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IFB Microwave Repair Services in Delhi

IFB Microwave Repair Services in Delhi

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Like any other household electrical appliance, a microwave can encounter several issues following continuous use. The most common issue faced by microwave ovens is the inability to heat. It could be because of magnetron failure. A magnetron uses high voltage to produce microwave frequency to cook food. If the microwave is turned on when it is empty, this can cause the magnetron to burn out. If your IFB microwave is facing similar issues and needs to be repaired immediately, we are happy to assist you! UrbanClap has the most trusted microwave repair experts ready to fix your IFB microwave oven without any delay. We assure that you will pay the lowest price in New Delhi for the service you are availing. Book now!


30 IFB in New Delhi

  • Inderpal NangliyaInderpal Nangliya
    Inderpal Nangliya
    Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, India
    (982 reviews) 459 times rated 5 star
    • VC
      Verified Customer

      Really excellent in doing the job

    • i

      Excellent service by inderpal and very nice person thanks urban clap

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  • Ravinder PalRavinder Pal
    Ravinder Pal
    Mayur Vihar Phase II, Delhi, India
    (660 reviews) 229 times rated 5 star
    • l

      He is very cooperative and reach my home before slot as per my request and properly ch checked the machine with instruments and did the needful with internal part exchanged, now it's seems fine but need to check few days.Thanks

    • n

      Nice good job done by Ravinder pal jii keep it up please give good service in case need in future

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  • Mohd. Jubair Mohd. Jubair
    Mohd. Jubair
    Shalimar Garden, Delhi, Sahibabad Road, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
    (516 reviews) 259 times rated 5 star
    • a

      Excellently job done by him ...Good work

    • r

      Nice person. Reached on time and nicely completed his work. This is 1 st time experience on urban club. Lets see how long it will not create any problem. But as for now i am satisfied😊

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  • Umar MalikUmar Malik
    Umar Malik
    Shastri Nagar, Delhi, India
    (512 reviews) 186 times rated 5 star
    • g

      He is professional and fixed the problem in just 15 minutes

    • d

      Umar is really a great peroson and they gave great advise

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  • Raqif AmanRaqif Aman
    Raqif Aman
    Jamia Nagar, Zakir Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, India
    (458 reviews) 242 times rated 5 star
    • a

      Raqif aman is vary good my microwave is sound lass

    • a

      Excellent work than good nature and vary helpful technician thanks urban clap thanks (raqif aman)

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  • Rakesh KumarRakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar
    Nihal Vihar, Delhi, India
    (369 reviews) 141 times rated 5 star
    • m

      Very nice and brilliant Engi neer

    • y

      The service was on time and pretty satisfying.

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  • Yamuna PrasadYamuna Prasad
    Yamuna Prasad
    Sangam Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, India
    (244 reviews) 133 times rated 5 star
    • m

      Needs improvement on communication while dealing with customer about the issue and possible resolution of that issue.

    • a

      Yamuna Prasadji was excellent and completed the repair job well before time.

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  • Ajay MadhokAjay Madhok
    Ajay Madhok
    Mayur Vihar Phase II, Delhi, India
    (202 reviews) Hired 72 times on UrbanClap
    • j

      Fridge is working fine now. Engineer had done good job. Its my first experience here and it was really good.

    • a

      An efficient and technical sound person

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  • Rajendra GuptaRajendra Gupta
    Rajendra Gupta
    Delhi, East Delhi, India
    (122 reviews) Hired 201 times on UrbanClap
    • u

      Thanks for understanding problem quickly and resolving issue.

    • s

      Good job and within the time frame

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  • Ranjan Kumar PandaRanjan Kumar Panda
    Ranjan Kumar Panda
    DLF Phase 4, Sector 42, Gurugram, Delhi, India
    (89 reviews) Hired 110 times on UrbanClap
    • a

      Excellent service man! Patiently check es every defect and made my refrigator work again! Thanks urbanclap

    • p

      Superb person very helpful and humble person good service urban clap and Ranjan jee

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I do if the buttons are not working?

    When your microwave’s buttons are not working, it’s practically impossible to tune your microwave settings. The buttons are responsible for turning the microwave on and off, setting the temperature, timer and so on. So, cleaning of the PCB for carbon is an alternative. But if you still can’t fix the problem, then use UrbanClap’s IFB microwave repair service.

  • As a precaution, what measures should customers take after availing the service?

    To keep the microwave safe, make sure that it is kept away from the sink, for starters. And if, by chance, water goes into the machine and a problem happens, you can get it fixed at UrbanClap’s IFB microwave repair service option.

  • Is there any service warranty provided?

    UrbanClap provides 30-days guarantee on our IFB microwave service and repair facility.

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IFB Microwave Repair Service in Delhi

With awareness come actions, since fuel is a non-renewable source of energy it is being replaced with the galvanic source of energy, such as the IFB microwaves. Especially in major cities such as Delhi, where the toll of pollution and resource depletion is really high. It is essentially the best option to upgrade to the galvanic source of energy. With the convergence of international cuisine, people’s choices of food cannot be met alone by cooking on a stove. Eating out every time is not an economical option either, as it can leave your wallet empty. To make it easy IFB microwave oven introduces a user-friendly way that makes cooking in a microwave simple and uniform. This makes it easy for everyone to enjoy their choice of meal at any time during the day. The IFB microwaves come in different sizes to suit different family strengths. They are of three types: solo, convection and grill. They suit the heating requirement of Indian food that is cooked at a high temperature, between 700 to 900w. Specially designed to help you spend time with your family by reducing your effort and energy consumed by the household chores, IFB microwave is the first choice of every household. Despite its efficient functioning, if something goes wrong with the microwave, Urbanclap’s IFB Microwave repair service can save the day. This specialised service offers multiple options that help you get your microwave fixed.

How does it work?

Staying in the capital comes with its perks. While you are in Delhi or when you are visiting Delhi, do not forget to get the best service with no delays at UrbanClap. You can make use of this service very easily. Just visit the UrbanClap website on your computer or mobile app and type ‘microwave repair service’ in the search box. After that, a few questions will pop up, related to the brand. Once you answer them, your request will be registered and processed. Within no time, a professional serviceman will reach you at your assigned location and preferred time.

Services offered in IFB Microwave Repair Service in Delhi

  • Get microwave touchpad/buttons fixed: If your IFB microwave buttons/touchpad is not working, get it repaired by clicking on this option.

  • Get the display of the microwave fixed: If your IFB microwave display does not show, then get the display fixed by clicking on this option.

  • Get the heat problem fixed: If your microwave does not heat the food, get the problem fixed by clicking on this option.

  • Get the microwave glass plate fixed: If your microwave glass plate is not spinning properly, then click on this option.

  • Others: If you cannot figure out the problem in your IFB microwave and need an expert to come over, then click on this option.

Why UrbanClap Microwave Repair Service?

  • Customer Centric: With the aim to provide service exclusively suiting to our customer’s requirements, UrbanClap’s microwave repair services are extremely customer centric.

  • Verified professional: The professionals on the UrbanClap platform are not only taken through verification but are even given extensive training sessions. It remains our utmost priority to provide good quality service to our customers.

  • Service Guarantee: At UrbanClap, we take full ownership of our service. This is the reason that we provide a 30 days guarantee against our microwave repair services.

  • Customer Protection: Unlike other service providers, UrbanClap provides customer protection of Rs. 10,000 against damages.

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