Best Fitness Trainers in Chennai

Best Fitness Trainers in Chennai
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Take every place across India, and Chennai's food turns out to be the healthiest. With healthy food habits, you are half-way to zen in body fitness. However, for the other half, count on us! From the best fitness trainers in Chennai, to the best workout trainer in Chennai, UrbanClap has expert fitness trainers in Chennai to guide you through your path to fitness. Since we have the most experienced workout trainers in Chennai and the best gym trainers in Chennai with us, we assure you the best. And all that we charge is a Ghee Podi Dosa! Can we be more sugary!? ...


469 Fitness Trainers At Home in Chennai

  • Praveen J Fitness Instructor
    Praveen J Fitness Instructor
    New Perungalathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (22 ratings)
    • r

      I hired Praveen 6 months back and have been training with him on a regular basis. He helped me lose about 14 kg of weight within just 6 months. He also helped to get relief from my back pain by suggesting proper back exercises. I am totally satisfies with him and would recommend him to others.

    • s

      I've been training for the past 3 years and have trained under various trainers but Praveen is the best trainer that I have ever trained with, he has a very good knowledge about the work he does and a very good dietician too, his diet plans are too good for someone who wants to achieve something in bodybuilding.I will definitely recommend him to all

  • Selva
    Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (9 ratings)
    • s

      I hired him to help me in decreasing my weight and muscle conditioning, he has helped me a considerable measure in accomplishing my wellness target, he is an incredible inspiration. His wellness calendar and eating routine designs were too great and powerful for me to accomplish my fitness goal.I am amazingly content with the results.I will prescribe him to all

    • k

      I have trained under so many trainers but he is one of the best trainer , He trained me for 2 years, main focus of the training was muscle toning. He helped me to achieve my fitness goals, and also made me participate in a body building competition. I would recommend him for sure as he is a top class trainer

  • PEAK Physio
    PEAK Physio
    Purasawakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (7 ratings)
    • a

      I hired him to help me in keeping myself fit, he is a very good trainer and a great human being. He trained me for 6 months and his training schedule and his diet plans are too good and helpful. His training module is a sportsman training. That's very effective and good. I am extremely happy with the results. I will definitely recommend him to all.

    • s

      I am an international Rugby player, I actually contacted him to help me when I was hurt my ankle. He helped me a lot without straining much and he trained well to get ready for my event on time. The duration of training was around 5 days, but it's very effective.I will definitely recommend him to all.

  • Sudhakaran Rasu
    Sudhakaran Rasu
    (2 ratings)
    • k

      AMAZING FITNESS TRAINER!! one of my frnd recommended me his name...his behaviour is really nice and he is a soft spoken person...He used to come at my house and the sessions were held according to my requirement...squats and cardio were the main exercise...he suggested me a easy to follow diet...He is perfect in his field and tries to motivate his clients so that they can reach their goal....DECENT EXPERIENCE

    • s

      I am really happy by Mr. Sudhakaran's service...I hired him as a personal trainer....I use to play sports alot so to stay fit, i took sessions from him.. He provided me with a diet chart..All the household items were included in the diet...Very professional in his approach..I am satisfied by his services and would like to recommend his name

  • Pon Raj
    Pon Raj
    Chennai -Trichy Highway, J C K Nagar, Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, India
    (2 ratings)
    • m

      Hard working, dedicated and punctual are few ways to describe him. He will work as hard as you do to achieve the goals and will be your support all the time.

    • s

      Great trainer had a lot of fun working out with him. He knows his stuff and will assist you in any way possible.

  • Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar
    Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (1 rating)
    • k

      Raj is an extremely talented fitness coach who guides you based on your goals. Be it body building or toning or weight loss, he is goal oriented ensuring results are delivered. The best part is he only recommends the exercises he does and that way ensures that you are injury free.

