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Best Fitness Trainers in Gurgaon

Best Fitness Trainers in Gurgaon
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Did you have fun eating platefuls of Gurgaon Chaat yesterday? Sure. But as some say, "With great food, comes great bodily responsibility".UrbanClap has boarded 1000+ of the best gym trainers in Gurgaon, best workout trainers in Gurgaon and best personal fitness trainers in Gurgaon. Sure we can't make those pilates any easier, but we can make them possible! Since we have the most experienced workout trainers in Gurgaon and the best gym trainers in Gurgaon with us, we assure you the best.


444 Fitness Trainers At Home in Gurgaon

  • Naveen YadavNaveen Yadav
    Naveen Yadav
    Sikanderpur Ghosi
    (45 reviews)
    • m

      Naveen is very experienced & qualified trainer and specialy in strength & weight reduce training & he is very very good coach also because he motivated me every time when i was thinking about the give up he motivate me... thanks for naveen and A BIG THANKS FOR URBAN CLAP.. to provide that kinds of facilities thankyou so much again

    • m

      Naveen is very experienced & qualified trainer and specialy in strength & weight reduce training & he is very very good coach also because he motivated me every time when i was thinking about the give up he motivate me... thanks for naveen and A BIG THANKS FOR URBAN CLAP.. to provide that kinds of facilities thankyou so much again

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  • Yatender DahiyaYatender Dahiya
    Yatender Dahiya
    Sector 9, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
    (38 reviews)
    • z

      He is the most admiring athlete i have ever been met. The kind of passion he has about his work can motivate anyone to deliver the best at any circumstances...

    • z

      He is the most admiring athlete i have ever been met. The kind of passion he has about his work can motivate anyone to deliver the best at any circumstances...

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  • Krishna Prakash Krishna Prakash
    Krishna Prakash
    Sector 39, Gurugram, Haryana 122022, India
    (34 reviews)
    • n

      Krishna is an excellent trainer and keeps us very motivated . He understands exactly how much he can push us and ensures that we give our 100 percent during the training session. His technical knowledge is fabulous and customises the routines as per what the clients goals are .

    • g

      Not having an active workout schedule in the past, Krishna has been a great PT in supporting my training objectives. I have been able to see continual improvement from my sessions. He makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding.

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  • Yashwant BisherwalYashwant Bisherwal
    Yashwant Bisherwal
    ESIC Model Hospital, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
    (32 reviews)
    • s

      He is training me from few months.. he is really good at his work.. he knows what is to be done and how it is supposed to be done..

    • m

      Good trainer Wrk out Acha karate hai

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  • Kunal KalraKunal Kalra
    Kunal Kalra
    (30 reviews)
    • k

      Initially the the service was fine but after some time i was not available due to official tours and after that he be came irregular. He is great and knowledgeable. He is a professional and knws what he is doing. I paid him Rs. 16000 for 24 classes but ihave no news of hin since my last class which was 10 days back.

    • g

      I wanted to hire a fitness trainer . So , i hired one from urbanclap for general fitness.Its been 7-8 classes till now. And my experience was okay with them. I am satisfied with the services.I can recommended to others also. Trainer is professional and knowledgeable.

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  • Leno JeyakumarLeno Jeyakumar
    Leno Jeyakumar
    Huda Colony, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
    (27 reviews)
    • m

      Great trainer with brilliant knowledge of high intensity exercises suited for different body types. I benefitted from his flexible approach.

    • g

      Very good workout.i saw result in 6th class.He knows what he is doing and there is never pain post class.Lot of variaitons and equipments. I highly recommend Leno for weight loss,weight gain,toning or just anything.very good trainer.

