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Desperately need one the best lawyers in Chennai to fight your case for you? This is where we, the UrbanClap family, come into the picture. Our widely expanding connections with the most experienced advocates in Chennai, top attorneys in Chennai, and best lawyers in Chennai are sure to benefit you and keep you safer than ever before. UrbanClap’s one and only goal is to make your life better by providing you with all kinds of the best lawyers in Chennai (including corporate lawyers, criminal lawyers, divorce lawyers, and property lawyers), so give us a call, and help us help you.


490 Lawyers in Chennai

  • LegumMatrixLegumMatrix
    Madipakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (6 reviews)
    • h

      I came to know Mr. Gopi as a professional advocate. But as years go by .we became very good friends and he has become my well wisher. Officially he is an excellent consultant who does his profession in a noble way. All the very best to Gopi and legumatrix.

    • a

      I'd been using services for my legal requirements from Gopinath, I happy to provide a review feedback that i'm satisfied with the services rendered... Thanks Gopi...

  • GG Law FirmGG Law Firm
    GG Law Firm
    (2 reviews)
    • d

      Good service ..necessary steps for the case r taken quickly and sincerely .

  • B A ChandrasekarB A Chandrasekar
    B A Chandrasekar
    (2 reviews)
    • p

      Best choice for matrimonial disputes , civil & criminal cases in Tambaram & chengalpet court.

    • p

      Best choice for civil , criminal & matrimonial disputes.

  • Ilanchizhian RIlanchizhian R
    Ilanchizhian R
    High Court, Chennai Port Trust, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (2 reviews)
    • c

      Ilan has always been very insightful and has always been a pleasure to work with. His intellect and enthusiasm helps him bring a unique perspective to any business environment.

    • t

      R is an excellent worker in the jobs he handled. He is very dynamic and obediant. He has very good potential in many fields like Law, Finance and Management. He will be an Asset to every one.

  • VIP law associatesVIP law associates
    VIP law associates
    Srinivasa Nagar Main Rd Sriniivasa Nagar, Virrugambakkam, Koyambedu Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600107, India
    (1 review) Hired 2 times on UrbanClap
    • r

      I am awaiting your further response

  • JKJ AssociatesJKJ Associates
    JKJ Associates
    Chennai Theni Highway, Ponnagar Extension, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India
    (1 review)
    • p

      Very useful and authoritative advise given...thanks a lot to jkj and urbanclap team

  • P. PonpandianP. Ponpandian
    P. Ponpandian
    Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (1 review)
  • Ananda KrishnanAnanda Krishnan
    Ananda Krishnan
  • R SreeranjiniR Sreeranjini
    R Sreeranjini
    Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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based on 79 ratings

    I’ve never needed a lawyer before but George helping me with the previous company salary issue. He did his best now i hope the company will release my salary. Thanks George


    Quick to respond. Finished the work in the specified time.


    Thanks God. Right people to approach with. Appropriate advice was given. Quick response n Steps taken. Matter done. Thanks to Mrs. Malini George Advocate n team. God bless.


    Very helpful . Very supportive . Mr. George has helped me well to get the right solution to my legal needs.


    Excellent service


    Good Advice was given. Explained things practically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What matters are addressed by the family law?

    The lawyers in Chennai on UrbanClap can help you with: Divorce related issues Will related issues Child adoption If you have any other family related issue, we advise you use the “other” section to state the issue and take it up directly with the suggested experts.

  • Do you also address consumer complaints?

    Yes our advocates in Chennai do address consumer complaints related to the following industries: Airlines Business and finances Clothing, shoes and accessories Electronics and appliances Health and beauty Telecom If you need to file consumer complaints against an organisation in any other industry, we suggest you state the details in the “others” option.

  • Why would I need a lawyer for traffic violations?

    There are many traffic violations that would need legal advice. It is important to understand what is right and what is wrong as stated by the law, and how you can deal with it. Following violations can be addressed by our lawyers in Chennai on UrbanClap: Over speeding Driving under influence Under age driving Vehicle accident Illegal parking Red light violation Hit and run If you have any other traffic violation that you need addressed, we suggest you specify that in the “other” section

  • What comes under the purview of criminal law?

    Criminal law is a dedicated branch of law which is governed by the code of criminal procedures. Following criminal law related cases can be addressed by the law firms in Chennai available on UrbanClap: Theft/Robbery Physical/sexual abuse Threats Assault/battery/hurt Kidnapping Trespassing Vandalism Outraging the modesty of a woman If you have any other criminal violation that you need addressed, we suggest you specify that in the “other” section

  • How can I trust a lawyer with my personal details?

    The lawyers in Chennai on UrbanClap are registered with the Bar Council of India and come with the verification by our experts. If a lawyer violates any confidentiality with the client, a complaint can be registered with the Bar Council. Serious violations may even lead to disbarring the lawyer from the council.

  • How long will take it fight my case?

    Generally the length of the case depends on the type of the case. Contested cases, where the other party involved has not reached a mutual grounds of agreement, take longer. Our advocates in Chennai will advise you better through every step of the way so you can track the progress.

  • My case is in process and I am not happy with my lawyer. Can you help me with a new lawyer?

