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Best Refrigerator Repair Service in chandigarh

Best Refrigerator Repair Service in chandigarh
  • Doorstep repair within 90 mins
  • Protection Against Damage Upto INR 10,000
  • 30 day post-service guarantee

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Why UrbanClap?

  • Doorstep Repair in 90 Min.

    Repair & Service at Home

    • Get Repair Done at your convenience
    • On-time Service
  • Experienced Repair Professionals

    4.3+ star rated

    • Background-verified & trained professionals
  • Customer Protection

    Insurance upto 10,000 INR

    • 30 Day service guarantee
    • Insurance upto 10,000 INR against Damages
  • Spare parts assurance

    Genuine parts & fixed pricing

    • Genuine parts & fixed pricing

How it Works

  • Choose the type of Refrigerator

    We Service all types of Refrigerators: Single Door, Double Door, Triple Door, Side by Side Door

  • Choose the service you need

    We provide Repairs & Servicing. Choose your time-slot

  • Hassle-free service

    Our professional will get in touch with you one hour before the service

We provide Refrigerator Repair Service in Chandigarh near you within 90 minutes with 30 day post-service guarantee and Protection against Damage upto INR 10,000. Get 4.3+ rated background verified & trained experts at the comfort of your home. We offer you a platform to hire highly skilled fridge repair experts who will provide you with the best refrigerator repair service in Chandigarh. Now leave the grilling task of refrigerator maintenance on the hands of trusted UrbanClap experts offering fridge repair service near you!


16 Refrigerator Repair in chandigarh

  • Raman GuptaRaman Gupta
    Raman Gupta
    Sector 45, Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India
    (63 reviews)
    • b

      He is a good technician.

    • u

      Repair charges are too high, one should consider buy new product in exchange.

  • Sushil VermaSushil Verma
    Sushil Verma
    Sector 45, Chandigarh, India
    (193 reviews)
    • i

      I was told refrigerator's compressor needs to be replaced nd its cost is 4500.I asked from my house holder,he refused as charges are much more than expected.after this,service man privately convinced me that he will talk to company nd will reduce the price if i personally want to repair the fridge. This means that he wants to cheat us by making more money from our house holder .

    • v

      He handled the complaint very professionally. We appreciate him and the company for the services. Thank you.

  • Pikesh YadavPikesh Yadav
    Pikesh Yadav
    Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India
    (79 reviews)
    • m

      Simple job.. Was able to do it easily.

    • a

      Very well mannered and completed the job properly. Knows his work well

  • KuldipKuldip
    Manimajra, Chandigarh, India
    (19 reviews)
    • s

      Impressed by his work. Very happy!

    • r

      The service was really good and fast.

    Mohali, Chandigarh, India
    (12 reviews)
    • s

      Excellent work done by lakhvir singh he knows very well how to make happy the customer.

    • a

      Work done excellently. Lakhbir Singh good in dealing. Thanks

  • Anand SharmaAnand Sharma
    Anand Sharma
    Kishangarh, Chandigarh, India
    (4 reviews)
    • m

      He is asking more money as compared mrp

  • Ashwani KumarAshwani Kumar
    Ashwani Kumar
    Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India
    (4 reviews)
    • y

      Ashwani is a very helpful person!

  • RajbirRajbir
    Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India
    (1 review)
    • p

      Guy is excellent and resolved the problem completely.

  • Akhil KumarAkhil Kumar
    Akhil Kumar
    (4 reviews)
    • s

      Very knowledgeable, professional, and he knew what he was doing. Awesome work done. Machine spinner is fixed after replacing the motor.

  • Lakhvir SinghLakhvir Singh
    Lakhvir Singh
    Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
    (71 reviews)
    • d

      Lakhvir was professional in his job, but my advice to him please fulfil the promise you made to show up on time. Other than this service was good.

    • a

      Good came on time was polite in speaking

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All About Referigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair Services in Chandigarh

Refrigerators are an essential part of modern lifestyle. These help in keeping food fresh and healthy for long durations. These are a must, especially in the summer months of Chandigarh when the sweltering temperatures spoil the food quick. Imagine what a chaos it can lead to when your refrigerator becomes faulty. Well, your refrigerator is nothing but an electronic appliance that will have some issues over time. Its parts might turn faulty over a period of 5-7 years and you will want to get it repaired quickly. Though there are numerous repair shops in town, finding the correct one is not easy. If you are looking for a professional service provider, then book fromUrbanClap, the best refrigerator repair service provider in town. Now you get expert services at your home as per your convenience.