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  • Depender SinghDepender Singh
    Depender Singh
    Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
    (25 reviews)
    • p

      For me very hard to lose my weight, as I was very bulky totally faty everywhere on bofldy parts, so that very lazy to do exercise and follow lean diet. it was very great journey with Mr. DEPENDER he don't even teach how to wake up early, motivates me for my other things also, very thankful to Mr. DEPENDER for my body transformation. Salute to your motivation as well as training plan also, thanks once agan :)

    • s

      Dipender is one of the best trainer I met. He is very calm, desciplined, punctual and has a good professional attitude. He has vast knowledge of workouts. He helped me in achieving my goals in a very safest n easy way. Luck to have dipender as my personal trainer. 😊

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  • H. P. VashistaH. P. Vashista
    H. P. Vashista
    South City II, South City 2, Sector 49, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
    (23 reviews)
    • i

      Awesome training session provided by HP sir

    • r

      H P sir u r really a true master fitness trainer. I am blessed that I found u as my personal fitness couch. Thanks a alot.

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  • Shoaib IslamShoaib Islam
    Shoaib Islam
    DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
    (21 reviews)
    • a

      Overall good knowledgable, friendly instructor. Its fun to work out with him. I believe he will get results.

    • m

      He is one of the best trainers and athletes i have been trained under. Holding many national wins and part of international group. He has created as well as modified many techniques which gives his trainees edge over others. His fitness program has made many people super fit including me. The efforts, discipline and the mentorship he provides is commendable. Thanks for all the great work Shoaib.

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  • Pradeep S.Pradeep S.
    Pradeep S.
    Jharsa Village, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
    (20 reviews)
    • r

      Excellent knowledge and training skill. Personally very happy with the commitment and instructions on physical fitness and strength training.

    • a

      Good excercise, great workout, strict when required, stretching is the most awesome

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based on 230 ratings

    Awesome ome


    Its been a short while and he is very punctual, understood my body strength and gave appropriate workout and diet


    Good, earnest


    Bhanu has been awesome in his training. His client services and work ethics are top of the line.


    He is one of the best trainers, i came across. He pushes his clients beyond limits and helps them get the best of results. He is motivating and very dedicated towards his work


    Effective trainer with good knowledge about injuries and how to improve fitness levels without impacting any existing injury.

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Hiring Guide

Hiring Guide - Fitness Trainer at Home in Gurgaon

With pollution becoming such an issue especially in Gurgaon and its surrounding areas, more and more people are feeling the need to start taking their health seriously. At UrbanClap, we understand this need for all of us to get healthy and fit. We have created a category of service experts called Fitness Trainer at Home, who can help you regain your health right from the comfort of your home.

Why Hire a Fitness Trainer at home from UrbanClap in Gurgaon?

  • There are numerous reasons why you need to hire a fitness trainer at home. In addition to helping you find the right workout for yourself, they help you in various other ways. Besides, they fit right into your schedule. In case, you are wondering whether you need to go for a personal fitness trainer or not, we have compiled a list below that may help you decide.

  • Reason # 1: Know What is the Right Workout for You Each of us is built differently. Yes, you may have heard of terms like Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph and so on to distinguish body shapes and sizes, but these are very generalised distinctions. Did you know that people also have different ratios between the upper body and lower body torsos? Or that some people have a far more tolerance for carbohydrates and fat while others can digest protein better? And we are not even going into medical issues like thyroid problems, gluten intolerance and many such complications that we are seeing so often nowadays. How you are made (height, weight, body type) and what you can eat and digest are just some of the many things that determine what is a right workout for you. A personal trainer at home gives you the right plan that you can follow without any health complications. Knowing which exercises work for you and which do not help maximise your efforts.

  • Reason # 2: Learn the Ins and Outs of fitness Exercises and Fitness from Fitness Experts Each fitness exercise has its pre-requirements and gives its own results. Some may require a certain level of fitness before you attempt them. Some may seem difficult but are those that you can start right from day one. A personal trainer helps you understand what each exercise does, which area it helps to perfect and most importantly, how it should be done. Doing an exercise wrongly can result in injuries and sometimes their effect can last well into your advanced years. It is always best to exercise under the experienced eyes of your own trainer. They can help you identify which exercises are best for you right now and which ought to be done when you have achieved a higher degree of fitness.

