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To build a modular kitchen in Noida, all you need to do is contact UrbanClap. Our experts provide modern kitchen design, do kitchen renovation, kitchen remodeling, all at a reasonable modular kitchen cost. Our team hires the best professionals in the city and trains them to deliver perfection in their work. We believe in nothing less than excellence and are working hard to render the same to our customers. To have your kitchen space redesigned, reach us because we offer great modular kitchen prices and will leave you more than satisfied.


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    I hired Advit Design a few months ago to guide us through interiors of almost our entire apartment one phase at a time. Unlike many designers/contractors in the market, I liked the open , straight and direct approach of the design team during multiple discussions regarding the scope of work and cost. Costing is practical not sky high as usual with many design companies. I can say that Advit's team assessed beautifully what look we wanted. I have worked with interior designers before and was prepared for the mixed bag that entails, but Advit and its team have changed my perception of the whole process. They have been communicative, thorough, detail-oriented… all at a pace that was perfect for us. The team listened, and delivered and ensured to look at options that were cost effective. And I know the core design team worked tirelessly behind the scenes, which I greatly appreciate.  I would highly recommend Advit to you if you are looking to get a professional design company to get the interiors work in a well assessed budget and especially avoid dealing with unprofessional and inexperienced local contractors.


    Very good modular kitchen design with quality material. Good working staff. Also provide after work maintenance.


    Manoj is professional and amicably managed the entire scope of work defined by us .Material delivered is of high quality along with 10 year warranty on the modular kitchen .

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will procure the raw material?

    Ideally, the professional hired is entitled to procure all the raw materials however if the customer wants to procure some or all of the material himself, the same can also be done.

  • What if I want only a particular brand’s appliances installed in my kitchen?

    The customer’s preference remains to be our priority. Hence customer’s recommendations are followed wherever feasible.

  • Is it difficult to maintain a modular kitchen?

    Maintaining a modular kitchen is not a big deal. Given that idea of modular kitchen design itself is to reduce inconvenience by giving an organised framework, its maintenance, in turn, is even easier. Check for movement of cabinets during the monsoon. Keep the structures clean off dust and grease by cleaning with soft cloth. No not use sharp objects such as knives or forks to clean nooks and corners.

  • Why should I install appliances such as chimney and cooktops in my kitchen?

    The appliances add to the essence of the modular kitchen design, giving it a visual appeal and the necessary edge to the décor. Apart from optical aesthetics, these appliances also help in completing the chores faster. Their advanced technologies aim to provide you with a hassle free experience.

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Modular Kitchen in Noida

A beautiful kitchen can inspire you to cook and wake up the culinary expert in you. If your kitchen is well-organised, it also helps you find all the spices and other ingredients easily while you are cooking. If you have a limited space available in your kitchen, a modern kitchen layout helps make the most of every inch. The cabinets will help arrange your utensils, organise your spices and beautiful crockery even in a small space while the countertops will give you sufficient workspace to create your culinary works of art. These are just a few reasons why you must consider a modular kitchen instead of the drab kitchen designs of the past.

5 Popular Types of Modular Kitchen Layouts

You may have seen one or two modular kitchen designs in different modular kitchen dealer brochures. This is because most people go for those popular layouts only. However, there are plenty of modular kitchen designs for different spaces that can be chosen whether you are going for kitchen remodelling, renovation or a new construction. Take a look at the modular kitchen layouts popular in Noida:

L-shaped Modular Kitchen:

One of the most popular kitchen layouts for modular kitchens in Noida is the L-shaped design since it can work for both large and small spaces. It optimises the space and offers plenty of counter space and storage. This happens to be a very common layout design for modular kitchens in apartments in Noida since it is also an ideal design for the open kitchen concept.

U-shaped Modular Kitchen:

You can easily find a U-shaped modular kitchen in Noida in large spaces since it has cabinets and counter space on three sides of the kitchen. There is plenty of space for kitchen appliances, double sinks, etc. This is the ideal modular kitchen layout for large families.

Straight Modular Kitchen:

This kitchen layout is ideal for small spaces or studio apartments. It has relatively smaller storage and counter space but is compact and makes the best use of every inch of the space available. This layout is again ideal for nuclear families, couples or individuals. With so many studio apartments coming up in the Greater Noida region, this layout will work well for people who want to move in or want to rent out the flat.

Island Modular Kitchen:

An island modular kitchen layout is ideal for large spaces as well as families where people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. There is ample space for kitchen appliances as well as an area to set up a breakfast station where you, your spouse and your kids can have breakfast. If you design it well, this can become the regular dining area also.

Parallel Modular Kitchen:

Parallel modular kitchen layout offers two parallel countertops and loads of storage space. Multiple people can work in the kitchen easily without it feeling crowded. This kitchen layout is ideal for moderate to large homes.

4 Latest Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

There has been a rise in the popularity of modular kitchen in Noida and more people are opting for kitchen remodelling to optimise the usage of kitchen space. Here are the latest modular kitchen design ideas that you can choose from to make the most of your kitchen space.

