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Best Contractors in Chennai

Best Contractors in Chennai

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Contractors in Chennai

We at UrbanClap provide you with the trusted services of the experienced and verified contractors in Chennai. Explore the profiles of background verified contractors by checking out their previous project and customer reviews before fixing an appointment. Get an estimate quotation within the 24 hours of your inquiry. With a working experience of a minimum of 2 years, we assure you of the use of quality product material. UrbanClap provides reliable contractors with a promise of on-time project delivery for a preferred budget set. Find your suitable contractor now and hire one!


405 Construction and Renovation Services in Chennai

  • Vertical BuildersVertical Builders
    Vertical Builders
    Nanganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (14 reviews) Hired 4 times on UrbanClap
    • k

      Excellent service by Mr.sankar Iyer, used very good quality products, timely execution, very competitive price for the quality.

    • s

      He attend call immediately. ..and estimates by visit And take up job as he committed. .. problems of skill labour he handles very different and take cares give responsible to them super

  • Fussion KitchenFussion Kitchen
    Fussion Kitchen
    West Mambalam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (10 reviews)
    • m

      He has done Woodwork in my villa and extra fitting for various rooms. It went on for 45 days. The work was done on time and within the budget. I am satisfied with the work and he is easily available.I will definitely recommend him to all and I will definitely contract him again.

    • u

      He worked on the modular kitchen and wardrobe at my place. The project lasted 5 days and 9 men worked on it. He used quality materials and the project was completed on time. The project was completed within the budget allotted.I am extremely happy with his work.I will definitely recommend him to all

  • HomestyleHomestyle
    (3 reviews) Hired 2 times on UrbanClap
    • m

      I hired them as an interior designer, and they designed my residence. They took a month to complete the project, and they gave my home a traditional look. They were good to their work, and I was satisfied with their work. I would like to recommend them to others.

    • g

      I have been to HOME STYLE INDIA for my design and execution. They give an functionaly, customised kitchen and wardrobe, they handed the work very nicely with proper schedule.the design was outstanding, good response to all my queries and everything was in professional way. They use the best quality in materials. I wish them to shine!!!

  • Real Dream DeveloperReal Dream Developer
    Real Dream Developer
    Virugambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (1 review)
  • InexousInexous
    Ullagaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (1 review)
    Kolavizhiamman Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (75 reviews) Hired 29 times on UrbanClap
    • v

      Good and perfect finish...done on time

    • r

      Neatly work done with reasonable budget and approached well to customers, no worries of dhurka decor also plan to call for future work

  • Home Craft ServicesHome Craft Services
    Home Craft Services
    (66 reviews) Hired 50 times on UrbanClap
    • m

      The service provided by Vinoth and team is excellent. Highly recommended!

    • k

      Its excellent service and commitment

  • VK RenovationsVK Renovations
    VK Renovations
    Porur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (28 reviews) Hired 24 times on UrbanClap
    • v

      Painting and stencil work was good. Should concerntrate on timely completion of work.

    • b

      We have committed the below task for Rs.40000. But finnally I paid RS.41500 after much argument and I'm not satisfied with him 1) Putty All walls and Asian Shyne Paint 2) Ceiling with white Paint I recommend this guy only for Paint. Pls don't commit plumbing and electrical work with this guy. Always looking for rating and money only. He is pakka marketing strategy man. Please communicate clearly with this guy to complete your work. My work 80% completed. Remaining 20% not completed and he got money and left. Please don't give all money without completing ur task. I arranged other guy for cleaning and painting for some places.

  • Sri Balaji InteriorsSri Balaji Interiors
    Sri Balaji Interiors
    (26 reviews) Hired 9 times on UrbanClap
    • v

      Great work.They have delivered quality interior work to us in a shorter time. Much talented team.

    • r

      The best part(s) about HL is approach of the designers towards our needs, (quality of) materials used and choices given. OR They keep up with the timelines. Im amazed with their services. 

  • Siddharth DesignersSiddharth Designers
    Siddharth Designers
    (22 reviews) Hired 22 times on UrbanClap
    • p

      Finished the work before the said time. Very polite behaviour. Hard worker. The work done is very much appreciated. Neat and tidy. Fulfilled our expections in work. I recommend this designers .