  • Reason # 3: Set Realistic (read Achievable) Goals Most exercise regimens fail because the goals set are not realistic and achievable. This is what happens when we read of exercise goals from a website, or hear it from the gym instructor or from our friends. We assume what works for others will also work for us. Unfortunately, it never does. As you well know, you are different and your needs are different. A personal trainer helps us to set achievable goals. For example, if you have never done any squats or crunches before, then setting a goal of doing 100 by the end of the month will not work. Taking on more than you can manage is a sure-fire way to get burned out, even before you start exploring your potential.

  • Reason # 4: Achieve Specific Goals You need a fitness trainer at home if you have specific goals in mind like preparing for a half marathon or building up your stamina after an illness. Running a half marathon takes more than stamina. You need to learn how to pace yourself, how to build up your strength and how to push beyond the ‘wall’, among others. You can only do these after you have sat down with your trainer and devised a roadmap (pun intended) for yourself. Having a trainer beside you will allow you to make a gradual transition from regular exercises to event specific ones. You may need to start running 10k’s every weekend to prepare. Simply starting with such a run one fine Saturday will not work. You will need to start with 1-2k’s and move on to 5k’s every day before you schedule in a 10k. Once you have these in place, you need to plan longer ones, even 20k’s once every week. Only after you have completed four to five 20k’s without any problem and within your goal time, should you attempt to run a full half marathon.

  • Reason # 5: Get the Much-Needed Lesson in Self-Discipline Having a personal trainer gives you the one thing that some education experts suggest should be a part of every school curriculum – self-discipline. Having a trainer show up at your doorstep every day means you cannot escape your workout. No more snooze buttons or ‘will do it tomorrow’s. You will notice after a while – experts say 21 days – that you yourself will feel bad if you do not exercise. A note of caution here, it is very easy to break a habit but very difficult to get back on track. Having someone besides you, motivating you, pushing you means you will get to your schedule even after a week-long vacation or a 2-day business trip. Soon, you will notice your day getting better and better. You will be able to finish the books you have been planning to read, take up the hobbies you want to explore and do much more with your day than what was possible earlier. And all this because you took on a personal trainer.

  • Reason # 6: Get Into the Habit of Caring for Yourself Most of us forget to take care of ourselves in the rush of everyday life. The first thing we let go is usually our health. Between running errands for the house to juggling your work, you do not find time to even have a decent meal sometimes, forget taking a walk or a jog. A personal trainer will help you realign your priorities. As the wise say, ‘You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.’ Start training yourself with a personal trainer and you will see your life improve and along with it, the lives of the ones you love.

  • Reason # 7: Become Mentally (and Physically) Tougher One of the key takeaways from any exercise regimen is how tough you become. And we not only mean physical Bruce Lee tough. We mean mentally tough as well. Your health will improve, your immunity will take a boost, and your self-control will take such an upswing that you are likely to be surprised yourself. The reason for these will be the small steps you take every day with your trainer. Once more squat, one more push-up may not mean much when you are ready to give up no matter what. But as you listen to your personal motivator to give it one more go, your body will realise that you are tougher than you thought you were. And this will become the springboard for a life that you cannot imagine even now as you read this.

  • Reason # 8: Get Help with Your Unique Needs A personal trainer is the expert you need to help with your unique needs. Have you recently had a minor surgery or are you recovering from a torn ligament or a fracture? You will notice that even doing simple things can become so tough. Taking a few steps becomes an exercise in itself. Having someone supervise your attempts to get back to normal life means you will not fail in your attempts and neither will you take a long time to recover. For instance, the trainers at UrbanClap are trained to help people with specific requirements. They know what you need and how you need to go about it. Having someone telling you that you can do it when you are ready to give up helps you take those extra steps on the road to full recovery.

