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Hiring Guide

  • Modern: By modern design, we mean the epitome of grace and elegance coupled with on point functionality. It has a minimalistic tendency with little to no flamboyance that might take up extra space and effort. Modern bathrooms leave you with a simple and clean feeling. Neutral colors are made use of, such as black, white, beige, brown with the occasional accessorizing. Latest features in bathroom design are usually incorporated into this theme and it is a little flexible when compared to minimalistic style. You can also make use of geometric shapes and patterns and clean straight lines.

  • Traditional: A traditional bathroom design is usually inspired by various eras from the history (read Victorian and colonial styles) in its décor, use of materials, and basic layout and design. Traditional bathrooms always remain fashionable and are characterized by the clean lines, wood, marble etc. This design is an epitome of sophistication and simplicity. the color white is seen commonly in this style. You can add your own personal touch by adding plants. Countertops are generally made out of natural materials like stone, porcelain, granite or slate. Tiles are commonly used for walls and flooring both. If you are designing your bathroom in a colonial fashion, maple, oak and cherry are the most commonly used woods. Colors mainly used in this style apart from white can include brown, blue, red and green.

  • Minimalistic: Bathrooms are usually smaller in area when compared with other room sin a home. With a tub, a shower, a sink and a toilet thrown in, they get even smaller. This is where minimalism comes into play, to keep things plain and simple. Utilize neutral and earthy color tones like white or grey for the walls and use bright, vibrant colors only as accents. This keeps the bathroom looking breezy and fresh. To minimalize is to declutter. Eliminate the clutter by minimizing on unnecessary accessories. You can create a sense of contrast by accessorizing in darker colors to make the color pop and keeping it stylish without bringing in unnecessary objects. Use simple materials like wood and concrete in the all-white background to play around with colors and textures. This is not only aesthetically pleasant but adds a touch of warmth to the décor of your bathroom. All that is placed in your bathroom serves a dual-purpose pf beauty and functionality. There is no room for things without a purpose. Even the simple things like a towel rack etc should be used efficiently and placed appropriately.

  • Eclectic: Eclectic style can be thought of as an amalgamation or meting pot of various styles. Any style that is fluid and does not fit with the conventions of a popular, well known style can be thought of as eclectic. It basically is go with the flow or anything you like. Choose your colors wisely. You can not go frivolous with the color scheme even in a flexible style like eclectic. Colors can make or break the décor. Make use of colored chips, color wheel or learn a bit or two about the color theory to find that perfect color scheme for your bathroom. Similarly, with textures and materials, a lot can be done, and you can have a lot of fun in the time being as well. You can mix wood and stone with metal, matte textures with shiny etc. You can pit one style in one part of the room and another on the other part.

  • Rustic: There is something about the rustic style of décor that speaks about homeliness and warmth and a sense of familiarity. The rustic look is all about playing with textures. Reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, rough stone and cast iron are all part of rustic bathroom decor ideas. Rustic look brings with itself a certain character despite being subtle. You can bring out the rustic flair by making use of a lot of ideas after doing your thorough research or after consulting the right professional. Decorative beams, a wooden accent wall, wrought iron hardware are some ideas that are sure to metamorphose your bathroom into a rustic haven. Consider your bathroom’s natural lighting before implementing any of these ideas. You can opt for a light whitewash on wood, for instance, to reflect more light and keeping the room well lit.

Bathroom Remodeling and Design Ideas

Bathroom décor can sometimes be like the neglected middle child when it comes to the art of home design and decor. Choosing the wrong style or simply paying less heed to the bathroom can make it appear like the odd one out in your otherwise uber stylish house. Bathrooms are fast transitioning from a purely functional, private space to luxurious and lavish relaxing areas. A beautifully done bathroom, thus, not only adds value but also comfort and sophistication to your home

If you don’t want to demolish your existing bathroom design and start from scratch, you can always go the remodeling route. Bathroom renovation and remodeling can be a cumbersome and tedious task which consumes a lot of time. It is also very vital to the overall home décor. The right professional has to be identified and trusted with the job. It is very difficult to manage different types of people, and supervise every process that is taking place. Hiring an architect or a designer helps, but most people don’t really trust their contractors to execute the work. UrbanClap gives you a platform to hire your own contractors based on the work you want them to do. Here, you can hire a trustworthy contractor to give your bathroom a glam makeover that complements the overall beauty of your house.

To get started on your renovation ideas, make a note of the things that need to be focused on to get a clear idea of where to begin. You start off with the color scheme and the overall style of bathroom. Walls and flooring come net in the process. Personalize as much as you can try to incorporate your ideas and individuality in your bathroom. Then come the plumbing, sinks and faucets cabinets, shower, tub, fittings, sanitary ware, lighting, storage etc.

