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Website Designers in Chennai

How do you plan to get your e-commerce website up to the level of that of the best web designers in Chennai? By contacting UrbanClap, of course! We're connected to the best web designers in Chennai, who are ready to help you with even your slightest problems. Whether you need the likes of a budget freelance web designer in Chennai, or would much rather get help from the top web design companies in Chennai, we've got you covered! Since we have the best web designers in Chennai with us, we assure you the best. So, help us help you, and contact us now for browsing through the best web designers in Chennai. ...


191 Web Designers in Chennai

  • Lassopic
    125/40, 3rd Ave, Block W, W Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040, India
    (15 ratings) Hired 2 times on UrbanClap
    • v

      Lassopic is a pioneer when it comes to being on the forefront of internet marketing. If you've ever wanted to work for a digital marketing company, or you want to have strong experience in the online marketing space, Lassopic is definitely for you.

    • s

      Lassopic Group is a collective of passionate, driven and creative experts who will strive with confidence to fulfill our needs. The results are fantastic. They can really drive value for their clients, and there's no fooling around. Everything is clean and meticulous. The thing that I liked the most about them is that they understood what our business line was, and they were able to stay in sync with that. We are really very happy about for being a client with lassopic.

  • Studio 53
    Studio 53
    Mannady, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (13 ratings)
    • m

      Great Designs. Creativity and packaging top notch.

    • t

      My designers.. proud of you guys. Go ahead

  • Best Rankers Internet Technologies Pvt Ltd
    Best Rankers Internet Technologies Pvt Ltd
    Nelson Chambers, Aminjikarai, Nelson Manickam Road, Rajaram Mehta Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600029, India
    (10 ratings)
    • s

      Hi, Myself SARAVANAN, I'm first generation young entrepreneur. In our case we started Best Rankers with logo design, business card & letterhead design and website. Best Rankers & team is always polite and very professional in industry. My company logo formation experience with Best Rankers is awesome they did it for me in one day, business card design is also good. Our company website comes with better thoughts and futuristic design provide by Best Rankes & team. I never get compromise its my nature, because good website design is good business. Our company website is noticeable to make my organization more successful. Also they did my design revision much quicker and faster on my expectation without any compromise. I strongly recommend best rankers for all industrial person. I wish Best Rankers & team success. Thank you. Regards from SARAVANAN G Semma Inc.

    • s

      Hi, Myself saravanan I'm a first young generation entrepreneur. About Best Rankers, I started with logo design, business card design, letterhead and website​.. Best Rankers approach is very professional and their team is always polite and more informative on industry. My company Logo making experience with best rankers is awesome they did our company logo in just one day, I was so excited how fast they did it for me, Business card design with best rankers is so good, And their website design process are clean and outstanding, also the design and functionality were meet on my requirements, without any compromising on high quality standards. They also do my design revisions much quicker and faster on my expectations that is why my company website design is highly noticeable to make my organisation more successful. I have a comfortable business experience with Best Rankers and their team. I also recommend best rankers for all industrial person. I Wish Best Rankers... Thank you. Regards From, SARAVANAN G Semma Inc.

  • Althofa Technologies
    Althofa Technologies
    Paruthipattu, Paruthipet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600071, India
    (10 ratings)
    • s

      A good company and can be trusted Shankar Ganesh S

    • s

      Excellent TAT, Best in quality. Best wishes Althofa!!!

  • VT Technologies
    VT Technologies
    Perumal Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (9 ratings)
    • a

      Very good website designer. They can do all type of websites

    • s

      Excellent web designer .very good job done

  • Manikandan
    Karappakam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (9 ratings) Hired 2 times on UrbanClap
    • t

      Very good service. Delivered more than my expectations. Highly recommended.

    • k

      Good work , creative work , great job

  • Ooi Solutions
    Ooi Solutions
    Taramani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (8 ratings)
    • m

      i took the service of a web designer from ooi solutions for designing of my new website for my business which was less than 5 pages. i was satisfied with the website designed by them, they fulfilled my requirements and completed the work on time. they were professional. i was satsified. i would like to recommend the services to other. they are affordable

    • r

      Hi I am Raghava. I love their passion against webdesigning and digital marketing services. Quality within clients budget is their main motto.

  • Arun M
    Arun M
    George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (7 ratings)
    • a

      We hired this website designing and development agency for creating our ecommerce website (angular js/ PHP) with other features such as SEO, responsive web design, payment gateway. The website has been professionally completed.We had a tricky project but they came out brilliantly and the final design of the website was amazing.

    • d

      Good and perfect website design and UI UX is amazing which I saw and the animating and js work was awesome! Now am getting more customers through my website . Totally simply saying super work Arun M . Your top web designer and developer in chennai

  • Arimatics web development company
    Arimatics web development company
    Medavakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (6 ratings)
    • k

      Cheap but not the best. Try to provide more sample designs.

    • p

      Excellant service at attractive rates. Need to improve response speed.