Below are some of the problems that you may notice in your refrigerator

  • Leaking water: The defrost drain in your refrigerator transfers water from the coils to the drain pan from where the water starts to evaporate. However, at times, ice or food particles can cause blockage in the defrost drain. When this happens, water leaks towards the bottom shelf and then, on to the floor. Another reason for water leakage can be a slight crack in the drain pan. Fixing this issue by yourself will be a trouble for you, so hire professional service of UrbanClap and get the fault mended as soon as you can.

  • Problems with the compressor: The most common reason behind your refrigerator not cooling properly is some fault in its compressor. The compressor motor is a vital component of your refrigerator that is responsible for the entire refrigeration process. It is the compressor which circulates the coolant through the condenser coils and evaporator. A fault in it can stop the functioning of your fridge. In case, the internal parts of the compressor are unclean or there isn’t enough lubrication between them, the compressor motor will not function properly. You will need the services of an expert to know the exact reason behind the faulty motor and the type of lubricant required.

  • Not enough coolant: The compressor of a refrigerator circulates coolant through the coils of condenser and evaporator. This coolant cools down the air present around the coil, thus maintaining the low temperature of the refrigerator and keeping your food fresh and cool for long. Over time, the amount of coolant present in your refrigerator might decrease leading to insufficient cooling. Get the problem fixed immediately by booking fridge repair services provided by UrbanClap.

  • The motor has turned defective: Your refrigerator will not work if its motor has been damaged. The only way out is to get it replaced. Seek the trusted services of UrbanClap and get the damaged motor replaced by a genuine one.

  • The condenser coils are not clean: The coils behind your refrigerator are known as condenser coils. Their function is to convert high-pressure vapour into high-pressure liquid. During this process, a large amount of heat is generated. However, when dirt accumulates on the coils, they're not able to produce heat and your refrigerator will not work properly.

  • Defective Thermostat: If the thermostat of your refrigerator gets damaged, the refrigerator will not work properly. An expert will be needed to fix the issue.

  • The start capacitor gets damaged: When the refrigerator is switched on, the thermostat sends a signal to the start capacitor to activate the compressor and the refrigeration process begins. In case the capacitor has turned faulty, the refrigerator will not turn on. You will require the services of a professional to get it corrected.

  • The MCB trips: Excessive load on the circuit causes the MCB (Miniature Circuit breaker) to trip. Unplug all the devices to know what is causing the problem. If the reason behind the trip is your refrigerator, then call an expert to look into the issue.

Why Book UrbanClap’s Fridge Repairing Service?

  • Qualified Professionals: UrbanClap employs only skilled professionals who are proficient in their job. They are hired only after a thorough background check and undergo a special training process to offer fridge repair service. Hence, you can hire them without any worry. Furthermore, the professionals who train the candidate have over 15 years of experience in carrying out repair services of products of renowned brands such as Samsung, Godrej, LG, Whirlpool, Panasonic and many more.

  • Product Guarantee: Urbanclap professionals use only genuine products to replace the damaged parts and they will also return the damaged part to you. We provide a guarantee on each and every product used by our professionals.

  • Insurance up to Rs.10,000 on damages incurred: In case of any damage to your refrigerator, while servicing, UrbanClap provides insurance up to Rs. 10,000.

  • Fixed Pricing: We have a fixed rate card for the products used by our professionals who will charge you the same. So, you do not need to worry about getting overcharged in the name of authentic products.

  • Our services come with a 30-day guarantee: The repair services of UrbanClap come with a 30-day guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Fridge-Repairing Service by UrbanClap:

  • Repair Work: UrbanClap provides for professional repair service for all types of refrigerators ranging from single doors, doubles doors, triple doors to refrigerators with side by side doors.

  • Inspection charges by UrbanClap: If you seek our professional service just for inspection and not repair later, then you will be charged with Rs. 249. An additional surcharge of Rs. 150 will be added to the inspection charges amount when you seek a visit by our professionals at night. In this case, you will have to pay Rs. 399 in total.

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