Best Fitness Trainers in New Delhi

Best Fitness Trainers in New Delhi
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We have on our platform 1000+ of the best gym trainers in Delhi, best workout trainers in Delhi and best personal fitness trainers in Delhi. While we can't make those pilates any easier, but we can make them possible! Since we have the most experienced workout trainers in Delhi and the best gym trainers in Delhi with us, we assure you the best. ...


1,866 Fitness Trainers At Home in New Delhi

  • Dipesh Rajput
    Dipesh Rajput
    West Sagarpur, Delhi, India
    (60 ratings)
    • s

      I have got amazing results...i recommend him !

    • d

      Super talented guy...very down to earth...he has become more than a trainer to me now...thnx brother 😊

  • Shibu
    Ward No 1, Mehrauli, Delhi, New Delhi, India
    (47 ratings)
    • v

      To make India healthy great job !!!

    • p

      Very professional and honest trainer. He will always guide you in the best possible way.

  • Muchas bailar
    Muchas bailar
    Ashok Vihar, Delhi, India
    (42 ratings)
    • r

      She is good dancer as well as hard working girl. And good trainer

    • m

      Urbanclap is very helpful to me. I am so thankful to radhika for introducing urbanclap to me. Its a very useful application.

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar
    Najafgarh, Delhi, India
    (39 ratings)
    • p

      He is focused and excellent trainer..

    • s

      Ur training has been really change my life ...I will be ur benificience

  • Kuldeep Singh Yadav
    Kuldeep Singh Yadav
    (38 ratings)
    • a

      Kuldeep is my fitness trainer from the last three months. Sometimes he comes to my place, and sometimes I go to the gym. I took part in the competition, and he helped me in losing weight and in maintaining fitness. He is my first fitness trainer. I got to know about him through his profile and found that he has done his training from the USA. The sessions were held thrice a week each for an hour. He focussed more on my chest part. He has a great knowledge of fitness. He also provided me with the diet plan. I found his charges little high, but his services are worth it.

    • s

      Kuldeep singh yadav is a excellent fitness trainer. I gain 9kg weight with in two monhths with the help of kuldeep singh diet plan.

  • Rahul Yadav
    Rahul Yadav
    Vikas Nagar, Delhi, India
    (37 ratings)
    • s

      His work is excellent Very much recommend for others

    • p

      Best trainner. Help to achieve fitness goal.

  • Kamal Joshi
    Kamal Joshi
    New Delhi
    (35 ratings)
    • a

      Well knowledgeable instructor, impressed about his education towards the work out schedules technics and posture. Over all highly recommended.!

    • b

      He is honest fitness trainer. His guidenc knowledge is awesome.keep going sir

  • Noor Khan
    Noor Khan
    Uttam Nagar, Delhi, India
    (34 ratings)
    • a

      Brilliant person. And hard working always up to the Mark

    • j

      Noor sir is the Best person i have ever met. He is very motivating and helpful while you are serious about your physique. I have reduced bad 4 kgs and gained 2 Kg good muscle mass. Now i look good while wearing shorts and skirts. Thank to him. :-)

  • Pratibha
    Chanakya Place I, Delhi, India
    (34 ratings)
    • a

      👍 very good trainer..and have good knowledge of training.getting results faster

    • k

      Very good trainer for fencing. Helped my child to find interest in this sport .

  • Teena Fitness
    Teena Fitness
    Madhuban Chowk, Rohini, Delhi, New Delhi, India
    (32 ratings)
    • a

      She is one of the best fitness trainers I have come across so far, I have never felt so fit before. Not only she will help you to achieve your targets but will also help you stay fit,confident and motivated for life.

    • m

      She is fantastic! She just know how to tackle one, his or body and manages to help people in their journey from fat to fit

Recent Customer Reviewsof Fitness Trainers At Home in New Delhi
based on 470 ratings

    She is very nice, knowledgeable, seems experienced, looking forward to seeing her again


    Mikin is extremely talented and softspoken fitness trainer. Will give a feedback after few sessions


    Very much impressed with her. Very professional and clear about her work.