    • p

      Siddharth designers were very customer friendly & the price offered for entire painting of the house both interior & exteriors was competitive & economical. They were keen and diligent to listen to customer expec

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Latest Customer Reviewsof Construction and Renovation Services in Chennai
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    I'm Aishwarya vijayashankar from Chennai have constructed house with the design provided by eclibs. They helped me thoroughly throughout de construction starting from foundation till painting. Design provided by them have come across many features like villa type house in middle class budget, with complete ventilation, adorable Elevation, pucca safety, top it all whole expenditure ended into the budget which framed while starting the project. They guided us whenever in need. Completely my construction work was in eclibs hands. And they thoroughly submitted marvelous home. Thanks to eclibs. All de best for upcoming projects. Spl thanks to Mr. Nivedhan. & Miss. Niranjana.


    Heard about Urban Clap and tried for first time. It was a good experience with Mr. Hayath and Team. We started with small renovation work for my house, his attitude of getting in to customer's shoes made me to do execute my wishlist works which I planned later. After few interactions we believed Hayath will deliver and as expected He delivered with passion. Interesting part is his team and they are also Hayath who cooperated well and complete the work on time with Quality Thanks to Urban Clap, much appreciated on identifying quality parners

Reviews received in last 365 days ( Last updated on 16:00, 22 July, 2019 )

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I know my project cost?

    You can directly speak to the contractor about your budget and the scope of work. The website will connect you to contractors and hence, you can choose what the best is for you. Contractors usually inspect the site and thus determine the cost. Some of them might also charge a minimal inspection fee.

  • How do I trust the quality of the material sourced by the contractors?

    The contractors will source the best quality materials that would fit your budget. They will also keep reporting about the material required, to the customer as and when the time comes. Some contractors let you source your own material and just provide you with the execution service.

  • How will I get to know if the contractor is reliable with his/her work?

    You can do a whole background check on the contractor based in New Delhi. The site will redirect you to his/her page where you can track down their previous work, experience. You can also track down their offices and look out for their previous work samples.

  • How much time does the project take to finish?

    The projects are divided into different scales according to the completion time. The time for completion varies a lot, depending on whether it’s a construction or renovation. They could range anywhere from 10-15 days to 9-10 months. The time is generally figured out after inspecting the site once.

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All About Contractors

Contractors in Chennai

Chennai is not only one of the biggest cultural, economic and educational centres of the country, but it has also seen a rise in infrastructure over the past decade. However, building construction and renovation is a huge undertaking. Not only do such projects require many people to come together to be successfully executed, but the time taken is also a lot. Towards this cause, a lot of skilled contractors are being hired in Chennai to construct new office buildings, homes and retail stores. They're experienced, competent and bring a lot of good inputs to the table.

But What Does a Building Contractor Do?

Building contractors are crucial to the success of a house renovation or home construction project and yet most people do not know what they actually do. Here are few duties of a house contractor:

  • Implements a plan The first job of a housing construction contractor in Chennai is to devise a plan to execute the design created by the architect. This would include finalising his team of workers and subcontractors, setting up a timeline of tasks to be completed, fixing a budget for the project etc.

  • Oversees a project A construction contractor in Chennai is like a day-to-day manager who oversees the daily functioning of the project, supervise the work of his subcontractors, listen to any query and solve it immediately, coordinate delivery of materials, etc.

  • Sources materials Since contractors know the best places and the best vendors for materials like glass, tiles, paints, steel, marble etc., they can also source these for you at the best rates. You just have to mention this to them as not every contractor considers this to be a given responsibility.

  • Conducts quality and safety checks Contractors in Chennai constantly review the progress of the project and ensures that it maintains quality and safety standards. They keep a look-out for any lapses and fix them right away.

  • Ensures compliance of rules and regulations Building construction contractors in Chennai need to ensure that they have all the necessary permits to execute the architectural project and that the concerned authorities in Ahmedabad have sanctioned all relevant activities.

  • Executes project on time Contractors have to stick to timelines to ensure that the project is completed in a timely and proper manner.

6 Advantages of Hiring a Contractor in Chennai

  • Saves time Since construction contractors in Chennai handle everything on-site, from material procurement to managing subcontractors, they ensure that the project sticks to its schedule. They also promptly handle setbacks of any kind, thus preventing any big delays. Without a contractor, you would have to coordinate everything by yourself, thus wasting a lot of precious personal and professional time.

