18 Creative & Unique Wedding Invitations for your 2019 Shaadi

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Maroon and gold.

Rectangular envelope.

Open it up and find separate inserts for Mehndi, Sangeet, Wedding.

Does this sum up the standard Indian wedding card?

Considering how many weddings take place in India each year, it’s no surprise there are invitation card templates ready to pick for most types of Indian weddings. But what if standard is not your style?

If you’re a millenial bride or groom, you are looking for unique wedding invitations and thanks to some talented Indian designers, you have a sizeable number of creative options to pick from!

We looked at over 200 invitation cards and picked the most creative & unique wedding invitation designs that don’t compromise on the beauty of the invite (because, you know, some “creative” cards don’t look good!)

1. A Fun Lift-The-Flap Card Design!

Instead of separate inserts, these invites pack in the information of every function into a single card in a playful way – guests have to lift-the-flap to reveal what’s inside!

Unique wedding invitations - lift the flap Indian wedding invite
Designed by Customizing Creativity

This card even had sketches related to the function under each flap!

Unique wedding invitations - Lift the flap colourful Indian marriage card
Designed by Radhika Pitti
Unique wedding invitations - cute illustration in lift the flap Indian wedding invite
Designed by Radhika Pitti

2. Surprise the Guests with A Pop Up Element

Pop-up cards are fun for everyone and adding this element to your wedding invite makes it playful and unique! This Thailand destination wedding card had a pop-up fan making a reference to the location.

unique wedding invitation designs - pop up card
Designed by Customizing Creativity

3. Quirky Playing Cards

We loved how the right colours and design was used to come up with a beautiful playing card set. This innovative invite replaced the King & Queen with the Bride & Groom in the appropriate attire for each function! So the groom’s in a safa for the Wedding insert while he’s wearing a pair of sunglasses on the Pool Party insert. The other side of the “playing card” inserts had Function Details.

4. Super Fun Wordings in a Trending Theme

Geometric botanicals – the card’s theme itself is a combination of two hot trends in the wedding world. Add to that the casual, fun tone with things like “Wedding – that moment when you realise it’s too late to run!” and “Dress Code Is Very Simple – Just Keep Your Clothes On!” – and this is the perfect creative wedding invitation wording for friends!

Funny wedding invitation - Brunch and Wedding insert
Designed by Studio Works Co.
Unique wedding invitation - Sangeet
Designed by Studio Works Co.

5. Honest & Funny Wedding Invitation!

This card is playfully worded with “Shit Just Got Real” and “Doomsday has arrived” phrases sprinkled all over! It’s perfect if you want a creative wedding invitation to send to your friends that will make them laugh 🙂

Funny wedding invitation - Indian wedding card
Designed by PerfectInvites.In

6. Cute Sketches of Bride & Groom

Sketches are an elegant option if you don’t want funny caricatures.

Creative wedding invitation - with illustrations

This Swati Katyal design combines sketches with cute illustrations to give it a truly unique look for an Indian invitation card!

Floral wreath illustrations on unique Indian wedding invitation

7. Gorgeous Photos for a Unique Card!

To be honest, photos in wedding invitations often end up looking “overly personalised”. But if you have photos that look like they came out of a magazine’s pages, go ahead and make your unique photo invite! You just have to look at the card below to see what we mean –

Unique wedding invitation - with photos
Designed by Itchha Talreja Designs

8. Text Is The Design Element

While everyone’s adding bold patterns and bright colours, you can go the other way and make the text the main design element! The right font and backdrop are important to get this right, and we loved this Inskedge invite for the nice balance it created to pull this off.

unique wedding invitation designs - minimal
Designed by Inksedge

9. Rustic Meets Modern

Here’s another card that’s all about the clever use of the right font to create a unique wedding invitation design. The burlap and lace add a touch of rustic to what is an otherwise modern invite!

unique wedding invitation designs - rustic
Designed by PerfectInvites.In

10. Art Deco Theme

From the era of the Great Gatsby, this theme looks stunning in a wedding invite.

unique wedding invitations for Reception Great Gatsby art deco theme
Designed by The Murphy Studio

11. Modern Take on Peacocks

There’s nothing new about using Peacocks in an Indian wedding card, but these invites give the traditional Peacock a modern twist. It’s an updated look and it’s making us wonder how many other invitation cards are out there that give a modern feel to conventional Indian elements!

unique wedding invitation with Indian traditional peacock
Designed by PerfectInvites.In
unique wedding invitations with bold envelope liner and peacock plus floral theme
Designed by The Murphy Studio

12. Simple Yet Elegant Jewellery Design

If you’re the bride, you might like this simple yet unique Jaipur-inspired wedding invite design. The jewellery highlighted with a hint of gold makes it a unique wedding invitation.

unique wedding invitations - jewellery theme
Designed by Uttara Shah

13. Location As A Theme

You can also recreate your wedding destination on your card.

Like how this designer took Jaipur’s traditional handicrafts and Indigo love to create a beautifully unique wedding card –

unique wedding invitations - indigo blue inspired from Jaipur
Designed by Artsy Design Co

Or how this designer literally recreated the Sringeri Temple in Karnataka for this pastel and gold card –

Designed by Design Dimensions
Designed by Design Dimensions

14. His & Her – Similar Designs for Bride & Groom!

Sometimes, couples go to the same invitation card designer and get two different versions of the same card made! This couple had a His & Her suite made by Pretty Gilded Design that includes a floral & blush version for the bride and a navy version for the Pilot groom!

unique wedding invitation theme - his and her suite
Designed by Pretty Gilded Designs
unique wedding invitations - his and her suite with florals and for a pilot
Designed by Pretty Gilded Designs

15. Fold-Out Card

You don’t always need to go for a standard jacket with 3 inserts. Sometimes, you can choose a fold out card that has a watercolour interpretation of your Beach wedding and wow your guests!

unique wedding invitation design - fold out card for beach destination wedding
Designed by The Murphy Studio

16. Boarding Passes for your Destination Wedding

While this is a common suggestion for destination weddings, we loved how these two boarding pass designs were unconventional with an interesting look!

creative wedding invitation - boarding pass for destination wedding in Sri Lanka
Designed by Akanksha Negi
Creative wedding invitation - boarding pass for Destination Wedding in India
Designed by CreateAFlutter

17. Short Weekend Getaway for A Destination Wedding

So, your destination wedding is a short weekend getaway for your guests. Give them a pass like this with all the details on a single insert. What’s not to love?

Creative wedding invitation design - a weekend getaway pass with all details on a single insert
Designed by Sketch Design Studio

18. Postcards

Send them postcards and tempt them to come join you in all the fun at your destination wedding!

unique wedding invitation - postcard theme with scalloped edges
Designed by Itchha Talreja Designs

While these are entire cards based around creative ideas, there are smaller ways in which you can make even your basic wedding invite interesting – 12 easy ways to make your wedding invitation stand out!

Which creative wedding invitation did you like the most?

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