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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the main reason for breeding of ants?

    Ants are generally found breeding in areas which are close to the kitchen. They are attracted to slime, oil, grease and left-over food.

  • What steps can I take to exterminate the infestation of ants?

    The prime objective is to clean the house regularly, especially the kitchen area. However, after the infestation, one can use sprays and repellents, but these may not give 100 percent results. Professional assistance from UrbanClap will go a long way in solving this problem.

  • Is the ant control process complicated?

    UrbanClap provides you the fastest and the most convenient service. You can choose our Ant Control service for an absolutely harmless and a trouble-free experience.

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All About Pest Control

Delhi, the capital of India, is a highly populated city. With the increasing population and simultaneously increasing pollution, pest infestation is a common sight here! Of all kinds of infestation, ant infestation is also a common problem in this city. We Generally, they are found in and around the kitchen area feeding on the left-overs, oil and grease clogs and sweet items. They can spread germs and cause severe diseases. It becomes important to get rid of them at the earliest and the best solutions for this are offered by UrbanClap’s Ant control service in the city. This service guarantees an ant free home for a safe and healthy living.

How it works?

To avail of this facility, visit the UrbanClap website or use our mobile application, which has a user-friendly interface. Log in and search for ‘Ant control services’, then respond to the questions that appear on the page. The questions are related to the service required and the area of your apartment. After filling this, you will be required to specify a time and location where you would like to avail of the service. This information is then transferred to the experts and they will reach out to you with effective solutions.

Services Offered

  • 1. Inspection: Ants live in nests and to eradicate them, it is necessary to locate their nests by following the trail. This requires a thorough observation.

  • 2. Gel Baiting and Residual Spray: Considering the level of infestation, treatments using government permitted chemicals are chosen to achieve effective results.

  • 3. Cleaning of areas prone to breeding: To prevent further breeding, the areas that could become possible breeding grounds for ants, are carefully cleaned and maintained.

Why UrbanClap?

  • 1. Expertise: UrbanClap connects you with experienced and certified service providers only.

  • 2. Insurance: UrbanClap ensures that any damage incurred during the service will be insured up to a limit of Rs 10,000.

  • 3. Warranty: UrbanClap provides a 90day period of service warranty covering all issues related to breeding of ants and its control.

  • 4. Spontaneity: With UrbanClap, there is no waiting. We provide you with the required assistance within three hours from the registration of your request. However, this is subject to availability of the service provider.

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