  • Reason # 9: Make the Most of Your Time One of the best things about a personal trainer at home is that they work at times that are convenient for you. Are you a homemaker who only gets some free time in the evening after the kids are back from school or a high-flying executive who can afford only an hour in the afternoon or late at night? Whatever be your time restrictions, your personal fitness trainer can help you maximise your time. He or she can also devise a schedule that works for you whenever you are free. This helps you make the most of your time.

  • Reason # 10: Is Easy on the Wallet Most people are surprised at how inexpensive it is to hire a personal trainer. In most cases, it is even cheaper than a gym membership. Most fitness trainers also offer a discount when you hire them long-term. At UrbanClap our Fitness Trainers At Home prices start from something as low as Rs. 6,000 per month for 12 sessions. In fact, the average price is around Rs. 8,000. If you still worry about the cost, think of your non-essential indulgent expenses, leave alone the healthcare bills you will have to fork out. Take a piece of paper and note down the costs you can cut down and you will see you can easily afford one. Plus, the changes that happen to your health and life for the better are actually coming for free with the personal trainer.

Why You Should Hire Fitness Trainers in Gurgaon from UrbanClap?

  • Highly Trained Professionals: All our professionals are trained thoroughly after they are selected. At UrbanClap, we have a highly selective process that ensures we hire only the best of the best for you. We even categorise the trainers based on their expertise and training. Some of our trainers having specialised training and some even have national recognition.

  • Professional Approach with Plans that are Customised for You: Our trainers are experienced professionals who customise their plans for you. For instance, when you sign up for our fitness trainers, you have to choose your reason for choosing a fitness coach. These include weight loss, weight gain, body toning or shaping, and improvement in medical issue, among others. This helps us forward your quote to the right professionals who then further customise their plans and the exercises for you.

  • Experienced and Certified: At UrbanClap, we do thorough background and certification checks on each of our professional trainers. Moreover, we segregate the chosen experts into specific budget brackets based on their qualifications and experience. This ensures you get the best ones within your budget.

  • At Home, At Your Time: Our professionals reach you when you want them to. Their focus is on helping you meet your goals, and they make the effort to help you when you can devote some time for yourself. Moreover, the regimen they set for you is based on your needs. Depending on your goals and fitness levels, they may assign only cardio or Yoga for you or mix them with strength training as well.

  • Trial Sessions at Home: We offer a trial session at home so that you do not regret your choice. At UrbanClap, we understand that you have to be comfortable with the trainer before you can trust him or her to help you through such a personal experience. You should also talk to the trainer and ask them relevant questions so you can make the right choice.

  • Amazing Prices and Offers: Our plans start from as low as Rs. 6,000 per month for 12 sessions per month with our average prices being around Rs. 8,000 only. Moreover, the fitness trainers can give discounts based on how many sessions you do in a month. You can choose the trainer whose prices fit your budget and you can pay online on a monthly basis.

  • Type of Training: The gym instructor helps you train at the gym using the same schedule as they do for others. Though effective, it is more of a generic regimen. Have you ever noticed someone who was once overweight and then joined a gym and lost a lot of weight? If you think back, you will remember the lines around their face or arms that appeared suddenly with the weight loss. This is because they followed a general exercise schedule and not one that gave them the regimen they needed for slow and steady weight loss. A personal trainer or fitness coach can give you that.

  • Focus Area: The focus of the gym instructor is on everyone and not particularly on one individual. The good ones may still give helpful advice to novices and help them get started well but this is more of an exception rather than the norm. Unfortunately, the one-type-fits-all approach usually does not suit a lot of people. One of the main reasons why people skip going to the gym is the lack of this personal touch. A personal fitness trainer, on the other hand, focuses only on you. They consider all aspects like your previous fitness schedule, any dietary restrictions, your body type, etc. to devise a plan that works for you. The custom plan helps you get physically fit much faster. You also get expert attention on your challenges and the expert finds ways in which you can overcome them.

