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Best Interior Designers in New Delhi

Best Interior Designers in New Delhi

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Interior designers in Delhi

Connect with expert interior designers in Delhi with minimum experience of 20 projects. Check real photos and customers reviews before fixing an appointment and get free quotes within 24 hours of the inquiry. Avail variety of services of an experienced and qualified interior designer in an affordable budget. Get on-time project delivery of plans and designs, renovation work or woodwork and furniture. Book the interior designer and let your new design speak for you.

Interior designers

1,422 Interior Designers in New Delhi

  • Shivansh RealtorsShivansh Realtors
    Shivansh Realtors
    Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India
    (12 reviews) Hired 4 times on UrbanClap
    • p

      Quality construction and on schedule work

    • a

      A good team is everything and he has every team of skilled persons with good work. Excellent

    • Akash GuptaAkash Gupta
    • Akash GuptaAkash Gupta
    • Akash GuptaAkash Gupta
    • Akash GuptaAkash Gupta
      + 67
    Akash GuptaAkash Gupta
    Akash Gupta
    Vijay Ghat, Raj Ghat, Delhi, India
    (10 reviews)
    • t

      He did the renovation and decorating of the exterior part of my home.The work that he did was completed within 15 days. I have paid him around 50K for that work. All the work done by him was very good. I have no complaints with his work. I will surely recommend him to my friends.

    • t

      I got the renovation work done by him at Vasant Vihar. He basically renovated the terrace of the building of ours. He have a great way of working. The work was completed within the time that was promised. The work did not exceeded my my budget. I still contact him for work.

    • Intext StudioIntext Studio
    • Intext StudioIntext Studio
    • Intext StudioIntext Studio
    • Intext StudioIntext Studio
      + 38
    Intext StudioIntext Studio
    Intext Studio
    Naraina Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, India
    (9 reviews)
    • k

      They completed my renovation work very perfectly and were on time, my budget was the main issue but he compromised with me on a decent cost. It took 2 months to complete,there were 8-9 workers working in total. He have a pure hard working team which I liked the most.I would always recommend them to others.

    • i

      They provided me the renovation work at my home.I was having some renovation work in my home,I changed the interior of my home completely, and they helped me a lot in that.They provided the material and also did the fittings.The quality of work was very much reasonable.I paid him around 2L for all the work provided by him.The work is very good.

    • I & E DecorsI & E Decors
    • I & E DecorsI & E Decors
    • I & E DecorsI & E Decors
    • I & E DecorsI & E Decors
      + 68
    I & E DecorsI & E Decors
    I & E Decors
    (8 reviews) Hired 3 times on UrbanClap
    • s

      I hired him for tiling approx 300 sq. ft. His labours did the job with great perfection. The job was finished in just 2 days. They all cleaned everything after the job very nicely. His humble nature adds to their performance. He would be the perfect choice for any interior designing purpose.

    • d

      I got my home renovated by them in Rohini. All my home interior was completely changed after that work. The work was completed in 15 days and I paid them around 2L for that work. I am glad that I hired them for that work as the finish of their work was very good. I will definitely hire the again in future.

    • Jusneet SinghJusneet Singh
    • Jusneet SinghJusneet Singh
    • Jusneet SinghJusneet Singh
    • Jusneet SinghJusneet Singh
      + 22
    Jusneet SinghJusneet Singh
    Jusneet Singh
    Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, India
    (7 reviews)
    • s

      Very prompt service and extremely professional.

    • h

      Hired them for remodeling and construction. I had seen their work earlier nd found it good. So i hired them accordingly. Very good work done by them. Very soft spoken and he has a lot of knowledge. Very trustworthy . I left the entire project upon him only. The work done was as per expectations. I am already recommending him to others ho ask me. Rates are also reasonable.

    • Galaxy EnterprisesGalaxy Enterprises
    • Galaxy EnterprisesGalaxy Enterprises
    • Galaxy EnterprisesGalaxy Enterprises
    • Galaxy EnterprisesGalaxy Enterprises
      + 38
    Galaxy EnterprisesGalaxy Enterprises
    Galaxy Enterprises
    (6 reviews)
    • v

      The project was residential which took place in Ghaziabad. The budget of my project was 10Lakhs which was completed by 15 workers working with full dedication. They did the the renovation of my building very well and I'm really happy with the outcome. I would surely refer him to my friends and family! Awesome work

    • s

      He did the complete interiors of my residential space in 2 months covering an area of 250square yards which costed around 15L. I am so happy with his work that my little niche has become my all time favorite place to be. There was a team of 5 workers working efficiently. I have hired him twice and both the times he did a phenomenal job. Awesome work!

