ALL The Phoolon Ki Chaadar Ideas You’ll Need: From Unique to Floral!

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For an amazing bridal entry, pick your bridal entry song first then pick your phoolon ki chaadar design from here!

Out of all the little details you’ll end up discussing with your wedding decorator, the phoolon ki chaadar design is one that gets missed most often.

Yes, your decorator gets the phoolon ki chaadar made (other than your venue decor and jaimala design), and it’s something you can actually choose to make ultra-beautiful (imagine the bridal entry photos!) or even have fun with!

The Basic Phoolon Ki Chaadar

You can literally opt for, literally, a chaadar made out of flowers.

Phoolon ki chadar for bride- Beautiful floral Phoolon ki cahadar for bridal entry

Or you can get creative and pick an idea from what brides did at these Real Weddings!

NOTE: If you do decide to opt for a literal chaadar of flowers, we found some insanely gorgeous designs that we put together for your viewing (Pin-ing?) pleasure at the end of this post.

But first, creative phoolon ki chaadar ideas for the bride who wants to enter under something hatke:

12 Unique Phoolon Ki Chaadar Ideas!

1. Net Fabric Instead of Flowers

This gold net chaadar is budget-friendly! The gota flowers on the frame and hanging roses add a touch of glamour to the otherwise simple phoolon ki chaadar.

Phoolon ki chadar- A net fabric phoolon ki chadar

2. Leheriya dupatta

Phulkari dupattas are a traditional option for the bride to enter under, but we’re loving the new leheriya dupatta trend just as much!

Phoolon ki chadar for bride- Using dupatta as phoolon ki chadar

3. LED lights dupatta!

A string of LED lights running through the fabric? Definitely a unique idea!

Bridal Chunri- LED lights on phoolon ki chadar

4. Colourful tassels dupatta

Another type of dupatta that works well for day weddings is one with colourful tassels hanging from it! We won’t be surprised if we spot a bride entering under a chaadar that’s got fringes hanging from it. Fashion trends spread everywhere, apparently – even in phoolon ki chaadar designs!

Phoolon ki chadar for bride- tassel phoolon ki chadar for bride

5. Dome shaped

If the straight, rectangular shape is not for you, consider opting for a dome-shaped phoolon ki chaadar for a royal entry!

Bridal entry- Phoolon ki chaadar for bride

6. Kaleereys With Phoolon Ki Chaadar

If you want to skip the kaleerey on your hands, put them on your chaadar!

A no-flower option for a night wedding –

Phoolon ki chaadar for bridal entry- kaleereys on chaadar

Kaleereys & white roses for a day wedding –

Phoolon ki chaadar for bridal entry- kaleereys on chaadar

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7. Unique, Colourful Paper Phoolon Ki Chaadar

Get crafty with these no-flower-no-dupatta options!

Completely made from DIY paper butterflies…

Flower chadar for bride- Paper chadar

Pom-poms & origami birds…

Flower chadar for bride- Paper origami chadar

8. Have Words Written Across

If you look closely, the word “Dulhania” is written in Hindi using flowers!

Flower chadar for bride- Phoolon ki chaadar for bride

9. Under An Umbrella

There are so many ways to enter using an umbrella!

With a pretty lace umbrella…

Phoolon ki chadar- Laced umbrella idea

With your entire bridal party holding up a paper umbrella…

Phoolon ki chadar- Paper umbrella idea

Under a green umbrella with a touch of flowers…

Phoolon ki chadar- Leaves and flowers umbrella idea

10. Made entirely of red roses!

Phoolon ki chadar- A beautiful rose chaadar for bridal entry.
Image courtesy: The Photo Diary

11. Rajasthani Parrots Added to Flower Strings

To give the chaadar a truly ehtnic feel!

Phoolon ki chadar- A beautiful Rajasthani parrot chaadar for bridal entry.

12. Colour Coordinate with the Bride’s Outfit

You can take the prominent colour from our outfit, and add it the the ends of an otherwise monotone phoolon ki chaadar – to make it really stand out!
Phoolon ki chadar- A bride coordinates it with her lehenga

Tips To Keep In Mind While Picking Phoolon Ki Chaadar Design:

  1. It should complement your venue decor – don’t ask for a complete red roses phoolon ki chaadar if there are no red roses in your venue!
  2. Also consider how the colours complement what you’re wearing. It should add to your overall look, not take away from it.
  3. It’s most comfortable to have a high chaadar (long sticks to hold it on the corners) – otherwise, your family & friends will have to stretch their arms to ensure it stays OVER your head, and not on it. Honestly, it starts hurting their hands quickly to hold it in that position, so try and get a design which has plenty of height. It’s easiest for them to hold it at waist level (see the photo right above).

Maybe that’s why umbrellas are becoming a popular phoolon ki chaadar option – easy to hold and light-weight!

And now for some photos of gorgeous phoolon ki chaadar designs that are made primarily out of flowers!

16 Beautiful Phoolon Ki Chaadar Ideas: Made of Real Flowers!

1. Pastel, White, Green with a pop of bright pink!

Flower chadar for bride- Made of Real Flowers

2. Floral overload with kaleerey

Flower chadar for bride- Made of Real Flowers and kaleerey

3. With a touch of Orchids!

Flower chadar for bride- Made of Orchids

4. White & Yellow with hanging red roses <3

Flower chadar for bride- Made of Real Flowers

5. Pink Prettiness

Flower chadar for bride- Made of Real Flowers

6. Pastel Beauty

Flower chadar for bride- Using pastel floral decor

7. Purples, Whites & Vibrant Reds

Flower chadar for bride- Vibrant phoolon ki chadar

8. Dreamy soft pink and white

Phoolon ki chadar- With soft pink and white flowers

9. Rose buds that haven’t even opened yet!

Flower chadar for bride- Made of Real Flower buds

10. White long strings with pops of red

Flower chadar for bride- Made of Real Flowers

11. Simple white phoolon ki chaadar with hints of green and pastel yellow

Flower chadar for bride- Made of Real Flowers

12. Intricately woven white chaadar with a sprinkling of marigold flowers

Phoolon ki chadar for Bride- Pretty marigold phoolon ki chadar for bridal entry

13. Mostly White

Phoolon ki chadar for Bride- bridal entry

14. Pretty flowers bunched together at the border of the chaadar

Flower chadar for bride with bunch of flowers in a row

15. A Fresh White & Green Design

Phoolon ki chadar- fresh pink roses with leaves

16. Massive Pastel Floral Chaadar at Amrita Puri’s Wedding

Phoolon ki chadar for Bride- Fresh bunch of roses as chadadr 17. Orchids, Roses and Kaleereys!

Phoolon ki chadar for Bride- Blend of orchids, roses an kaleerey

Which is your favourite design?

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