  • Syed Abbas
    Syed Abbas
    (1 rating)
  • Chandraasekar M
    Chandraasekar M
    Royapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (1 rating)
  • Srinivasan D
    Srinivasan D
    Chintadripet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Louis Paul
    Louis Paul
    TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Hiring Guide

The world is growing at an increasing rate day by day but the amount of pollution is increasing too. Unfortunately, India is considered as one of the top countries in terms of pollution. People in India are getting health conscious too. They understand the value of exercise and are keeping health as their upmost priority. UrbanClap understands the need of an hour and has laid a wide range of fitness trainers at your doorstep. The branch in Chennai has taken an initiative to give importance on the issue of physical health. These trainers will help rejuvenate your body and health right from your house.

There are n number of reasons that why do you need a fitness trainer at home. These trainers will help you in numerous ways. They are specialised at their work and they know what kind of workout is best for your body type. In addition to that you have the advantage of adjusting them in your schedule. Now the question that comes to your mind is whether you need a personal trainer or not? UrbanClap has specified it in the list given below.

  • KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR BODY TYPE: Each individual has a different structural system. One person’s metabolism is different from another. Body shapes and sizes are distinguished on terms like endomorph; ectomorph, mesomorph and the list go on. These terms can be hard to understand for normal people and are much generalised. The measurement of one’s upper body ratio can be quite different from the lower body torso. One person may be able to digest protein better than carbohydrates but it can be vice versa for other. The amount of junk food consumed these days has led to many medical problems like thyroid, diabetes, gluten intolerance etc. By looking at your eating habits and your digestion strength and how are you structurally made such as height, weight and body type these trainers can help you find the best workout which suits your body. These trainers will make a diet plan for you and will give you exercises which you can trust and follow without facing any health complications. By knowing which workout works out the best for you can be of great help but it is not the only criteria which you need to keep in mind.

  • KNOW THE BIG PICTURE FROM THESE EXPERT TRAINERS: A same exercise cannot work for different people. Each one has its own results according to the pre-requirements. Hard ones may require certain amount of fitness. On the other hand, the ones which look difficult may be easy when you actually perform them. This is when the role of a personal trainer comes in. These trainers understand these issues and suggest you a particular exercise accordingly. They help you by telling how much it to be done is. You may already be familiar which a certain exercise but these trainers help you by correcting your posture. You may think that correct posture doesn’t really matter but doing an exercise in an incorrect way may affect your body in later years. It may injure you badly and can cause long time problems. But if you are under an experienced trainer who will be there to guide you, the results will be the best. They will help you master each and every exercise. You can even reach a higher degree of fitness after a certain period of time.

  • HELP YOU SET REALISTIC GOALS: You may have read many cases where the exercise regimens failed because the goal they set is not very realistic and is quite not achievable. There are innumerable videos on the internet regarding fitness, exercises, diet etc. but there a lot of chances that they make not work for you because they are not made for your body type. We take advice from our friends, relatives, elders etc but you do not realise that their body type is very different from others. Our basic assumption is that the thing which worked for our friend is going to work for me too. But it never does. Our bodies are different and so are our needs. But if you are under the guidance of an experienced personal trainer then they will help you set realistic goals. For example- you are attempting jumping jacks or lunges for the first time but you set a goal of 100 jacks or lunges then you won’t be able to find any results. You need to start from scratch and increase the number gradually. Doing more than what your body can take will backfire and you will be worn out before you can even explore your potential.

  • ATTAIN SPECIFIC GOALS: If you are planning on focussing on a specific goal like running a marathon, building your stamina or strengthening your core then you need a personal trainer for that. Strengthening your core takes a lot of stamina and a large number of planks. You need to learn how to gradually build your stamina and how to push yourself to attain your goals. This can only happen once you have a personal trainer. You can have a one on one talk with him/her and draw a conclusion. You will observe gradual changes once you start exercising beside your trainer who will be there to correct your mistakes. You will be able to go from basic exercises to event specific ones. For example- If you are preparing for a marathon then you need to start from a small number such as one km and then eventually reach to a big digit such as ten km. If you think that running for ten km on weekend will help you run a marathon then you are totally wrong. As your body starts changing and starts getting used to such a big number then you need to challenge yourself by increasing the number. Then you will be able to run even twenty km. But this needs regular practice and a determined mind. Once you are capable of crossing all these hurdles then only you are ready for a marathon.