    • Aman GroupAman Group
    • Aman GroupAman Group
    • Aman GroupAman Group
    • Aman GroupAman Group
      + 49
    Aman GroupAman Group
    Aman Group
    mandwali, Mandawali, Delhi, India
    (6 reviews) Hired 5 times on UrbanClap
    • p

      I hired Habib for renovation work in my guest house and also for some interior designing work as well. He is a good person and behaves well too. He is a responsible professional and delivers his work on time. I was satisfied with his work.

    • s

      I hired Habib for my office renovation purpose. I gave them my ideas which he collaborated well with their suggestions for the outcome. He is responsible for his work and delivers within the promised time, which is the best thing about him. They charged me quite reasonably as well.

  • RaisuddinRaisuddin
    Yamuna Vihar, Block C, New Delhi, Delhi, India
    (6 reviews) Hired 6 times on UrbanClap
    • s

      Good quality and economical service provided by Mr Raisuddin. Got our staircase and main entrance reconstructed by him.

    • r

      The Design and the execution was neat and marvellous.All the workers seemed decent and there was never any mess for me to complain about.The work was divided and organized properly.

    • Qasim AliQasim Ali
    • Qasim AliQasim Ali
    • Qasim AliQasim Ali
    • Qasim AliQasim Ali
      + 12
    Qasim AliQasim Ali
    Qasim Ali
    Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi, India
    (5 reviews)
    • a

      I hired Qasim for a paint job that needed to be done. The budget of the whole project was around 70000 and it was money well spent. Totally satisfied with the services and would recommend him for every interior works. Good Job Qasim.

    • n

      I had to complete my whole interior and that is why hired him for the residential project. The budget of the project was 4.5 lakhs and his work is meeting my expectations. His staff is very efficient and polite and he himself take very keen interest in every need. I am satisfied with the work done by him and I will recommend him.

    • Ritu CreationsRitu Creations
    • Ritu CreationsRitu Creations
    • Ritu CreationsRitu Creations
    • Ritu CreationsRitu Creations
      + 34
    Ritu CreationsRitu Creations
    Ritu Creations
    Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi, India
    (5 reviews)
    • t

      Ritu creations has brought an exclusive and immensely personal touch to our home decor. It feels like living in two Worlds at the same time..

    • a

      Ritu is very committed enthusiast for her ventures.does her work with determination and put all her creativity in the work with a personal touch.keep going girl.

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Latest Customer Reviewsof Interior Designers in New Delhi
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    Akash is a nice person and a good designer. I'm impressed by his work.


    Excellent work exceptional designs Professional outlook ... this is how i can describe my experience... The team understands ur requirements quite well and delivers what they promise Would highly recommend .

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will interior design agencies help me in procuring materials?

    Yes. Interior design agencies (or even individual interior designers) will not only help you in procuring materials required for your home, but will also ensure that these of the best quality and well within your budget.

  • Would an interior decorator cost me a lot?

    No. It is a misconception that hiring an interior decorator would be an expensive affair. In reality, doing so helps you cut unnecessary costs and increases the value of your residential or commercial space.

  • Can I hire multiple interior designers for my house/office?

    Yes, you certainly can. However, we recommend that you hire just one designer or a single agency, so that there is no unnecessary confusion in getting the design that you desire. Every agency or decorator works with his or her network of trusted professionals and may not like using the resources of another.

  • Does the design of a living room cost more than that of a kitchen?

    To be honest, a comparison of costs of different rooms cannot be done in an absolute sense. This is because interior design costs depend on a lot of factors. So, while the design of the living room might be more extensive than that of the kitchen, the accessories you use in the kitchen may cost you much more than those in the living room.

  • I can't seem to find any appropriate interior designer near me. What do I do?

    Don't worry. At UrbanClap, you will find plenty of options of interior designers from different areas of your city. These experts will happily meet you at your residence or wherever you choose to make things convenient for you.

  • What if I want to get a selected space designed and not the whole house?

    At UrbanClap, you have the option to either get your whole house designed or just selected spaces. You can actually communicate your choice to the potential designers at the time of booking the service.

  • How much time does the entire interior design process take?

    Your interior designer at UrbanClap will finalise a plan according to your budget and requirements, and will make it a point to adhere to the timelines and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

  • What are some trending home decoration ideas?

    You would definitely find a lot of trending home decoration ideas on our blog. Rest assured, the verified experts on your UrbanClap app are up-to-date with the latest trends and will suggest ideas to you accordingly.

  • What time of the year should I hire an interior decorator?

    More than depending on the time of the year, we suggest that you hire an interior decorator whenever you have the time and budget for it.

