the masseuse, try this body massage in Ghaziabad.

vi. Hot Stone Massage
This hot stone massage is great to relieve pain and relax muscles of the body. This medium to high pressure massage service uses warm stones to relieve the pain. These stones are usually placed on the back to get your mind off everything and allow your mind to relax completely. This is the ideal massage if you have muscle aches and knots. Go to a spa and enjoy this full body massage in Ghaziabad.

vii. Shiatsu
Similar to Thai massage, it also doesn’t require complete undressing as no lotion or oil involved in this type of body massage. The same gender massage therapist uses their fingers, elbows and hands to put pressure on reflex points for few seconds to stimulate them. One can book this massage service at home in Ghaziabad to get the benefits of acupuncture and body massage.

viii. Other Massage Services
Other massage services include express massages such as foot massage, head, shoulder and neck massage or simply just a head massage. Foot reflexology is also included in this section. These services are usually available in the market as express massages or add-on service. Though there is spa at home in Ghaziabad that offers head massage, head and shoulder massage as separate services. Avail these doorstep massage services to get instant relaxation.

Benefits of the Gents Body Massage
Many people think that body massage only relaxes the muscle which is not true. Followings are the three benefits of the gents body massage:
• Full body massage not only reduces the stress but also improves sleep.
• Helps remove toxins from the body and increase blood circulation, which leads to boost immunity.
• Relieves pain and muscle knots while giving your mind complete relaxation.

Cost of Full Body Massage for men in Ghaziabad
Spa for men prices varies on different factors and those are: Type: The type of the massage is a very important factor since massages for men in Ghaziabad cost different for every type. For example, the hot stone massage will be expensive than the Swedish massage as it requires trained professionals and required equipment. Duration: this is one of the major reason for the price variation. A 60 minutes full body massage in Ghaziabad would be higher than a 10 minutes head and shoulder massage.

Here is the table of the cost of body massage home service in Ghaziabad offered by UrbanClap:

ServiceOptionsTotal DurationPrice
PackagesHead + Neck & Shoulder Massage: - Head Massage (20 min) - Neck & Shoulder Massage (20 min)40 min499 INR
PackagesHead & Shoulder + Foot Massage: - Head & Shoulder Massage (30 min) -Foot Massage (20 min)50 min699INR
Full Body Oil MassageSwedish Massage (Medium Pressure)/ Deep Tissue Massage (High Pressure)60 min1199 INR
Full Body Oil MassageDeep Tissue Massage (High Pressure)/ Deep Tissue Massage (High Pressure)90 min1499 INR
Add-onsHead Massage20 min299 INR
Add-onsNeck & Shoulder Massage20 min399 INR
Add-onsFoot Reflexology20 min499 INR

Full body massage in Ghaziabad will be a little higher than the above-mentioned massages for men in Ghaziabad cost if you get your body massage service done by spas in your city. Now that you know about the type, benefits and cost of the spa at home in Ghaziabad, let’s discuss the factors that one should keep in mind while choosing massage for men in Ghaziabad.

How to choose Body Massage in Ghaziabad?
One can feel overwhelmed to get various options offered by the spa for men at home, but it is important to focus on the following tips before settling on any massage services in Ghaziabad: Age: Choose the massage services according to your age. If you are old enough, a deep tissue massage isn’t suitable for you. Instead, you can choose Thai massage or Swedish massage from body massage home service in Ghaziabad.

Budget: select the type of massage for men in your city according to the budget.

Personal preference: If you are someone allergic to strong scent or sensitive to pressure, go for massage for men in Ghaziabad that doesn’t include any of those.

Next time when you are choosing massage service at home in Ghaziabad, remember all the mentioned tips and you will not get disappointed with the services provided by the spa for men at home in Ghaziabad. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the massage for men in Ghaziabad.

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