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Delhi, for long, has been a land of insane birthday parties, and insane birthday parties need the best birthday party planners in Delhi. Be it with best friends, or with family, people tend to find one excuse or the other for a birthday party. Urban Company is offering the best birthday party planners in Delhi, to make your party standout. Surprising your loved ones with creative birthday party games and great birthday party decorations has never been easier. Since we have best birthday party planners in Delhi with us, we assure you the best. Best birthday party planners in Delhi? Urban Company. ...


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    • Tictac Junctions
    • Tictac Junctions
    • Tictac Junctions
    Tictac Junctions
    Tictac Junctions
    Ghaziabad, Block B, Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
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      Very beautiful work done by professional and in quick time too

    • Ocean Gallery
    • Ocean Gallery
    • Ocean Gallery
    Ocean Gallery
    Ocean Gallery
    Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
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      Liked his professional approach and good work.

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      Great work done by him and very quickly. Would love to use his service again.

  • Trio Zest
    Trio Zest

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5 Birthday Party Trends in Delhi

People in Delhi know how to have fun at birthday parties and if you send them invitations for a theme party, you can be sure that everyone will be dressed their best keeping the theme in mind. Until a few years ago, pink and princess themes were all that birthday parties used to be for little girls, teens, and grown up ladies. Times have changed and even planners try to find creative and unique themes for birthday parties. Here are 5 birthday party trends currently popular in Delhi:

Your kid’s birthday is perhaps the most favourite day of the year for him or her. Children eagerly wait for their special day to get amazing presents and have a good time with friends and family. Even adults love to celebrate their birthdays by throwing parties or doing something special on this special day.

A great birthday party has have a theme, decoration, games, return gifts, etc. to make it special. If you want to celebrate your or your child’s birthday, you need to do it in style. And you cannot do the same thing you did last year.

Since all of us have plenty of other responsibilities in our lives, it really helps if there is someone to help us plan and carry out a great birthday party. It is best to hire a birthday planner since they can do the heavy lifting on your behalf and help you pull off a memorable birthday party.

  • You Too Can Have a Good Time: A birthday party is a special occasion and you do not want to miss having fun at the party. However, if you are the one planning it, your focus will be on making sure that the party goes as planned. With the stress of keeping it all together and making sure that everything goes smoothly, you might not be able to truly enjoy the party. If you let a birthday party planner take over, you can leave all the arrangements and stress behind and focus on having a good time.

  • Get a Perfect Party: If you are a newbie at planning parties, there are chances that you may not be able to think of some truly creative birthday party themes or execute them well. If you want to throw your child a Minion-theme party, you cannot just get minion balloons and call it a theme. You need to keep the colour scheme in mind for party decorations, get the cake with a design inspired by minions, have a few props, etc. An event planner who has expertise in planning birthday parties will be able to do a much better job of pulling off a fantastic party.

  • They Take Care of Everything: If you hire birthday planners, all you need to do is to tell them the party date, venue choices, guest list, and a few other details. They will find unique and creative birthday party theme ideas, find a venue of your choice, send invitations, hire a caterer for the menu of your preference, bring the cake, purchase and prepare party favours, etc. They will take care of every tiny little detail to ensure that you and your guests have a great time.

  • Save on Costs: Most people think that birthday party planners are unaffordable and it is better to plan everything oneself. Nothing can be further from the truth. For example, the birthday party planners at Urban Company can take care of everything within your budget and start as low as Rs. 10,000. If you plan the party yourself, you are likely to spend much more than what the birthday planner would spend, for the simple reason that you do not know the price of one thing from another. You may think 100 use-and-throw plates at Rs. 500 is a steal while the actual price may be lower. Add other costs like cost of the cake, return presents, theme memorabilia, etc. and you will end up paying significantly more. Better to hire a party planner.

Once you have completed the questionnaire and confirmed your contact details, we will send your choices to our birthday party planners in Delhi who fit the bill. They will then contact you shortly after. You can ask different event planners to share their birthday party planner’s price list and hire one who suits your budget.

If you want to plan a birthday party or want to hire a birthday party planner, it helps to be familiar with a few birthday party ideas that are popular right now. Event planners are getting really creative these days and planning parties with innovative themes. Kids birthday party ideas are no longer restricted to Disney themes. Here are 10 most popular birthday party themes:

  • Barbie Theme: For decades, Barbie has been one of the most popular toys for girls. Since there are so many Barbie fans out there, a Barbie-themed birthday party is always popular amongst girls. Many teenage girls also adore Barbie and want to dress up like one on their birthdays. Tiaras, gorgeous gowns, makeup and yummy food complete this birthday theme.