  • Do you charge a service fee?

    No, UrbanClap does not charge any service fee from the customer for booking the service. However, the interior decorator or agency may charge a consulting fee depending on the advice they give you. We suggest you clarify the same with them.

  • Would I have to shift to another place while my house is being designed?

    No. Your designer will instead take into account the ease with which the entire process can be carried out without troubling you or your family.

  • If I have some interior design ideas, will those be considered?

    A good interior designer pays heed to your opinions and inputs every step of the way. From planning the entire process to purchasing even the smallest item for your house, interior designers at UrbanClap will take your feedback and act accordingly. However, in case of any problems, you can always get back to us and we will rectify the issue at hand.

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All About Interior designers

Why Do You Need an Interior Designer?

Interior design is not just about finding the right pieces to put in your home. There’s a lot more at stake and this is how hiring an interior designer in Delhi can help you:

  • To save on costs It’s a misconception that hiring an interior designer in Delhi is an expensive affair. On the contrary, a freelance interior designer will help design and furnish your home in the best possible manner within the budget that you give him or her. All this while keeping you informed where every rupee of yours has been spent. Additionally, due to their on-ground know-how, experienced interior decorators in Delhi can also help save you a lot of unnecessary costs, like paying more for an average contractor, getting low-quality fabrics for a higher price etc.

  • To save on time You could spend a lot of precious weekend time running from store to store and market to market in search of the right paint colours, fabrics, furniture or tiles. On the other hand, an interior designer in Delhi would have adequate sense and knowledge of what is required to be sourced and from where, and will, thus, help save you a lot of your time and effort.

  • To avoid liaising with too many people If the above was any bit of hard work, so is coordinating and communicating with the painter, architect, contractor, labourers, carpenter, etc. But an interior designer in Delhi is equipped to handle such crucial communication and save you the headache as well as prevent you from making any mistakes.

  • To get better contacts and resources Due to their experience and work, interior designers in Delhi have ample contacts in the industry, because of which they can source just the right materials for your home. They know just the places to get what you want within your budget. Sometimes, these may be items that you don’t usually find in the market, thus, making your home stand apart from the others.

  • To get a better version of your vision Interior designers in Delhi are not only trained professionally, but also have the aesthetic sense to put together a beautiful space. They carefully assess your property, speak to you in detail about your dreams for your space, open up more (and even better) possibilities for your home or office, and pay attention to every detail to give you a beautiful yet functional space that you can call your own.

Why Should You Hire an Interior Designer from UrbanClap?

  • Experienced All our interior designers are trained and skilled professionals with a minimum experience of 2 years across residential, commercial, retail as well as hospitality projects.

  • Reliable At UrbanClap, we have verified every provider’s national identity, address and criminal background by the top verification firms in India. This forms part of our stringent quality screening process.

  • Offer a variety of services These could range from providing 3D design consultation or blueprints of their design and fixing you up with the right furniture and lighting for your home, to just basic remodelling as well as executing the created designs from end to end for a complete makeover.

  • Flexible Interior designers at UrbanClap understand that designing the interiors of your home is a long process that needs a lot of time and attention. They are, hence, flexible and work according to your availability and convenience. From setting up meetings to making purchases, they make sure sure that the entire process is about you and your needs.

  • Offer a range of budgets At UrbanClap, you will definitely find an interior designer who can offer his or her services to suit your particular budget. Additionally, different tasks cost different amounts, and you can choose between them to find one that suits your needs. For instance, the charges are different for just consultation, design and implementation, remodelling of select spaces, remodelling of the whole house, commercial designing, etc.

What are the Services Provided by an Interior Designer?

  • Consultation If you only require expert advice or just want to have an idea about the interior design of your house for future reference, you can opt for a consultation session with your interior designer. All interior designers in Delhi have different consultation fees -- while most charge on an hourly basis, some may give you a vague design without charging you anything.

  • Blueprints If you don’t wish to start with the designing process just yet, you can ask your interior designer to have a look around your space and simply create a blueprint of the design for you. People usually do this to have the design consulted by other professionals or to use it as reference and implement it by themselves. Getting blueprints, of course, costs much less than the actual designing.

  • Packaged design services Whether you want your old space remodelled with freshly-painted walls, different furniture and a new flooring, or have a space designed from scratch, interior designers in Delhi can create specific packages to suit your needs. These packages are created right after a consultation session and keep in mind your budget and other important requirements.

  • Procurement It can be a hectic and time-consuming affair to hunt for and buy products for your home. However, the best interior designers in Delhi also take up the task of just procuring products for your space. Since they know their way around the markets and are in touch with all the right people from the industry, they do this job efficiently, thus saving you a lot of time.