    Seems a good trainer


    He was good but we dropped the idea of PT for now.


    A nice person, made me very comfortable while training. He keeps on motivating during the whole process and directed my postures to the right one . Overall a good trainer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a fitness trainer?

    A fitness trainer or a personal trainer has knowledge and can give prescribe exercise that will benefit the body and help you achieve the desired goal. Whether it is to get fit generally, or have a better health for playing sports or losing weight.

  • What does a fitness trainer at home do?

    A fitness trainer at home will lead and motivate you to exercise, keeping in mind the right way of exercise and your fitness goals. As part of the fitness regime, a trainer instructs on the right kind of exercises that can have specific purpose, for instance just to tone the body, to lose belly fat, cardiovascular strength etc.

  • What are the benefits of getting a fitness trainer?

    A fitness trainer is a trained specialist who can take care of your fitness needs by giving you a regime that is tailor made for you. Here are some benefits of having a fitness trainer at home: Guides you with the right way to exercise A fit body in limited time- If you are pressed for time and can’t really spend too much time in the gym, a trainer will help you with a routine that works best for you Fat loss and muscle gain in the right way Makes you less prone to injury Establishes a healthy and a regular routine that has a strong chance of sustenance

  • What is the difference between a fitness trainer or a nutritionist/dietician?

    The basic difference between a fitness trainer and a dietician is the fact that the former deals with the body by enhancing the motor skills and the latter deals with the body by regulating the food you intake. A combination of two is an ideal situation and helps you achieve your fitness goals sooner.

  • Do I need a dietician/nutritionist if I have a fitness trainer?

    Ideally, a dietician and a fitness trainer is the dream team that you need to keep a healthy body and mind. If you can only afford one, you can go with either as each expert will give you the basic advice on the other form of maintaining a healthy body.

  • What is the best way to lose weight?

    There is no best way of losing weight. Losing weight depends on the individual striving to achieve the goal. Whether a dietary restriction is needed or a robust fitness routine is the need of the hour, truly depends on your body type and specific medical conditions (if you suffer from any)

  • Will a fitness trainer help me get muscles?

    Yes. Fitness routines are customised according to the goals you want to achieve. The general focus is to have a fit body and a habit that helps you sustain it.

  • Do I need to take any supplements?

    Depending on your fitness goals, supplements are suggested by the trainer. Do not take any supplements against the advice or knowledge of the expert fitness trainer. An expert will also recommend brands and supplements that are safe to take.

  • How much weight can I lose with a fitness trainer?

    Losing weight is not just a function of exercise but the diet as well. It also depends on how much weight do you intend to lose. A fitness trainer will also make recommendations on what basic diet you should go with while customising a routine that best works for you. You should be able to see visible results within a month.

  • Can I get a trial class with a fitness trainer?

    Yes you can. Urban Company gives you the chance to set up trial classes with a fitness trainer and get to know them completely. It is important for you to be able to trust and like you trainer to follow a routine that you will stick to.

  • Why should I book a fitness trainer from Urban Company?

    Not only does Urban Company has trained and verified fitness experts on board, but they also come with great recommendations and experience. Here are some benefits to booking a fitness trainer on the Urban Company app: Try and then buy- You can get a trial class free of charge where you can discuss the specific requirements with the trainer and get a first hand experience of a session Best prices in the market- Urban Company ensures that the prices offered by the fitness experts are the best if compared to the market rate Handpicked trainers- Only 1 in 15 trainers make it to being registered just so the high standards are maintained

  • Do I get a group discount if I book a fitness trainer at home?

    You do not a discount per se but you will be charged the same (or similar) fee if you get a fitness expert individually or in a group. A group can always benefit in saving money as the cost will be distributed within the number of people in the group.

  • How much would a fitness trainer at home cost me?

    Rest assured our fitness trainers come cheaper than the market rates and can fit every budget. We give you an option to pick the price bracket you are most comfortable with and accordingly offer you the best choices in that price range.