Where can I find Bathroom design and remodeling ideas?

The dedicated team of professionals (Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Wall Painters) which are a part of the UrbanClap family will make sure that you always have a solution to all your queries about home decor. Our UrbanClap Homes portal showcases nearly 5000 projects which you can browse for inspiration and finding tailor-made bathroom design ideas for you. Think of UrbanClap Homes as a one stop solution for all things related to house plans and designs.

How do I start with bathroom design or bathroom renovation?

First and foremost, have a budget plan charted out. That is the first step in both the cases whether you are starting from scratch or just remodeling. If you are on a tight budget, you can go focus on the smaller details in your bathroom to freshen up the look and feel instead of replacing everything, which can get somewhat expensive. Even with smaller changes, your bathroom can get its due makeover and a brand-new look., without pinching your pocket. Then take a look at the wiring, pipelines and plumbing system of your exiting bathroom, in case of remodeling, select a style that agrees with this system and can be implemented without much hassle. According to the needs of your family, pick out a style and design that is just a win-win situation for everyone. Once you have made that decision, you can then go on to consult trusted and pre-verified professionals on UrbanClap and leave it all to them, after having given a careful look to their past work.

What major things should I focus on, in my bathroom?

Major components of a beautiful and ideal bathroom are the correct choice of a color scheme that looks pleasant and not like a mistake that you will regret every time you have a glance at it, convenience of use, appropriate designing and attention to detail.

  • Color scheme: Color scheme is the most fundamental element of bathroom décor. The color that is chosen will affect the overall ambience in the bathroom. A basic thumb rule, when picking out the color scheme is use of dark colors in bigger bathrooms and lighter colors in relatively smaller bathrooms. Dark color tomes give away a luxurious and sophisticated fell when used appropriately. On the other hand, lighter hues are pleasing and soothing to the eye whilst creating an illusion of space and make the bathroom feel less cramped and congested.

  • Walls and flooring: With walls and flooring come an array of options that you can handpick to give your bathroom that unique look which resonates with your style and personality. Choice of style must be kept in mid while picking these two out as spatially, they are the largest components of any space. White is a common go to color for many people as it can be clubbed with other colors to give a balanced and chic look. The natural light that penetrates the space also has a great impact on deciding the color scheme o the bathroom. You can take note of all these factors before taking an informed decision. Tiles on both walls and the floor is a very popular idea among homeowners mainly because of ease of use as compared to paint, which needs to be touched up very frequently. Concrete floors are an up and coming trend in the industrial cum minimalistic look. Why only stop at tiles? You can also consider other materials such as at porcelain, vinyl, natural stone, engineered wood, laminate, solid hardwood etc.

  • Lighting: Lighting is another important component of bathroom design. It can get a little tricky because of many questions that arise, such as which light are to be used? Where should the lights be places? Which points need to be illuminated? A bathroom should never be poorly lit because of the multipurpose nature of this space. The size of the bathroom is the main thing that must be considered while picking out the right lighting. Smaller bathrooms pose new challenges to lighting and they can be made to appear larger, brighter and more welcoming with the correct dash of lighting, with their placement strategized properly. For smaller spaces, you can go for inlaid lights in cabinets or mirrors. For bigger bathrooms, ceiling mounted lights can be considered to give a royal look.

What are the different types of bathroom designs?

Home décor can be called a science of its own. It is superbly vast and has many nuances to it. Your bathroom can be designed in a variety of styles and designs, based on your selection. Mentioned below are the broad styles that bathroom decor can be distinguished into.

How do I design my small bathroom?

Having a small bathroom can be a bit of a challenge to overcome but they are in no way uncommon. Most bathrooms in Indian apartments are small and compact in comparison to the other rooms. Small bathrooms can be made into something stylish and chic with the right tips and tricks. We at UrbanClap have jotted down some practical and usable small bathroom ideas just for your perusal.

  • Pick out furniture and accessories in accordance to the size of your bathroom. Oddly picked out furniture is a strict no no when the square footage is already too little. When your bathroom is small, simply stick to the bare minimum because large chunky pieces of furniture crowd up the space and can significantly make it appear smaller.

  • Bathroom storage can be a tough nut to crack while styling smaller bathrooms. Every bathroom has some bare minimum basics like towels, toilet paper, daily supplies, makeup etc. that need to be stored and one can simply not do without them. Do not waste your precious space on bulky accessories and storage cabinets. Instead go the smart way by making use of for instance, hooks on the back of the door for towels, pouches that can be stuck on the door or the walls holding small supplies, cabinets set inside the walls etc.

