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Don’t compromise on having the best, and live your ideas by just hiring UrbanClap’s professionals to do them for you. We now provide experts who build the best modular kitchen in Chennai. You can now go hassle-free while looking for a well-experienced professional because our team hires the best in the city. Get your kitchen renovation and remodeling done without being bothered by kitchen remodeling prices as we take care of all budget sizes. We don’t compromise on quality, so make sure that even you don’t. Book for our services and get the best modular kitchen in Chennai soon. ...


367 Modular Kitchen Services in Chennai

  • Vertical Builders
    Vertical Builders
    Nanganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (14 ratings) Hired 4 times on UrbanClap
    • k

      Excellent service by Mr.sankar Iyer, used very good quality products, timely execution, very competitive price for the quality.

    • s

      He attend call immediately. ..and estimates by visit And take up job as he committed. .. problems of skill labour he handles very different and take cares give responsible to them super

  • Homestyle
    (3 ratings) Hired 2 times on UrbanClap
    • m

      I hired them as an interior designer, and they designed my residence. They took a month to complete the project, and they gave my home a traditional look. They were good to their work, and I was satisfied with their work. I would like to recommend them to others.

    • g

      I have been to HOME STYLE INDIA for my design and execution. They give an functionaly, customised kitchen and wardrobe, they handed the work very nicely with proper schedule.the design was outstanding, good response to all my queries and everything was in professional way. They use the best quality in materials. I wish them to shine!!!

  • Real Dream Developer
    Real Dream Developer
    Virugambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (1 rating)
  • Inexous
    Ullagaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (1 rating)
  • Home Craft Services
    Home Craft Services
    (66 ratings) Hired 50 times on UrbanClap
    • m

      The service provided by Vinoth and team is excellent. Highly recommended!

    • k

      Its excellent service and commitment

  • Siddharth Designers
    Siddharth Designers
    (22 ratings) Hired 22 times on UrbanClap
    • p

      Finished the work before the said time. Very polite behaviour. Hard worker. The work done is very much appreciated. Neat and tidy. Fulfilled our expections in work. I recommend this designers .

    • p

      Siddharth designers were very customer friendly & the price offered for entire painting of the house both interior & exteriors was competitive & economical. They were keen and diligent to listen to customer expec

  • SF Interiors®
    SF Interiors®
    Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (20 ratings) Hired 4 times on UrbanClap
    • a

      I am not happy about the time commitment thing that followed this contractual alliance. The professional was very irregular and showed callous attitude. Eventually, only I followed him up and that too multiple times. Also, he did similar work. He provided me with the same repetitive ideas that he had earlier suggested to his old customers. Nothing new was there to witness in his work. Thats not a good job I would say. My experience was not worth my expectations. It took around 7 days to get over with the work. Although, his behaviour was fine. He was ready with many excuses and a lot of them reflected his ill will to work for me. But, I followed him again to get the work done. This reckless attitude should be resisted. Stubborn man!

    • n

      They are doing a great job and I just loved the work done by their team. They completed the work on time and gave very good services. They did interior work for me at my flat in Chennai with around 20-30 labors and did a fabulous job. I am very happy and satisfied with their work.

  • Hi Look Interiors
    Hi Look Interiors
    Sithalapakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (19 ratings)
    • p

      Good finish and on time completion on work. Prompt rectification of complaints.

    • g

      A few months back I enrolled him to do the Renovation work for my home in Chennai which is around 895 sqft, he has completed the work inside the allocated budget and inside the promised date of 2 weeks. I am extremely satisfied with his work and I will recommend him to all for sure.

  • Rehaan Construction
    Rehaan Construction
    (17 ratings) Hired 5 times on UrbanClap
    • p

      Very polite and helpful...many times went out of the way to provide assistance.Gladly recommend him. Rema Dharmarajan

    • t

      Working with Hayath, the owner of Rehaan Construction, was a very pleasurable experience. I believe we were a very challenging family working with as each of us wanted a different thing and very difficult to please all of us. Our past experiences with contractors has been very bitter and usually the contractors do whatever they want the way they wanted it and would always push something onto us for their work to be easy, but Hayath was not like that. He was very patient with us and would give his suggestions but would never force anything on us and also he was very accomodative of all our needs and also some last minute changes etc. Our schedule was also very tight from our side however Hayath and his men worked around our schedules and did a great job. The first thing that really compelled us to decide to hire him was the fact that he seemed to know what he was doing and never hurried us. I usually prefer hiring small companies that are owned by the contractor itself and there are no "project managers", because the former usually take a lot of pride and responsibility in getting the job done to the satisfaction of the client as it will affect them and their own company directly. We have a lot of renovation work to be done, but decided to phase them out, and so the first work that we got done by Rehaan construction was our wardrobes and a dressing unit. The dressing unit was a custom design with several drawers and specific details and he was able to get it done just the way we wanted. Also, his carpenter, Murali, is also a very nice person to work with and both he and Hayath helped us with several minor work around the house too and were always with a smile. Also he and his team are very trustworthy as well. We look forward to working with Rehaan Construction again isoon for our other reno-works as well and wish Hayath and his team all the very best! I would strongly recommend him!