Pull-out Cabinets:

If you want products to be stored in cabinets without having to bend or kneel, then you ought to try the latest pull-out cabinets popular in Noida modular kitchens. These work really well as floor cabinets under the countertops and slide out like a drawer, making everything easily accessible to you. These cabinets have multiple racks that you can use to store different things. No need to kneel and reach into the back of the cabinet since you can pull out the drawer with built-in shelves.

Magic Corners:

A modern kitchen layout is incomplete without the magic corners. And trust us when we say that these circular shelves are truly magical. Open the cabinet and you can see the rod that has these circular shelves. You can pivot around the shelves and access everything organised on these shelves instantly. Pivot the shelves again and close the drawer. Even in the smallest kitchens, this is a customised modular kitchen design worth looking into.

Dish Drying Wall Cabinets:

No one likes the sight of the dishes drying on the countertops post washing. Not only is it an eyesore but it also takes up a lot of counter space that you can utilise in other ways. Enter dish drying wall cabinets. These cabinets are built on the sink with metal shelves and are concealed with a (wall) cabinet cover matching the rest of the wall cabinets. Extra water falls directly into the sink and the utensils are concealed behind the cabinet. Talk about practical usage and visually-appealing design.

Drawer Organisers:

Most floor cabinets have plenty of shelves and you can organise your spice jars, pulses, cutlery, etc. in separate shelves. However, it may still take some time to find out the exact thing you are looking for if they are not laid out properly. This is exactly why you need drawer organisers especially for cutlery and other utensils. Each item is stored separately in a way that it is easy to find and yet does not take up a lot of space.

Cost of Modular Kitchen

Redesigning your kitchen or building a new one from scratch can be exciting as well as expensive. It is essential that you know the factors that can affect your modular kitchen cost considerably. Many modular kitchen dealers in Noida offer packages that can help you get a good idea of the modular kitchen price based on your choice. The actual price of your modular kitchen will depend on these factors:

Size of Your Kitchen:

Size is a key determining factor since larger space means more cabinets, workspace, etc. The same modular kitchen design is, therefore, going to cost you more for a larger kitchen than a smaller one.

Cabinet Material and Finish:

There are all kinds of cabinet materials ranging from acrylic, plywood, wood, etc. and finishes such as glossy, matte, poly UV finish, etc. that you can choose for your modular kitchen. Each one of them adds to the overall cost of your modular kitchen.

Countertop Material:

Granite, marble, quartz, etc. are some of the popular countertop options available and affect your modular kitchen cost considerably since they come at different price points.

Accessories and Appliances:

You can add different accessories ranging from cutlery separators, glass holders, drying racks to your modular kitchen design. The material and design chosen for hinges, handles and other hardware will add to the total cost of your modular kitchen as well as the types of built-in appliances such as a chimney, exhaust fan, etc. you choose.

Modern modular kitchen layouts are not restricted to small spaces and there are plenty of layout ideas for larger spaces as well. You can contact us to get help with the installation of your modular kitchen. We can help you finalise the design that fits your lifestyle and also suits your budget.

Services offered

  • Modular cabinets and drawers- Select this service for modular kitchen rack design, modular kitchen cabinet design, modular kitchen cupboard design and so on. Choose from a variety of designs or get one curated of your choice by sharing the modular kitchen design catalogue or modular kitchen design photo with the professional.

  • Civil work- This service includes the first layer of work such as painting, installation of kitchen slab, installing wall tiles and so on.

  • Cooktop and chimney- Tick against this service for avail and install kitchen appliances such as cooktop and chimney.

Why UrbanClap?

  • Verified professionals: The professionals on board with the UrbanClap portal are taken through a strict screening process to ensure that only quality work reaches our customer.

  • Customer Centric: All the UrbanClap services are curated keeping the customer in mind. This is the reason that we remain flexible to accommodate all the needs of our customers and modular kitchen service is no exception.

  • Price bucket: The modular kitchen service is divided into three affordability buckets to accommodate the requirements of all our customers.

With every nook and corner designed with a specific purpose in mind, modular kitchens serve the purpose of not only saving space but utilising it in the best way possible. If you also want a kitchen that not only ensures a smooth functioning of daily chores but also has some aesthetic value, then a modular kitchen is your pick. With the exclusive feature of being accommodated in any space, a number of modular kitchen designs remain prevalent. Some of them are I- shaped modular kitchen design, U-shaped modular kitchen design and so on.To overcome the problem of hiring reliable contractors, UrbanClap came up with the idea of offering modular kitchen service to provide a one-stop shop to all its customers.

How it works?

As soon as you open the UrbanClap website or App to search for modular kitchen services, a questionnaire will pop up before you. The questionnaire aims to gather your requirements and hence questions such as the area of the kitchen, locality, kind of service needed and so on is the part of the questionnaire. Once you are done answering all the questions, your request will be uploaded on the portal. You will start receiving quotations from professionals who align with your requirements. Compare their quotes; check their reviews and ratings to select your pick.

Always ahead in adapting trends, the residents of Delhi stay up to date with anything that’s new on the block. The concept of modular kitchen is no exception. The designs of a modular kitchen in Delhi remain diverse depending from area to area. However one of the most common is modular kitchen design for the small kitchen. The demand for a kitchen remodelling contractors is very high in Delhi.

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