  • How many months should I have a fitness trainer?

    The duration you have a personal trainer at home completely depends on your goals. Usually losing weight, toning the body or achieving a desired level of fitness are time bound in nature and your expert will be in the best place to let you know that. We do recommend to continue with exercising even when you do not have a fitness trainer.

  • It has been a month and I do not like my fitness trainer. Can I change?

    Of course you can! We give you a host of fitness trainers to pick from. If you are unhappy with your trainer for some reason you can let us know and we will try to make it better for you. Whether it is to understand and mend the things wrong with the current trainer or match you with another one.

  • How long is a session with a fitness trainer?

    Usually a fitness routine starts as short sessions and amplify to an hour long one. On an average a fitness routine can last 60 minutes.

  • How many sessions should I take in a week with a fitness trainer?

    Depending on your goals, the fitness trainer will suggest the number of sessions and the duration of it to you. It is an ideal scenario to exercise your body daily. If you are pressed for time, check the best possible number that you should do with your fitness guru.

  • What should I look for in a fitness trainer?

    An ideal fitness trainer is your partner in the journey to attain a healthy body. Who you have as a leader and a motivator matters a lot. Here are some pointers to help you pick the right one: Understanding your requirements and working out a time bound plan Do they listen?- If a particular fitness routine is not working for you, do they work something out Give you apt advice on what diet to follow as well Not hurry a session and take time in explaining the right way to exercise. Pay attention even if you are a part of the group

  • What are the certifications/accreditations I should look for while hiring a fitness trainer?

    The qualification needed to become a good fitness trainer are available at graduation and post graduation level as well. There are many national and international certifications that is the mark of a good fitness trainer. All certifications/qualification and experience is listed in individual profiles of every fitness trainer on the website and the app.

  • I have sore muscles and pain after a few sessions. Should I continue?

    Generally if your body is not used to exercise or you do not have a habit, you will experience pain and sore muscles. As the muscles stretch and become accustomed to a routine, the pain goes away. It is the first few days or a week of hump that you need to get past to get accustomed to a fitness routine. If the pain persists beyond that, immediately let your trainer know.

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Hiring Guide

Hiring Guide - Fitness Trainer at Home in Delhi-NCR

With pollution becoming such an issue especially in Delhi and its surrounding areas, more and more people are feeling the need to start taking their health seriously. Which is why Urban Company brings to you Fitness Trainers at Home, who can help you regain your health right from the comfort of your home.

Why You Should Hire Fitness Trainers in Delhi from Urban Company?

  • Highly Trained Professionals: All our professionals are trained thoroughly after they are selected. At Urban Company, we have a highly selective process that ensures we hire only the best of the best for you. We even categorise the trainers based on their expertise and training. Some of our trainers having specialised training and some even have national recognition.

  • Professional Approach with Plans that are Customised for You: Our trainers are experienced professionals who customise their plans for you. For instance, when you sign up for our fitness trainers, you have to choose your reason for choosing a fitness coach. These include weight loss, weight gain, body toning or shaping, and improvement in medical issue, among others. This helps us forward your quote to the right professionals who then further customise their plans and the exercises for you.

  • Experienced and Certified: At Urban Company, we do thorough background and certification checks on each of our professional trainers. Moreover, we segregate the chosen experts into specific budget brackets based on their qualifications and experience. This ensures you get the best ones within your budget.

  • At Home, At Your Time: Our professionals reach you when you want them to. Their focus is on helping you meet your goals, and they make the effort to help you when you can devote some time for yourself. Moreover, the regimen they set for you is based on your needs. Depending on your goals and fitness levels, they may assign only cardio or Yoga for you or mix them with strength training as well.

  • Trial Sessions at Home: We offer a trial session at home so that you do not regret your choice. At Urban Company, we understand that you have to be comfortable with the trainer before you can trust him or her to help you through such a personal experience. You should also talk to the trainer and ask them relevant questions so you can make the right choice.