  • Olivel Homes
    Olivel Homes
    (16 ratings)
    • p

      Good service!!! They are good at modular kitchen work definitely worth getting work done by them

    • b

      A trendy modular kitchen wrapped in a metal sheet aluminium emphasis on style, elegant, strong & recycle friendly. Comparatively it may sound costlier... But when it scrapped v cud get likely amount in return. Termite free, stain free lessens our stress in maintenance.... Overall gorgeous kitchen... Delicious cooking.... Thumbs-up

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will procure the raw material?

    Ideally, the professional hired is entitled to procure all the raw materials however if the customer wants to procure some or all of the material himself, the same can also be done.

  • What if I want only a particular brand’s appliances installed in my kitchen?

    The customer’s preference remains to be our priority. Hence customer’s recommendations are followed wherever feasible.

  • Is it difficult to maintain a modular kitchen?

    Maintaining a modular kitchen is not a big deal. Given that idea of modular kitchen design itself is to reduce inconvenience by giving an organised framework, its maintenance, in turn, is even easier. Check for movement of cabinets during the monsoon. Keep the structures clean off dust and grease by cleaning with soft cloth. No not use sharp objects such as knives or forks to clean nooks and corners.

  • Why should I install appliances such as chimney and cooktops in my kitchen?

    The appliances add to the essence of the modular kitchen design, giving it a visual appeal and the necessary edge to the décor. Apart from optical aesthetics, these appliances also help in completing the chores faster. Their advanced technologies aim to provide you with a hassle free experience.

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Modular Kitchen in Chennai

Modular kitchen layouts are now the norm. No kitchen is complete unless it has been designed to make work easy and look clutter-free even during cooking time.The modern kitchen is organised and has an elegant décor as compared to the kitchens where your grandma used to cook. The emphasis is on convenience and optimisation of space. With a well-designed layout even the smallest of spaces can give you good counter space to create your culinary masterpiece. Plus, you get plenty of storage space to keep your condiments, spices, pulses, grains and other pantry items in an organised manner. There are designated spaces to store your utensils and cutlery. A modular kitchen is well-suited for the fast-paced life we live today.

6 Reasons to Go for a Modular Kitchen Design

For new construction as well as kitchen remodelling, most people are opting for modular kitchens in Chennai. Here are some of the benefits of modular kitchens that have made them really popular among the people here:

Easy Installation

The modules such as wall cabinets, floor cabinets, countertops, etc. that make up a modular kitchen are installed as per the space available in the house. Visit your nearest modular kitchen suppliers to check out the designs.

Complete Customisation:

With a modular kitchen, you have the choice to customise your kitchen completely as per your needs. You can choose the placement of these modules including sinks, faucets, appliances and cabinets in your kitchen.

Amazing Design

A modular kitchen has a beautiful design and gives you ample storage and organisation options. Your appliances, cutlery, cookware, spices, pulses, grains, condiments, etc. can be organised and stored beautifully.

Quick to Repair

Being made up of different modules, if one of the modules gets damaged, it can be repaired or replaced easily. There is no impact on the other units since each unit is installed separately and the replaced module blends well with the rest of the modules in your kitchen.

Portability Factor:

If you have a modular kitchen, you get it disassembled and then reassembled in your new home in any city. You can also modify the installation of your modular kitchen in Chennai slightly based on the space in your new home.

Professional Installation:

Only modular kitchen dealers can install a modular kitchen. You can take their help in finalising a design that will look great in your home and will also optimise the available space.

6 Important Elements of a Modular Kitchen

Once you decide that you want to have a modular kitchen layout, you can contact modular kitchen dealers in Chennai right away or get yourself acquainted with a few things that make a great modular kitchen. It will be helpful to know that you can choose any modular kitchen layout whether you are going for new construction or kitchen renovation. In this section we are going to discuss what we consider to be the 6 important elements of a modular kitchen:

Modular Kitchen Layout:

Now, you already know that a modular kitchen consists of modules or units installed in a specific arrangement to create a beautiful design. But what you may not know is that there are different modular kitchen layouts that you can choose from. Consider these layouts as a guideline and ask the modular kitchen dealer to design your modular kitchen. Some of the popular layouts are:

  • U-shaped Modular Kitchen: A U-shaped modular kitchen in Chennai is ideal for large spaces as it makes the most of the space available on three sides of the kitchen. It offers ample storage with multiple wall and floor cabinets on all sides. There is a plenty of counter space where you can also place your kitchen appliances such as blenders, juicers and coffee makers.

