Book Salon Services at Home in chandigarh

Book Salon Services at Home in chandigarh
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  • Hygiene Friendly : Disposables items like wipes, towels are used
  • Beauticians with minimum 5 years of experience

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Beauty Parlour at home in Chandigarh

UrbanClap provides services like peel-off wax, fruit facial, detan mani-pedi from senior beauticians at home near you. Our 4.5+ rated experts with 5 years of experience use branded and hygiene friendly products for your comfort. Have the most splendid salon experience at home without any hassle. Our beauty parlour experts use branded,disposable and hygiene friendly products. Book beauty parlour services at home in Chandigarh now!


128 Beauticians in chandigarh

  • Harjinder Kaur
    Harjinder Kaur
    Sector 56, Chandigarh, India
    (533 ratings)
    • s

      Wonderful and humble. Very professional & polite.

    • s

      She is excellent with her work. 😊😊😊

  • Nirmala Devi
    Nirmala Devi
    Chandigarh Public School, Baltana, Panchkula, Punjab, India
    (443 ratings)
    • s

      Love the way of talking.. polite and humble

    • 5.0

      Very nice and polite. Excellent hand

  • Navita
    Burail, Burail Village, Sector 45, Chandigarh, India
    (407 ratings)
    • s

      She is amazingly professional and sweet.She made the waxing extreamly painless and relaxing.i would recommend this every time

    • s

      Excellent work and service as always.

  • Babli Bhat
    Babli Bhat
    Sector 12, Panchkula, Haryana, India
    (403 ratings)
    • s

      She is super amazing her work speaks

    • p

      Very nice service as usual.Got head massage and clean up done.Massage was very relaxing ..7 stars for her .Her experience speaks in her work !!

  • Sunita Rani
    Sunita Rani
    Ram Darbar, Ram Darbar, Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India
    (391 ratings)
    • j

      Excellent work . Fully satisfied

    • a

      Excellent job done... fully satisfied ☺️

  • Preetika Negi
    Preetika Negi
    Sector 22, Chandigarh, India
    (390 ratings)
    • m

      Very polite and awesome service. Surely recommend her again

    • i

      She is a brilliant as a professional and a great human being... I had done threading and facial.. And she justified both the services to the max. I strongly recommend her

  • Jyoti Rana
    Jyoti Rana
    Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Punjab, India
    (371 ratings)
    • v

      Good service provided by Jyoti Rana

    • a

      Had an amazing experience with her. She is so professional in her work. Completed 2 full waxing in just 1 hr. This type of experience sometimes we'll not get in saloon also. Highly recommended for you lovely ladies. 👍

  • Neetu Dayal
    Neetu Dayal
    Manimajra, Chandigarh, India
    (370 ratings)
    • a

      ShE IS THE BEST !

    • s

      She is very polite and her work skill is really amazing. I would love to take her services in future.

  • Archana Verma
    Archana Verma
    Zirakpur Flyover, Zirakpur, Punjab, India
    (353 ratings)
    • d

      She delivered very good service

    • k

      An experienced beautician with very good professional skills

  • kanchana thakur
    kanchana thakur
    Sector 40, Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India
    (352 ratings)
    • d

      Beautician was superb in her job. She handled everything very professionally and was easily approachable. Great experience for first time user.

    • s

      Very nice and timely service. She is very experience professional and good behaviour.Thanks to urban lap.

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    Amazing service!!


    Nice experience with her! Its fun


    Good and efficient


    As always perfect satisfactory work


    She is very good .


    Excellent . She is good

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All About UrbanClap Salon At Home

When you want to get a hair spa or facial treatment, isn’t it most comfortable when you get it done at home? You don’t have to worry about getting ready to visit a salon or wait for your turn. It’s a breeze when professional beauticians offer amazing home salon services for all your beauty requirements.

Why you should avail UrbanClap beauty services at home

The best part about availing any salon service is that you feel more confident about yourself. But it’s such an effort to go to the salon, what with the busy schedules we keep. This is why you’d rather avail a salon service at home:

  • Save Time: You will waste a considerable amount of time going to a salon. Once there, you would also have to wait for your turn. If you avail a home salon service, an expert professional will come to your house at a pre-arranged time and your day won’t get wasted.

  • Feel Comfortable: You are free to read a book while listening to your favorite songs. This will not be the same when you are in a salon. The atmosphere there may not be familiar and after your beauty therapy gets over, you are required to leave in an instant. With a beauty treatment at your home, you can even sleep after your beauty therapy is over, which means complete relaxation.

  • Relaxed Services: A cosmetologist offering home salon services will be there at your house during a fixed, prescheduled time, with no delays. At a salon, the beautician’s attention will be a divide among other customers. Because of this, the beauty therapist may rush to finish your treatment.

