11 Bridal Mehndi Design Trends You Need To Know for Your 2018 Wedding!

Some brides create trends, some follow them. Either way, there are some latest bridal mehendi designs that you shouldn’t miss if you’re getting married this year. Read through and see if one of the latest bridal mehendi designs makes you want to add it to your own wedding henna, or if it inspires you to create a mehendi trend of your own!

1. Minimalistic Mehendi

Basically the hottest Indian wedding trend, minimalism is not only for brides who are picking simple lehengas and doing natural makeup (like Anushka Sharma at her wedding!) If you’re someone who likes minimal Mehendi, make sure you see ALL the awesome minimal mehendi design options for your hands in a post we’ve recently published.

Easy mehndi desighn- latest mehndi design
Image courtesy: Shutterdown Photography

2. Buttis in your Mehendi

A kind of minimal pattern, buttis are an easy way to make your mehendi look khulla-khulla, without going fully Arabic with your design.

Buttis on your hand…

simple mehndi design- butti design ideas for bridal mehndi
Image courtesy: Fotowalle

Buttis on your feet!

Feet mehndi design- Simple design for feet bridal mehndi
Image courtesy: Alankritaa

3. Arabic

A lot of people wonder “what is Arabic mehendi and how is it different from traditional mehendi?” Arabic mehendi designs usually include leaves and flowers as motifs, and are more khulla-khulla, since they leave more skin showing between the pattern.

So if you love Arabic designs, you’re in luck. Tons of brides are now choosing to go for Arabic mehendi because they like how it looks more than the intricate traditional Indian bridal mehendi designs.

Front of the hand option…

Arabic mehndi design- simple mehndi design ideas
Image courtesy: Henna Lounge

Back of the hand Arabic mehendi option…

Arabic mehndi design- Arabic mehndi design for back of the hand
Image courtesy: Henna Lounge

Arabic mehendi on feet!

Feet mehndi design- Arabic mehndi design for feet
Image courtesy: Mehndika Joey Henna

4. Parrot & Lotus Motifs

While Arabic mehendi may have made birds, flowers and leaves popular motifs for henna, parrots and Lotus seem to have come out on top as elements that most brides pick when they want the latest bridal mehndi design.

Parrots really do look great when added in these interesting, beautiful ways!

mehndi design 2018- Parrot and lotus motif mehndi design
Image courtesy: Morvi Images
mehndi design 2018- Parrot and lotus motif mehndi design
Image courtesy: Photozaapki

And there are just so many ways in which you can include the lotus flower!

mehndi design 2018- Lotus motif mehndi design
Image courtesy: The Wedding Salad
mehndi design 2018- Lotus motif mehndi design
Image courtesy: Gautam Khullar Photography
mehndi design 2018- Lotus motif mehndi design
Image courtesy: The Wedding Salad

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5. Your Wedding Hashtag & Couple’s Names

Wedding hashtags have become a popular trend these days. So be it for your Instagram updates related to the wedding event or your Mehendi design, hashtagging is definitely a cool way to make things more interesting!

You can either add the hashtag as, literally, the hashtag!

Bridal mehndi design- Including wedding hashtag in your mehndi
Image courtesy: Shades Photography

Or if your hashtag is a play on your names turned into an interesting phrase “Raunak ki Preet”, you can add it to a finger…

Latest bridal mehendi design- Bridal mehndi with phrase
Image courtesy: Anuraag Rathi

Or you can go simple and add just your initials in the mehendi (maybe even incorporating the Monogram design you’ve created for your wedding invite!)

Simple bridal mehndi design- mehndi art with name initials
Image courtesy: Sarara Mehndi

6. Your Love Story in Your Mehendi

Couples are personalizing their weddings in tons of creative ways – from adding their love stories to their lehengas and invites, and now in their Mehendi!

You can either add the skyline of the city where you met (or where he proposed!) at the edge of the Mehendi design on your arms…

Latest bridal mehndi ideas- adding love stories in Mehndi
Image courtesy: Wedding Crashers

Or on your legs

Bridal mehndi for feet- adding love story to mehndi design
Image courtesy: 1plus1 Studio

You can also add little details of your nicknames and your first date in the middle of your palms…

Latest bridal mehndi trends
Image courtesy: Pooja Joseph Photography

Or add your favourite song and artwork in the Mehendi design!

Mehndi design 2018
Image courtesy: Ramit Batra

This latest bridal mehendi design is a good example of how a bride added all the little details of her love story to her hands – from the city’s monuments to the dates and foods they love, to little hearts on her fingers! <3 <3 <3

mehndi design 2018- Adding love story to bridal mehndi
Image courtesy: Cupcake Productions

7. Add Things You Love (Not Just Your Love Story!)

Like a sketch of your pet…

Bridal mehndi design- A pet sketch in bridal mehndi
Image courtesy: Think Tank Studio

Or your favourite genre of music and iconic bands!

Mehandi design ideas
Image courtesy: ArtCapture Productions

8. Portraits In Your Mehendi

You don’t need to get the typical bride and groom portraits facing each other – on separate palms. Instead, get a couple portrait made (maybe even asking the mehendiwala to incorporate your lehenga design!) similar to how you’d get a couple portrait clicked by the wedding photographer!

New mehndi design- Bride and Groom portrait on mehndi
Image courtesy: Shutterdown Photography

9. Caricatures In Your Mehendi

Another twist to incorporating the bride and groom’s faces in the Mehendi is via a sketch like this…

Mehandi design images- Caricatures in Bridal Mehandi
Image courtesy: Vows & Tales

Or adding a caricature on one palm (to make it modern), while the other still depicts the traditional jaimala scene!

Mehandi design images- Caricatures in Bridal Mehandi
Image courtesy: Romesh Dhamija Productions

10. A Twist on The Traditional Jaali

The jaali pattern is definitely popular again, but it’s the twist to the traditional jaali that’s a latest bridal mehndi design trend you might want to jump on!

The jaali in an Arabic mehendi design – created with leaves!

Mehndi Design- Traditional Jaali design for Bridal mehndi
Image courtesy: Vision One Studios

Or a Victorian-style jaali in what looks like a hand glove…

New mehndi Design- Jaali design for Bridal Mehndi
Image courtesy: Women Triangle

11. Wedding Vows in Your Mehendi

And finally, you can keep it as simple as just adding your wedding vows (either in Sanskirt or plain old English/Hindi) to your Mehendi design.

Mehandi Design Images- Adding wedding vows to the bridal mehandi
Image courtesy: Photozaapki

If you’ve loved exploring all the Mehendi trends here, you might also want to check out Minimal Bridal Mehendi Designs Ideas and 20 Stunning Feet Mehendi Designs that we’ve curated for 2018 brides!

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