Best Yoga Classes At Home in Chennai

Best Yoga Classes At Home in Chennai
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Stacking up on those homemade ‘idlis and dosas’, but not wanting to gain weight…sounds familiar, eh? Urban Company is here with our best yoga trainers in Chennai. Whether you’re the calm introvert who prefers their very own personal yoga trainer at home in Chennai, or the hyper socialite who wouldn’t love anything more than group weight loss yoga or power yoga sessions in Chennai, we’re here for you. Since we have the best yoga instructors in Chennai with us, we assure you the best. Wait no more, and join Urban Company now for the most experienced yoga teacher near you!! ...


305 Yoga Instructors at Home in Chennai

  • Lakshmi Andiappan Yoga Centre
    Lakshmi Andiappan Yoga Centre
    Vadapalani, 3rd Street, Kumaran Colony, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (31 ratings) Hired 12 times on Urban Company
    • s

      It's a good yoga centre. You get individual attention. This centre opens from 7.00am 6.00pm. So you can choose your timings according to your convenience.

    • m

      Reconnecting me back to life. Shobana ma'am's class has been a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively. I have been struggling to reduce my weight for sometime, although I had previously taken yoga classes at few other places-this one has had a larger, bigger impact on me. From stretching to pranayama and other yoga postures, there is a relentless pursuit to achieve perfection each day. From young to old her classes are streamlined to fit everyone's needs. I enjoyed every bit of it. Best wishes, Mrs. Maya Ajithkumar

  • Dr. Asana's Yoga Therapy
    Dr. Asana's Yoga Therapy
    Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (11 ratings)
    • s

      Went for pregnancy Yoga... good care had a normal delivery...

    • s

      Went for pregnancy yoga... personalised care and excellent teaching... had a normal delivery...

  • PEAK Physio
    PEAK Physio
    Purasawakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (7 ratings)
    • a

      I hired him to help me in keeping myself fit, he is a very good trainer and a great human being. He trained me for 6 months and his training schedule and his diet plans are too good and helpful. His training module is a sportsman training. That's very effective and good. I am extremely happy with the results. I will definitely recommend him to all.

    • s

      I am an international Rugby player, I actually contacted him to help me when I was hurt my ankle. He helped me a lot without straining much and he trained well to get ready for my event on time. The duration of training was around 5 days, but it's very effective.I will definitely recommend him to all.

  • Menaka Gopalakrishnan
    Menaka Gopalakrishnan
    Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (1 rating)
    • b

      One of the best Yoga tutor which I had come across. Helped me to overcome health issues. I can recommend for anyone.

  • M. Saravanan
    M. Saravanan
    Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Dr.Aravind James
    Dr.Aravind James
    Anna Arch Bus Stop, Anna Arch Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (42 ratings) Hired 9 times on Urban Company
    • s

      Thanks Aravind for the excellent, customized sessions for me. Each class had some unique things added so it wasn't monotonous. Also you were able to slowly built the complexity that helped me a lot in feeling more energetic & fresh.

    • s

      excellent diagnosis and good approach towards patient

  • Srinivasan
    655, Thiruvottiyur High Rd, Jeevarathinammal Nagar, Tiruvottiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600019, India
    (38 ratings) Hired 2 times on Urban Company
    • d

      Excellent master and fantastic teaching about yoga with good example.

    • v

      I have been attending Srinivasan sir's class since a year. He demonstrated each pose and slowed the pace so newbies could get used to the postures easily. he was very encouraging and attentive, making sure I settled comfortably into each pose before moving on. he reminded me to breathe deeply, and helped align my body in all the poses, but not to the point of discomfort.i would strongly recommend my friends & relatives to learn yoga from Srinivasan sir.

  • Kiran Bagrecha
    Kiran Bagrecha
    Kimberly Towers, Y222, 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar,, Y Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040, India
    (35 ratings)
    • g

      Kirans classes are meditative and fun at the same time. One experiences the classical Hatha yoga format. Learning the asanas in their most authentic format. Experiencing peace, calmness... Ultimately reaching a meditative state. Thankyou for the wonderful experience. OM

    • g

      I am very happy that I hired this yoga teacher. It has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I have had many breakthrough in my asana abilities. The teacher Kiran has all been very dedicated, kind and knowledgeable. Thank you for this life changing experience. I wish him the very best.

  • Sathiyanandham
    (32 ratings) Hired 2 times on Urban Company
    • r

      Nice to meet him in last few days and practised yoga for one month. I got relax my mind and specially his DRT is very nice

    • p

      Good classes.punctuality is perfect.comfort with our time management. Reduce 2 kg in just one month and further we are doing power yoga for last 15 classes.i am sure, i will reduce my weight soon

  • Suyam Yoga
    Suyam Yoga
    Virugambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (30 ratings)
    • a

      Yoga props which u people r using is v.helpful for the begginers.In this institution all members r united like a FAMILY......

    • p

      Master Rajadurai is very good in teaching hatha yoga. Surya namaskaram is great...

Recent Customer Reviewsof Yoga Instructors at Home in Chennai
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    Good trainer


    It would have been better if the exercises are designed according to the age and fitness of the customers.


    very very good excellent coacher i never seen like this trainer am very happy to see u Ur explanation is very nice and body relaxation is also good for me. Am going to share my friends also. Thank u very much.........RiTu...