  • FIRST LESSON IS SELF-DISCIPLINE: Experts say that there is one thing which needs to need to introduce in every school which is self-discipline. People are forgetting their moral values and self-discipline. Having a personal trainer helps you incorporate these values into your personality. They help an individual grow from a holistic approach. There is no escape from a workout once you have a personal trainer at your doorstep. You won’t be able to say “I feel so comfortable under the blanket, let’s do it from tomorrow for sure” and no more snooze buttons. Once you get into the habit of including exercise in your daily schedule you will not feel lethargic and sluggish. Rather you will feel incomplete even if you miss a workout for one day. You will feel something is missing and guilty. Experts say that you can observe these changes mentioned above after a period of 21 days. But note that it is very hard to get back on track if you break the habit. The trainer will always be by your side giving you words of determination when you feel unmotivated and pushing you when you feel dull. It is nice having someone beside you who will always appreciate the hard work you put in. As your body starts getting in shape you will notice the change within yourself. You will start to feel lively and active. You will be able to complete your pending work much faster, read books you have wanted to read for a long time, explore different hobbies and can do multi-tasking much more easily. You can enjoy all these benefits only if you have a personal trainer.

  • TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF: We believe in living in the moment but we are forgetting to take care of ourselves. Our everyday lives are getting so much faster that we don’t take time to care for ourselves. But do not forget health is always placed before wealth. Sometimes we are so busy that we don’t even have time to sit down and have a proper meal. But having a personal trainer beside will help you rearrange your schedule so that you can take out time and care for yourself. People need to realise that they need to care for themselves first before caring for anyone else in this world. You can see a drastic change in your life and improvement in your overall self. Your loved ones will be happy to see this change too.

  • INCREASE YOUR MENTAL STRENGTH ALONG THE PHYSICAL STRENGTH: The best advantage of exercising daily is that you become strong and tough as days pass by. Not only physically tough as mike Tyson but mentally too. You will be surprised by the amount of changes you will observe in yourself such as self-control, stamina, immunity boost and most importantly your health. These changes cannot be observed in a day or two, they will take a definite period of time. Start by taking small steps. Your personal motivator will be there to help you push your boundaries. Slowly and steadily you will realise that you are stronger and tougher than you imagined. You won’t feel like giving up and no matter how many more squats you need to do, you won’t feel tired. This will become a principle in your life. You may feel like this isn’t realistic now but once you start, the changes will be in front of your eyes.

  • EVERY NEED WILL BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION: A personal trainer will consider every need of yours, even the unique ones. Suppose let’s take a case where recently you have undergone through a surgery or you are recovering from one. In this case, even normal everyday things will become a task for you. Even walking for a few metres will be an exercise for you. Having a personal supervisor will help you get back on your normal track much faster. It will not take you very long to recover from that. These trainers are specialised to take care of your specific requirements. They know how to tackle with situations like these and what step to take next. Isn’t it nice when someone will always be there to pick you up when you are ready to give up? Someone telling you that everything will be fine and will every step with you.

  • DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME: Having a personal trainer gives you the privilege of calling them according to your convenience. You may be a housewife who is only free when her kids are in school or you may be a working woman who is only free during evening hours after she comes back from work. You have the right to manage the time. Taking all the things into consideration such as your time restrictions, these trainers can help you devise your schedule and even maximise the time. UrbanClap understands your requirements and can help you make most of your time.

  • BUDGET FRIENDLY: A lot of people are into the delusion that hiring a personal trainer may cost a lot of money. But here hiring a personal trainer will be very easy on your wallet. In cases where you are planning to get long term membership you may even be rewarded with discount vouchers. At UrbanClap hiring a fitness trainer may cost you as low as Rs.6000 per month which will include 12 sessions. In fact, this price is very cheap compared to the fees of gym membership.