  • Type of Service: The gym instructors are pressed for time, as they have to manage their schedule for all people in the gym. From watching the beginners get used to the cross trainer to helping the professionals using the multi-gym with their weights, it is a rarity to find an instructor with free time on their hands. Even with full focus on their work, they are unable to give attention to everyone who needs them. Alternatively, the personal fitness coach only focuses on you. From checking whether you are breathing correctly when you go for a run to checking your posture when you do the lunges or squats, they are there to help you reach further and higher than you thought you could. The personal service obviously pays dividends and you end up getting a very good idea of what exercises are good for you, how you have to pace yourself and so on.

  • Fitness Regime: The fitness schedule in the gym is based on a generic approach to training. It focuses more on techniques and routines you have to follow. Moreover, the instructor brings her or her own version of routines that has worked for them. In certain instances, it may not work with you. You may find yourself suffering from a niggling pain the elbow that you realise belatedly is because you put more weight than what you ought to have used in the dumbbells. The approach that a personal trainer at home brings is more holistic and the routines and techniques are customised for you. For example, if you have a tendency to put on weight around the middle, then you get a different regimen as compared to another person who tends to accumulate fat near the thighs. Also, you may get a more sports-oriented approach as the personal trainers know that you can easily stay fit if you play a sport or use the same training as used in your favourite sports.

  • Goals Customised for You: Fitness goals should work for you and you should not have to adhere to generic goals of your gym class. Unfortunately, gym instructors cannot give their undivided attention to each of their students. Gyms counter this with class goals or group fitness schedules that set standard goals for everyone. Most cases, these goals are not possible for everyone to achieve. A personal trainer helps you set goals that make sense and are achievable. Lofty targets may look great but you may get burned up during the process. It does not make sense to give-it-all-you-got to achieve a strong goal and not enjoy the journey at all. If this is the case, you are likely to regress back into an unhealthy life as soon as the personal trainer’s time with you is over. It is better to set goals that are achievable, ones that you want to accomplish and which make the whole fitness journey a memorable one.

  • Then, you need to mention when you intend to hire the trainers, i.e. immediately, within a month, etc.

  • After this, you have to consent to the trainer contacting you by phone and enter your location.

  • Thereafter, you need to provide your phone number to sign up or use your Google or Facebook Ids.

  • You will get an OTP that you need to enter and you are done.

Fitness Equipment You Should Have at Home

Whether you hit the gym on a regular basis or prefer to exercise alone, you need to keep some fitness equipment at home, so you can exercise right from the comfort of your home when the weather is too bad or you do not have time to go to the gym. In this section, we look at some of these fitness equipment that you ought to have. These also help you when you hire a fitness trainer at home.

How to Hire a Fitness Trainer in Gurgaon on UrbanClap?

  • Here is a step-by-step guide for hiring a fitness trainer in Gurgaon on UrbanClap

  • Log on to our website or download the UrbanClap app.

  • Type in Fitness Trainer in the Search Box. You will see a few options like Fitness Trainer at Home, Yoga Trainer at Home, Zumba Fitness Dance, etc. Choose Fitness Trainer at Home.

  • You will see a pop-up window prompting you to answer a few questions. Click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

  • You will see a few options like Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Body Toning / Shaping, Improvement in Medical Issue, and Others. Choose the reason you for which you need the trainer.

  • You will then have to select your gender or select if you are a group and your age

  • Next, you need to choose your time slots. You can select as many as you want. The more options you select, the better are your chances of getting a trainer.

  • Thereafter, you need to select your budget according to the below price bracket ( Refer to the Rate Card) :

Personal Trainer VS Gym Instructor

Some of you may wonder how hiring a personal trainer at home works better than having a gym instructor. This section helps you understand how each one works for you.