    Patient and knowledgeable

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have heard about different forms of yoga such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga & Hatha. Which one is the right for me?

    As a beginner, you do not need to worry different yoga forms. You need to focus on your goal and find a great yoga teacher. Depending on origin and gurus, each yoga form is different. Extensively ask questions while you practice so that you are aware of what you are doing. As you learn more, you can move to new forms.

  • Is yoga safe?

    Yoga is completely safe and can help you accomplish your goals. It is extremely important to know your body and limits. Your yoga teacher should be aware of your medical history and ailments (if any). It is imperative that you tell your trainer if you are not comfortable with any pose or asana.

  • How many times a week should I practice?

    Even if you practice Yoga once a week, that is enough to reap its benefits. The key is to practice regularly and consistently. It is suggested that you practice at least 2-3 times per week. Each session should ideally be 45-60 minutes long, but if you don’t feel comfortable 20 minutes is a good start.

  • I have seen people doing yoga; it requires a lot of flexibility. I am not flexible- should I do yoga?

    Yoga is not a practice developed for only specific kind of people - it is open to everyone and anyone. It has hundreds of postures and variations. Your yoga teacher will develop a routine for you, which will help you gain flexibility over a course of time.

  • Is yoga safe during pregnancy?

    Yes, yoga is safe during pregnancy provided you are doing the right thing. Discuss extensively with your yoga teacher and figure out the best possible asanas. Make sure that you have the consent of your doctor before starting yoga during pregnancy months.

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Hiring Guide

Chennai is the hub of opportunities for people seeking career growth and development. Being the commercial and industrial centre, many people flock to Chennai for a better lifestyle. With a widespread increase in office and desk jobs, people have started experiencing physical problems such as back and neck pains. Hence many people resort to yoga to get rid of such ailments and reduce stress. Hence, the residents avail Urban Company’s service to hire the best yoga trainer in Chennai.

Stress ridden and fast paced life is the root cause of a wide a number of diseases and disorders, especially in urban areas. In this chaotic humdrum of life, it is extremely important to take care of yourself. However, if you are not the kind of person who can keep up with heavy workouts or cardio, yoga is your key to fitness. Toning of muscles, improved immunity, increased stamina are some of the benefits of yoga. Not just that, it even aids in stress busting while meditation can assist you to achieve inner peace. But finding the perfect yoga trainer, especially for personal training can be a big challenge. With the intention of providing a solution to the above problems, Urban Company came up with the innovative idea to provide yoga teachers at home at your convenience. Now you can hire the best trainers in the industry at the tap of a button.

How it works?

As soon as you open the Urban Company App or log on to the website to hire a yoga trainer, a detailed questionnaire will appear. It will catalogue your needs in the quickest way possible. It would ask your motive behind hiring a yoga teacher– whether it is for medical purpose or for meditation; for weight loss or for flexibility, etc. It will ask you the number of professionals you need, and the number of people who need the service.You would also need to select the kind of professional you want which are divided into categories based on their years of experience in the industry. After you have input details like your age, gender, location, budget and time requirements, your request will be posted and you will start getting quotes from yoga trainers. You can go through their profiles, check their ratings even talk to them on phone, if needed and choose the yoga trainer best suited to your needs.

Services offered

There are diverse kinds of yoga serving different purposes. Power yoga at home can be undertaken for stress reduction and increased stamina, traditional yoga for toning of muscles and even pre/post natal yoga for the health of the mother and child.Hiring a yoga trainer at home has its own benefits as the classes are customised according to the customer’s needs and desire. Even though every professional has his own program and schedule, the yoga classes are sometimes even altered to suit the customer. These days, power yoga is on popular demand given its rapid result in loosing body weight.

Professionals with Urban Company

Professionals that are on board with Urban Company are certified and taken through a strict security check. Yoga being ingenious to our culture has been practised by people for years, some of which do not necessarily have certification but have extensive knowledge. We at Urban Company make it a point to check their expertise so as to provide the best quality to our customers. Based on their certification and years of experience the yoga teachers are grouped into categories which are then marked with a budget bracket. These categories are namely: Basic (0-2 years of experience) Experienced (2-5 years of experience) Expert (more than 5 years of experience) Premium (Highly specialised with amazing record) Best in Class ( Well established with national recognition) Based on their budget and requirements, the customer can choose to avail the yoga classes from the expert.

Why Urban Company Yoga Trainer?

  • Customer Centric-Urban Company is a highly customer-centric service provider that aims to not only solve the needs of clients by providing the best yoga trainers but also does so according to the customer’s convenience.

  • Budget Bucket- The pricing isn’t standardized and depends on a number of pointers. However, for the convenience of our customers, we have segregated it in a way that it caters to a number of affordability brackets.

  • Personalised care- Not being restricted to any particular space, you can carry out the process in the comfort of your home with a yoga trainer who will guide and motivate you.

  • customer-centric process- In just a few easy steps, you can hire the professional of your choice. The process has been made as easy as possible. You can even carry on the short-listing process by discuss personally with the yoga trainers over messages or call.

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