  • IT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY: Experts say and even researches show that a person who exercises daily is much happier compared to others. In simple words, our brain produces certain endorphins and exercising daily can stimulate them and there can be a positive effect on your brain. These endorphins can even help increase your tolerance to pain. So, you know what to do when you are feeling low.

  • HELPS REDUCE ANXIETY AND STRESS: Daily exercise results in reduced stress as well as reduced anxiety. Getting into the concept of daily exercising will take time but once it becomes a part of your daily routine then you will be able to meet deadlines much easily without taking much stress. Gradually you will notice that your stress levels are falling down. If you have a positive mindset then you will see a new opportunity each day.

  • UPLIFT YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE: A person who is physically fit is much confident and self-assured. Happiness is not the only benefit you will get from daily exercising, once you start you will find yourself waking up being more confident each day. It’ll boost your confidence irrespective your age, gender, colour etc. When you look in the mirror, your perception on worthiness and attractiveness will change too.

  • SELF-CONTROL AND SELF-DISCIPLINE CAN BE IMPROVED: Daily exercise has proven to improve your self-discipline as well as your self-control. Start exercising and notice this change too. Soon you will see yourself looking for some cornflakes or a fruit rather than looking for some cookies or junk food. You will always be on high energy mood and will always be ready to take up new challenges.

  • SHARPEN YOUR BRAIN: Scientists say that your cognitive abilities start improving once you get in habit of daily exercising. This is beneficial for high school or university students who are at their peak stage. Your mind starts working faster and grasping concepts much easily. If you are person who has hard time remembering birthdays or dates then doing exercise can be a perfect solution for you. Elders who have Alzheimer’s can be treated by including exercising in their daily routine.

  • BECOME MORE POSITIVE AS A PERSON: Exercising has helped many individuals create positivity around them and become happier. Once you start that beautiful smile it will never leave your face even during hardships. You’ll be able to empathise with people much better which will automatically make the people around you happy. As the quote says “smile is very contagious”, so start the change.

  • IMPROVED PLANNING: You’ll have the ability to plan and manage your day productively rather than wasting time the whole day. You will be able to complete your work on time and find yourself completing even which you didn’t like before. Many parents face the problem to convince their children to keep their rooms clean. Tell them to join you for a morning walk and the changes will be before your eyes.

  • DON’T BE A NIGHT OWL ANYMORE: Our body’s normal cycle goes for a toss because of the presence of one device or the other. These devices have played a large role in disturbing and wrecking our sleep cycle. But getting yourself involved in exercising can help you eliminate these bad habits from your routine. This is because our body needs rest too after doing a hardcore workout.

  • IMPROVE YOUR COMPLEXION: This may not be as popular as other benefits but exercising has shown to keep your face youthful and lighter. We release a lot of toxics through exercising and it will help release antioxidants too. Increases the blood flow in our body and makes your skin look fresh rather than dull or aged.

  • A FITTER YOU: The most obvious benefit is that it helps you be fitter day by day. If you are a person who is worried about his/her weight then no other solution can work for you rather than exercising. For example- jogging, swimming, weight training etc. Being healthy is the key to being happy.


  • TRAINERS ARE HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL: All the professionals at UrbanClap are only selected if they are professional and trained enough. They are very selective and specific about their trainers and the choose the best ones. Some trainers even have national recognition.

  • PROFESSIONAL APPROACH ALONG WITH CUSTOMISED PLANS: These trainers are highly professional and have customised plans for every individual. there are trainers who are specialised in different categories such as weight loss, weight training, body toning, weight gain, shaping, core strength etc. This helps you choose the one which is the best for you.

  • CERTIFIED AND EXPERIENCED: Each trainer goes through a background check and are highly certified. They are segregated on the basis of their qualification and experience along with a specific budget bracket.

  • AT YOUR TIME: These professionals work according to your convenience. They make the schedule in such a way that you have time for yourself. They are trained enough to meet your needs and goals. You may register for a cardio or yoga or a mix of both.