  • Make use of neutral hues that cover the floor, walls and even the bathing area and the toilet area. This creates an illusion of extended space, something that is never ending and airy. Breaking up the bathroom in separate areas can make it look even smaller than it is. You can play with the accent wall technique to jazz things up a little.

  • Accent walls can add depth to a narrow bathroom and look very fashionable. They are a welcome change for the eye and are an excellent way to spice things up, especially when you are on a budget. You can consider a bold color, pattern, texture or even something as simple as exposed bricks to give your bathroom an elegant and opulent flavor.

  • Minimalism is one style of design that will never be out of fashion. Go minimalistic and get rid of anything that is remotely unnecessary or redundant in your bathroom. But this surely does not mean that you can’t show off your creative chops. You can make use of light and freestanding furniture that can be moved around and is not fixed. It will also enable you to mix things up by moving this furniture when you need a breath of fresh air.

  • Optimize the usage of vertical space to get the most out of your smaller than usual bathroom. Open shelves stacked vertically one over the other can be a great way to store things and save a lot of space, simultaneously.

  • Maximize your space visually with floating fittings because they are light, and majority of the floor is visible which adds to the perception of space. You can use the area underneath these fittings to store smaller items like toiletries, supplies, makeup etc.

  • Another smart hack to make a small bathroom appear large is to use the same tiles on the floor as well as the walls. The continuous run of tiles makes your compact bathroom appear spacious and as stated above, floating fixtures or wall hung fixtures will further save the space. For this purpose too, make use of natural colors.

How do I design my bathroom on a tight budget?

There’s nothing in life that a human can’t do. Well, within the bounds of reason of course. Think twice when you feel that you cannot amp up the look and feel of your bathroom even if you are on a tight budget. We make sure that there something for everyone. Read on for some stellar suggestions from our side by making use of which, you can bring out the superstar in your bathroom, within no time.

  • Make use of combining tiles with paint. Tiles are expensive, and you even have to pay the contractor extra bucks to lay them out for you. You can also use expensive tiles with relatively cheaper ones by sing the former as an accent.

  • Update your light fixtures, sinks, fitting and faucets, and smaller things like the towel rack and drawer and door handles for a brand new look. These things might seem insignificant but can makes a hell lot pf difference in the overall appearance of the bathroom. Instead of changing all the fixtures and fittings, simply retouch them by polishing them again, in case you are not willing to change them entirely.

  • Frame your bathroom mirror or perhaps cover its perimeter with large bubs that take you back in time, on an old film set. You can also tile it in a striking color that pops out.

  • Instead of splurging on an expensive stone countertop or slab, go for tiles in neutral colors like tan, brown and beige.

  • Repainting has always proved to be an efficient way to give your bathroom a new look on a budget. Use paints of good quality with a satin finish because humidity and temperatures change frequently in a bathroom. You can also finish off by painting your ceiling a different color to make your bathroom fancy, thriftily.

What are the hottest trends in bathroom décor?

Ambience is everything when it comes to one’s bathroom. Here is a quick guide especially for you that will update you on the latest trends in bathroom designs.

  • Colorful, retro style tiles are making their way back in vogue. You can either go for bright, pop colored tiles laid out to perfection or go for that diner style black and white floor tiles. Loud, patterned also do the deed. You can go for bold designs with big swirly patterns. The rest of the space must be kept neutral, for maximum effect of these playful tile designs.

  • Get rid of the monotony by placing beautiful and fun artwork in your bathroom. It can either be a bold wallpaper or strategically placed paintings.

  • Warm toned gold and brass faucets are back again, straight from the days of yore. They add a touch of luxury to your bathroom and simply look unique and gorgeous. You can complement your other hardware, light fixtures, mirrors with these fittings.

  • Placing or hanging plants in your bathroom breaks the spell of the usual neutral and earthy tones in the bathroom by adding a dash of color. Plants are really soothing to look at and purify the air too. They are very much in fashion right now and will help you completely relax and destress.

  • Go for a pristine, all white on white bathroom for a touch of grace and wholesomeness. You can combine different shades of white for the toilet, countertops, cabinets and the tiles for this sophisticated look.

  • Wood is a no brainer and, actually, it never went out of style. Faux wooden flooring can give off a warm and royal experience. It also makes the bathroom feel bigger and more spacious. Actual wooden flooring might get damaged in the long run, so you can pick our other alternatives like wooden laminate which is essentially thin layers of wood hard pressed together and covered with a synthetic sheet. Laminates replicate the look of hardwood flooring and are relatively cost effective.

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