  • Animal Theme: Kids love to connect with nature and if you take them to the zoo, they get fascinated with the animals and birds. Use the animals or birds they love as a theme for their birthday party. Kids learn even when they are playing and this can be great way to tell them more about their favourite animals. Party decorations and food matching the theme can also be pretty easy to find since this is one of most popular birthday party themes for both boys and girls right now.

  • Princess Theme: There are so many Disney princess movies that you can make a birthday party theme based on each one of them. Whether it is Snow White, Ariel, Belle, and Aurora from the past or the new Disney princesses like Anna and Elsa, young girls can have a lot of fun dressing up as princesses and having props to act like a princess for a day. Disney movies love to teach life lessons and you can make sure that your little ones get involved by playing games related to the lesson that the movie teaches.

  • Lego Theme: Young children love to play with Lego bricks and this makes it a fun theme for a birthday party whether it is for a girl or a boy. There are so many games for a kid’s birthday party with a Lego theme that time will fly and your guests will be left wanting more. You can have a Lego-theme cake, Lego-installation decorations, Lego-building contests, Lego characters, etc. to create the feel of Lego land at the party venue.

  • Harry Potter Theme: The last book of Harry Potter ended the adventures of the young wizard but the theme is still popular for kids and teen birthday parties. Dressing up like the characters, using props to act like wizards and magicians, this theme offers loads of excitement and fun. If you hire someone for decorations, they can transform the venue into a different world altogether, perhaps a world where magic exists.

  • Rockstar Theme: Everyone has their favourite celebrities and rockstars whether they are young or grown up. And a party that asks them to dress up as their favourite rockstar is sure to get one excited. Based on the rock band or rockstar you choose, you can have karaoke and lots of singing and dancing. Catchy music and amazing lights can help create the ambience for a rockstar night.

  • Hollywood Theme: Grown up birthday parties do not need to be dull and boring. A Hollywood themed birthday party where people can dress up as any movie character can turn out to be a lot of fun. Alternatively, you can choose a movie as a theme and let everyone come as their own version of the movie’s cast. Use props and decorations to make the venue feel like the movie set.

  • Celebrity Theme: Love Priyanka Chopra, Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga? Dress up as your favourite celebrity at the next celebrity theme birthday party. It can be so exciting trying to be someone that you have always looked up to whether it is a celebrity of today’s generation or someone from the past (take for example Mumtaz or Elizabeth Taylor!). Walk, dress, and talk like them at the party and even play games as if you are the celebrity. A theme party for grown-ups can help them have fun just like children.

  • Period or Era Themes: Teach yours kids about the past and rich history or just use a decade of your choice as your birthday theme. Many grownups love the fashion and style of 1960s and love to have birthday parties organised around the theme. Play music from the era, let people try playing drums like Shammi Kapoor or the guitar like George Harrison. Dancing the Twist can be really fun. Trying to live in an era for a few hours can be an amazing way to let one’s hair down and enjoy.

  • Emoji Theme: Emoticons are everywhere and people chat using emoticons these days rather than typing the words. Choose to go for an emoji party and go emoji-crazy. Have photobooths where guests can use emoji props to get their photos clicked, put up emoji balloons at the venue, and even include emoji-accessories as party favours to give your guests as a memento for the amazing emoji birthday party.

Why Do You Need Birthday Party Planners?

Your love and affection may help you in planning and organising a great birthday party but chances are it may also drive you mad. Plenty of things can go wrong when you try to pull off a birthday party, even if you plan well. If you are still wondering whether it is a good idea to hire birthday party planners, here are a few reasons why hiring them makes sense:

Rate Card

4 Weeks Before the Birthday PartySet the party date (if it is different from the birthday date) Prepare the guest list Decide the theme of the party Prepare the birthday party invitations Book a photographer
3 Weeks Before the Birthday PartyPlan the menu Create the grocery list Send invitations Finalise party favours Purchase party favours Get party supplies
2 Weeks Before the Birthday PartyCheck out cakes Order cake Finalise 2-4 fun activities involving the birthday party theme
1 Week Before the Birthday PartyGo over the guest list and contact guests that haven’t replied Purchase any pending party favours or supplies Confirm the booking with the photographer
3 Days Before the Birthday PartyBuy or order food and drinks Prepare party favours Confirm the cake order with the baker
1-2 Days Before the Birthday PartyDecorate your home Start prepping up for food Check that you have sufficient number of plates, cutlery, glasses, etc.
1 Week After the Birthday PartySend thank-you notes Share the photos and videos from the party with the guests

Checklist for Planning a Birthday Party at Home

If you are one of those people who love to plan and throw birthday parties for your loved ones, there is no reason that you cannot pull it off. With a little planning and effort, you can be a great birthday party planner yourself. Here is a comprehensive checklist to help you get started: (refer to the rate card)

  • Disney Theme: Disney characters can never go out of trend even when it comes to birthday party themes. It is one of those birthday party ideas that are suitable for both girls and boys. There are so many Disney characters that both children and teens can have fun dressing up like their favourite characters. The decorations, party ideas, etc. are also easy to find since it has been a popular birthday party theme for decades. Party games for kids are so easy and fun that the little ones are going to remember the party forever.

  • Pirate Theme: Another birthday party theme that is equally popular among kids and grown-ups is the pirate theme. It is one of the most popular birthday themes since people can dress up according to theme easily and the birthday party decorations for this theme are also easy to find in the market. People can pull off pirate theme birthday parties on their own if they do not want to hire a birthday event planner.

  • Colour Theme: If you are looking for an easy kids birthday party themes, a colour theme party is going to be your best bet. You can go for the favourite colour of the birthday boy or girl as theme or choose any random colour for the party. Hire party decorators to make the venue look amazing instead of just covering it with balloons. Since it is a simple theme, dressing up is going to be an easy task for you and your guests. If a single colour sounds too restrictive, go for a groups of colours such as pastels, gold and black, red and green, etc.

  • Beach or Underwater Theme: Delhi is so far away from the coastal areas that a beach or underwater theme birthday party is sure to make everyone feel excited. Whether you plan the party in the scorching summer or in the harsh winter, an underwater themed birthday party is definitely a great way to ignore the weather and have a lot of fun playing birthday party games and munching on delicacies. For children, you can put up animated characters such as Sponge Bob or Ariel in the decorations and have the characters on cupcakes and snacks as well.

  • Black Light Theme: Reserved usually for the grown-ups, a black light theme is usually favoured by Delhiites. Many event management companies and wedding planners have used this theme in the past on different occasions. It is extremely popular since people need to find ways to stand out in the dark by wearing neon colours, sporting crazy accessories, spraying their clothes with a glow-in-the-dark fabric paint, or wearing makeup that glows in black light. A note of caution, this party is best avoided for kids as they may get frightened in the dark.

  • Visit our website or download the Urban Company app.

  • Select your city from the drop down.

  • Type in ‘Birthday’ and select the ‘Birthday Party Planners’ option. Alternatively, click on the ‘Weddings & Events’ menu displayed under the Search field and then select ‘Birthday Party Planners’ from the displayed options.

  • You will see a pop-up that will say that you will be asked a few questions. Click on the ‘Get Started’ button.

  • You will get four options: 1st birthday, kid’s birthday (Aged 2 - 12 years), teen’s birthday (Aged 13 - 19 years), and adult’s birthday (Aged 20 & above). Choose the option applicable in your case.

  • On the next screen, select the birthday party date on the displayed calendar.

  • Now, choose the number of guests you are expecting at the party.

  • Then, choose the birthday party planning services you need. You will have five options: i. Complete Party Planning (Decoration, Entertainment & Activities, Photographer, Return Gifts & Invites) ii. Decoration, Entertainment & Activities iii. Decoration & Photographer iv. Entertainment & Activities Only v. Decoration Only

  • Choose the option that fits your party budget.

  • Choose the venue where you plan to organise the party out of the given three options: i. At my building/colony hall ii. At my home, or iii. At an external party/event venue

  • Now, choose your location.

  • Once you are done, enter your phone number to get an OTP or use your Google or Facebook credentials to sign in

Once you realise how important hiring a birthday party planner is for the success of the event, you are bound to try and find the best ones to hire for the next birthday party in the calendar. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you hire birthday party planners from Urban Company:

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