  • Group Treatments: There is no possibility of enjoying a fun-filled session with your BFFs when you are in a salon, as all of you will be in different rooms. At home, you all can have a splendid pamper session together.

UrbanClap Salon at home: Beauty services and benefits

UrbanClap provides experienced professionals who offer excellent salon services at home. It is also economical to get your beauty treatment done at home. Here is a list of UrbanClap’s salon at home services and their advantages:


Any skincare therapy is considered as a facial or facial treatment. It is quite common among women of all ages nowadays, and it involves face massage, exfoliation, steam and facial mask application. Here are the standard facial treatments that UrbanClap offers:

  • Glow Facials: Your skin gets an increased glow with the products applied for this kind of facial therapy.

  • Glow Facials: Your skin gets an increased glow with the products applied for this kind of facial therapy.

  • Brightening Facial Treatment: A brightening facial treatment is for anyone with dehydrated skin. A skin that looks dry and dull can be brightened properly with this facial.

  • De-tan facial treatment: To do away with skin tanning and bringing back the skin to its regular colour, a de-tanning facial treatment is required.

A facial clean-up therapy is ideal for people with younger skin and contains fewer steps than regular facial therapy. This clean-up treatment is also more affordable than a complete facial therapy.

Below mentioned are the few advantages of a facial spa:

  • Cleaning of the pores: Due to pollution, dust particles are stuck in the skin’s pores. These dirty pores can be properly cleaned with exfoliation. The skin will look clear with this important step in facial therapy.

  • Facial massage: This step is a part of a standard facial therapy as well as a facial clean-up treatment. By helping in lymphatic drainage, relaxing the facial muscles and improving blood circulation, your skin will not only look fresh but body toxins will also be washed away.

  • Specific masks depending on skin type: Your skin type determines the facial mask types. If you have dry skin, you would require a moisturizing facial mask. If your skin is oily, a water-based or gel-based facial mask will be applied to remove oil from the pores of the skin.

Most people do not know the regularity of getting facial treatments. Skin experts believe that young people get a facial done once a month while older people require facial treatments once every two weeks.

Manicure and Pedicure at home

Taking care of the feet and hands is as important as getting frequent facial treatments. Flaky and dry skin on your hands and feet makes them look dull. It shows you don’t take proper care of your body.

  • Cut, File & Polish: This manicure type involves nail trimming, filing them into a preferred shape and later, putting on nail paint.

  • Classic Manicure and Pedicure: First, your nails are groomed and then lotions and creams are used to massage your hands. Afterward, your nails are painted.

  • Spa Manicure and Pedicure: Any dead or tanned skin is done away with the products used in this type of treatment. After the massage, the mask application is followed by the application of any nail paint of your choice.

  • De-tan Manicure and Pedicure: In this type of treatment, exclusive products with de-tanning properties are used. When only your hands are tanned, just one session is required to remove the tanning and your skin will have a lighter look.


Waxing does not permanently remove hair from the body, but it has been an effective method to remove body hair for ages. Mostly waxing is used for removing hair from the back, abdomen and bikini areas, eyebrows, legs, arms, and underarms. There are two main types of waxing methods for different body parts:

  • Soft Waxing: A very thin soft wax layer is applied towards the hair growth direction along with a paper strip or cloth on top. To remove hair from where the wax is applied, the paper strip is pulled from the reverse direction. This waxing method is ideal for removing thin or soft hair that is present on the legs, arms, abdomen area and face. Cold waxing and hot waxing are the two types of soft waxing options.

  • Hard/Peel-off Waxing: This waxing method involves the use of the thicker layer of wax as opposed to soft waxing, and is best for eyebrows, bikini area and underarms. In this method, the wax is applied to the body without any cloth or paper strip and it is pulled from the opposing direction.


Here, a cotton or polyester thread is first doubled and then twisted so that it can roll over and remove unwanted hair. Threading can only work on small patches of hair and allows more control to get a preferred shape, unlike tweezing. It is possible to remove just one hair strand at a time with tweezing. Threading can be easily done at home to remove one’s facial hair.

Hair Spa

Nothing is more relaxing than a nice hair spa treatment. It also helps in providing the right nutrients and moisture that your hair requires. Below are some of the main benefits of a hair spa therapy:

  • Healing from within: Your hair roots and follicles are further strengthened with the deep conditioning therapies that any hair spa provides.

  • Increased hair growth: A hair spa treatment consists of a proper massage, which enhances healthy hair growth.

  • Improving blood supply: A proper head massage with any hair spa therapy improves circulation of blood and enhances the growth of healthy hair.

  • Nourishment: By providing the best nutrients that your hair requires, your hair will also have a nice shine.

  • Longer lasting colours: A hair spa therapy is also good for people who have their hair coloured. The hair colour would look new even after washing a few times. The hair cuticles are nourished and the entire length of hair is moisturised with the massage in a hair spa therapy.

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