Eureka Forbes RO Repair Services in Delhi

Have you been trying to look at Eureka Forbes RO water purifier repair service in New Delhi and having a tough time? We offer the best local services in the comfort of your home at competitive prices. We have carefully crafted a panel of highly trusted and experienced professionals after personally handpicking them through a stringent quality test. These professionals specialise in repairing all major brands, makes and models of water purifiers such as PureIt, Kent, Aquaguard etc. Our services are available in all areas of Delhi be it Hauz Khas, Rohini, Punjabi Bagh or even Shahdara.


22 Eureka Forbes in New Delhi

  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar
    East of Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi, India
    (1111 reviews) 458 times rated 5 star
    • p

      As always. He is excellent.

    • a

      Excellent job done. Well behaved professional.

  • Shiv Kumar
    Shiv Kumar
    Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, India
    (833 reviews) 331 times rated 5 star
    • s

      Humble and supportive agent ..happy with service but unhappy with Bill from Urban clap as they should generate proper descriptive bill

    • r

      Excellent job done by professional. Must recommended.

  • Deepak Rajput
    Deepak Rajput
    Vinod Nagar East, Delhi, India
    (725 reviews) 195 times rated 5 star
    • n

      Professional and expert in RO servicing

    • l

      Very nice person and job done fantastically

  • Mukesh Kumar
    Mukesh Kumar
    Badarpur, Delhi, India
    (716 reviews) 205 times rated 5 star
    • p

      Excellent helpful...was so efficient in doing his work

    • m

      He charged waaaayyyyyy toooo much! 1400!!!!

  • Lalit Sehgal
    Lalit Sehgal
    Rani Bagh, Delhi, India
    (601 reviews) 148 times rated 5 star
    • s

      The man was knowledgeable and did his job with patience. He used authentic filters with bar coding. I am happy with his work.

    • r

      Rectified the problem within minutes. Great person overall with complete skill & knowledge. A straight 10/10 recommendation.

  • Sompal Singh
    Sompal Singh
    Tri Nagar, Delhi, India
    (587 reviews) 207 times rated 5 star
    • v

      Wonderful man very help full and decent Get more people like him @ urbanclap

    • p

      Give me good advice and give genuine remark

  • Ajay Vig
    Ajay Vig
    Delhi Store, Pankha Road, Block D, JJ Colony, Uttam Nagar, Delhi, India
    (562 reviews) 146 times rated 5 star
    • a

      He is so patient. Gave ample of time. Cleaned every thing thoroughly! Told minute details. Impressed with his working!

    • h

      He is doing very good job thank you so much

  • Harjeet Singh
    Harjeet Singh
    Patel Nagar, Delhi, India
    (537 reviews) 122 times rated 5 star
    • a

      Excellent service given by the engineer .. i am very happy

    • k

      Very cooperative, experienced and determined executive. Wish him all the best !

  • Puneet Kumar Gola
    Puneet Kumar Gola
    Jaitpur, New Delhi, Delhi, India
    (441 reviews) 156 times rated 5 star
    • a


    • s

      He came on time. Was nice to talk to and friendly. Changed the sediment filter and membrane. Used standard stuff. Could have given a better price. Checked with Amazon later and realised that they were slightly overpriced. Don't blame him though given Urban clap will probably take lot of cut from basic charge. Also he told about options only when asked. Was a little wary that I was asking him many questions. But, overall a good guy for the job. Little careless with internal electrical though. Should be more careful. May unwittingly burn stuff. Do call him for your repairs work. Much better than most of the others.

  • Sumit Kumar
    Sumit Kumar
    West Vinod Nagar, Delhi, India
    (412 reviews) 123 times rated 5 star
    • a

      Very nice and supportive service. Soft spoken and good work is done by Sumit

    • n

      Great work inliked his service he is very prodessional with thourough knowlege

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the need to get my RO serviced regularly?

    It is of utmost importance. In a regular servicing session, which is done by trained professionals, all the filters of your water purifier are cleaned. Also, the pre-filter candle is changed… These are a must to ensure your family gets the cleanest possible water to drink.

  • After how much time should I get my Eureka Forbes RO water purifier serviced?

    Eureka Forbes water purifier needs regular service within 3 to 4 months, as advised by health and hygiene protection units. Even if you are living in an area where the TDS level is less than 10%, you must get the servicing done on time.

  • Is RO-purified water good for health?

    As the Reverse Osmosis procedure wipes out the bacteria, lead and contamination in your drinking water, it ensures your well-being.

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All About RO Repair

Eureka Forbes RO Repair service in Delhi

One of the leaders in protecting the health and hygiene of India, Eureka Forbes adapts its products to suit home as well as work environments. Water, among of the most important element of human survival, has been contaminated over time due to human activity. No water body is safe for consumption until purified. Eureka Forbes RO water purifier cleanses your drinking water with its RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology, removing TDS and microbiological contaminants from water, the excess of which can destroy human body parts. Just like every other RO water purifier, Eureka Forbes also needs servicing from time to time. UrbanClap, with its Eureka Forbes RO repair service, solves your problem. The professionally qualified technicians at UrbanClap are available for you at the shortest notice, whenever and wherever you need.

How does it work?

Open UrbanClap on your computer or mobile app and simply type ‘RO or water purifier repair’. The website shall ask you a few basic questions about the brand name and the model which you own. It shall also give you tips and information about your water purifier. Once you have gone through these steps, you can choose which service you require. A professional technician will be at your service at your assigned location and time.

Services Offered in Eureka Forbes RO Repair in Delhi

  • Installation: If you have bought a new water purifier, or have moved to a new house, choose this option to get your Eureka Forbes Water Purifier installed by a professional.

  • Un-installation: In case you are moving into a new flat, choose this option to get your Eureka Forbes Water Purifier uninstalled by a professional.

  • Basic Servicing: It’s a must to get your Eureka Forbes water purifying machine cleaned inside out after every 3 to 4 months. Choose this option to get the basic servicing done.

  • Regular Servicing: If you feel your machine needs cleaning from inside and outside after every six months, opt for this service.

  • Comprehensive Servicing: In case you want your Eureka Forbes water purifying machine cleaned from inside and outside after every 10 to 12 months, choose this option.

Why UrbanClap Eureka Forbes RO Repair in Delhi ?

  • Well-polished experts: The repair servicemen at UrbanClap are professional experts. Their key skills and knowledge are well tested to ensure you get the best service.

  • Sterility: All UrbanClap servicemen use professional tools to ensure that your high levels of hygiene do not suffer.

  • Insurance: In case any damage is done to your product while servicing, UrbanClap offers an insurance cover of up to Rs 10,000

  • Open-ended procedure: Wherever you may be, the staff from UrbanClap provides you the service at your doorstep, at the time specified by you.

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