  • L-shaped Modular Kitchen: One of the popular kitchen layouts, the L-shaped modular kitchen layout, optimises the space and offers plenty of counter and storage space. If you like the open kitchen concept, this layout will work amazingly well for you. It is ideal for nuclear families or individuals. This modular kitchen design is also one of the most common designs for modular kitchens in apartments in Chennai.

  • Straight Modular Kitchen: Small spaces or studio apartments do not have much space for U-shapes or L-shaped layouts and a space-saving straight modular kitchen is the best layout in these cases. While it has relatively smaller storage and counter space, it is still the most ergonomic solution for couples, individuals, or nuclear families. Opting for built-in appliances will ensure that you have plenty of workspace too.

  • Island Layout: Large spaces can be utilised beautifully with a modern kitchen layout such as the island modular kitchen layout. There is ample space to set up the kitchen appliances, utensils, etc. as well as a small dining area. Wall and floor cabinets will give you plenty of storage space to organise your kitchen just the way you want. This is ideal for spacious homes and large families since multiple people can cook in the kitchen without any problems.

  • Parallel Layout: Parallel layout is designed in such a way in a modular kitchen that it has two parallel countertops. It gives you a lot of storage space as well as working space and enables multiple people to work in the kitchen easily. This kitchen layout is ideal for moderate to large homes. You can request a customised modular kitchen design based on your needs.

The Work Triangle:

Your stovetop, sink and refrigerator are three essential parts of your kitchen. You need to place them efficiently for ease of work during cooking. Most people prefer to have them placed in a triangle layout (this is why the placement of your stove, sink and refrigerator is known as the work triangle.) The rest of the design is decided once you have worked out this work triangle. For straight kitchens, you may have them in a straight line but in other modular kitchen designs, these elements are better placed as three points of a triangle.


Indian cooking requires a lot of tempering of spices in oil or ghee. If you do not have sufficient ventilation, the smell of the tempering will stay in the kitchen or spread inside the house. Your whole house may start smelling like curry. If you want your house and kitchen to smell good, you need to pay special attention to ventilation. Install exhaust fans, chimneys and get windows strategically placed in the kitchen to create a well-ventilated modular kitchen. Chennai modular kitchens usually have layouts designed keeping the ventilation aspect in mind.

Lighting Installations:

Windows may bring in natural light during the day but you need to have light installations to keep your kitchen well lit at night and on cloudy days. Your kitchen lighting type must be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. It plays an important part in the look and feel of your kitchen. You can choose nice light fixtures to make your kitchen look beautiful. This will be a contributing factor in the modular kitchen cost. You can ask the dealer to help you find the right balance so that you get a beautiful kitchen without breaking the bank.

The Wall and Floor Storage:

After deciding the layout and work triangle of your kitchen, you can finally move to the storage option. Explore different options to see where wall cabinets and floor cabinets can be placed as a part of the modular kitchen design. You can talk to a modular kitchen dealer to know modular kitchen layouts popular in Chennai. Since you cannot fit usual cabinets in the corners, ask the dealer to create “magic corners”. These are cabinets that have a rod on which circular shelves are installed. You can pivot the shelves on the rod and access everything in the corners without kneeling or bending.


Colours influence the overall look of a kitchen. You can make your compact kitchen appear more spacious and airy just by using the right colours. It will be helpful to keep the overall colour scheme used in other rooms to make sure that the colours used in the kitchen blend in well with the overall décor. Choose the cabinet material and finish based on the colour palette you have finalised for your kitchen. For cabinet material, you can choose wood, plywood, fibreboard or particle board. Each one has its own pros and cons and comes at a different cost. Similarly, the cabinet material finish that you can choose are laminate, acrylic, membrane and PU finish amongst others.

Cost of Modular Kitchen for New Construction and Renovation

Redesigning your kitchen or building a new one from scratch is exciting and we are sure that after reading all the possibilities in this article, you cannot wait to have your own modular kitchen. However, it will be helpful to know the things that factor in the modular kitchen price that you have to pay to get your dream kitchen. When you check online, most modular kitchen dealers in Chennai and other cities indicate a package price which will vary based on different factors such as:


The size of your kitchen is key to determining the cost since more space might translate into you wanting more cabinets and drawers, among others. Accordingly, a modular kitchen design will cost more when you have a larger kitchen than a smaller one. If you are constructing a new kitchen, the cost will be different as compared to renovation. You can consult a modular kitchen dealer in your city to get an idea of the cost by sharing kitchen’s size as well as the design that you have in mind.