  • Saves costs A good residential contractor in Chennai will not only know where to find quality materials at affordable rates, but can also procure them in bulk, which will further reduce rates. Additionally, since contractors know their work well, they can avoid unnecessary costs which may be a result of a shoddy job.

  • Tons of experience The top contractors in Chennai have ample knowledge and experience to help transform your ideas into an amazing structure. Not only do they have plenty of inputs to offer but they are also open to your feedback and ideas.

  • Contacts and industry know-how Since contractors are in a long-time business, they would have networked with many people in the construction industry at different times. Thus, they would know who to turn to for what work, where to source the best materials from, etc. As clients, we rarely have this kind of networking skill.

  • Accountability It can be quite chaotic to handle the multitude of people involved in the construction or renovation of your building, especially with shortage of time. But when you hire a good contractor in Chennai, you ensure a single point of accountability and someone who ensures a smooth and stress-free experience for you.

  • Solves problems Due to their expertise and the knowledge gained by working on multiple projects, contractors know how to fix any issue that may arise — whether with worker management, adherence to deadlines, etc. They are the go-to source for everything construction.

Tips to Find the Best Building Contractors in Chennai

  • Be clear of what you want Unless you’re clear about your vision — how your house or office should look, what amenities you want, etc — you won’t be able to convey the same to your building contractor in Chennai. This means that you also won’t be able to determine whether the contractor can deliver the work you want to you.

  • Speak to different contractors When you speak to more than 2 contractors for house renovation and construction in Chennai, you get a clearer picture about the quality of work each contractor will provide, what the approximate costs in the market are, the scope of work included in each particular budget, etc. You can then take your pick accordingly.

  • Ensure a clean background Even if a relative or close friend recommends a house builder in Chennai or a construction company in Chennai, ensure that you’ve verified the credentials yourself. Even if he or she doesn’t have a license, make sure that the track record is clean and there have been no complaints before. Ask for No-Objection Certificates, permits and other legal documents.

  • Check the quality of work Construction quality speaks volumes about the capability of your shortlisted civil contractors in Chennai. So, do visit a couple of their previous projects and go through their portfolio to assess the quality of their work.

  • Track the style of work Paying attention to tiny yet important details before you hire your home contractor or commercial contractor in Chennai will give you an idea of how you both would work in the future. Does your shortlisted building contractor adhere to appointment timings? Are your phone calls returned in a timely manner? Does he listen intently when you talk about your vision? Does your residential contractor in Chennai resolve issues in quick and timely fashion?

  • Ask as many questions as you want Clarifying all your doubts before signing on the dotted line ensures that both you and your contractor in Chennai are on the same page from the beginning of the project.

  • Sign a detailed contract The contract should be as detailed as possible. It should cover everything from costs, materials being used, brands of items being installed, start and finish dates, number of people working on the project, timings, drawings being used as references, etc. When everything is detailed in the contract upfront, there will be no surprises later.

What Services Does UrbanClap Provide?

  • Complete Interior Execution

  • Woodwork and Furniture end-to-end design, fabrication and assembly of fresh furniture

  • Electrical Work

  • False Ceiling

  • Flooring

  • Lighting and Decor

  • Painting

  • Waterproofing

  • Wall Paneling

  • Glasswork

  • Aluminium and other metal fabrication

Why Should You Hire from UrbanClap?

  • Experienced professionals Not only do our contractors in Chennai have a minimum experience of 2 years, they have also successfully completed at least 20 quality projects across residential and commercial spaces.

  • Verified backgrounds Our quality screening process ensures that every contractor on our platform has been vetted for credibility, and his or her national identity, address and criminal background has been verified by the top verification agencies in India.

  • Cross-checked references References for each contractor on our platform have been carefully examined for authenticity, making our professionals reliable.

  • Affordable rates Not only will only those contractors in Chennai contact you who can work within your budget, but you can actually compare the fees of contractors and then pick the one that suits you best.

  • Varied services From wall panelling and waterproofing to electrical work, construction of a false ceiling and even complete interior execution, our contractors in Chennai provide a range of services.

  • Cooperative and adaptable contractors Keeping your convenience in mind, contractors in Chennai who are affiliated to UrbanClap, work according to your schedules and ensure a smooth experience with as few inconveniences as possible.

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