  • TRIAL SESSIONS: Before registering you can even have a trial class at your home. They understand that you need to be comfortable enough with the trainer. You can talk with the trainer and ask them questions and tell them about your goals before hiring them.

  • AMAZING PRICES AND OFFERS: As mentioned earlier, the starting prices are Rs.6000 per month which will include 12 sessions. Their average price is Rs.8000. you can even look forward to discount vouchers and some amazing offers as you register. You can choose the trainer who is easy on your pocket and there is an option of online payment too.

Even if you are a person who likes to exercise at home or the one who likes to hit the gym, there is some equipment you need. Given below is the list of equipment you should have to work out:

  • A YOGA/EXERCISE MAT:To complete all the floor exercises you need an exercise often called yoga mat. The mat is going to be useful when you need to complete crunches, plank, push ups etc. But keep in mind that the mat you buy should be soft and cushion-based otherwise the hard ones can be very harmful for your spine. Also give regular wash to your mat to prevent any sort of germs or bacteria.

  • A SKIPPING ROPE: The most common and essential item for a work out is a skipping rope. You may think that skipping a rope is a piece of cake but when you actually try it is much harder than you think. Stats say that if you are skipping a rope for ten minutes then it is equivalent running half an hour. It is very easy to carry and does not take much space. If you are a health freak then you can easily carry a rope during a vacation too.

  • A TREADMILL: A treadmill comes really handy when you are person who likes to workout from your own house. You can start by walking and then eventually reach running on a treadmill. Start by 3-5 km and then gradually increasing the number. If you are familiar with a treadmill then you can buy an advanced one too. Having a treadmill at home especially is really necessary as it rains a lot in the state. If you are confused then your personal trainer will guide you as which you should buy.

  • AN EXERCISE CYCLE: An exercise cycle is as necessary as a treadmill. It is a must have item after yoga mats. If you go to in the market you will find various kinds of exercise cycles. But it is always smart to consult someone before buying one. Many cycles are classified on their resistance too. There are various options such as air resistance; magnetic resistance etc. if you are looking for an intense work out then spin bikes can be the best option.

  • A CROSS TRAINER: A cross trainer also called elliptical trainer focuses on both arm and leg work out unlike an exercise cycle which is made for your legs. This equipment works best for elders as it puts much less stress on your knees as compared to a treadmill. There are a lot of automatic ones in the market which let you increase your pace gradually. It is always suggested to have a one on one talk with an expert before buying a cross trainer as it can quite hard to find the trainers which suits you the best.

  • A PUNCHING BAG ALONG WITH BOXING GLOVES: A punching not only works out the best to relieve your stress but also it plays a major role in increasing your stamina and core strength. But buying boxing gloves along with the bag is necessary as they’ll protect your hands from any injury. Punching a bag without any protective gear can be quite dangerous.

  • A PULL UP BAR: A pull up bar is one of the cheapest fitness equipment you can find out there. Buying a pull up bar makes your work easier as pull ups are quite tough and require a lot of stamina. You should only buy a pull bar once you have strong back muscles first. You will find your upper body getting stronger because of these bars.

  • DUMBBELLS/KETTLEBELLS: Dumbbells are considered really necessary for a work out. Adjustable dumbbells are the best for a work out. These are the best because you can change the weights according to your strength and stamina. There is no danger of getting them broken or torn, you can use them after a few years and still they’ll be in their perfect state.

  • A WEIGHT-LIFTING BENCH: If you are looking forward to doing some weight training then these benches are the best option for you. The best thing about these benches are that they allow to you change positions without putting strain on your back muscles. As all other equipment mentioned above this one should be bought only after consultation.

  • A ROWING MACHINE: This machine is not very popular but it is the most effective in the fitness world. It is the most effective for people who planning to lose some weight. As the name suggests, it is very similar to rowing a boat and is very effective. If you are person who wants to work out at home then this machine will be the most beneficial as it will give you a good cardio.