    Yes we can. UrbanClap not only puts you in touch with lawyers in Chennai from the start but can also get you a lawyer in between an existing case. You have the right to legal council and the right council. You can also take legal advice in case of only appeals.

  • Do I need to be present in court for all cases?

    It is mandatory for the involved parties to present in court along with the respective advocates in Chennai. In some cases, you can represent yourself in court instead of hiring a lawyer if you can’t afford one.

  • What if I lose the case. Do I still have to pay the legal fees?

    The payment of legal fees is not dependent on the result of the case. You are paying the lawyers in Chennai for their time and expert advice. To get the desired result, the first step is to understand the legal language and be represented that way.

  • How do I decide the best lawyers for me?

    Your lawyer is your legal reflection in the system. You need to be comfortable with the attorney you pick and should be able to trust them. Following are some steps that can help you pick professionals from law firms in Chennai who are best for you: Make a list of attorneys instead of going with just one option Meet them with questions Bring the related documents to the meeting and understand the legal language they use Check which lawyer will fit your budget basis the case you want to pursue Understand the personal equation you have with the lawyer. A lawyer should listen to you as much as they advice

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Hiring Guide

Lawyers in Chennai

Most people visit a lawyer at least once in their lifetime and hence it is believed that one must be backed by a learned lawyer in order to lead a peaceful life. Lawyers in Chennai not only fight for our rights in the courtroom but they also help us outside the four walls of the court. They help in mediations and settlements outside court and aid in verification of documents, registration of certificates, registration of properties, regular checks at various organisations etc. From petty traffic violations like skipping a red light to grave crimes like murder, advocates in Chennai come in handy at all times and sort out troubles the legal way. To hire law firms in Chennai now, contact us at UrbanClap.

Why UrbanClap?

  • 100% Confidentiality- Confidentiality is an important aspect of a profession like law as even a minor leak in information can cause a major damage to the case and pose a threat to the client’s life. Hence, our lawyers in Chennai never disclose any private or personal information to a third party whatsoever and they ensure that 100% confidentiality is maintained.

  • Verified lawyers- All advocates in Chennai on the UrbanClap portal have gone through stringent quality and background checks that test their knowledge about the profession and help us ensure their authenticity. Professionals from our law firms in Chennai hold a Certificate of Practice(COP) recognised by the Bar Council of India(BCI).

  • Choice of professional- After you place a request for the legal service you want to avail, our lawyers in Chennai will respond to your request depending on their availability. You can choose amongst the lawyers who respond to you depending on their experience, specialisation, budget and your requirement.

  • Affordable- The services provided by our advocates in Chennai are affordable as we have curated specialised budget brackets that can suit everyone’s needs and help you with your case without overcharging or compromising on the quality.

Services provided by lawyers in Chennai

  • Divorce Matters-The complexity of a marital relationship that led to a divorce cannot be unveiled unless an experienced lawyer handles it tactfully. Divorce can take place due to a variety of reasons like extra marital affairs, domestic violence, dowry harassment and other marital issues that create rifts and misunderstandings between a couple. To escape toxic marriages, contact our divorce lawyers in Chennai at the UrbanClap portal and experience physical and mental well-being.

  • Property Matters-Property matters require immense caution and alertness as even a minor fault can cause major losses in the court as well as real estate. Hence it is always advisable to hire property lawyers in Chennai and get the documents verified, gain legal knowledge while buying and selling property, get help in property related cases etc. Hence, our advocates in Chennai provide you with legal services ranging from verification of property documents to fighting a property case. To hire one now, contact us at UrbanClap.

  • Corporate affairs-Corporate firms need lawyers who are well-versed in corporate law and know all the rights, rules, regulations and practices that control the formation and operation of corporations. They deal with issues of labour and employment, breach of contact, intellectual property and merger & acquisition. To hire our lawyers in Chennai now, contact us at UrbanClap and we’ll connect you to some of the best professionals in the city.

  • Criminal Matters- All criminal matters including murder, theft, robbery, harassment, physical or sexual abuse, bank fraud, trespassing, assaults, threats and defamation are taken care of by our law firms in Chennai who will analyse your legal requirements in a systematic way and provide you with an effective solution to get out of the legal troubles or reduce your punishment.

  • Family/Will matters-Family and will matters include marriage registration or court marriage, family dispute, harassment, abuse, will registration, domestic violence, child custody or adoption and false cases. To get help with such issues, contact us at UrbanClap and we’ll connect you to lawyers in Chennai.

  • Consumer complaints- Our advocates in Chennai are well-versed with the functioning of the consumer court and can represent you there if you need to appeal regarding a bad quality product that caused you major harm or a service that led to certain health issues. They can notify the court about a forgery, help you claim your refund and report deceptive advertising. Hire our law firms in Chennai and see your consumer issues fade away.

  • Traffic Violations-Over-speeding, driving while intoxicated, under age driving vehicle, accident, red light violation, hit and run, our lawyers in Chennai can assist you with the above-mentioned traffic violation cases.

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1StandardLess than Rs. 2,000
2ExperiencedRs. 2,000 to Rs. 4,000
3Best in ClassOver Rs. 4,000

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