  • Amazing Prices and Offers: Our plans start from as low as Rs. 6,000 per month for 12 sessions per month with our average prices being around Rs. 8,000 only. Moreover, the fitness trainers can give discounts based on how many sessions you do in a month. You can choose the trainer whose prices fit your budget and you can pay online on a monthly basis.

Why Hire a Personal Trainer and Not Join A Gym

Some of you may wonder how hiring a personal trainer at home works better than having a gym instructor. This section helps you understand how each one works for you.

  • Type of Training: The gym instructor helps you train at the gym using the same schedule as they do for others. Though effective, it is more of a generic regimen. Have you ever noticed someone who was once overweight and then joined a gym and lost a lot of weight? If you think back, you will remember the lines around their face or arms that appeared suddenly with the weight loss. This is because they followed a general exercise schedule and not one that gave them the regimen they needed for slow and steady weight loss. A personal trainer or fitness coach can give you that.

  • Focus Area: The focus of the gym instructor is on everyone and not particularly on one individual. The good ones may still give helpful advice to novices and help them get started well but this is more of an exception rather than the norm. Unfortunately, the one-type-fits-all approach usually does not suit a lot of people. One of the main reasons why people skip going to the gym is the lack of this personal touch. A personal fitness trainer, on the other hand, focuses only on you. They consider all aspects like your previous fitness schedule, any dietary restrictions, your body type, etc. to devise a plan that works for you. The custom plan helps you get physically fit much faster. You also get expert attention on your challenges and the expert finds ways in which you can overcome them.

  • Type of Service: The gym instructors are pressed for time, as they have to manage their schedule for all people in the gym. From watching the beginners get used to the cross trainer to helping the professionals using the multi-gym with their weights, it is a rarity to find an instructor with free time on their hands. Even with full focus on their work, they are unable to give attention to everyone who needs them. Alternatively, the personal fitness coach only focuses on you. From checking whether you are breathing correctly when you go for a run to checking your posture when you do the lunges or squats, they are there to help you reach further and higher than you thought you could. The personal service obviously pays dividends and you end up getting a very good idea of what exercises are good for you, how you have to pace yourself and so on.

  • Fitness Regime: The fitness schedule in the gym is based on a generic approach to training. It focuses more on techniques and routines you have to follow. Moreover, the instructor brings her or her own version of routines that has worked for them. In certain instances, it may not work with you. You may find yourself suffering from a niggling pain the elbow that you realise belatedly is because you put more weight than what you ought to have used in the dumbbells. The approach that a personal trainer at home brings is more holistic and the routines and techniques are customised for you. For example, if you have a tendency to put on weight around the middle, then you get a different regimen as compared to another person who tends to accumulate fat near the thighs. Also, you may get a more sports-oriented approach as the personal trainers know that you can easily stay fit if you play a sport or use the same training as used in your favourite sports.

  • Goals Customised for You: Fitness goals should work for you and you should not have to adhere to generic goals of your gym class. Unfortunately, gym instructors cannot give their undivided attention to each of their students. Gyms counter this with class goals or group fitness schedules that set standard goals for everyone. Most cases, these goals are not possible for everyone to achieve. A personal trainer helps you set goals that make sense and are achievable. Lofty targets may look great but you may get burned up during the process. It does not make sense to give-it-all-you-got to achieve a strong goal and not enjoy the journey at all. If this is the case, you are likely to regress back into an unhealthy life as soon as the personal trainer’s time with you is over. It is better to set goals that are achievable, ones that you want to accomplish and which make the whole fitness journey a memorable one.

Cost of Hiring Fitness Trainer at Home From Urban Company

TypeExperienceBudget Per Month(For 12 Sessions)
BasicUp to 3 years of experienceRs. 6,000 - 7,000 per month
ExperiencedUp to 3-5 years of experienceRs. 7,000 - 8,500 per month
ExpertMore than 5 years of experienceRs. 8,500 - 10,500 per month
PremiumSpecialised trainers with exceptional recordRs. 10,500 - 11,500 per month
Best in ClassNationally recognised trainersRs. 11,500 - 13,000 per month

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