  • TYPE OF TRAINING: Going to a gym may be very useful but the problem is that the gym instructor is going to use the same schedule as he/she uses it for others. Sure, it will work on you but it won’t give you the best results. The further problem is that you age faster and wrinkles appear on your face much earlier because of the general schedule even though you must have lost a huge amount of weight. It is the best to follow the schedule which is best and suits your body type the most even though the results may out slowly.

  • WHICH PERSON SHOULD I FOCUS ON? The problem with gyms is that there is only one gym instructor who is expected to focus on all the people in the gym. You do not get the individual attention which reduces its effectivity. You’ll be definitely instructed and guided but it is not really helpful. A lot of people get bored after going to the gym after a week or so because of the lack of personal touch. A personal trainer, however, will focus on you and only you. They focus on each area which includes from exercise to your diet plan to your body type. The plan is customised which is way more effective, you’ll be able to overcome challenges easily due to the personal attention.

  • TYPES OF SERVICES: A gym instructor is expected to distribute his time and give attention to all the people simultaneously. He needs to instruct the beginners and help the professionals with their weights. He rarely has time to spare for a particular individual. Even when tries to focus he can’t give personal attention to every individual. On the other hand, a personal trainer can give his full attention to you. They’ll be by your side and will keep an eye on your posture and even on the slightest detail such as breathing pattern. He knows which exercises are the best for you and how will you increase your pace on them.

  • FITNESS REGIME: The fitness regime in a gym is made in such away that it focuses on techniques and routines which are compulsory to follow. The routine may have worked for the instructor but it may/may not work for you. You can be in intense pain if you try to put more weight than your body can take. But when you have a personal trainer then he/she studies and understands how your body works and makes a plan which is customised for you. Let’s say you have a lot of fat around your lower ab then he/she is going to work on that area. They understand your likes and dislikes and can use your favourite sport to keep you interested.

  • GOALS CUSTOMISED ONLY FOR YOU: Fitness goals shouldn’t be generic and should be made in such a way that they tend to work for you. As we read earlier, gym instructors are not able to give personal attention. Gyms set standard routines and techniques for everyone and they aren’t customised. The approach of a personal trainer is very different as they help you set goals which are realistic and achievable. If you set huge targets then they become a burden for you. But these trainers make your schedule in such a way that you enjoy it rather than looking it as a task. They help you enjoy the journey to becoming mentally as well as physically fit. They make the whole fitness journey a memorable one to which you can look back and still have a smile on your face.

Rate Card

TypeExperienceBudget Per Month (for 12 Sessions)
BasicUp to 3 years of experienceRs. 6,000 - 7,000 per month
ExperiencedUp to 3-5 years of experienceRs. 7,000 - 8,500 per month
ExpertMore than 5 years of experienceRs. 8,500 - 10,500 per month
PremiumSpecialised trainers with exceptional recordsRs. 10,500 - 11,500 per month
Best in ClassNationally recognised trainersRs. 11,500 - 13,000 per month


  • You can download the UrbanClap app on Playstore or log on the website

  • Type ‘fitness trainer’ in the search engine. There a large number of options laid out for you. For example- Zumba, aerobics, yoga trainer etc. choose according to your needs.

  • As soon as you see a pop-up window on the screen, click on the ‘get started’ button.

  • After clicking on that you will see a few options such as weight gain, weight loss, body toning etc. Choose the option you are looking for.

  • Select your age as well as your gender.

  • Choose the time slots you are comfortable with and it suggested to click to as many as you want to increase the chances of getting a trainer.

  • Select your budget(Refer to the Rate Card)

  • Next mention when you need the trainer. Do you need the trainer immediately or within a month

  • Then contact the trainer by contacting them and enter your location

  • After this, sign in through your google account or by your phone number or even your Facebook id will work

  • Lastly, you will receive an OTP, press enter and you are done.

  • The requirements will be sent to you and other contact details will mentioned too. You can review the ratings, compare the quotes before you choose a trainer.

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