  • Turnkey projects If you want your space renovated or redesigned from end to end, this is the service for you. From creating a design, to procuring the materials, executing civil work, furnishing the space, managing labour and other professionals and finally handing over a completely renovated space in a timely fashion, turnkey projects entail all of this.

Interior Designers Costs in Delhi:

ConsultationRs. 40-60 per square footRs. 70-90 per square footRs. 100-200 per square foot
ExecutionRs. 1000-1200 per square footRs. 1200-1500 per square footRs. 1500-2500 per square foot

*Costs vary according to the customers' needs.

Want to Know More? Keep Reading.

What are the Qualities of a Good Interior Designer?

While choosing an interior designer in Delhi comes down to a personal preference, here are some of the qualities you should definitely look out for:

  • Good communication and interpretation skills A good interior designer in Delhi must be able to interpret all that the client desires with his or her space. People usually have a vague idea of how they would like their house to look and it’s the job of an apartment interior designer to understand this and come up with ideas that everyone loves, instead of simply applying all of their own creative ideas. They will then have to communicate the finalised plan to their workers, and make them understand it just as well since they will be the ones actually performing the tasks.

  • Out of the box thinking and execution The best interior designers in Delhi should be able to come up with creative, fresh and doable ideas that are also cost-effective. This requires a lot of brainstorming. A good interior designer must remember to offer a creative edge to even the simplest of designs since the client has invested in them.

  • Good management skills The best interior designers in Delhi usually handle more than one project at a time. This makes it all the more important that they communicate, delegate and manage their team in an organised manner, leaving no scope for irreversible mistakes. They must be able to give your project ample attention and should not give rise to any confusion.

  • Relevant experience You must look into your interior designer’s past work, educational qualifications and training acquired. The best certified interior designers in Delhi should have testimonials and photographs to present of their work, and you should talk to them about these in detail.

  • Ability to improvise Not every interior designer in Delhi might have this quality, but it is definitely a valued characteristic. If an interior designer is able to improvise well, it means that he or she has the ability to modify or make changes to the original plans just in case things don’t go as planned or are not liked much by the clients. This sets them apart from other interior designers.

  • An eye for technicalities Interior designing is not just about colours, aesthetics and decor, but also about functionality. A good interior designer should be able to incorporate factors like storage, safety and convenience along with comfort, to make sure that the space is not just beautiful but also livable and functional.

  • Good rapport The process of getting your house designed or decorated can be stressful, unless you work with an interior designer who is easy to get along with and is open to your inputs and feedback.

What Should You Know Before Hiring an Interior Designer?

To have a smooth and successful experience with the interior designing of your space, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Know what you want. Do your research on the internet and figure out what is it that you really want in your space. What style suits your personality, what designs you fancy and so on and so forth. It is important for you to communicate these with your designer.

  • Fix your budget Figure out how much you are willing to spend. You cannot leave this on the designer, especially if you are on a budget crunch. Costs are dependent on a lot of variables and it is crucial that you have an upper limit in mind. For example, a 2BHK interior design will cost different from a 3BHK interior design. So, communicate your budget to the designer, so that they can work around it.

  • Look at portfolios Once you’ve decided what you want, look for designers who specialise in such designs. Go through their portfolios, browse through photographs of their previous work and see if their style works for you.

  • Meet the interior designer Once you’ve shortlisted some interior designers in Delhi, let them visit your property, assess it and have a face-to-face conversation with them. If a meeting is not possible, at least ensure a phone conversation. This will help you make a more sorted decision.

  • Ask a ton of questions Talk to your apartment interior designer about everything you have in mind pertaining to the design of your space. From costs and working styles, to time to close project and ideas, have all your queries and questions answered. Similarly, let him or her know of all your requirements and be very specific, so that there is no scope for error.

  • Modify your schedule This can be one of the most important things that you will have to do. It’s long and tedious task that needs a lot of attention. You will have to take out time to get this done and stick around to make sure that things are going just how you’d like them to. The chances of you not being there and irreversible mistakes occurring are high. Modify your routine accordingly.

  • Understand the fee structure It is important that you understand how an interior designer charges in Delhi. Is the designer going to charge you on an hourly basis, or is he going to fix a lump sum amount or is it going to be some other way? Also find out if you have to make payments as when they arise or would you have to pay it all in the end?

Last but not the least, it is an amazing experience to see the designs, which were once only visualised, take shape in front of your eyes. So, avoid getting stressed and enjoy the process of having the interiors of your space designed.

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