Storage Unit Material and Finish:

The markets, these days, are flooded with a variety of cabinet material and finishes that you can use when constructing your modular kitchen in Chennai. Wood, fibreboard, plywood, particle board, etc. are some of the popular cabinet materials used in modular kitchens. Try glossy finish, matte finish, laminate or poly UV finish for the exterior finish of the cabinets. As cabinet materials and finishes change, so do their respective price points, ultimately all adding to the cost of your modular kitchen. They also have different maintenance and cleaning needs. Make the choice after weighing the pros and cons of each cabinet material and finish based on your lifestyle and budget.

Countertop and Backsplash Material:

Some of the popular countertop options available to people when it comes to modular kitchens are marble, granite, quartz, etc. Backsplash such as ceramic tiles, glass, metals, etc. add a beautiful element to your kitchen. Different options affect your modular kitchen cost at a varying rate. If you have a restricted budget, talk to your kitchen remodelling services provider to discuss your options.

Accessories and Additional Installations:

The material and design chosen for the hinges, handles and other hardware in your modular kitchen will add to the total cost of your modular kitchen. Be prepared to pay extra for cutlery holders, knife stands, stemware racks, etc. If you choose a package from your modular kitchen dealer, you may not have to pay for all these separately since they may be included in the package price. But if you want to add anything over and above the package, you will probably have to pay for it separately.

Built-in Kitchen Appliances:

The cost of modular kitchen in Chennai is also affected by the number of built-in appliances you get. These appliances are seamless in design and look fabulous in your kitchen. Since they are integrated with the design, they take up less workspace freeing up the countertops for you to work on. Chimney, exhaust fan and other electrical appliances that you need to install in your kitchen add up to the total cost of your kitchen.

There are plenty of modular kitchen designs online that you can see to have an idea of the possibilities for your own kitchen. Everything is so customisable that you can have your own unique kitchen design to brag about to your friends. Since building or remodelling a kitchen is not something that you do frequently, take your time to decide since you are going to see it every day for years to come. Consider going slightly above your budget if it means getting better quality cabinet material and finishes so that your kitchen does not need repairs frequently. There is a small point you need to remember here, a well-designed kitchen with good materials may have a higher price but the cost is less in the long term. If you go with inferior quality products, you will have to replace parts within a year or two, and the cost will mount up.

With every nook and corner designed with a specific purpose in mind, modular kitchens serve the purpose of not only saving space but utilising it in the best way possible. If you also want a kitchen that not only ensures a smooth functioning of daily chores but also has some aesthetic value, then a modular kitchen is your pick. With the exclusive feature of being accommodated in any space, a number of modular kitchen designs remain prevalent. Some of them are I- shaped modular kitchen design, U-shaped modular kitchen design and so on.To overcome the problem of hiring reliable contractors, UrbanClap came up with the idea of offering modular kitchen service to provide a one-stop shop to all its customers.

How it works?

As soon as you open the UrbanClap website or App to search for modular kitchen services, a questionnaire will pop up before you. The questionnaire aims to gather your requirements and hence questions such as the area of the kitchen, locality, kind of service needed and so on is the part of the questionnaire. Once you are done answering all the questions, your request will be uploaded on the portal. You will start receiving quotations from professionals who align with your requirements. Compare their quotes; check their reviews and ratings to select your pick.

Services offered

  • Modular cabinets and drawers- Select this service for modular kitchen rack design, modular kitchen cabinet design, modular kitchen cupboard design and so on. Choose from a variety of designs or get one curated of your choice by sharing the modular kitchen design catalogue or modular kitchen design photo with the professional.

  • Civil work- This service includes the first layer of work such as painting, installation of kitchen slab, installing wall tiles and so on.

  • Cooktop and chimney- Tick against this service for avail and install kitchen appliances such as cooktop and chimney.

Why UrbanClap?

  • Verified professionals: The professionals on board with the UrbanClap portal are taken through a strict screening process to ensure that only quality work reaches our customer.

  • Customer Centric: All the UrbanClap services are curated keeping the customer in mind. This is the reason that we remain flexible to accommodate all the needs of our customers and modular kitchen service is no exception.

  • Price bucket: The modular kitchen service is divided into three affordability buckets to accommodate the requirements of all our customers.

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