  • A Skipping Rope: A skipping rope is one of the first things you need to get. It may seem funny that something as simple as this can give you a good workout but try skipping continuously for at least 2 minutes and you will know how hard it is. In fact, skipping rope for 10 minutes is equivalent to running for half an hour. Also, since you can skip rope anywhere makes it one of the few things you can take even on a holiday.

  • An Exercise Mat: An exercise mat, often called a Yoga mat is a must for all floor related exercises. You can use the mat for stretches, ab crunches and pushups, among others. The mat is an essential equipment if you intend to do only cardio or Yoga. When you go to buy one, choose one with a bit of cushion so you don’t suffer from any soreness. Also, a mat which you can wet wipe or wash easily is better as you can clean it regularly and prevent any bacteria or fungus from building up.

  • An Exercise Cycle: If you are looking for home fitness equipment that you must have, then an exercise bike comes right after a skipping rope and an exercise mat. There are multiple options to choose from and it is always best to consult an expert before you buy one. For instance, the resistance is different. In some it is Air Resistance while in others there is Magnetic Resistance. And then there are upright bikes and recumbent bikes. There is also a version called Spin bikes which provide more intensive workouts.

  • A Treadmill: A treadmill is a good equipment to have when you prefer to work out from your home. You can easily do 3-5 kilometres of walking, jogging or running whenever you want. If you stay in a rainy place, then this is a must-have item in your home gym. Like with exercise bikes, there are also various versions of treadmills from the basic to the most advanced. Talk to one of our at home personal trainers before buying one as they can guide you and help you choose the best one for you.

  • An Elliptical Trainer: Unlike an exercise cycle that only works your legs muscles, an elliptical trainer (also called a cross trainer) helps exercise the arms also. Some people also favour them to the treadmill, as the stress on your knees is lesser. Most of the better trainers come with automated modes that let you ramp up the pace slowly over time. Choosing the right cross trainer can be a bit difficult as compared to choosing the right exercise bike or treadmill. We suggest talking with an expert or even our fitness trainers before you buy one, especially as these trainers can be quite expensive.

  • A Pull Up Bar: Along with the skipping rope and the Yoga mat, a pull up bar is one of the least expensive things you can buy. You should buy the bar after you have started exercising as pull ups are one of the tougher exercises in any workout regimen. Experts recommend that you strengthen your back muscles first and then buy these bars. Once you start using the bar regularly, you will notice a significant increase in your upper body strength.

  • A Punching Bag and Boxing Gloves: The punching bag usually tops most home fitness equipment lists as it not only increases your strength but also relives your stress. Using your legs to kick the bag gives you a lower body workout also. When you buy the bag, remember to buy boxing gloves also or you may hurt your hand if you start punching without any protective gear.

  • Adjustable Dumbbells: There are different types of dumbbells out there but adjustable dumbbells are the best. Since the weights are of different sizes, you can fit the weights you want and do all the exercises without having to buy another pair. The best thing about them is that you can use them when you are starting out and even a few years down the line when you are all pumped up.

  • A Weight-Lifting Bench: If you are planning to do some strength training, then a weight lifting bench is something you ought to consider. The bench allows you to change positions without straining your back or getting out of form. This is a specialised equipment and you should buy it only after you have consulted an expert trainer.

  • A Rowing Machine: This machine is not given that much importance but is actually one of the most effective ones around if you want to lose weight. The best thing about it is its effectiveness for dealing with back and joint problems. The movement is same as rowing on a boat and the level of exercise is similar. The machine is also a great one for getting in a good cardio workout right at your home.

Rate Card

TypeExperienceBudget Per Month(For 12 Sessions)
BasicUp to 3 years of experienceRs. 6,000 - 7,000 per month
ExperiencedUp to 3-5 years of experienceRs. 7,000 - 8,500 per month
ExpertMore than 5 years of experienceRs. 8,500 - 10,500 per month
PremiumSpecialised trainers with exceptional recordRs. 10,500 - 11,500 per month
Best in ClassNationally recognised trainersRs. 11,500 - 13,000 per month

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