  • Khalifathul Meeran
    Khalifathul Meeran
    Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    (6 ratings)
    • d

      I got satisfied experience. Standard quality.. punctuality.. nice work

    • s

      Really fantastic. Presentively more colourful and clear in thoughts of what they focused.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the design be owned by me?

    Once the design process is complete and approved by you, you will own the website design. The website designers in Chennai may want to acknowledge their work on your website, which you can discuss with the professional only.

  • Will you make some illustrations and animations for the website?

    The agency that you pick will be able to do that for you if they have the expertise. Look for website developers in Chennai who have a marketing team along with graphic designers who will help you with the illustrations and images. Animation would be easy work for any designer or developer because of the knowledge and the expertise they have.

  • Will a simple website design cost me less?

    A basic website design for a site also constitutes a sound design and needs someone with development sensibilities. It should also give you the flexibility to upgrade later without incurring ana enormous cost. We recommend talk to the web development company you pick and have a long term plan in place to make a sound decision.

  • Can I have some elements of the web design changed once the site is developed?

    Yes. Certain aspects of design can be changed by our website designers in Chennai even after development is done.

  • Will I be able to change images or design of the site once it is complete?

    A simple and user friendly CMS ensures that you can make small changes yourself. We suggest you let the website designing and development company know that you would want to do some changes time to time yourself. You can also ask them to give you a monthly maintenance plan which puts the onus of the changes on the company.

  • Why do I need website maintenance?

    Your laptops or PCs need regular updates to function in the changing environment. Similarly, website maintenance ensures that a website functions well in the changing environment of the online world.Certain links can become broken over time and also affect the user experience. At a more basic level, information in the form of content and images also needs to be updated regularly so that it is in sync with the changing time or the changing business.

  • Why do website links break?

    Websites contain many lines of code. Sometimes due to the changing environment, codes may need updating and may break if not done so. Other times hackers with malicious intentions find vulnerabilities in the code and attack it causing the link to break or redirect to someplace else. Hence, maintaining the website is important to prevent this.

  • Can you make the website mobile friendly?

    In this day and age when there is a significant percentage of people viewing websites and online information through a mobile device, a mobile friendly website is extremely important to tap into every possible user. Most of the website designers in Chennai available with UrbanClap can help you make a website that is mobile friendly. We suggest you make this a part of your requirement while discussing the project with the developer.

  • Will making a mobile friendly site take the same time as a site fit for laptop/PC?

    Making a website that is mobile friendly takes some code level changes. The time depends on the complexity of the website design. For a simple website, the adaptability of the design on the mobile screen can be a simultaneous process and not take as much time.

  • How much does it take to make a mobile friendly website design?

    The cost depends on the complexity (functionalities) of the site and the number of pages on the site. It can be determined once the blueprint of the site is set and hence give you a fair idea of the cost you will incur.

  • Do you also provide content services?

    Some of the website designers in Chennai we have on UrbanClap are agencies equipped with all website design and development related services. We suggest you check with at least 2-3 options before zeroing on someone based on your needs.

  • Is it better to have the website developed on publishing softwares like wordpress?

    The fact that it is better depends on your requirements. If you do not have too many customized ideas for your website and are looking for a simple website, you can look at pre existing themes on softwares such as wordpress. Publishing softwares can also be tweaked to a great deal with the help of online tools that the developer will be able to help you with.

  • How much would only website development cost me if I have a website design?

    Agencies of developers charge a per hourly rate or a standard rate when designing and developing your website. If you have a design in place, the development cost will certainly be lesser than making a design from scratch. However, design and development are independent processes. A developer will spend considerable time understanding the design you have so that it can be customised well. We suggest you check with multiple website developers in Chennai before taking a call.

  • What do I do after launching my website?

    After the website has been launched, here are a few things that one can do: Have a plan in place. Determine what you need out of your website and consult the agency for help Look at organic (unpaid) ways of SEO. It is beneficial to do your research Promote your website everywhere. Some ways to do it are through social media pages, email signatures, visiting card etc. If you have a budget, have an active SEO and invest in it for at least 3 months to have visible results

  • Do you offer web hosting?

    Most of the service professionals and agencies that are registered and verified on UrbanClap provide web hosting services. One can also purchase web hosting services from plenty of service providers available online. We recommend you go through a professional if you do not understand the lingo and what is needed, so that you do not incur unnecessary extra charges.

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Hiring Guide

Website designers in Chennai

As we are progressing into the 21st century, the old ways of doing business are fading, giving way for the digital business market to flourish. These days, businesses are conducted digitally and they require web portals to take orders and payments.The first step that goes into establishing yourself on the digital platform is planning and creating your website.Hence, websites act as the face of your business and allow you to pitch to your digital customers. To create a web page suited to the needs of your customers which can help you generate traffic, gain more users and make you expand digitally, hire our website designers in Chennai and sort your website development problems.

Why UrbanClap?

  • Customized projects and quotes-We won’t restrict you within the boundaries of our specified web design services in Chennai. You can get any plan customised according to your web design needs and pay for the services you avail according to your customised plan.

  • Experienced professionals-Our website designers in Chennai have a minimum of 5yrs experience which will reflect in their work and will make them better equipped to solve your problem.

  • Timely services-On-time project completion is our priority and we make sure that our website developers in Chennai meet your deadlines.Making your website in the time frame suited to you will help us in making you satisfied and hence we provide you with timely services.

  • Affordable-With our cost-effective pricing, our website designers in Chennai are affordable and yet provide the most efficient web designing services without overcharging to suit your needs. We have curated budget brackets that can satisfy the needs of all without compromising on the quality of the service.

Web design services in Chennai that we offer

  • Basic website-This service is recommended for people who have existing businesses like clinics, cafes, shops, business firms etc.As people with running companies don’t need to build their clientele from the scratch, basic websites with simple templates and little customisation can work for them.These low-cost static websites are made using HTML by our web developer in Chennai and can help you get digital without having to spend thousands and without being too fancy.

  • Personal website-Personal websites are suited for people who need to showcase their web portfolios, work, blogs and content.They can be customized according to your needs and can be made keeping your requirements in mind. To get one made, hire our website designers in Chennai and showcase your work to the world .

  • E-commerce website-As the digital market is growing day by day, it is a wise decision to create a portal which sells your goods and services to your digital customers.This e-commerce website will have a range of products and services that a potential customer can choose from, it will have features of making payments, return of products and many more.This website can expand your business widely and cause a great boost by attracting the digital customers.To get your ecommerce website development in Chennai done, hire our website designers in Chennai and make your digital presence felt.

  • Other-To get websites made for an NGO, an auction or a coaching centre so as to facilitate online coaching, avail this service by our website developers in Chennai who will establish your ideas on an online portal and make you stand out amongst your competitors.

  • Complete Redesign/overhaul-Redesigning your website can prove to be fruitful as it can add freshness and a new perspective to your web page. It can help you update the software that can enhance user experience and can aid you in attracting more traffic by changing the look of your page and adding attention-catching elements.

  • Minor Edits-Minor edits can be made to your web page in case you want to fix some bugs or errors, change the layout of your page and make graphic edits. These can make the user experience better and can help you in generating more traffic.

  • Mobile website designing-There’s a lot of potential in targeting the smartphone users to sell your products and services.Mobile users who surf the web, outnumber laptop or desktop users at present.Hence, making your websites mobile-friendly will help smartphone users access it and will cause a boost in your business.To expand your business and target a larger audience, hire our website designers in Chennai.

  • Custom website designing-To execute your out-of-the-box ideas and to get your website made your way by adding a tinge of you in your portal, hire our website designers in Chennai to make it possible.

Factors that affect the traffic on a web page

  • Load time-If a web page takes ages to load, the users will leave that page and look for other alternatives that can serve the same purpose.Hence, you will not only lose your potential customers but you will also give your customer to your rival.Higher load time causes your search engine ranking to fall and hence will cause losses to your business by reducing the traffic.

  • Typography-Basic typography often causes people to lose interest in the web page and they end up leaving.To keep the user interested, our website designers in Chennai use attractive typography that can make potential customers stay on the page.

  • Colours-Colourful pages have the power to attract more attention of the user than pages which are simply black and white.Colours attract attention, keep the user interested and help in generating traffic on the website.To use the perfect blend of colours on your web page, hire our website designers in Chennai and expand your digital business.

  • Clean code-Clean codes which are easy to read and easy to comprehend are used.Since they are already tested, they function well and smooth functioning of a web page encourages more users to stay there and explore.

How to hire the right website designers in Chennai?

Hiring of website developers in Chennai should be done after a careful analysis as they determine the future of your business in the digital world.You can follow the steps given below to hire a website developer in Chennai:

  • Review the comments, ratings and customer responses of website designers in Chennai.

  • Narrow down the ones you feel can do the job perfectly

  • Inquire about the web design services in Chennai that they offer.Put forth your views and suggest any customisations that you think should be made.

  • Request for updated quotations as per your customised plan.

  • Compare and choose between some of the best web designers in Chennai.

What is the role of web design in making customers stay on the website?

An organised web page that has a perfect blend of colours, correct usage of space, relevant content, less redirecting, less scrolling, less clicking and less load time can make a customer stay on a website. While the organisation and layout of the website can attract the attention of the user, relevant and interesting content can make him/her explore the website and the services it offers.Hence, a strategic web design plays a major role in generating traffic, making people stay on the website and converting potential customers into customers.

Rate card

Type of websiteBasic website with minor customizationCustomized website with premium featuresCustomized website with advance user design
Basic/Personal/Other websiteRs.5000-10,000Rs.10,000-20,000Rs.20,000-35,000
E-commerce websiteRs.25,000-40,000Rs.40,000-70,000Rs.70,000-90,000

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